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Comparison: Hardest Languages To Learn

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Information Comparison: Hardest Languages To Learn

Title :  Comparison: Hardest Languages To Learn
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Description Comparison: Hardest Languages To Learn

Comments Comparison: Hardest Languages To Learn

so why we don't study esperanto?
Comment from : BatMax

Thành Long [CHXHCN Việt Nam]
I know Vietnamese since 2 years old
Comment from : Thành Long [CHXHCN Việt Nam]

Bobo Lala
I can speak english,german,polish and a bit of france
Comment from : Bobo Lala

Kyan Pang
i can speak these langaugebr100englishbr90chinese75japanese50bahasa melayubr25korean
Comment from : Kyan Pang

AV Cruz
Filipino can speak 2 language
Comment from : AV Cruz

Karun Sharma 8C
I can speak 9 languages - Hindi,English, Marathi Spanish,Arabic, Mandarin,Bengali,German,Thai,
Comment from : Karun Sharma 8C

Lucas Costa Camargos
As a Brazilian, I swear, you will learn this in possible 7 years
Comment from : Lucas Costa Camargos

Aliyah Melanie
I can speak Creole
Comment from : Aliyah Melanie

Saumya Pise
Funfact : Most indians can speak atleast 2 languages since childhood
Comment from : Saumya Pise

Mala Agrawal
SalutonbrHellobr你好br안녕하십니까brПриветbrBonjourbrHolabrनमस्तेbrbrPick your native language (Mine is English)
Comment from : Mala Agrawal

Comment from : DTP

Roselyn Litan
We Filipino's speak 166 language and more! We Filipino's rock!🇵🇭🇵🇭
Comment from : Roselyn Litan

I can speak Bengali,Hindi, English and Fillipino
Comment from : kanhas_world❤️

Cotton Playz
I can speak 2 filipino and english b*btw im filipino*/b
Comment from : Cotton Playz

Mrudula Patil
I can speak Korean marathi hindi kannada English Haryanvi and urdu
Comment from : Mrudula Patil

Mario Mararo
I can speak 8 languages and im 9
Comment from : Mario Mararo

Stay healthy fit and fine
I can speak marathi, hindi, japanese, English, and now learning korean for BTS ✌🏻💜✨
Comment from : Stay healthy fit and fine

penggemar setia
I spaek indonesia end malayu
Comment from : penggemar setia

Rendalyn Malimban
I speak Tagalog and English
Comment from : Rendalyn Malimban

Me cam spoke English many good
Comment from : injetaveL

jewani Sadamali
I can English and French
Comment from : jewani Sadamali

Kazuha Itō 伊藤 かずは
I speak Japanese, Mandarin CN and English
Comment from : Kazuha Itō 伊藤 かずは

I can speak 5 languages American,British, Canadian, Australian, Filipino
Comment from : DreamyMender67

arush tech gamerz atg
I can speek English telugu hindi Marathi
Comment from : arush tech gamerz atg

Being fluent in italian in under a year? Idk who made these up
Comment from : EON 六 RAIKOU

✨Le Squad✨
Er Cantonese Vietnamese Mandarin Spanish English anyone?
Comment from : ✨Le Squad✨

•softie hailey•
I can speak 2 filipino,english
Comment from : •softie hailey•

hi my name achi i just a kid dont care about me-,-
I can speak thai and english
Comment from : hi my name achi i just a kid dont care about me-,-

I’ve learned a bit of spanishbrbrbrbrbrbrbrEdit: Imagine creating your own language
Comment from : smashycars7

I speak four languages Chinese, Murut, Malay and English
Comment from : Half

Classic sans gaming
i can speak english vietnamese and turkey
Comment from : Classic sans gaming

Jan Ayala
I can speak 6 lenguage arabiac netherlands british english spanish and greece
Comment from : Jan Ayala

Im turkey
Comment from : Lovely_Popシ

I speak 3 languages which are serbian (croatian, bosnian and Serbian are mostly one language), english and german
Comment from : PericaWasBeatenUp

Rhoslyn Townsend-Hood
I can speak 5brEnglish,Dari,Farsi,Spanish and French
Comment from : Rhoslyn Townsend-Hood

i can speak 6 languagesbrenglish,british,japanese,hindi,spanish,french
Comment from : LOL LEL

John Noniel Nequinto
A can speak Pilipino
Comment from : John Noniel Nequinto

I can speak English Irish and spanish
Comment from : SCG

Arabic? Its easy! I reas the Qur'an which is Arabic
Comment from : Mrbruh112yt

georgian 2 years cap more than that
Comment from : CHIKAz7

Mortal of FNF
I'm from Hungary , sziasztok srácok!
Comment from : Mortal of FNF

Yasmin Gamalden
I am a french beganer
Comment from : Yasmin Gamalden

I speak fluent Chinese since I am Chinese
Comment from : devilsANG3L123

adnan omar
I can speak French Swedish English Somali
Comment from : adnan omar

Hardest languages to learnbrbrMe in the Philippines with 3 language: bhey/b
Comment from : Steve

Joy Dy
Im filipino i speak english who doesnt live in phillipines i speak filipino to Filipinos if i had friend who speak both englidh and tagalog
Comment from : Joy Dy

România Titans YT
Romanian it's ezz bcs ITs a Funny launcage I know that bcs im Romanian s-o salut its hello
Comment from : România Titans YT

OverFire Minecraft
I can speak English tùrkish estern turkish
Comment from : OverFire Minecraft

Me who's a Filipino but doesn't know how to speak tagalog (Filipino language)
Comment from : ItzYaBoiKrystal

I can speak in sinhala
Comment from : simple

Toki Pona:
Comment from : AmazeingHenry

Comment from : ZhiWeiDaProPlayz

Hridhaan Bobade
i can speak english marathi
Comment from : Hridhaan Bobade

Im malaysia so
Comment from : Lia

Samuel Gregr
I can speak (english) (czech) (slovakia)
Comment from : Samuel Gregr

Monic Mandario
Comment from : Monic Mandario

Tab Ẩn Danh
Ô vãi=))
Comment from : Tab Ẩn Danh

Rishika plays
I can speak Hindi but iam trying to learn English
Comment from : Rishika plays

Mysocko arts -_-
Me who can speak Mongolian (cuz im mongolian andim learning English)
Comment from : Mysocko arts -_-

Try to speak Polish languagebrbrbrIt Has 3rd place of hardest languages on wolrd
Comment from : MEGAKOT 700

supot pako
I can speak 4 language American,British,Australian and Filipino
Comment from : supot pako

•{ Nori Naz }•
I can speak 3 languagesbrEnglish,malay and german 😂
Comment from : •{ Nori Naz }•

Runu farid
I can speak 3 Languages brEnglish, bangla, hindi
Comment from : Runu farid

Mohammad Gamer
I can speak English and Arabic and French and Spanish
Comment from : Mohammad Gamer

Three 3 Three
now i finally speak english
Comment from : Three 3 Three

My aunt can speak Japanese Chinese Ukrainian polish german English and danish pretty fluently brbrShe is 39 years old
Comment from : WitherRose87

I can Speak Filipino,English and now im learning Japanese
Comment from : KiMi❥

I can speak filipino,english,german
Comment from : Pikeoup

Full of Freedom WR
I’m shocked that english is considered an easy language we have 10 or more words that mean the same thing as where in other countries one or two words mean the same thing Like mad, angry, frustrated, berserk, enraged, pissed off, infuriated, fumed Japanese I feel better a much easier language Writing wise it’s harder than English but speaking wise there isn’t much variance of words and most of the same words means different things
Comment from : Full of Freedom WR

marcell Gg
Im in indonesia
Comment from : marcell Gg

Dang it’s gonna take me apparently 6 years to learn Japanese i gonna finish school before then lol
Comment from : Awesome_Sith

People who speak English, Spanish and are learning Japanese here
Comment from : •×•Randøm•×•

93 Dora
A Hungarian here 😁
Comment from : 93 Dora

Vaynard abelilla
Me speaking filipino 0_0
Comment from : Vaynard abelilla

Yuri Prieto
0:08 susmaryosep
Comment from : Yuri Prieto

Malayalam is the hardest language to learn and speak!!!brമലയാളം
Comment from : Skyline

elzane jacobs
The afr
Comment from : elzane jacobs

MALAYALAM hardest language to learn
Comment from : pesoli

how many time will take laerning Russian for someone who already know Polish?
Comment from : Nasmarowany

Comment from : MIKETHEPRO Pro

Craig Fixe
Falo português,speak english
Comment from : Craig Fixe

Azra Cosickic
I speak Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, English, German
Comment from : Azra Cosickic

Never give up
Me hindi english punjabi sanskrit and korean
Comment from : Never give up

: ) Doxcik gamer
Hindi , Russian, bengali and English
Comment from : : ) Doxcik gamer

Karine El Boukhari
And french language?
Comment from : Karine El Boukhari

Me brEnglish,hindi and Khasi👍
Comment from : LONEGAMER+_+

XiP tHe CoP
PROUD to be Finnish 💪💪🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮🇫🇮
Comment from : XiP tHe CoP

Mikayla Chua
“Filipino is the second most hardest language to learn”brbrbfilipinos are typing…/b
Comment from : Mikayla Chua

Kevin-Andreas Mitschke
Main language ist German and im learning English
Comment from : Kevin-Andreas Mitschke

Amongus Lover
I speak English and am studying, Chinese, Spanish, French, and German
Comment from : Amongus Lover

Ace Of Spartons
I can hindi,English and Japanese but a little bit
Comment from : Ace Of Spartons

1:06brBosnian is my language 👀brI also know English, for now I'm learning German
Comment from : •Kâylâ•Țhe•Câț•

Comment from : EXPLORE WITH SAI

Sebastian Vogl
I speak German,Englisch,French and a little Bit Italy and Spain
Comment from : Sebastian Vogl

Luca Modoranu
Romanian is my main and english is The one i learned
Comment from : Luca Modoranu

Army roblox
I can speak Italian (my language) English French and German
Comment from : Army roblox

I speak french and English little bit Spanish and not a lot Japan
Comment from : DJpro_hack24k

Worrapol Tao
1:00 that my language
Comment from : Worrapol Tao

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