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Almost 100 Ounces Of Gold

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Title :  Almost 100 Ounces Of Gold
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Comments Almost 100 Ounces Of Gold

Bro that’s like 200k$!!!
Comment from : Ayeo

Michael Williams
I was salivating just watching that!!!
Comment from : Michael Williams

Ardi P
Hi there Impressive collection How long has your friend been collecting gold coins? I started a month a go and I can see that this is very addictive
Comment from : Ardi P

Ronald Mitchell
let’s meditate
Comment from : Ronald Mitchell

Ronald Mitchell
You’ll need a million-aire to sell some
Comment from : Ronald Mitchell

Dexter Morgan
Just wow Absolutely beautiful 🤩 I’ll never touch anywhere close to that but all good still super proud of my small stack 💪
Comment from : Dexter Morgan

SilverBack EL Toro
Amigo Hello from the future Stack more before you get to 2023 1930 a Troy ox 😂
Comment from : SilverBack EL Toro

I'm looking to make a large gold purchase 200k what is the best Gold/6Silver precious metals company broker do you reccomend? I'm looking for pure gold or silver bullion casts Your help would be so greatly appreciated I live in Hawaii
Comment from : E C

Tomm Henderson
Nice Stack
Comment from : Tomm Henderson

Robert Chavez
Beautiful ❤️
Comment from : Robert Chavez

Thanks for showing me what my future looks like☠️
Comment from : SkullStaxx

Jay Dubau
this video still pops up on my feed, lol
Comment from : Jay Dubau

Much props that you mentioned that it wasn’t yours Thanks also for the clinking so us new people know what to listen for
Comment from : grissom3310

Truly this is God’s money! Beautiful
Comment from : Awoken33

Imagine buying that amount of gold 10 years ago could buy a lovely holiday home to-day
Comment from : BILL DELL

Dany Rizk
Man!! Who ever ur friend is, he pretty much made it
Comment from : Dany Rizk

If you squint and look at the thumbnail it looks like a sad monster thing is your hand
Comment from : Nondescript

Shiny Monkey Stacking
Beautiful gold coins and bars
Comment from : Shiny Monkey Stacking

Silver King
I wish that I can afford that, but I am just simple Silver King Very nice, if anyone can afford to have that
Comment from : Silver King

Patrick Ticman
Yeah right its all your gold 🤣
Comment from : Patrick Ticman

Numismatic Stacker
WOW Salivate metals 8 years ago! So fun to watch your earlier videos!
Comment from : Numismatic Stacker

Electrodynamic Orb
Imagine if all that money went into Bitcoin
Comment from : Electrodynamic Orb

Plumber Stacker
Wow! Love it !
Comment from : Plumber Stacker

Bionic FishyFish
Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades Sal! "I do not own this gold" I need to start adding that to all my videos in case big brother is watching me too
Comment from : Bionic FishyFish

Levi Roth
You have almost as much gold in this as I have in silver
Comment from : Levi Roth

Prairie Bilton
Oh my goodness! Very nice!!!
Comment from : Prairie Bilton

what a beautiful sight, god blessed the owner I got my first 10th oz in june, had a 1/4 oz back in 87 paid 125 $ for it sold it when my marriage ended, with all my coins back then started rebuilding in 2020
Comment from : rvmagnum

Your voice is smooth here
Comment from : Swimbassin619

Rufus Lumpkins
And here I am with not even one ounce of gold it makes me wonder if being friends with Sal will get me a hundred ounces, like this guy I'm willing to try I can be nice Well, not all the time In fact, rather infrequently, but it is definitely good-quality niceness If I get more gold, I can't even imagine how nice I could be Waddaya say, Sal? Friends? I was gonna say, "pals" - but that might lead into the creation of a calendar that shouldn't exist Anyhoo thanks for this video, even though it was a long time ago Very cool
Comment from : Rufus Lumpkins

Love Button
Hi Sal
Comment from : Love Button

Very nice! Oldie but Goldie A blast from the past
Comment from : Thorlin

Artur Lukaszewicz
Have you already sold your college 100 ounces of gold
Comment from : Artur Lukaszewicz

Johnny K
There's something about gold that ignites something almost sinister inside of us
Comment from : Johnny K

Duane Smith
Selling silver quarters and dimes , 10 silver rounds If interested let me know
Comment from : Duane Smith

If you had that amount in bitcoin, you would have been a MULTI BILLIONAIRE today … or at least a millionaire if you just had 1 ounce of gold’s worth at the time…
Comment from : cramsa

Serg Iv
Beautiful I wish i was able to buy so much, but im still happy with what i got, and am happy to see others doing well
Comment from : Serg Iv

The voices in the background are funny😁starts at 2:04 great video fun eye candy!
Comment from : CoinFlipper

Comment from : Eli

Connor Monnery
Simply gorgeous & beautiful!! 👍🏽🤩
Comment from : Connor Monnery

Oh my gawwd!
Comment from : oldmanjenkins771

Wow your voice changed so much Beauty of a collection I’m filling up a ww2 foot locker with gold and silver coins myself Slowly but surely will complete that goal
Comment from : 000CloudStrife

Cantankerous Chris
what the hell happened to this pipsqueaks voice?
Comment from : Cantankerous Chris

James Oneal Brown
Comment from : James Oneal Brown

The global warmer

Comment from : The global warmer

Sal mi mejor amigo , quiero vivir en tu casa My gold stash : 1 buffalo gold coin , 2 half American gold eagles , 1/4 Brittania gold , 1/4 gold maple , one 10th oz american gold eagle , 20 tons of silver rounds
Comment from : EivinSukoi

Z06 Cowboy
Time for an updateyou should be well over 200 now Rewards of being persistent
Comment from : Z06 Cowboy

Anxious Stacker
Wow!! Crazy beautiful stack Now that I’ve fattened my silver stack I’m turning my attention towards gold
Comment from : Anxious Stacker

The Hoff
Sal, what happened to your voice? Was that a different microphoneor ageLol!
Comment from : The Hoff


troy tucker
todays asking is 1800 per ounce at 100 ounces is 180,000 usd nice
Comment from : troy tucker

Jeff Koehne
This has aged well
Comment from : Jeff Koehne

Jeff Shaw
Congratulations that's a awesome stack of gold!!
Comment from : Jeff Shaw

dino Stacker
Sorry bit coin 5,747000
Comment from : dino Stacker

dino Stacker
100 oz of gold 177,500br100 bitcoins 3,302800
Comment from : dino Stacker

David Roberts
Thank you love your videos interesting plain spoken and straight to the point
Comment from : David Roberts

Ludiamond 84
Wow! Beautiful collection
Comment from : Ludiamond 84

Martin Olsen
Comment from : Martin Olsen

Darnell Walker
This is my goal
Comment from : Darnell Walker

Mariana Iantchouleva
And that was 7 years ago 🤦‍♀️
Comment from : Mariana Iantchouleva

Misophonia ASMR
cool now the commies know who to rob when the bombs fall in 19 days
Comment from : Misophonia ASMR

Cameron Schwoegler
What should I pay over spot on a 1oz Eagle?
Comment from : Cameron Schwoegler

It’s so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : 117rebel

Justin Sartain
Wow that is beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never be able to get that much gold but I am happy with what I have Keep Stacking
Comment from : Justin Sartain

Mark B
Comment from : Mark B

PM Budget Stacker
Your voice is very different
Comment from : PM Budget Stacker

Martin Martinez
Comment from : Martin Martinez

Martin Martinez
U loaded
Comment from : Martin Martinez

Tex Coin
This video has been in my recommended videos all day today I guess someone at YouTube knows I'm currently buying gold until the silver premiums come down! Great video Sal I don't think I will ever have "enough" gold or silver but if I ever reach 100 oz of gold I will feel a great sense of accomplishment Love the single 50 pesos Do you know how your friend's gold stack is doing seven years later? Has it grown, did he sell any, or has it remained the same?
Comment from : Tex Coin

allah son
Comment from : allah son

look at all those eagles
Comment from : DrakeRedwingOfficial

Fernando Pozes
Congrats! Beautiful collection
Comment from : Fernando Pozes

OMG ! You were there 7 years ago!! With ALL that gold!
Comment from : ikust007

Comment from : J McG

Icejjfish225 Tbone 225
Look at that beautiful real money I’ve been considering investing in gold for a while now I’m gonna save $15,000k and buy it when it gets really low
Comment from : Icejjfish225 Tbone 225

Gold is God's money
Comment from : MtGuyful

Raygunner loadrick
congrats on your gold stack
Comment from : Raygunner loadrick

Verma coins collection
Nice collection
Comment from : Verma coins collection

Isn't it sickening that 7 years ago today 100 Bitcoins would be worth around $10k ($100 each) but today it has inflated to $27million ($27k each) Sickening for sound money advocates who put their money in Gold and Silver knowing the paper fiat system is corrupt Its why we need both imo!
Comment from : FiVibe

Jürgen Schaefer
Nice collection
Comment from : Jürgen Schaefer

Unboxing Gold and Silver
😳😳😳😳😳HOLY SMOKES!!! Lots of Gold!!! Im going to subscribe to your channel
Comment from : Unboxing Gold and Silver

Omar Bernal
Damn that gold Buffalo looks 🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Omar Bernal

like 200k
Comment from : Dudeman

Randy Troll
this guy made a smart investment i hope he still owns all of this
Comment from : Randy Troll

eduardo aqui tem tudo
e isso ae meu amigo juntos sempre
Comment from : eduardo aqui tem tudo

Goldcic Vibefel
Nice 🐥
Comment from : Goldcic Vibefel

Anthony Cassidy
7 years old nice lot of view hope you do good Anthony
Comment from : Anthony Cassidy

Noodly Appendage
This bloke don’t fuck around
Comment from : Noodly Appendage

Moose Bme
!(: Seven years latter !timeless! THANKS AGAIN ;)!
Comment from : Moose Bme

ElectroPig Von Fokkengruuven
Hard to believe today that that "little stack" is worth a 2500 square foot home AND a car In 1967, 100 ounces would have set you back about $4,50000!
Comment from : ElectroPig Von Fokkengruuven

Cheap Laugh Kennedy
I’ve watched this before and every time after I have to clean my pants , freakin awesome
Comment from : Cheap Laugh Kennedy

King SAL own big castle I just have small trailerbrHe is King I am shhhhhh We dont talk about it Indian secret service We ride motorcycles I play Golf
Comment from : RICKY FOWLER

Bro! It's me Shadymcgravy Gaming ChannelI came back from 7 years into the future to tell You this Buy silver now it's going to be big trust me! And toilet paper too

Adeel Jamil
😍😍😍😍😍 look awesome
Comment from : Adeel Jamil

Andy Slingblade
You should just eat it
Comment from : Andy Slingblade

Bill Kats
Put a few of those coins in your pocket and head down to the Ferrari Shop
Comment from : Bill Kats

Sell it all Buy a duplex cash
Comment from : J

Oh man your natural voice :v !brbrExplooore
Comment from : TheDnaitsirc

Your voice was definitely different back then
Comment from : Teru

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