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Pre-33 Gold Coins - $5 Indian Head Half Eagle

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Information Pre-33 Gold Coins - $5 Indian Head Half Eagle

Title :  Pre-33 Gold Coins - $5 Indian Head Half Eagle
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Frames Pre-33 Gold Coins - $5 Indian Head Half Eagle

Description Pre-33 Gold Coins - $5 Indian Head Half Eagle

Comments Pre-33 Gold Coins - $5 Indian Head Half Eagle

Whatever happened to good design? The old liberty coins look Colonial, but the Indians are majestic Even the modern Buffalo can't compare It has the right elements, yet drab in comparison One hundred years from now, I think the opinion will be the same Especially with the new eagles If it weren't for the hook on the beak, you'd think the eagle was a ground hog or something If design is a reflection of culture we've gone from majestic to common
Comment from : michaelb406

White Rose Motors
I'd think that if you do the math on the amount of gold in each type of pre 33 coin, you can compare its premium vs new coins and see if you are at least getting a reasonable price on the bullion content
Comment from : White Rose Motors

Val Holla
Which is a better long term investment? I'm trying to stack for retirement and I've heard you can turn pre-33 for a much higher profit later, but I have my doubts
Comment from : Val Holla

David Rinpe
doug polk here
Comment from : David Rinpe

Very first gold coin I got is identical to this one! 1909 D $5 Indian head after my sister passed away I’ll keep this puppy for life My next coin was 1 oz American gold eagle Next I’m going for buffalo if we get a dip
Comment from : AppleZtoOranges

Edward Tayahua
Would make a sweet necklace
Comment from : Edward Tayahua

I’m not a jewelry type of guy but I always thought if I were to wear a coin in a bezel around my neckit’d be one of these pre-33 Indians The design is beautiful I definitely don’t plan on buying any pre-33 for my stack though It sure is pretty though 🤩
Comment from : UFD

Matt Deckard
I like the Indian head as well But totally correct, modern bullion is worth all effort Pre 33… who knows what you’re mispaying or if you can sell it easily, or how much you’re being taken advantage of if you have you over think the date But yeah… a few 33 coins are cool for historical love
Comment from : Matt Deckard

What size capsule does that $5 come come in? I’m picking up pre 33 today for $600 from my local coin dealer
Comment from : AppleZtoOranges

Caleb Norton
I love the 500 Indian coin!!! my first raw coin purchases were 3 $5 gold Indians and two $5 liberties I also love the $250 gold Indian I love this coin design so much that I actually where one in a bezel set on a gold chain! Great purchase in my opinion
Comment from : Caleb Norton

Union Pacific Indian chief
I love this coin so much!🪙❤️💕 it’s beautiful!🪙❤️💕💕💎
Comment from : Union Pacific Indian chief

Every now and then I pickup an old coin simply because it's cool or historic I primarily stack bullion for investment and I generally assume my 'cool coins' will only net me the spot price of their metal content or less
Comment from : H C

Jimmy Twotone
Kinda the only pre 33 I like too,I went at got a 1913 $5 gold Indian today had the $25 so I grabbed a $5 and a 10th oz eagle also!
Comment from : Jimmy Twotone

Great video, wish you spoke more about them as in worth and grade
Comment from : GhostDiZ

btw 1909s is a good one to have graded if its graded in mint state it could fetch a pretty penny cheers
Comment from : MrBennymarco

how could you not like pre33 designs? all the modern bullion is based off of the pre33 lol i have alot of modern bullion but have been stacking pre33 hard too for many reasons pre33 is by far better than modern dont have to buy slab pre33, can go for raws
Comment from : MrBennymarco

Thomas Howe
Just bought a 1911 $5 Indian Head gold piece yesterday Wasn't looking for gold at my LCS, but I loved the looks and didn't know when I'd stumble across another one, so it came home Most likely the only one I get since I prefer 1/4 oz or greater coins
Comment from : Thomas Howe

Rainbow Music
The price is as high as the coin is worth
Comment from : Rainbow Music

Charles Gross
Why does a $5 gold coin only have 1/10 oz of gold while a $20 gold coin has almost 1 oz? That's confusing and unsuspecting buyers might believe it's 25 oz
Comment from : Charles Gross

Silver Coin Outdoors
To me, Pre 33 coins are beautiful, but what I enjoy more are the history they have To look at a Pre 33 coin & think, where was this coin kept? Where has it traveled? Who was the person who kept it so that it didn't get melted? etc That's a great coin you have Best wishes
Comment from : Silver Coin Outdoors

Stone Age Crazed
I went with a solid base to start it off First went with a Gold Eagle and then Gold Buffalo As I was picking up the bullion I went with an AU Liberty Head Double Eagle The Buffalo in hand is super impressive but, I think the double eagle stole my heart ha ha I am Leaning toward Saint-Gaudens next :)
Comment from : Stone Age Crazed

I fell for the $10 indian Had to have onebrAlso the 20 mexican peso The designs
Comment from : rogertayloRRR

Dave Pureblood
I picked up a 25 dollar 1914 Indian head last year I love the design, and the unknown story of the coin A very nice coin, and a good buy
Comment from : Dave Pureblood

Rochelle Fernandes
@2is1 Re your question/comment around min 2:40 about pre 33 vs bullion, the only “advice” per se is something I heard from Lynette Zang on this topic wherein she spoke about the risk of confiscation on bullion over a certain ounce threshold not hitting pre 33 gold and pre 70s/80s (I’m forgetting) silver because those are considered “collectibles” Also, worth noting that bullion jewelry (22K and up) is not considered “bullion” in the event of a confiscation either so that’s worth considering though the choices in the States for bullion jewelry are pretty narrow and DXB is your best bet for that Cheers!
Comment from : Rochelle Fernandes

John Baker
All indians are hard dates 09 _0 is the best
Comment from : John Baker

John Baker
Even cleaned u should get 650$ at spot 1750
Comment from : John Baker

John Baker
Defenetly keep it in a capsule n its 63
Comment from : John Baker

John Baker
Your indian head looks good I couldn't tell if its cleaned uncleaned in 63 on that common year is about 1100 bucks might have been a good score
Comment from : John Baker

Matthew Piazza
Another great video, as always! Did you go with the Airtite A22 direct fit to place your Indian Head in?
Comment from : Matthew Piazza

Bradley Burton
Download a pcgs book from your app store Anything you need to know will be in there They have everything from half cents all the way up to colonial coins, gold coins and bullion
Comment from : Bradley Burton

They all seem to have massive premiums Not sure what’s a good buy
Comment from : iTechSavvy

Nathan R
the pre 33 gold double eagle is my fav coin, with that big flying eagle on the reverse
Comment from : Nathan R

Gordon Blank
The half Indian is the most often made fake Don’t know why, just say’in
Comment from : Gordon Blank

I do have an ms65 or better double eagle on my collection list, but I will probably be a much older man before that happens brFocusing on weight at this time
Comment from : youKnowWho3311

The Platinum Beast
I have a $1 gold liberty 1854 smallest US coin ever minted! I bought it mostly for the history and uniqueness definitely not something I will stack! But it is cool that it’s gold!
Comment from : The Platinum Beast

Frankie Sinatra
Interesting video!!! 👍
Comment from : Frankie Sinatra

kuna coins
love your channel
Comment from : kuna coins

Ralph Otte
To me, pre-33 has more character because people actually used them My mother gave me a quarter eagle and all of her silver coins, including an 1854-O half, while my brother got the gold eagle I know I would be less inclined to sell "real" coins, so if there are some decent looking circulated coins from the US or foreign country, I might considering purchasing a few of them in addition to the AGE
Comment from : Ralph Otte

What capsules do you buy? I like how it is sealed in clear capsules and no foam
Comment from : Whoops

Goldcic Vibefel
I just bought three of them in AU condition
Comment from : Goldcic Vibefel

Tahoe T
I like the pre-1909 Liberty Head gold coins for some reason - the incused details on the Indian Head always seemed strange to me even though they protect the design on the coin better Maybe I will get one some day
Comment from : Tahoe T

Running Eagle
Its not 90 percent gold it’s 9675 percent gold
Comment from : Running Eagle

Google Thought Police
That 1909 S is most definitely a keeper! Only 292,200 were minted, VERY collectible
Comment from : Google Thought Police

Mike Miller
My LCS buys a lot of jewelry and with that comes pendants I've purchased several pre-33 and others my price is not much over melt so grading isn't of any concern
Comment from : Mike Miller

Logan Scott
Looks good, I like the historical aspect but I'm not willing to get into the sticks over grading and dates I collect some common date Morgan silver dollars just for the history and I'll probably buy a gold piece like this as well
Comment from : Logan Scott

Salvador Dalinian
We are total opposites: The only modern gold coins I stack are the Buffalo and Libertad; everything else is pre-33 gold, or pre-47 Mexican gold
Comment from : Salvador Dalinian

Bryan Pedersen
Beautiful coin I am collection the buffalo gold 1 ounce coins now They are 9999 pure and they are beautiful coins They are the first American gold coins to be 24 carrot I believe
Comment from : Bryan Pedersen

Why do you prefer eagles over buffalo?
Comment from : BeABetterManEveryday

Lyndon Fisher
I sell my Gold to my coin dealer He will take "coins" a lot quicker than BullionBetter turnover for him
Comment from : Lyndon Fisher

Money Stacker
Great video merry Christmas
Comment from : Money Stacker

I was quite surprised that you can get these cool historical coins at melt! I just picked up my first two gold coins at a local coin shop — both 20 francs (a 1809 Napoleon and a 1819 Louis XVIII) I watched quite a few of your videos beforehand and went to the coin shop looking for a Gold Eagle but they didn’t have them, and instead had a number of these at melt and I fell in love with the combination of gold content and history I’ve decided that I’m okay with sacrificing the liquidity for the history! I’d really love to be able to find some low premium historical coins brbrCurious if you have any tips on searching for older gold coins (US or otherwise) with the lowest premiums Looking for online options as my typical location (DC area) doesn’t have many coin shops in the area Searching for low premium on APMEX is easy (sort by a size, then priced low to high) But I’m not sure what to do about older coins with irregular ounces
Comment from : MacGyver7640

Sebbie makes a good backdrop 💪💪💪
Comment from : Jason

Wow you know your stuff with this coin I thought you only bought the same American bullion coin over and over, but apparently you have been holding back! Time to show a lot more of the type one eagles and double eagles you probably have stashed away
Comment from : Braden

Larry A
After collecting Morgans for a couple of years, I switched to bullion because I wasn't OCD enough to avoid overpaying for collectibles I do love the pre 33 gold coins for their historic quality Some of the more common St Gauden's double eagles are common enough in BU condition to be priced pretty close to bullion Best of both worlds, imo Many of those pre 33's were stored overseas in BU condition and repatriated back to the US after they were legal to stack
Comment from : Larry A

So beautiful, both old and new!!

Josh Stevens
Anyone else having problems with shipping delays with USPS? I ordered coins with no scan updates for weeks
Comment from : Josh Stevens

Bobby P
Merry Christmas
Comment from : Bobby P

thomas aitken
i buy pre 33 because i dislike the reverse of the American eagle -
Comment from : thomas aitken

Mike D
Just grabbed a 2018 1/10 oz gold kangaroo for $200 and the 2oz silver kookaburra 2020 for $56 I did pretty good today Only $16 over spot in total Not bad huh
Comment from : Mike D

Can you put the Indian on the same « scale » than the Roosters (not usa) ?
Comment from : ikust007

Tell me Sir: are they 5$ or 10$? Cheers ! I LOVE old coins
Comment from : ikust007

Coins USA
Does a gold buffalo fit in a 32mm direct fit capsule? Or do you have to get the exact size capsule? 327mm
Comment from : Coins USA

Andre L
Europe here I was recently told that 20 usd coins (specifically from 1876 and 1927) have zero value over regular bullions Maybe it's a US thing
Comment from : Andre L

mark james
Guaranteed it won't go rusty like modern coins can, it doesn't take much time to check mintages, you can end up with some really special coins collecting pre33, I'd say it beats modern bullion
Comment from : mark james

Think For Yourself
I know a man named CoRn who has owned hundreds of Pre 33 gold coins
Comment from : Think For Yourself

Vincent Martin
Have a good one
Comment from : Vincent Martin

J Jason Santilli
Comment from : J Jason Santilli

Abarons Numismatics
Good video, thanks for sharing👍
Comment from : Abarons Numismatics

Pistol Packing Pilot
I don’t own any pre-33 stuff Cool stuff but there’s just so much better options out there to stack IMHO
Comment from : Pistol Packing Pilot

Milled Steel
That’s a great coin back when the treasury minted real money
Comment from : Milled Steel

Jason Markley
super into gold Indian head coins coolest part is that someone carried these around in their pocket!
Comment from : Jason Markley

from above
Surely, the purity/ weight discrepancies can't be anything new How was this issue handled throughout history, going back to ancient times even? Out in the real world marketplace, or whatever, would they have really cared if it were 9167, or 90, or would they just have called it all gold, and thrown them in together on the scales?
Comment from : from above

Really great videos your putting out! Very informative
Comment from : Rooster

Eric Parnell
I’ve picked up a 25, 5 and 10 Indian this year Will probably look for the two double eagles at some point just to have one of each for my collection Nothing I would want to stack They just have classic character Beautiful history Definitely a one off purchase
Comment from : Eric Parnell

Jacob Parker
I love pre 33 gold! I only have one modern bullion gold coin A 1/10 oz gold eagle proof rest is pre 33!
Comment from : Jacob Parker

Bob Wojcikowski
Love the eagle on the 1909 You can show any gold you want, I love it all
Comment from : Bob Wojcikowski

I like the coins, but what kind of knife is that? I just got my first pre-33 a couple weeks ago A $5 and $250 Liberty Head, cleaned I'm sure I'm not much on the numismatic side either
Comment from : 50shadesofawesome

T the Silver Stacker
Pre 33 for me! I like the variety in my stack Those modern eagles are BOOORRRIIINNNG
Comment from : T the Silver Stacker

pre-33 gold is so nice Buy bullion grade/common date pre-33 if you just want bullion Use the weight of the coin and the price of gold to make sure your not being ripped off Oh yea!! stay away from cleaned coins if you can Its generally just a little bit more for a non-cleaned coin If you get a nice cartwheel when you shine light on it and move it around than its most likely not been cleaned You see a lot of striations and scratches on coins that have been cleaned too They are usually parallel to each other Or you can have a father that's been a numismatist for longer then I have been alive like I have to point you in the right direction LOL!!!!!!!!!! he's a 52 year ANA member Eagles and Buffalos are a good solid base for any stack but its nice to have some variety and to have a piece of American history
Comment from : Michael

Shane Prather
What happens if Elon Musk mines gold from asteroids? Genuine question
Comment from : Shane Prather

Donald in New Mexico
Comment from : Donald in New Mexico

Randy Mathews
Don't know a thing about pre 33 gold
Comment from : Randy Mathews

I extremely love the old coins They have a life, an adventure I stack by logic But sometimes need something out of the Path
Comment from : ikust007

Still admire the details in this 1909 beauty
Comment from : ikust007

Salut!! Merci !
Comment from : ikust007

That's a nice knife
Comment from : TheSilverguy23

Francisco Heredia
I like pre-1933 gold, it’s just a piece of history and I love having them If I can get the right price I’ll throw one or two into the collection from time to time But I’m with you, for stacking purposes it’s eagles and buffaloes for me
Comment from : Francisco Heredia

The Dadgenius
Nice looking Indian coinI'm always looking for a good buy and if the opportunity presents itself I will buy the collectible instead of bullion Happy Holidays!!
Comment from : The Dadgenius

Andre Gravel
Very nice coin I have a handful of silver ones but won’t be venturing into any gold ones Interesting all the same Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas 🎄 Looking forward to another year of your videos! 👍
Comment from : Andre Gravel

Have a 1926 ms64 st gardens my best pre 33
Comment from : robertgoldstein52

Empire Precious Metals
Great coin buddy I have the 250 one, but I'll get one of these at some point
Comment from : Empire Precious Metals

Cyclops Staxx
I love the pre 33 gold!! Nice last minute pickup✌️
Comment from : Cyclops Staxx

Lucy Stacks
I like that I don’t have any old gold but I wanted some But then I watched one of your videos about things being liquid for when someone else has to sell them Like my kids for example you wanna make it easy But the old one I’ve had my eye on is a British sovereign I guess, actually, a half sovereign actually that Indian is lookin really cool too but I would have to be sure that’s what I wanted and right now I still gotta get my weight up 🤓
Comment from : Lucy Stacks

Congrats on your sunken relief $5 indian A very nice coin I never buy these sight unseen Yes, S means San Francisco I'm not a professional on grading either but I do like them raw and looking nice
Comment from : SalivateMetal

Aloha Stacker
I like the pre33 just for the history and beauty! The Indian heads are one of my favorite along with the St Gauden!
Comment from : Aloha Stacker

Silver Heist
Pre-33 ! Better late than never
Comment from : Silver Heist

YES!!!!! Love pre 33 gold prefer it over new gold just so much history that u can hold touch feel and the stories that a coin could tell love it
Comment from : JR13

Scott Urbach
My favorite pre 33 gold coin Unique design I’m not much of a “stacker” - I don’t have any bullion coins but recently added my first Quarter Eagle to my collection and posted a video on my channel Thank you for sharing
Comment from : Scott Urbach

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