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Title :  This is The Hardest Language In The World
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The Infographics Show
Are you multilingual? How old were you when you started learning the second langugage?
Comment from : The Infographics Show

Kevin Tao
For Chinese being a hard language for English speakers:brbrDisagree: Both Chinese speakers and English speakers find french a pretty easy languagebrbrAgree: I get bad grades in English because of Chinese being my first language
Comment from : Kevin Tao

man seriously put afrikaans over navajo
Comment from : ;laskdjf

Hoor Althubyani
when your writing in arabic it's wrong
Comment from : Hoor Althubyani

Xxx Cccdd
I'm surprised that Korea is in this list because I learn Korean language easily
Comment from : Xxx Cccdd

Faith Braun
First language- EnglishbrSecond language- norsk brLearning Hebrew bc I’m Jewish , and it’s hard to read
Comment from : Faith Braun

Giorgos Tassis
Mother tongue:Greekbr2nd language:Germanbr3rd language:English
Comment from : Giorgos Tassis

Brennan Mason
2:11 Afrikaans is the easiest language but ok
Comment from : Brennan Mason

Šimon Hřib sk
where is finnish and slovak ? slovak is like croatian on steroids and finnish is like when hungarian is trying to speak while he's drunk
Comment from : Šimon Hřib sk

Simo Häyhä of Finland
Koira, koiran, koiraa, koiran again, koirassa, koirasta, koiraan, koiralla, koiralta, koiralle, koirana, koiraksi, koiratta, koirineen, koirinkoirasi, koirani, koiransa, koiramme, koiranne, koiraani, koiraasi, koiraansa, koiraamme, koiraanne, koirassani, koirassasi, koirassansa, koirassamme, koirassanne, koirastani, koirastasi, koirastansa, koirastamme, koirastanne, koirallani, koirallasi, koirallansa, koirallamme, koirallanne, koiranani, koiranasi, koiranansa, koiranamme, koirananne, koirakseni, koiraksesi, koiraksensa, koiraksemme, koiraksenne, koirattani, koirattasi, koirattansa, koirattamme, koirattanne, koirineni, koirinesi, koirinensa, koirinemme, koirinennekoirakaan, koirankaan, koiraakaan, koirassakaan, koirastakaan, koiraankaan, koirallakaan, koiraltakaan, koirallekaan, koiranakaan, koiraksikaan, koirattakaan, koirineenkaan, koirinkaan, koirako, koiranko, koiraako, koirassako, koirastako, koiraanko, koirallako, koiraltako, koiralleko, koiranako, koiraksiko, koirattako, koirineenko, koirinko, koirasikaan, koiranikaan, koiransakaan, koirammekaan, koirannekaan, koiraanikaan, koiraasikaan, koiraansakaan, koiraammekaan, koiraannekaan, koirassanikaan, koirassasikaan, koirassansakaan, koirassammekaan, koirassannekaan, koirastanikaan, koirastasikaan, koirastansakaan, koirastammekaan, koirastannekaan, koirallanikaan, koirallasikaan, koirallansakaan, koirallammekaan, koirallannekaan, koirananikaan, koiranasikaan, koiranansakaan, koiranammekaan, koiranannekaan, koiraksenikaan, koiraksesikaan, koiraksensakaan, koiraksemmekaan, koiraksennekaan, koirattanikaan, koirattasikaan, koirattansakaan, koirattammekaan, koirattannekaan, koirinenikaan, koirinesikaan, koirinensakaan, koirinemmekaan, koirinennekaan, koirasiko, koiraniko, koiransako, koirammeko, koiranneko, koiraaniko, koiraasiko, koiraansako, koiraammeko, koiraanneko, koirassaniko, koirassasiko, koirassansako, koirassammeko, koirassanneko, koirastaniko, koirastasiko, koirastansako, koirastammeko, koirastanneko, koirallaniko, koirallasiko, koirallansako, koirallammeko, koirallanneko, koirananiko, koiranasiko, koiranansako, koiranammeko, koirananneko, koirakseniko, koiraksesiko, koiraksensako, koiraksemmeko, koiraksenneko, koirattaniko, koirattasiko, koirattansako, koirattammeko, koirattanneko, koirineniko, koirinesiko, koirinensako, koirinemmeko, koirinenneko, koirasikaanko, koiranikaanko, koiransakaanko, koirammekaanko, koirannekaanko, koiraanikaanko, koiraasikaanko, koiraansakaanko, koiraammekaanko, koiraannekaanko, koirassanikaanko, koirassasikaanko, koirassansakaanko, koirassammekaanko, koirassannekaanko, koirastanikaanko, koirastasikaanko, koirastansakaanko, koirastammekaanko, koirastannekaanko, koirallanikaanko, koirallasikaanko, koirallansakaanko, koirallammekaanko, koirallannekaanko, koirananikaanko, koiranasikaanko, koiranansakaanko, koiranammekaanko, koiranannekaanko, koiraksenikaanko, koiraksesikaanko, koiraksensakaanko, koiraksemmekaanko, koiraksennekaanko, koirattanikaanko, koirattasikaanko, koirattansakaanko, koirattammekaanko, koirattannekaanko, koirinenikaanko, koirinesikaanko, koirinensakaanko, koirinemmekaanko, koirinennekaanko, koirasikokaan, koiranikokaan, koiransakokaan, koirammekokaan, koirannekokaan, koiraanikokaan, koiraasikokaan, koiraansakokaan, koiraammekokaan, koiraannekokaan, koirassanikokaan, koirassasikokaan, koirassansakokaan, koirassammekokaan, koirassannekokaan, koirastanikokaan, koirastasikokaan, koirastansakokaan, koirastammekokaan, koirastannekokaan, koirallanikokaan, koirallasikokaan, koirallansakokaan, koirallammekokaan, koirallannekokaan, koirananikokaan, koiranasikokaan, koiranansakokaan, koiranammekokaan, koiranannekokaan, koiraksenikokaan, koiraksesikokaan, koiraksensakokaan, koiraksemmekokaan, koiraksennekokaan, koirattanikokaan, koirattasikokaan, koirattansakokaan, koirattammekokaan, koirattannekokaan, koirinenikokaan, koirinesikokaan, koirinensakokaan, koirinemmekokaan, koirinennekokaan
Comment from : Simo Häyhä of Finland

siraru ngasal
but the way to speak and read it i put personaly "Poland" is harder than Slovenia
Comment from : siraru ngasal

Socialist Republic of Vietnam
Vietnamese isn't that hardbrThe only problem is trying to listen to Vietnamese
Comment from : Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Socialist Republic of Vietnam
0:54brThe flag is upside downbrWhy is the Phillipines at war
Comment from : Socialist Republic of Vietnam

Reptile Club
The hardest language I've learned was Korean I'm still learning it, and try to read a book, watch a video/movie, or listen to kpop/podcasts to learn more of the language, I also read my notes 3 times daily I'm also reading a book in German
Comment from : Reptile Club

Reptile Club
Comment from : Reptile Club

Reptile Club
I learned German, then once I was able to read a book, and talk to native speakers, I learned Korean and that was a mistake I should of just learned Korean right away
Comment from : Reptile Club

Malayalam is most difficult language in india to learn and pronounce because some Malayalam words are very long and in Malayalam also has more words like thesebrFor example, for more in Malayalam: kooduthal, adhikam, dhaaraalam, niravadhibrFor little in Malayalam: kurach, alppam, swalpam, itthiri
Comment from : Guy

This is honestly one of the worst videos I've seen, not even kidding
Comment from : PlumBirb

Le Nguyen
I think Vietnamese so easy because I'm a Vietnamese
Comment from : Le Nguyen

Wheres danish?
Comment from : Yugüs

חחחח איזה תגובות
Comment from : Dior

ashley daemen
Yeah dutchy here Wth were those words? Did y'all confused it with German again? 🙄😒
Comment from : ashley daemen

Bisaya is hardest language in you are other country
Comment from : kenkenfox2311

I’m a Filipino and I just wanted to say that you pronounce Tagalog “tuh-ga-log” not “tag-a-log” anyways nice vid
Comment from : GdAlphaUltraNoob

Gaelic isn't 1 language, you metioned 2 in 1
Comment from : DtheDDDtheDDD

What happened to Greenlandic or even Danish, for that matter 🤔 😂
Comment from : andreallan91

Qi Zhang
Chinese are easy cause I master it automatically without systematical training
Comment from : Qi Zhang

Ammy rip rip lol
My I speak Vietnamese easy and also our language also mom and my dad saids the hardest language is English
Comment from : Ammy rip rip lol

Tomáš Kosina
You forgot the Czech language! Only one which has “Ř” that nobody can pronounce 😀
Comment from : Tomáš Kosina

Anonymous Player
Cantonese is a lot more harder to learn than chinese
Comment from : Anonymous Player

According to several sources, Afrikaans is pretty much a simplified "version" of Dutch, making is easier than Dutch itself
Comment from : areloTET

Conclusion- you didn't do any research and put random easy languages in the list
Comment from : Yorichii

Mj Yan
Actually the hardest language is the Taiwanese HWLW` language - which is also a so-called Chinese Southern-Min dialect by the Chinese linguistic hegemony It is tonal (having more tones) and having tone sandhi that changes tones of all words except the last one in the sentences The sandhi rules are also so complicated that only the native (or those with years of hard learning) can master it The Taiwanese have been trying in vain to develop a written form for more than 450 year resulting in numerous (close to 75) different written systems My question is why our ancestors developed such a difficult language? Can you help to develop a good written system? Any thought?
Comment from : Mj Yan

Joshua Leon Pearl
Taa, Silbo Gomero, Pirahã, and Wenzhounese are far harder than any of these languages
Comment from : Joshua Leon Pearl

ping pong
mother tongue: Arabic (mix of Levant and Egyptian) brsecond language : English brthird language (a bit fluent) : German bra non - European language I wanna learn: Turkish branother non- European language I wanna learn: Assyrian or Persianbra European language I'd like to learn: Norwegianbranother European language I'd like learn: Armenianbra dead language: Akkadian branother dead language: Ancient Egyptian
Comment from : ping pong

Elena Niña Ivanko-Rivera
I find it easy to learn different languages as a matter fact I have a knack for it
Comment from : Elena Niña Ivanko-Rivera

Dávid Horváth
Anyone learning Hungarian?
Comment from : Dávid Horváth

Dávid Horváth
Hello from Hungary Love your vids
Comment from : Dávid Horváth

Be yourself
Malayalam Language:Am i joke to you?
Comment from : Be yourself

— CosmicQueso —
ادرس العربية الآن و احبها كثيراً اتمنى ان اسافر إلى الشرق الاوسط قريباً في المستقبل!!
Comment from : — CosmicQueso —

Aseel Atallah
Dude in 5:01brYou said good morring brBut you wrote it from left to rightbrAnd arabic is from right to left brAnd the words and not togather you bettrr fix that brBut still cool video
Comment from : Aseel Atallah

why is the philipine flag upside down? its our war flag
Comment from : Meowbahh

Ross Crawley
Please don't say "in the world" when you're clearly only considering about 1 of the world's languages
Comment from : Ross Crawley

Splatoon fan
I think the hardest language is insulavoric
Comment from : Splatoon fan

i personally find japanese easier to learn for me than korean for some reason
Comment from : hachi888

Mahirap talagang mag-aral ng Tagalog, kailangan pang alamin kung anong pinagkaiba ng "rin at din" saka "nakakahilo/nakahihilo"😆😆
Comment from : alexis

Comment from : Qywx

The Kookie Bully Maguire Ate
Here in the Philippines it's not just in the cities because English is already being teached to students at a young age across the country
Comment from : The Kookie Bully Maguire Ate

Tha Tha ♪ Karenni
I speak Karenni, I bet you guys had no idea where we from
Comment from : Tha Tha ♪ Karenni

Yes tagalog is here!
Comment from : St1ckblaze14

michiel janssens
your dutch pronunciations are atrocious as a native dutch speaker i had to rewind several times to try to hear what u meant and south african is just dutch that is simplefied as they do not use conjugations
Comment from : michiel janssens

Divyansh Mathur
3:59 That is "Ohayou Gozaimasu" good morning in Japanese
Comment from : Divyansh Mathur

Ethan Bisenio
😂😂😂 filipinos do have weird made up words and the grammar is exactly as orderly We also tend to cut words or abbreviate them to make it shorter or we either stretch the word to make it longerbrExample:brbEnglish/bbrThis is worrisomebrbrbShortened Filipino/bbrIto'y nakakabahalabrbrbLengthened/Streched Filipino/bbrIto ay nakakapagpabagabagbrbrWe also tend to use the same syllable to make different wordsbrEx:brbEnglish/bbrAre you going down?brYeah, I'm going downbrbrbFilipino/bbrBababa ka ba?brOo, babababrbrSome weird filipino made-up words for bonus:briLodi/i - Idol(yes, we flipped it)briSusmaryosep/i- the name of Jesus, Mary and Joseph smashed togetherbrbrWe also have so many dialects, that if we gather around but speak in our own dialects we won't be even begin to fathom what the others are sayingbrFor example, I live in the iBicol/i region of the Philippines, there are different dialects in the region alone brAs for me, I speak iBicol Rinconada/ibrbrLet's say,brbEnglish/bbrDid you eat?brbrbFilipino/bbriKumain ka na?/ibrbrbBicol Rinconada/bbrNagkaøn nayka?brbrbBicol Naga/bbrNagkákan ka na?brbrbCebuano/bbrNikaon ka?brbrEven the word rice,brEnglish- RicebrFilipino- KaninbrBicol Rinconada- KanønbrBicol Naga- MalutobrCebuano- Bugas
Comment from : Ethan Bisenio

Akash Verma
English is most difficult language in the world if you are not native speakers
Comment from : Akash Verma

Khelong Evo
I think it's kinda funny to think that thai and Vietnamese are harder than khmer When khmer has different words for different classes Even the Khmer language PHD cannot master Khmer at all Anyway, I'm a native Khmer speaker so I knew that facts
Comment from : Khelong Evo

Asger Ditlev Hougård Mikkelsen
korean and japanese are not related at all, english and sanskrit are closer related
Comment from : Asger Ditlev Hougård Mikkelsen

Dutch beats Navajo? You’ve gotta be kidding me!brFirst of all, Dutch is a category I language, meaning it’s one of the easiest languages to learn for native English speakersbrSecondly, let’s look at some challenging features Navajo has but both English and Dutch doesn’t have:br1 A pitch accent systembr3 Agglutinationbr4 Ejective consonantsbr5 Nasal vowelsbrAlso, Navajo has 12 verb aspects, while Dutch & English have 2 brAll of this video sounds really amateurish and from an American who once have heard Dutch and assume it’s an extremely inaccessible language, which is to me a very wannoying misconception Like, there is no reason at all for thinking Dutch is so hard brThanks for listening and have a good one 👏
Comment from : Pigeon

Tagalog is not hard expect the Baba and Bababa
Comment from : Carlluminum

Laksh Srivastav
I am from India 🇮🇳brFirst language: HindibrSecond language: EnglishbrThird Language: SpanishbrFourth Language: French or German
Comment from : Laksh Srivastav

Justin The Broke
Comment from : Justin The Broke

Dugg Abrugar Animations
I'm from the Philippines yet I Tagalog is so hard
Comment from : Dugg Abrugar Animations

Lance vincent dela rosa
delTW: Flipped flag/delbrbr0:47
Comment from : Lance vincent dela rosa

M Rose
First language: EnglishbrSecond language: French (Canadian)brLearning: Russian
Comment from : M Rose

Boris Medina
I saw to many flawsbrFirst of all, it was wrong the farsi hellobrIn farsi it is سلام (salâm) not مالس (mâlas ???) plus was easy to detect it because the letters weren't jointed (thus other written languages as Urdu are automatically wrong)brbrAlso, it is important to notice that it is exclusively from an english speaker perspective (I'm native russian and spanish speaker and some languages her are ridiculous easy for me as slovenian), excluding minority languages (some being harder than all of them together) and materials aviable
Comment from : Boris Medina

My 2nd language was Japanese,then french then Korean ❤oh and I just learned Vietnamese 🇻🇳
Comment from : Auraliiq

Wdym Japanese is hard,it’s easy
Comment from : Auraliiq

Lukasz Jazdzewski
Polish should probably be on this list, here's a sample "Grzegorz brzęczysz ćykiewicz" If you have a polish friend, look no further than their surname
Comment from : Lukasz Jazdzewski

Death by Snu-Snu
Tagalog? Nah, It's actually easy, says the Indians, Chinese, and even American immigrants Most of them learned it in a year without going to classes
Comment from : Death by Snu-Snu

Yash Bhanushali
I rècognized most of the languages brEnglish, marathi ,Gujarati,Bengali ,urdu, kannada,tamil,telugu,sanskrit,French,brSpanish, Latin,portughese
Comment from : Yash Bhanushali

First language: English, ArabicbrSecond language: Korean, SomalibrThird language: SpanishbrFourth language: Portuguese, Japanese, Turkish brFifth langauge: Mandarin & Hebrew (still learning basics)brWant to learn: German and Russian
Comment from : Marie

As a filipino i laughed at how you pronounced Tagalog
Comment from : HappyCouch

TJ Ozanich
1 You said "Tagalog" incorrectlybr2 The Filipino flag in the scene at 0:55 is upside down
Comment from : TJ Ozanich

First Language: VietnamesebrSecond Language: EnglishbrWants to learn: Mandarin (I want to know what’s my grand grand grand father wrote), Cantonese (because Vietnamese and Cantonese aren similiar), Japanese (easy to say),
Comment from : Nhi

Husri The guy
He forgot about Tibetan
Comment from : Husri The guy

What about Tibetan language? བོད་སྐད།
Comment from : soocool

Владимир Громов
Мой родной язык-русский Хочу узнать насколько сложным языком для вас является русский язык
Comment from : Владимир Громов

Happy Souls
Anyone speak or learning Japanese here, I need help 🥺🙏🏻
Comment from : Happy Souls

Tuan Nguyen
I am vietnam
Comment from : Tuan Nguyen

Cherry Quartz
imm sloveniannnn
Comment from : Cherry Quartz

Why is the flag of the Philippines upside down?brBlue is suppose to be on top and the red is suppose to be at the bottombrWhen the red is on top and the blue is on the bottom that means they are at war
Comment from : Random

So much of the information in this video is just wrong and inaccurate in terms of language families
Comment from : weatherman74

RC Music Pro
as a chinese speaker, i confirm it chinese isnt that hard
Comment from : RC Music Pro

Synia Synia
My languages:br1 Polish 🇵🇱 br2 Ukrainian 🇺🇦brBoth I know fluently or almost fluently, because they are my country's languagesbr3 English (B1 level)br4 Russian (idk which level, I am not fluent in that, but I know pretty well)br5 A little German (from school)brbrI want to learn (after improving my languages)br- French 🇫🇷br- Spanish 🇪🇸brAnd later idk yet
Comment from : Synia Synia

First language : CantonesebrSecond language : MandarinbrThird language : Englishbr4th language : Japanesebr5th language : Koreanbr6th language : Russianbr7th language : Spanishbr8th language : Vietnamesebr9th language : TurkishbrbrI'm sure that Cantonese is much harder than Mandarin since Cantonese has 6 tones 9 sounds and it's used complicated character, but Mandarin just has 4 tones and it's used simplified character
Comment from : Mirae

I’m actually Viet man-
Comment from : [K1mmy]

umm hi
The hardest language i lern Was inglis im from South América
Comment from : umm hi

S4232 Sachin Subbiah
Mother tongue:Tamilbr1st language learnt: Englishbr2nd Language: Hindibr3rd Language: MarathibrCurrently learning: Music and JavabrWant to learn: Sign Language
Comment from : S4232 Sachin Subbiah

S4232 Sachin Subbiah
Okay so Tamil isn't on the listbrBeing a South Indian language it's a very big deal even for the North Indians to learn, think about westernersbrAlso Tamil is the oldest language still being used on the daily basis by manybrInfact all Dravidian languages are hard for non speakers
Comment from : S4232 Sachin Subbiah

Depressed Cat
First language: ArabicbrSecond language: English brThird language: Spanish
Comment from : Depressed Cat

I speak dutch
Comment from : yassine

youssif abunowar
First language: arabicbrSecond language: englishbrWant to learn: japanese, russian and korean
Comment from : youssif abunowar

i’m a foreigner and i’m learning japanese and arabic i would say arabic is much easier when you get the hang of it
Comment from : rukia💙

Dante Balarmo
Lengyel nyelv sok nehéz is
Comment from : Dante Balarmo

Robin Mandersloot
1:43 /1:46 Uhmwhat were you saying the dude ? I didn't get that at allHow about this one: Kindercarnavalsoptochtvoorbereidingswerkzaamhedenplan
Comment from : Robin Mandersloot

My first langue is vietnameese
Comment from : TheGentalment

Rory D
This video is so factually inaccurate
Comment from : Rory D

Joni Hiltunen
i thinked Finnish are one of hardest Langueges to speak
Comment from : Joni Hiltunen

Good luck getting fluent in English if your not a native speaker or didn't lean it in school
Comment from : Z3e

Lucas De Blauwe
I spaek dutch
Comment from : Lucas De Blauwe

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