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Title :  Trooper - Two For The Show
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Comments Trooper - Two For The Show

Loren Miller
Listened in the USA to CHAB out of Moose Jaw My musical upbringing included a lot of listening to Canadian bands on the radio
Comment from : Loren Miller

What song by Prism am i mistaken this for?
Comment from : PrankZabba

Lisa Dejong
Vernon BC in 1975 with my brother, whose still my best mate… 💞💜💞
Comment from : Lisa Dejong

Still sounding good even as we head towards 2023
Comment from : AllTheSports

Emma King
one for the money two for the show
Comment from : Emma King

Maria Helena Salazar
07/09/22 BONITA MUSICA*S2*
Comment from : Maria Helena Salazar

Maria Helena Salazar
28/08/22 MUSICA LINDA*b*S2**/b
Comment from : Maria Helena Salazar

Maria Helena Salazar
Linda, super linda🤗🤗🤗👏👏👏👏👏😍🥰🥁🎤🎧🎻🎷💥😇🎸🎸🎸🎹🎹😘😘😘🙌🙏👍🤟🤟🤟🤟🌹❤️❤️❤️🌻⭐⭐🥰🌟🌟🤟🤟🎸🎸🎸🎸
Comment from : Maria Helena Salazar

Three is to get ready now go cat go Carl Perkins set the standard in 1955
Comment from : M S

Bob Wirth
Wow we need a time machine to take us back in time Great times and memories as a teen growing up to this gem of a band cheers
Comment from : Bob Wirth

Laura Kyplain
Oh my teenage years , will never have the perfect 80’s rock again
Comment from : Laura Kyplain

cant nomo
I Love Candace Cameron 🤩❤️❣️💗
Comment from : cant nomo

One1 for the money two2 for the show three 3for the lady on rediom mamam today is Friday May 20, 2022 3:42am
Comment from : Ewen

Thats Entertainment
Twilight in the era Zombies Roamed the Earth babies
Comment from : Thats Entertainment

I always thought this was Alice Cooper I thought it was off the same album as “you and me”
Comment from : talus007

Clement Lapointe
Great show they put on
Comment from : Clement Lapointe

Ray Conger
My cousins from CoeurdAlene had this record Great songs! Never knew they were Canuks until these comments Always thought they were an underrated band
Comment from : Ray Conger

Jackie K
Comment from : Jackie K

William Bandyk
This song reminds me of "Sour Suite" by Guess Who The vibe btwn those 2 song's pure bliss
Comment from : William Bandyk


Giovanni Tidona
Remember this song playing at the Terace Roller Skate Palace I was 11
Comment from : Giovanni Tidona

Steve Mmmm
gem out of Canada
Comment from : Steve Mmmm

Kristy Kaye
My Mum sat with them on a plane They told her that they were a waterpolo team and that is the most badass story I've ever heard to this day
Comment from : Kristy Kaye

Comment from : Raccoon

Eric Dubois
Another great soundtrack from my youth, seen them in 82 and they are Canadian national treasure
Comment from : Eric Dubois

Emmanuel Buenviaje
The piano/guitar introthen Ra comes inbrA timeless Trooper song Still sounds fine in 2021
Comment from : Emmanuel Buenviaje

Canada East
This song is before my time but I love it
Comment from : Canada East

Karen W
another hidden gem out of Canada
Comment from : Karen W

Rose B
ty so much Proud to be Canadian too <3 Hugs to all Peace xox
Comment from : Rose B

Jeff The lantern & lighting guy
Remember listening to this song when I was around 12 & the song made me cry & right now listening to this song still makes me cry 😢
Comment from : Jeff The lantern & lighting guy

Justin Case
Wow, I discovered this one listening to a Canadian oldies station over internet radio around 2016 How did this one miss being a hit in the states? It’s on my favorites play list
Comment from : Justin Case

Cody Labelle
Did everyone know this song is about Lorraine mansbridge the first woman on rock radio in Winnipeg she was on global Edmonton
Comment from : Cody Labelle

LJ Andrewes
Never realize before what a Badfinger vibe Trooper had
Comment from : LJ Andrewes

Aiden Bear
Great classic by a true Canadian band
Comment from : Aiden Bear

matt kearney
Q107 plays this song EVERY DAY around NOONit has to be one of the worst songs ever Period Can’t stand itI am assuming they play it due to CRTC standards about Canadian contentTHIS IS NOT PROPER CANADIAN CONTENTTHIS IS CRAP CONTENT! Stop playing this shitty shitty song pleasethere are tons of other Canadian songs that are WAY WAY better than this
Comment from : matt kearney

honda hoo
Real Time (2008)
Comment from : honda hoo

john greenwood
antichristarisingcom/ abc123
Comment from : john greenwood

Zack Wilson
I’m 55 years old and I still you’re in for the good all days Love the music of this And wish our life was less complicated without smart phones Internet or all that other shit, funny thing is I’m watching this on YouTube
Comment from : Zack Wilson

Imma tell my kids this was david bowie
Comment from : Derp

Just seen them Dec31 in Yorkton,Sask Was it fantastic! I'm 20
Comment from : davis29255

parata sunt derisoribus iudicia et mallei percutientes stultorum corporibus
Comment from : wraithkin

Elizabeth Hann
"The only performance that makes itthat really makes itthat makes it all the wayis the one that achieves bmadness/b "
Comment from : Elizabeth Hann

I'm going to there concert yorkton Sask on dec 31
Comment from : davis29255

High Altitude
Misty moon Halifax,NS
Comment from : High Altitude

High Altitude
Dec13,2019yup,strolling down memory lanecheers
Comment from : High Altitude

Renaud Valin
Canada, three points !!!
Comment from : Renaud Valin

who is the girl on the right resting her head on her hand?
Comment from : Chimpist

Thank you for uploading all these classics Love them!
Comment from : jovicrazed

A true Canadian classic from 1975-76
Comment from : mcclellandryan184

laura lynn mcculloch
Just amazing how a singer and band can add in a hint of sadness truly terrific !!!
Comment from : laura lynn mcculloch

Inner Aиχιєту
One for the Seagulls, Two for the Crows Three for the Turkey on the radio
Comment from : Inner Aиχιєту

Two for the showbrAnd my mother wants to gobrIt'll break her heart when I tell her she's too oldbrbrI'm in my own placebrI've got makeup all over my facebrI think I know the lines I didn't knowbrbrOne for the moneybrTwo for the showbrThree for my lady on the radiobrFour might be the one you'll never know (You'll never know)brIf only there was a better way to go (Way to go)brTwo for the showbrbrI'm waiting in the wingsbrWhile the queen of virtue singsbrIt'll break her heart when I tell her she's out of keybrIf they gave her half a chancebrShe could soon learn how to dancebrAnd she could earn her living gracefullybrbr(Chorus)brOne for the money, two for the showbrThree for my lady on the radiobrFour might be the one you'll never know (You'll never know)brIf only there was a better way to go (Way to go)brTwo for the showbrbrOne for the money, two for the showbrThree for the lady on the radiobrFour might be the one you'll never know (You'll never know)brIf only there was a better way to go (Way to go)brTwo for the show
Comment from : mcclellandryan184

Linzy Vixen
Oh the memories of listening to this album over and over! Thank you!
Comment from : Linzy Vixen

Love this song so much wonderful memories
Comment from : Azfun6

Micheal Whittman
God damn it brings me back
Comment from : Micheal Whittman

Great song, always loved this song
Comment from : Azfun6

Bradley Anderson
I miss you dad
Comment from : Bradley Anderson

I saw Trooper live in 1988 at a bar in Victoria , The guitarist was tuning his guitar and he played the riff from Smoke on the Water, ,,,, The crowd went wild, all 53 of us,,,Ra, said" we can play that" and looked at his band mates reassuringly , with a look of intrigue, They started playing smoke on the water and Ra was singing,the first few lines, but then ,he didn't know the words,so he mumbled a few and then stopped singing, the guitar player stopped and then the bass stopped , there was a ti ti ti,,,, ti from the drummer ,then he stopped and Ra fell down ,that was the end of the show, Best live show I have ever seen, Thanks All
Comment from : skysurfyou

Tina Smoke
Duran duran
Comment from : Tina Smoke

The Best Music Mix
One of so many good tunes from this band :)
Comment from : The Best Music Mix

Benoit Vanhees
Sounds like a Canadian Bread :)
Comment from : Benoit Vanhees

Termites C Aardwolf
Is it weird that I'm getting a Bowie vibe from this song?
Comment from : Termites C Aardwolf

Anita Panzine
Comment from : Anita Panzine

Animal Loverjulian
Good song!
Comment from : Animal Loverjulian

Twan Tilemans
Great tune
Comment from : Twan Tilemans

Animal Loverjulian
Damn it I wish I was born in 1976 well unfortunately I was 30 years late because I was born in 2006
Comment from : Animal Loverjulian

Animal Loverjulian
This is my favourite of trooper this came out in1976!!!!
Comment from : Animal Loverjulian

Friends Of Yesterday
Love it> Charleston South SC
Comment from : Friends Of Yesterday

J Fafe
620 CKRM-AM is where I first heard this song 12 years ago So lucky to live in ND!
Comment from : J Fafe

richie mansingh
the best music is from the 70s
Comment from : richie mansingh

michael scrocca
ottffssent! triform! tetractys flat universe geometric universe seven cardinal directions of space time continuum triform the world anima/animus blackjack 21 the fou/ufo 022=004545454 qed qef qcd oh Susie 'Q'
Comment from : michael scrocca

Nancy Stanley
I was 12 when this song came out LOVED it then and LOVE it now Brings back great memories 1976 was my favorite year of life
Comment from : Nancy Stanley

Neil Y
1978Winnipeg ManitobaTrooper concertWhere did all the time go ?
Comment from : Neil Y

glen crawford
darn just got another one of those holy smokes im getting oldlol been listening to them for almost forty years, it s to bad they never hit it big in the states, they deserved it Don't know if their playing together still be nice to catch them in concert again been awhile, anyways thanks Trooper for the memories
Comment from : glen crawford

Ahhh, 1976, I remember you so well  Love this song  Thanks, Trooper  :)
Comment from : 70sgirl1961

a true hidden gem of pop musicso nice
Comment from : vazmo14850

Dennis Bull
What a nice song
Comment from : Dennis Bull

Joel Young
As good as it gets!
Comment from : Joel Young

Nirvanarock Vinyl
Comment from : Nirvanarock Vinyl

Tony Craigen
I work with the lady on the radio, Nicest woman in the world!
Comment from : Tony Craigen

Miss you Steve
Comment from : leafsfourever

Kathleen Wray
OMG! I finally found it!!!! I was only 8 years old and would live by the radio to hear this song!!! Thank you sooooooooooooooo much for posting Brings back great memoriesI eeven remember the stationGood ol CKLW in Detroit!!!
Comment from : Kathleen Wray

Saw them in Spanish Ontario this summer Haven't lost a note They appeared with Kim Mitchell, Helix, Nazareth, and The Headpins What a massively great concert
Comment from : tyme4mike

David Davida
I LOVE U V comming home soon
Comment from : David Davida

the drumer lives in my village they alwas play thre music at events
Comment from : F P

remember that album cover
Comment from : angleraxel

Gina Redding
I love the graphics
Comment from : Gina Redding

rebekah P
Comment from : rebekah P

David Lees
Played our high school dance in '75
Comment from : David Lees

@vanderwolf1 good to hear I've listened to these for a couple of decades or more and have loved their music and find it fulfilling to know that they are such great guys makes you respect them and their music all the more
Comment from : pinkrick333

Wendy - this one's for you - I know you're listening up there xoxox
Comment from : beingshar

To Wendy, know this was one of your favourites! Kim and I cry , celebrate your life and dance everytime we hear this song (We know you're listening :-) Hope you're dancing with us up there! xoxoxox
Comment from : beingshar

Anthony Kavanagh
Randy Bachman Produced Most Of There Albums From 1975-78 i never new that lols
Comment from : Anthony Kavanagh

Jason L
@vanderwolf1 if your ever in vancouver donny underhill still plays in a great band called YVR
Comment from : Jason L

@grandpic00 You Feel That Way Because It's Not Really Found In The States All Good Music Like This Came from Canada!
Comment from : CaledoniaON

That bass line is something else, compliments everything beautifully
Comment from : Mallet224

Ahh! So Canadian! You need to get with your place!
Comment from : mattelderca

Great fooking opening lyrics
Comment from : cotchford1969

i saw them live in thunder bay this summer they were so good the lead guy had just turned 65 and man do they still have it lucky the tickets were 10 dollars best ten bucks i have ever spent would gladly see them again they rock
Comment from : iloveubadly

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