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World’s Greatest Pizza Delivery Guy!

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Information World’s Greatest Pizza Delivery Guy!

Title :  World’s Greatest Pizza Delivery Guy!
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Frames World’s Greatest Pizza Delivery Guy!

Description World’s Greatest Pizza Delivery Guy!

Comments World’s Greatest Pizza Delivery Guy!

That's Evan peters You can't tell me otherwise
Comment from : M

Taiki Hirahara
ahh Justice and Kindness :D
Comment from : Taiki Hirahara

Lil Git
Lol what a thoroughly likeable guy
Comment from : Lil Git

Zachariah Alonzo
This guy is like fry from Futurama
Comment from : Zachariah Alonzo

Corey watson
He is the coolest judge!! Unfortunately he just retired
Comment from : Corey watson

Richard Hoffman
I bet he couldnt wait to tell Scooby all about court
Comment from : Richard Hoffman

Merked Crimson Motivation
Yeah but this is 📺 Real judges don’t cut nobody but their son a break
Comment from : Merked Crimson Motivation

Love that risking people’s lives for a hot pizza
Comment from : Tao

Super Friday
If only he would stream his deliveries
Comment from : Super Friday

Slice Man
If I have to go in front of a judge I hope and pray it is him
Comment from : Slice Man

Failed Artist
This is Billy Bibbit's son
Comment from : Failed Artist

Affirmed Pie7446
It's a tough business Man was out in Vietnam getting the soldiers their pizza hot and steaming🤣
Comment from : Affirmed Pie7446

Wa Lor
Probs to the guy he risking his life for his mission
Comment from : Wa Lor

Chill Homer
Pizza time
Comment from : Chill Homer

Super news super news khabar video like bass
Comment from : DPONTV

you all need to stop believing this crap is real lol wtf it's made to stream to you idiots and all fake There is no entertainment in boring cases and all that
Comment from : jskelly1979

This is a great judge
Comment from : TheCollector316

Comment from : TP

wynott givemore92
I get a warm feeling in my heart ❤️ when i watch these 🇨🇦🇺🇸🇨🇦
Comment from : wynott givemore92

William Cronin
Put down that bong!
Comment from : William Cronin

Comment from : Aløngjr⁵⁵⁵

Ona Kin
Gotta love the script, yall gobbling it up like turkey dinner
Comment from : Ona Kin

He’s a hot pizza delivery driver I’d give him 20 dollar tips!
Comment from : Jameson

Steven Kane
This is why I'm proud to be an American
Comment from : Steven Kane

Gengis Kamimura
well, in other hand, lucky no inocent life was taken during that 15 ignored red lights
Comment from : Gengis Kamimura

Halbert (BRANDY) Dechaume
I like this judge he good one I wish we had that in our town
Comment from : Halbert (BRANDY) Dechaume

Comment from : Jim

Judges can be human after all
Comment from : GreenJin

Richard white
Throw the book at home m and put him in jail for a long time
Comment from : Richard white

nag 007
He can play Dahmer
Comment from : nag 007

PaPa ShaMbaLa
That guy looks like a serial killer
Comment from : PaPa ShaMbaLa

Eric Howard
I am creating a new pizza chain it’s called I don’t stop i deliver
Comment from : Eric Howard

probably gets charged if the pizzas not in time but humble enough to not say so
Comment from : JCR

Another Fool
As funny as this is, dude you need to get a new job to pay those bills
Comment from : Another Fool

silly dude
If I had to go to court tomorrow, I'd watch this video as a reminder that bad case scenarios aren't always terrible
Comment from : silly dude

silly dude
I work at a pizza place, if bro worked at the same place as me He would be my homeboy
Comment from : silly dude

Dylan Adams
YouTube is pretty cool about sharing this badass little moments honestly, I catch these every so often always get a kick out of it
Comment from : Dylan Adams

Sab Alad
He looks similar to that smiling girl😳
Comment from : Sab Alad

Lol is this even real?!
Comment from : MsTaly99

willem Goosen
Mans on opioids for damn sure
Comment from : willem Goosen

Mom always told me to dress up for court How this guy is dressed is just ridiculous
Comment from : Dohner

Warren Remmey
The coolest!
Comment from : Warren Remmey

Eve Birch
That lil cutie is so stoned
Comment from : Eve Birch

Jamie Kulesa
I deliver pizza and make 50 on a bad day lol
Comment from : Jamie Kulesa

Usama Ali Abbasi
life is not easy
Comment from : Usama Ali Abbasi

He could have played in 30min or less movie 🎬 😄
Comment from : DarknessGaming

Colin Jones
Comment from : Colin Jones

Wolfgang Dobereiner
He looks like the Carey ,genuine smile girl
Comment from : Wolfgang Dobereiner

Matthew Holt
That guy is the Micheal Jordan of Bong Tokes!
Comment from : Matthew Holt

Texas Nationalists
Comment from : Texas Nationalists

Hola You
He will keep doing this He thinks it’s cool, that’s why he’s smiling when he is being shown the clips
Comment from : Hola You

Billy Corgan
It's no use killing someone at a red light
Comment from : Billy Corgan

His name is Damo
Comment from : SkaterMick

Ryan Cooper
$100 for the boot and $125 for 15 violations seems really low to me? Here in Toronto a single red light camera violation comes to $325, per offence This kid would owe upwards of 5 grand here I'm clearly in the wrong city ;)
Comment from : Ryan Cooper

Ok So honestly this judge is completely wrong imo He’s shown consistent behavior of running lights It’s all fun and games until someone dies
Comment from : Poe

Lk Mcle
Somebody please tip this guy more than usual he's a celebrity
Comment from : Lk Mcle

I love that judge
Comment from : hanhepicetan

Ronald Nurse
This guys job is more dangerous than the cops We need a thin pizza line sticker for this hero
Comment from : Ronald Nurse

Frank C
I would of said charge my employer cause he tells us to run red lights
Comment from : Frank C

Enigmatic Muse
I have always loved and thought this is most fair judge in our system They should clone him for every city/court
Comment from : Enigmatic Muse

agent vurdalak
Be nice and polite things go smoother for you when you do
Comment from : agent vurdalak

Ventsislav Andonov
This guy is high af
Comment from : Ventsislav Andonov

KP Nation
That was not a break Idgaf what anyone says, the judge could've just let it go Govt taking money like this is not giving a break
Comment from : KP Nation

Random Humanoid
Getting a strong Woody Harrelson vibe
Comment from : Random Humanoid

Crazy motivation
He looks like Evan peters
Comment from : Crazy motivation

Mohamad Mohamad Matt
Comment from : Mohamad Mohamad Matt

Corrupt Minds
I honestly wish, judges, would be down to earth, and actually consider, a human in their daily life, instead of assuming then making consequences Just talk to the person We all have ups and downs But let's be real, there's more downs than ups
Comment from : Corrupt Minds

This guy looks like Woody Harrelson’s doppleganger lmfao
Comment from : TheRWJTroll

He looks stoned too A disgrace to stoners Making us look bad Learn to drive
Comment from : Anonsforever•com

Rogue Shaddo
Think he finally got her that ring this year?
Comment from : Rogue Shaddo

Marriage is a act of LOVE and comittment
Comment from : Toni

Why don't i hear "thank you judge or thank you your honor"? People getting too comfortable with the nicest judge living on earth
Comment from : Alloy

Clone this Judge and put him in every court!
Comment from : Farrierette

インタ intarovert
I hope he get more tips
Comment from : インタ intarovert

Zang Master
Fines like this only hurt poor people
Comment from : Zang Master

AsasinoManik • Insanity Crew
As an Indian I do not understand why you are charged so much fines for crossing red lights in an empty roadbrAnd that too for poor people, shouldn't they get some kind of relaxation if they have such a low incomebrHowever, in India most of the tier 2 & 3 cities don't even have traffic lights
Comment from : AsasinoManik • Insanity Crew

I think he's stoned even in court
Comment from : AnTs

GeoDude B
Kinda reminds me of Jeffrey Dahmer…
Comment from : GeoDude B

Veer Chasm
Jim Carrey will play him in the movie version of this video
Comment from : Veer Chasm

Erik Sprow
Wish judges were more like this
Comment from : Erik Sprow

That dude is so stoned I can smell the pot from here Oh wait that's me
Comment from : Whatevs

Smart Everyday
spiderman vibe
Comment from : Smart Everyday

Kinch Kinski
Glad he only punched 7 cones before court that day instead of the usual 14
Comment from : Kinch Kinski

Bob The Breaker
Young woody Harrelson
Comment from : Bob The Breaker

Colonel 100
I love this judge
Comment from : Colonel 100

Isaiah Conley
This guy is a hero
Comment from : Isaiah Conley

This guy is high af
Comment from : TheMitak

He forgot to mention the reason behind the moving violations and him being broke is all that pot
Comment from : DAscoyne

Made mebrCry Really This judge showed respect to a hard working man
Comment from : AE

Stepz Higgs
That really is the coolest judge , I've been in courts plenty enough to know this is rare
Comment from : Stepz Higgs

Khoa Nguyen
God blessed you Judge
Comment from : Khoa Nguyen

Must be Trippin
That's cheap, what state is this?! lol Butwhen you know the real law you know that it's all a racket anyways
Comment from : Must be Trippin

Cecilia Costa
Hes kinda cute but anyone who kinda resembles Evan Peters im gonna crush on lol
Comment from : Cecilia Costa

AT Hiker
Comment from : AT Hiker

Awesome job, pizza delivery bro and thank you for your service!
Comment from : iamupinacloud

Wyrd Wald
What a great judge omg There are good judges
Comment from : Wyrd Wald

This guy is awesome i hope he became famous because this video!!!!! Lmao i love the vibe
Comment from : 30Giulietta

The half chuckle to a joke he only hears 🤣
Comment from : navaskin

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