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Cheapest way to send money Abroad

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Information Cheapest way to send money Abroad

Title :  Cheapest way to send money Abroad
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Comments Cheapest way to send money Abroad

Murad Ahmad
Western customer said me that we trasfer money only for education fee
Comment from : Murad Ahmad

Ghania Ali
Please Guide me For TransferWise what is the transfer charges from bank to bank brPlzzzzzzzz how to know that Please reply What if we want to send 10,000 Rs Pakistani from UK How much will be transfer fee
Comment from : Ghania Ali

Harneet Kaur
My dear I'm trying but what is ach routing number I'm trying inr to usd please hrlp
Comment from : Harneet Kaur

Noushad nh
Can you tell me How can I send 50 USD to Uganda from India I have an NRE account Can I do anything with NRE ?
Comment from : Noushad nh

Sir which app is trustable and easiest to send money from Myanmar to India I'll be really glad if you help sir
Comment from : Beast

Dilnoza Akhmatova
Mr can you advise me any app sending money from India to Uzbekistan?
Comment from : Dilnoza Akhmatova

Shweta m
Hey I want transfer fees to my bro in ukrain account plz provide best pltform
Comment from : Shweta m

halim xomer
Pata nhi apko pata nhi Pakistan ma log konsa language Bolte ha Ya apki information itni achi ha Jo angrez dekte ba
Comment from : halim xomer

Iqra Ali
Thank you
Comment from : Iqra Ali

Michaela Alquino
I cant trust paypal again
Comment from : Michaela Alquino

Mubbashira Bukhari
Comment from : Mubbashira Bukhari

Leishepemmashangva Mashangva
I wanna send money from china to india
Comment from : Leishepemmashangva Mashangva

Movie uploader
Sir please help mee!i want to send money to Indonesia to my friend I am from india i will gave u money extra u want please help mee! My friend is ina problme plzz helpp😭😭😭🙏🙏
Comment from : Movie uploader

Lazawal Beyan
sir i want ur number
Comment from : Lazawal Beyan

Asim Khan
Sir transfer wise pa debit card ma unavailable a rha pta nh Sir check kare zra apna kese thek hoga
Comment from : Asim Khan

Mr nobody
Bhai ager koi student 10 se 15 lakh ka loan le ker Germany public university mei aaye to vo apna khrcha nikaal sakta hai aur kya student emi bhr sakt hai
Comment from : Mr nobody

Paradise Bird
Man I need more help please help me contact you privately
Comment from : Paradise Bird

maddog pump snap
hello i know this video is months old but im hoping to get your reply soon i wud like to help someone in Venezuela since their economy collapses ever now and then so could you help me advice howto send our rupee to veneguzela online? thankyou sir and goodluck lovely channel with informatic topics
Comment from : maddog pump snap

Akhila Fayaz
I want to transfer money from India to Bahrain which app is good and how much it's charge can you please help me out brother
Comment from : Akhila Fayaz

Miss Bunny
Kuwait to india, do they need any kind of account to the person whom we want to transfer those money from kuwait?
Comment from : Miss Bunny

Pranjal Mishra
How to transfer money from india to South africa ?
Comment from : Pranjal Mishra

Athoiliu Alan Abonmai
Plz help me sending the money to singapore
Comment from : Athoiliu Alan Abonmai

Sir What about Remitily , money gram or payoneer?
Comment from : SMMA AGENCY

Anthony Timothy
I still don't believe there are good people on the internet Like really, wow vortexhackers com are are just the true definition of goodness on anonymity I'm just here to appreciate their good works, the world need to know about them ,
Comment from : Anthony Timothy

Maricel Bartido
Helow could you help me if how to send money from canada to taiwan?
Comment from : Maricel Bartido

Joydip Bhowmick
Thanks From India
Comment from : Joydip Bhowmick

How can I send money from India to uae
Comment from : TECH VLOGER

Sewak Heer
Hlo sir i send money from uk with transferwise but they didn't get money even money sent from my account 😔 what should I do now ? Plzz hlp me sir
Comment from : Sewak Heer

Yumna Firdous
If someone wants to send a money from Dubai not a huge amount (Like: 5000) but there's some limit that the limit amount of money to send it in your account is more than 25000 And I want direct into my bank account! So they can use Transfer wise Web for it? Bec it's not a huge amount!
Comment from : Yumna Firdous

Can I receive money from India in TransferWise I download their app but it showing can't receive money
Comment from : 𝕄𝔼𝕃𝕃𝕆 𝕂𝔼ℝ𝔸𝕃𝔸 𝕐𝕋

waly karim
Can we send money to anu country on map? I need to sendmoney to such a country with whom we don't have any interaction in any way For bank to bank transfer, is it a requirement that the reciepent country must have some specific bank?
Comment from : waly karim

Abhinandan Jain
STOP USING MONEYGRAM THEY ARE FRAUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Moneygram has been deleting my post so i can't raise my voice for the fraud done mutually by Moneygram and their own agents in the market Their agents take the code and further Dont transfer the money saying that there is some bank issue when you reach out to Moneygram they will ask for 90 days and all this while they will enjoy the money #FraudAlert #MoneyGram #moneygram_fraudser #fraudster #FraudAwareness #FraudCase
Comment from : Abhinandan Jain

Diversity of Knowledge
Hi,brCan we send money from Pakistan to UK by using Western Union Bank to bank?
Comment from : Diversity of Knowledge

What’s the cheapest way to send to turkey?
Comment from : Cheekies

hemanth kumar
How to create Rio account in india
Comment from : hemanth kumar

Bibhujit Parida
How to transfer naira to indian ruppes
Comment from : Bibhujit Parida

I have to send to sri Lanka
Comment from : ANANDU

The Mojo
Sir i cant send from Pakistan to Indonesia 😔😔 really its urgent pls tell me a way 😔😔😔
Comment from : The Mojo

Common man
Dear brother brbrCould you please suggeste which App or process is better to transfer from soudia arbia to india
Comment from : Common man

Munna Prajapati
we can't send money to Nepal with Western Union or transferwise
Comment from : Munna Prajapati

Joshua Wick
What is the best Internet Banking website to use for sellers abroad for bank to bank transfer?
Comment from : Joshua Wick

Rohit Gupta
How can I transfer money from India to Ghana?it's urgent please reply asap
Comment from : Rohit Gupta

Biswanath Mandal
How can I send money in Madagascar ?
Comment from : Biswanath Mandal

Samuel B K
Hello Sir,br I am confused to use Wise or ACE I am reading jn the Description that you are saying not to use ACE I just wanted to know the reasons to chose Wisely between Wise and ACE
Comment from : Samuel B K

Asim Khan
Bhai ACE money transfer pa Dubai ka Atm card nh LG rha Visa card
Comment from : Asim Khan

lilly min
İ need to send upto 75000pkr to Turkeyi was wondering about western unionbut there has to be a good exchange ratewhich platform do you think would be great!brWould love some guidance!brXoxo💜
Comment from : lilly min

Charlotte Tremblay
Great video I'm glad that I knew about vortexhackers com  on time With their advanced logs coupled with expertise in wire transfers,  they credited my account with  $17,000 ,
Comment from : Charlotte Tremblay

Don’t use ACE anymore, why? Anything risk ?
Comment from : Moses

Arnold Les
You actually don’t know much sir
Comment from : Arnold Les

Josefina Agnes
If i hadn't contacted vortexhackers com i wouldn't have had the money i have now in my cash app accountThey did a hack transfer of $25,000 for me
Comment from : Josefina Agnes

Ammar Hameed
Is there a way to transfer money from Pakistan through any of these apps ?
Comment from : Ammar Hameed

Josefina Agnes
Check out vortexhackers com guys They are the only legit hackers on the Internet, I'm so glad and happy that I came in contact with them, they helped me solve most of my financial problems and I'm forever grateful to them
Comment from : Josefina Agnes

Arturo Gonzalez-Barrios
Thank you sir for your help!
Comment from : Arturo Gonzalez-Barrios

Malik Jaaan
My WhatsApp number 00923427533275 please call me
Comment from : Malik Jaaan

Charly Mikely
You really impressed me hackbycharly0 on iG it reliable on funds me $3000 on my Wu it really trustworthy and reliable
Comment from : Charly Mikely

Optimistic Gaming
Bro Ur contact no i need some information
Comment from : Optimistic Gaming

SAM ________
How to transfer high amount of money??
Comment from : SAM ________

christeen OOoo
is the Bank to Bank option only from WU account to a WU bank account or also from WU to any other Bank ?
Comment from : christeen OOoo

The Vegan G
Money transfer from 🇺🇸 to Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 bank account doesn’t work 🤦🏽‍♂️
Comment from : The Vegan G

Farhan Awan
I think online money transfer from Pakistan is blocked via all services 🤣
Comment from : Farhan Awan

Lahx Hassan
How to send money from India to Dubai?
Comment from : Lahx Hassan

Vijay Gurung
Hi bro I want to send money to Finland from uae … which is the best way plz suggest…
Comment from : Vijay Gurung

Deepak Darshi
good info also plz let me know which is best conversion rate receiving money from Taiwan (New taiwan dollar) to India (INR) since taiwan dollar exchange option is not available Trasnferwise as u said even i had bad experience with skrill so suggest me the best way thanks in advance
Comment from : Deepak Darshi

Can parents send money from Pakistan/India to our Germany's account by using Transfer wise?
Comment from : NIHAR LATHIYA

Nancy Juma
Sir wea can I receive ria money transfer from german to abudhabi which exchange can I go to??
Comment from : Nancy Juma

Làlszlónè Duka
Thank you
Comment from : Làlszlónè Duka

Furqan Shahid
You cant send money non relative from westrenunion, money gram
Comment from : Furqan Shahid

Shahid Khan
Hello brother srilanka se dubai mai money kaise bheje plzzz bro Tell me
Comment from : Shahid Khan

Do you need to make an account with all of them to be able to compare rates?
Comment from : --

thet mue nwe
I used Merchantrade the last time I want to send money from Malaysia to Myanmar Can I use this?
Comment from : thet mue nwe

Dragon Gamerx
Yo bro please let me know which best bank is best to get money from america to Srilanka
Comment from : Dragon Gamerx

beautiful kashmir
Before I'm try to send money to php but i can't because they said not allowed to send money for different nationality people onliy send to same national
Comment from : beautiful kashmir

Rabia Sahar
Useful information 👍 Sir Merchantrade Money service ky Bry main bhi kuch information den many bht suna hai isky bary main ky achi hai service
Comment from : Rabia Sahar

Bruce Mackay
They do not offer customer service at all
Comment from : Bruce Mackay

Net Rose
Good job sir👍Main to Merchantrade Money use krte hun pr sahy hai inki bhi info milgai🙂
Comment from : Net Rose

huang khin kuo
Hello brother,what about bookmyforex?
Comment from : huang khin kuo

Kainat Wighio
Mjhy malom krna h Merchantrade Money k bary m yhn per ksi n ki hai ya ksi ko malom h is service k bary m?
Comment from : Kainat Wighio

Jitendra Mistry
What is your suggestions on transferring money from India to Sri Lanka?
Comment from : Jitendra Mistry

Tenterem Utami
helps me please how to tranfer money from Uk to malaysia , please BROTHER helps me I'm Really urged Thank you
Comment from : Tenterem Utami

Tenterem Utami
How to send money from Uk to malaysia, please helps me🙋 I Really urged
Comment from : Tenterem Utami

rashid ali
Hi, want to send money one of my foreign from Pakistan to Armeniawhich is best and easy way? Any Application or Money Exchanger Agent? Plz guide me thanks
Comment from : rashid ali

Ok so to be clear,brWestern Union's Bank-to-Agent option is good for speedy transfers but costlybrBut Western Union's Bank-to-Bank option is cheaper if you don't mind the 1-2 business days
Comment from : 純粋

Hi sirbrHow can I send money from india to suriname
Comment from : chithara

Hey I live in us can my parents send me money from India thrue western union or any cheap platform
Comment from : Rk

Naveed syed
Azimo and xe transfers are also better than transferweise Look at that transfer fee (14 euros)
Comment from : Naveed syed

L ghoda
One of my frnd work in dubai i want send money for mobile purchase its required 4300 dhiram but he is telling me that they charge 4000 rs extra in transfer
Comment from : L ghoda

Hey, how can I send money from finland to morocco? I've heard something like you can't send € to a bank account that doesn't have €, so?
Comment from : CraftCrate

Janet Thompson
Pls sir, which app is good to send money from UK to Nigeria?
Comment from : Janet Thompson

R-D JaGiiira
Are you sindhi dear?
Comment from : R-D JaGiiira

Eagle’sGroup Étudier à l’étranger
Hi,i need your help I want to send money in Africa from India
Comment from : Eagle’sGroup Étudier à l’étranger

Siphamandla Ponti
The best hacking services i can recommend for anyone is *premiumtoolsaid*com*, they got me 10,000 pounds
Comment from : Siphamandla Ponti

Jenelyn Alamon
How to send money from Philippines to romania for payment on shop please help ,🙏 thanks
Comment from : Jenelyn Alamon

kalki m
Which would work China to India ?brOther than PayPal
Comment from : kalki m

PH Ways
MoneyGram thoughts??
Comment from : PH Ways

Drama side
what's backgroud music sir ??
Comment from : Drama side

Manzar Hussain
Very useful information I like Ajrak cover on chair Love you brother
Comment from : Manzar Hussain

Mubeen Keerio
Send whatap number
Comment from : Mubeen Keerio

Suhaeni Munandar
Hi friends i need transfer money from taiwan to Pakistan but i don't know plzzzz Help me
Comment from : Suhaeni Munandar

Omkar Rahate
Bhai hindi bol le sharam aa rahe he kya
Comment from : Omkar Rahate

Dielle Fernandes
Which app is good to send money from US bank account to Canada fast/instantly? Its my personal US account and Ive tried TransferWise, WU and other apps but most require me to verify using my US phone number Im currently in India so cant access my US phone number What app do you suggest?
Comment from : Dielle Fernandes

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