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What You Should Know Before Donating Plasma - 5 Helpful Things to Know as a New Plasma Donor

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Information What You Should Know Before Donating Plasma - 5 Helpful Things to Know as a New Plasma Donor

Title :  What You Should Know Before Donating Plasma - 5 Helpful Things to Know as a New Plasma Donor
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Frames What You Should Know Before Donating Plasma - 5 Helpful Things to Know as a New Plasma Donor

Description What You Should Know Before Donating Plasma - 5 Helpful Things to Know as a New Plasma Donor

Comments What You Should Know Before Donating Plasma - 5 Helpful Things to Know as a New Plasma Donor

Elena Pevia
Dude why does he look yellow
Comment from : Elena Pevia

Brandon Dusk
My first time was super smooth Only got stuck once, didn't feel much Did sting a bit at first and randomly in the middle Did get a bit anxious, and felt a little faint maybe the first 5 minutes since I'm kinda afraid of needles Felt normal after that I was only attached for 45 minutes Felt great for the rest of the day Hope next time I go it's good If you're thinking about it, go for it
Comment from : Brandon Dusk

I only eat fried chicken basically, rarely drink water, and didn’t eat for 30 hours My first time donating I was in the chair for an hour I’m gonna eat better and drink lots of water cuz I don’t want that thing in my arm for longer than 30
Comment from : FatSceptre

I gave for the first time today and was in and out in a jiffy Felt great afterwards with no issues
Comment from : Lar

Peterson Blanc
great video, very informative, I just happen to have a few questions if you did happen to go over them in any previous video up to this point I start off by asking if your eating has changed at all during donating, do you space out the donation dates in order to allow yourself enough recovery time, are you able to work out before and or after donating, do you find driving difficult after the donation, and lastly how is this by end of the year show up on your tax return? Thanks
Comment from : Peterson Blanc

Holly B
Thanks for this info I donate platelets at the blood bank without any problems I was going to try donating plasma but that large needle made me change my mind
Comment from : Holly B

Renata Gois
What? What country are you in? Have donated platelets all my life and never got paid
Comment from : Renata Gois

tsering Kyidzom
Definitely I would rather work overtime 8 hours then selling my plasma for it is not healthy in the long run It’s side effects
Comment from : tsering Kyidzom

Brown Queen
Omg I forgot that I’m fat and they have to stick my hands
Comment from : Brown Queen

Brown Queen
Definitely here just to make rent lol
Comment from : Brown Queen

The large orange butterfly needle Grifols uses are 17g I've heard we occasionally use 16g, but I've never seen them The COVID program has officially ended, vaccinated or not
Comment from : Rachael

But does it hurt? The process of the blood going out then back in?
Comment from : lanabanana

Michelle Corral
People please do not believe the lie plasma donation places tell you that there are only minor, short term affects from donating plasma I donated off and on for a few years, sometimes for many months at a time During that last year, every time I donated for a month straight, I started to get very sick with infections I would get UTIs, viruses, etc anything I was exposed to, I would pick it up and my body had a very hard time fighting the illness It’s now 2 years since I stopped and I am now dealing with 2 serious types of infections in my body, both of which could potentially lead to cancer And I am not someone who got sick a lot before starting the plasma donating I had a very strong immune system and very rarely ever got sick I don’t know if my body will ever get back to the healthy state it was at before I donated This country is the only country that allows plasma donations 8 times a month Everywhere else it is 2 times a month Once every 2 weeks The government doesn’t care if poor people that donate plasma get sick and even die from it because they are considered a drain on the system anyway So please think twice before donating your plasma Many years down the road, you very well could have a serious illness as a direct result of it
Comment from : Michelle Corral

I'll be doing this soon Seeing that needle made my arm feel weak 😆
Comment from : fcentauri8

Kantb Tamed
18-22 is normal gauge for blood donation
Comment from : Kantb Tamed

E  t
So,i get an new phone and i also save lives?i see this as an win-win
Comment from : E t

Valerie Stewart
I am a 66 yr old woman Is there a certain age you have to be to donate I would love to help someone that needs
Comment from : Valerie Stewart

What are some examples of low fat meals you or others eat right before you donate? Just curious I’m seriously looking into this but I’m honestly terrified lol
Comment from : pinkeeluvr

Only thing i dont like is the last or last 2 returns of my blood i see stars in my peripherals
Comment from : gokugohan9000

Danny Sewell
901ml donation today feels good 👍
Comment from : Danny Sewell

Paula Barnes
The donation center where I live at if you're a first-time donor you get 100 if you come repeatedly you get 150 bucks🤗🤑
Comment from : Paula Barnes

Mark Caron
Im donating later today I’ve had about a gallon since waking up brIt’s almost time to eat and I have no clue what to eat brAre there any issues with steak or simply using a protein powder?
Comment from : Mark Caron

Lettuce Piece of
I never got Covid EVER ! My family got it and my boyfriend and I was hanging out with him before he got tested I got tested so many times and always negative
Comment from : Lettuce Piece of

In houston they give $100000 a month
Comment from : Erichblas

Amy Morales
I know it could be different for everyone but I keep reading comments about how tired you feel afterward Is it safe to drive home alone?
Comment from : Amy Morales

Krishanne Russell
I'm AnemicDo You Think Its A Good Idea For Me To Donate?
Comment from : Krishanne Russell

Home grown Gamer
I’m considering donating, getting into it anyways That said, I don’t actually understand what all I need ahead of time Like… a doner’s identification(not a clue how to get that) and other things like that, is there just a place I can go to where they’d suit me up with everything I need? Or is it gonna be a hassle to do thatbrI’m about a 210 pound 18 year old, mind you, if that makes a difference
Comment from : Home grown Gamer

Luke Holmes
Why do so many people talk about getting paid I don't get paid anything but I guess it's different in New Zealand
Comment from : Luke Holmes

Chris Zablocki
Can we put into perspective what 350 bottles of plasma equates to? Is it approximately an entire man's body weight in plasma, for example
Comment from : Chris Zablocki

big 70s bush and proud
We get $1000 a month or $100 per donation in Indiana
Comment from : big 70s bush and proud

Mr Cat420
Does donating plasma make life shorter ?
Comment from : Mr Cat420

Ms Amy Aubuchon
Donating right now is great, they are paying a lot more Just keep in mind that doing this long term WILL leave scars I wasn't warned I feel my arms look like I shot drugs or something
Comment from : Ms Amy Aubuchon

What can you do to make the donation faster I always take 1 hr 5 minutes - 1 hr 10 minutes
Comment from : SCOOBY 305

Twin Media
The donation center where I live is around 900 a month for a regular donor
Comment from : Twin Media

This video was helpful, I did however played this video at a quickened speed Your vocal cadence is a bit slow for my preference #SpeakQuicker
Comment from : BenShutUp

Matt Ogden
I went for the first time on Tuesday wasn't to bad only thing was i felt a bit dizzy from time to time during the time but will definitely be going back Friday
Comment from : Matt Ogden

Lisa B
Thank you so much for your honesty and sharing this information 😊
Comment from : Lisa B

Attack The Planet
Coconut water is my life source More hydrating than water Stay away from electrolyte drinks The added Salt/sugar dehydrates 200lbs, 43 min average donation time A steady hand pump helps Very light though, no need to go hard Think of it as a pumpi try to synchronize my hand with my heart I meditate Headphones and heart chakra meditation music Shell fish is my go to recovery meal The iron/protein is unmatched
Comment from : Attack The Planet

Jessica H
In Dallas, they only pay $25-40 per donation 😐 I can't donate anymore because I have auto-antibodies They have used smaller gauge butterfly needles on me because my veins roll, it just makes donation take longer I did it because my dad had lymphoma, most cancer patients need blood products at some point I still recommend it if your health allows
Comment from : Jessica H

Dave Y
The best part for me personally is the recovery It may sound weird, but I generally get the best sleep after donating Stress levels low, body is tired, and I'm tired mentally
Comment from : Dave Y

U forgot to mention being underpaid
Comment from : Radi

mark m
In California people make 1,000$ monthly and my center uses 14 guage needles
Comment from : mark m

José Paolo Herrera Dávalos
Can I donate plasma if I have just been vaccinated against covid?
Comment from : José Paolo Herrera Dávalos

David Pollock
Hey! I donate plasma at BioLife and I thought you might be interested in this offer You can get up to $900 in your first 8 donations Enter promo code BUDDY900 It expires 08/07/2021 Terms and Conditions applybrDonate here for best offer
Comment from : David Pollock

Patrick W
First time donor about a month ago I had some bad bruising on my arm and it just finally cleared up completely a couple days ago Any tips on how to get the bruising to go away faster?
Comment from : Patrick W

MiyuDoLLys World
I had covid twice but im now vaccinated Do i still have the antibodies?
Comment from : MiyuDoLLys World

you dont look healthy bro u should stop
Comment from : YaBoyJayC

Elijah Spoozak
Can you donate if your a smoker
Comment from : Elijah Spoozak

David L
My center uses 19g need In the er we use 14gfor trauma The smaller the g the larger the needle diameter
Comment from : David L

Kerri Wilson
That’s crazy, our donation center offers over $1000 a month🤯
Comment from : Kerri Wilson

Have a nice day
Would you know if we get payed for donating in other contnents
Comment from : Have a nice day

Danielle Wheeler
It has been 2 months since I had my baby & I would like to know is it safe for me start donating again or should I wait a lil longer?
Comment from : Danielle Wheeler

Adam Burton
Why does he use the most anxiety inducing music of all time in the background?
Comment from : Adam Burton

Kathleen Bishop
Today was my second donation and I am deadly afraid of needles but the needle you showed is not the size they used on me the needle they used on me was really small and I barely felt it , I made 200 dollars today donating , bc i made 140 and since a friend referred me they paid him 150 and we split that so i made about 215 today and it was awesome! I felt so tired after the first donation though Feel real drained right now as well
Comment from : Kathleen Bishop

OG Goku
Ive been donating for one month now and it not bad at all The only concern you should have is your fear of needles if you have one The first time takes about 2-3 hours after that its pretty quick the other times you go The workers are nice and friendly and always make sure you are feeling well Make sure to drink water and eat good meals (protein and iron with no fat specifically) As long as you take care of yourself before and after you donate you will be fine The longest ive sat in a chair during donating is about 45 minutes Time flies when you are on your phone I bring headphones so i can play games and listen to my own music Edit: oh yeah I forgot to mention my payment was always deposited by the time I walked back out to my car so thats another big thumbs up
Comment from : OG Goku

is there an option to numb the area of your arm where they insert the needle beforehand? i know children’s hospitals use some sort of a spray that numbs the area of your arm where they plan to insert the needle beforehand i personally feel like it would be very helpful to have the numbing spray for my arm since i hate needles so much
Comment from : softbun

I donated for the first time today They were really friendly when I went in I weigh about 153 lb and I was able to donate 833 ml The first time the whole process took about two and a half hours They said the next time will only take about an hour I will definitely do it again but I get dizzy if they have to readjust the needle 😳🥴
Comment from : StorminNorman1993

Cookie Congrejo
Long term donor here Make sure you drink lots of water going in or you'll bruise, your veins are harder to find, and it'll be painful (especially if they have to dig) Eat at least a few hours before and eat after Not fatty foods or you could be cut short of your donation fatty plasma can't be processed, and you'll be sent home I've seen skinny people go through this more often than overweight people so be aware DO NOT drink alcohol before or after donation oo I cracked open a beer an hour after donating once and passed out Don't smoke at least an hour before you go in it'll constrict your veins The first few times you go in the donation process will take longer I saw a guy in there for an hour and a half his first time my first was 55 minutes I got my time down to about 35 minutes Hydration should start the day before and it's best to donate in the evening because most likely you will be wiped out for the rest of the day
Comment from : Cookie Congrejo

Jamison Rafael Alvarado
Do they leave the metal needle or the plastic needle in
Comment from : Jamison Rafael Alvarado

Roro Hiker
I’ve had all kinds of experiences while donating plasma Philly week or drained and lightheaded to actually passing out which just happened two weeks ago I’ve had the phlebotomist stick me in correctly and left a 5 inch bruise/hematoma, which put me behind and donation because that hematoma can turn into a blood clot when they administer the anticoagulation medicationbrStay well hydrated 48 hours prior to donating Also I have made a habit of eating nuts and yogurt right before I donate sometimes a banana dipped in pecans Replacing the electrolytes is important so I would consider taking a supplement or like I did today I ate a half a watermelon, some yogurt some freshly squeezed orange juice with Himalayan salt I should feel 100 by morning brDefinitely gives me the spending money that I need to have a little bit of fun
Comment from : Roro Hiker

Thankfully I never feared needles
Comment from : LORD ILLS

Akhilesh Suresh
how much do you donate in a month
Comment from : Akhilesh Suresh

Akhilesh Suresh
in india we dont get paid
Comment from : Akhilesh Suresh

Lisa Hinton
Do people use two different companies concurrently? Just curious
Comment from : Lisa Hinton

Amanda Culbertson
Dang we live in Salt Lake City and can just walk in whenever Sucks you have to make apts also thank you for making this videos!!
Comment from : Amanda Culbertson

Sveta Shah
I donated today for me it was super quick31 minutes took me to Donate 709mlbut I am bleeder 😆 I didn’t felt anything Was tired afterwards a little
Comment from : Sveta Shah

Cheryl Waghorne
I don't have very good veins and they always struggle to find a vein, will I still be able to donate?
Comment from : Cheryl Waghorne

Just donated plasma for the first time today I made it almost to the end when I was hit with severe nausea and dizziness I know now to eat and drink a more substantial meal before I go next time!! 👍🏻
Comment from : HansonFan73

noe lomeli
#3 bcloses all chrome tabs for local centers/b 👍✌ thank you for sharing! 🙏 i might do it in a bit when i need the money a bit more but between all factors, i'll try and make due cutting down my budget instead - for now 😅
Comment from : noe lomeli

Fresh Tech Productions
Nice use of chromakey, nearly flawless👍👍
Comment from : Fresh Tech Productions

brinley dustin
I work in dialysis and an 18g needle is big but it’s not the biggest We actually use 15 gauge needles on a regular basis Some of our patients even use 14g needle But for a regular vein an 18g needle is big!
Comment from : brinley dustin

James Anderson Art
I like the background 👍🏻
Comment from : James Anderson Art

Tony Montana
Great information I was just checking out how to sell plasma to make extra legit & legal money The one thing I was already getting light headed from that 18g needle 😵 idk gotta man up 70000 promo is 70000
Comment from : Tony Montana

Lauren M
Good video! Also, another thing to mention is that the Covid bonus only works if you haven't received a vaccine So if you had Covid and already got a vaccine, you're not eligible for that bonus
Comment from : Lauren M

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