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Divergent Paths | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 25

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Information Divergent Paths | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 25

Title :  Divergent Paths | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 25
Lasting :   4.00.26
Date of publication :  
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Frames Divergent Paths | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 25

Description Divergent Paths | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 25

Comments Divergent Paths | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 25

jan Lakuse
Rudimentary Time Stamps while Flando is catching upbrbr0:18 Special announcementbr2:20 Sam's Serenade to Ashleybr4:05 Sam's wardrobe decisionsbrbr9:05 Recap startsbr11:37 Recap endsbr15:22 Matt's Jester casts Sendingbr25:16 "I just want to wear a onesie"br25:34 Sam razzes Laurabr31:06 Another meeting with Tinkertopbr40:12 Caleb's molassesbr41:56 "Tar restaurant"br43:05 Liam breaks many wallsbr44:03 Sam's wardrobe decisions are questionedbr49:40 M9 tries to acquire some tarbr53:21 Schmidt and Circus distractionsbr1:02:55 Arrival at the prisonbr1:07:40 Meeting Wardenhelm Poppinbr1:10:25 Mollymauk's persuasive argumentsbrbr1:25:44 Welcome Back P2br1:43:25 Roll initiativebr1:57:26 Tar attack!br2:00:08 Molly nat 20br2:05:15 🎶playing with your friend's D&D characters🎶 and Jester impressionsbr2:14:55 fuck you Sam!br2:21:45 Molly's second critbr2:38:31 HDYWTDTbr2:42:35 Nott once again bends fate to her willbr2:50:24 Magical Mollymaukbr2:51:50 Beau and Yashabr2:54:30 Back with the Wardenhelmbr2:58:30 Liam has way too much funbr3:02:20 "They're being kept safe by a tiny bird with a dagger"br3:04:45 Reunionbr3:06:08 A new familybr3:09:50 Music boxbr3:15:10 Last lookbr3:17:00 Last morning in Hupperdookbr3:18:10 Caleb and Beauregard make a pactbr3:21:05 Skype high-fivebr3:23:30 Nott gets a new weaponbr3:26:12 Yasha and Calebbr3:28:25 Nott gets the itchbr3:32:40 Yasha, Jester and Fjord take a walkbr3:35:25 Yasha natural 20 on saving throwbr3:41:14 Lorenzo descriptionbrbr3:47:24 Liam and Sam's grand planbr3:48:47 Fanart compilationbrbrEDIT: Flando's back Find their timestamps and go shower them with likes
Comment from : jan Lakuse

jonathan koch
2:58:35brTaliesin : Jester will be happy to pay ( in regards to the 150 gold) brLaura (currently in the hospital, he spidey sense tingling) i'm going to kill them all
Comment from : jonathan koch

This episode had a really cool dynamic with everything being so out of the ordinary I loved seeing Beau take the lead more since Travis wasn't there as Fjord It felt like a nice payoff to all of the work Fjord put into coaching Beau on social interaction and leadership I feel like Beau is really stealing the show after all of the early focus on Caleb
Comment from : Shweenz

I'm BAWLING over an imaginary Bird Girl I hope they send her to Veth's Camp
Comment from : Jenny_of_Oldstones

Kiri not saying "we are the mighty nein" or "that means we are friends" as they said goodbyes was such a waste
Comment from : Matth

CSI: Wildmount
Comment from : Nightwng2k

Kunal Nagrale
I hope i am watching this for the last timebr43:31
Comment from : Kunal Nagrale

Who needs tar? Just reach into the Warehouse 13 universe and grab that original string in a can that Claudia screwed with and, boom!, you can immediately nuke the automaton
Comment from : Nightwng2k

Kunal Nagrale
22:57 / 4:00:25
Comment from : Kunal Nagrale

Kunal Nagrale
9:05 / 4:00:25
Comment from : Kunal Nagrale

Kien Tran
goddamn it! Molly had such compelling arguments on the two encounters with the warden that he got advantages for both Yet the dice god failed him I guess Taliesin had realized at some point before this ep that this character doesn't mesh well with his playstyle Although Molly adds much flair and flavor, he doesn't really contribute much to the party He has decent HP and damage but is not as an efficient fighter as Beau, nor as a good tank as Yasha He couldn't lead social encounter due to low charisma and doesn't offer much in terms of utility bSpoiler alert/bbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrI already knew that Molly will be gone at level 5 having glanced through the wiki and I'm sure I will be sad watching the character die But I will be much happier seeing Taliesin play a character that suits him and synergizes better with the rest of the party
Comment from : Kien Tran

3:09:54 is that musicbox is great
Comment from : Lotis

START - 11:38 brBREAK END - 1:25:51
Comment from : Mitchell

Wait Matt took the golden snitch at the end of campaign 1 Is that why Matt always rolls so high this campaign?
Comment from : xenosaga8436

Enes Kürşad Yaşar
Oh man Kiri's part is actually teared me up not gonna lie
Comment from : Enes Kürşad Yaşar

Man as soon as that music box plays it hits like an undertale goodbye 😢
Comment from : Nickyneutron

Joe Bassist
Man this episode so much happens, so many emotions I'm only 3 years late 😂
Comment from : Joe Bassist

Mister m
Got clickbaited the only ppl in the thumbnail arent in the eps 😂 , congrats on the baby ❤
Comment from : Mister m

Jared H
Matt did justice to the characters not present
Comment from : Jared H

Sarcastic Moray
Comment from : Sarcastic Moray

2:30:15 brMighty Nine: "Let's get Fjord to move away, take a hit, and give us three hits against this mech ball"brMatt: bactivate Metagaming/b
Comment from : LeerySquid13

Michelle Vieau
IM SO EXCITED FOR LAURAS BABY 3 YEARS AGO! Lol… All caps but no lie It’s old news, but new to me and I’m so excited
Comment from : Michelle Vieau

Samantha Aino
Thinking about Kiri's goodbye: Before she met the Mighty Nein, she wasn't able to speak any language She told them of her name by writing it in Jester's notebook, and was able to speak her name after Jester said it out loud So her final line, "I am Kiri", she's now able to tell anyone she meets what her own name is
Comment from : Samantha Aino

Sarah Thiel
Bigger fresh cut grass
Comment from : Sarah Thiel

I don't think I ever saw Sam actually move his mustache 😅
Comment from : Dot_Void

Ντέμ Ντέμ
Now, just waiting for a mini Matt and Marisha huuman 🥲
Comment from : Ντέμ Ντέμ

Does anyone know why Nott’s image at the bottom of the screen keeps flashing red?
Comment from : flutteringazure

Everyone comments on the baby and Kiri etc - but Matts awesome Colonel Klink seems to be flying under the radar xD
Comment from : ThePurplePerp

Ocean Man
Liam on the little screen looks like he's a program on one of those TVs they wheeled into elementary school gym class so we could watch Bill Nye the Science Guy
Comment from : Ocean Man

Tucker Max
If you’re worried about spoilers just stay out of the comments section and watch the episode No one’s fault but yours if you get spoiled It’s been 3 years
Comment from : Tucker Max

Tucker Max
They forget Beau is human a lot The guard at the prison saying “you should probably have your own light, especially for that one” and pointing to only Caleb so funny Caleb apparently just looks more squishy than Beau😂😂😂
Comment from : Tucker Max

Comment from : Freakllama

Forrest Hartman
Marisha's mimicry of Fjord is everyyyyything 😂
Comment from : Forrest Hartman

holy shit, that accent was straight cringe
Comment from : VulgarGnome

Forrest Hartman
I'm years behind, but the excitement that I felt at the news that Travis and Laura are having their baby is palpable
Comment from : Forrest Hartman

Jonne Van heijster
I was doing so well and then beau sayed that might be the first good thing she ever did and then i truly lost it
Comment from : Jonne Van heijster

Tredok Vayntrub
Comment from : Tredok Vayntrub

matt did a lovely job with jesters goodbye to kiri but god i wish laura was here for it she and jester had latched onto kiri in such a lovely way you know laura would have knocked that out of the park and into the stratosphere
Comment from : Jesse

Live Free or Die
When Matt imitates Fjord all I hear is Eder from Pillars of Eternity lol It's basically the same personality
Comment from : Live Free or Die

Ching A Ding
3:10:16 This is such a beautiful line from Beau
Comment from : Ching A Ding

Ching A Ding
3:09:36 Kiri :( This was such a beautiful moment
Comment from : Ching A Ding

Ching A Ding
3:25:31 this line
Comment from : Ching A Ding

Conall Mayhem
SPOILERS FOR THE END OF THE EPISODE!!brbrbrI’m rewatching M9 cos it’s my comfort show, and honestly I skipped to the end of this episode because it dragged a bit for me, and jesus christ even just plopping myself right at the bit where they say goodbye to Kiri I STILL fucking bawled my eyes out 😢😢😢
Comment from : Conall Mayhem

Matt Nelson
The first time the kids dad tells Kiri “it’s time for bed sweet girl”brbrbr“…go fuck yourself” 🤣🤣
Comment from : Matt Nelson

JP Illustrator
Comment from : JP Illustrator

actually sobbing out loud with Kiri : D What is this emoTIONNNN
Comment from : ony_p

I don't get why they have to roll on every little thing - especially, if they role-play well enough Like the argument Molly makes to the warden It's been bugging me this whole campaign The players play their character out and then roll shit, which negates everything beforehand
Comment from : Ahremer

Dayton Job
Love the commitment these guys have to the game
Comment from : Dayton Job

Alexis ONeil
bBig spoilers for the rest of the campaign/bbrbrbrbrTaliesins Fjord voice is just Caduceus
Comment from : Alexis ONeil

Queen of Pixels
How do these guys make me tear up over NPC's And why am I always listening at work when it happens
Comment from : Queen of Pixels

Sam Riegel is Burt Reynolds in C1E30, for those wondering
Comment from : Zukai25

I feel like the party kind of made no effort in finding Kiri's parents
Comment from : Reaperkitty918

When describing the robot I immediately just pictured Blitzcrank from League of Legends
Comment from : Reaperkitty918

Man low level monk is rough Hope the class gets better
Comment from : usasoldiern

Sean Miller
The look on Ashley's face when the rest of the group talks about spending Jester's money is priceless! But she does nothing to stop it 😂
Comment from : Sean Miller

Raoul Devers
I'm years behind, so please tell me Kiri comes back into this
Comment from : Raoul Devers

Hopeless Dreamer
Is everyone else annoyed that they made the decision to leave Kiri WITHOUT Laura there? Out of the whole group, Jester had the closest connection with Kiri by far, she was almost like her daughter! Doing that without her felt wrong
Comment from : Hopeless Dreamer

Yasha could have raged and used that dispel that her sword gives her to remove the silence spell, but I guess she pulled her punches so her character could be sent away while she works
Comment from : Brilchan

I love the story of Kiri and how the M9 loves her <3 😍😍🤩🥲
Comment from : Brilchan

Did I hear a ROCK AND STONE?!
Comment from : DoubleK

Steven Weller
Caleb asking Yasha about disappearing…how many times they going to make me feel guilty about watching Blindspot?!?! LoL
Comment from : Steven Weller

John Rafferty
Whats the chances the one time Caleb doesn't put his silver wire up half the group gets captured 🤔 suspicious
Comment from : John Rafferty

John Rafferty
Damn bird! 30 year old man my girl and my kids sleeping near by and om tearing up silently
Comment from : John Rafferty

Sean Overton
I just started watching Blindspot just to see Ashley while working my way through all the critical role episodes
Comment from : Sean Overton

Chris Blaylock
GODDAMMIT!!! This show made me feel things again!!!
Comment from : Chris Blaylock

Matt's version of Fjord is just Mcree
Comment from : Karma

Andy Spillum
Anarchy is the lack of unjust hierarchies by definition, it is literally the theme of this campaign
Comment from : Andy Spillum

I am literally fucking crying rn WHY ARE THE GOODBYES SO FUCKING SAD!!! God I'm going to miss Kiri
Comment from : Chuckleberry

Everytime time I look back at the screen Sam's mustache is reoriented
Comment from : BrandonsBeta

Boe just Is so annoying I'm so sorry I don't mean to offend but dear lord it gets in my head
Comment from : BrandonsBeta

I am not a French man
Currently playing Elden Ring with this on in the background and forgot Ashley was here They mentioned Yasha dispelling the thing, I was expecting Matt to jaeger her and I was happily surprised when I heard Ashley's voice instead
Comment from : I am not a French man

2:49:40 Beau with her siblings
Comment from : blazze5066

noooo kiri ;-;
Comment from : blupengu

I've never felt so attached to an fictional character that only existed in the minds of Voice Actors and my own headbrBut OMG that Goodbye scene with Kiri broke my heart and left me in tears 😭😭😭
Comment from : CaosProphet

Mitch Young
When Nott said “Thank you for listening to us” to Kiri, it was so clear to me that it was just Sam talking to Matt 🥹
Comment from : Mitch Young

Cuffed Joe
Nooo, i will miss Jester on Pregnancy Hormones adopting every kid in the area 😂
Comment from : Cuffed Joe

Funny watching this now (as I binge watch campaign 2 because I just discovered Critical Role in 2023) knowing that the reason Travis and Laura are away this episode (baby) "helps" Matt chose what monsters attack his parents on the air ship in campaign 3
Comment from : Ninhydren

The Ultra Sceptile
I’ll be honest, if I had Matt teach me some D&D things, I’d probably understand double or triple the things I already know by now, not to mention the fact that I might’ve been a good DM myself by now
Comment from : The Ultra Sceptile

Michael Gathany
I left to go make food while I listened I came back to Sam gone full Waluigi mode What happened?!
Comment from : Michael Gathany

Chris Bivins
How did that Construct have 292 HP when its stat card says it has 161 HP
Comment from : Chris Bivins

Not a big fan of them using Jester's money without her being there, personally lol
Comment from : Myoka

theodore hazel
Comment from : theodore hazel

theodore hazel
i love that the fact the beau is just made oiut to be a panic lesbian from the get-go
Comment from : theodore hazel

Wasn't ready for all of that with Kiri, not at all
Comment from : Apopthis

God I hope kiri comes back at some point, I miss the bird already
Comment from : Gorbonator

Emily Taylor
marisha was really going through it this episode bless her
Comment from : Emily Taylor

There's something so poetic about Taliesin getting the final hit on a CLOCKWORK construct with the nega-Snitch
Comment from : Dracheli

Sose Cherofsky
Me screaming Dispel magic at 3:36:30
Comment from : Sose Cherofsky

Meghan Daine-Richard
Even though I knew it was coming because I have already watched this, I bawled when they said good-bye to sweet Kiri
Comment from : Meghan Daine-Richard

Man, as soon as that music box started playing a bucket worth of tears shot out of my eyes… i don’t think I’ve ever cried so hard watching anything Stop playing with my feelings, Matt! (Actually don‘t, I‘m here for the funsies and the drama and the heartbreak)
Comment from : Tomatelly

I held off on crying up until the last "I am Kiri" and I just started crying so hard
Comment from : Cozi

Daniel Victor Silva Pinheiro
Just wanna point out how amazing the sound that Matt did of something falling and rolling untill rest at 32:30 That was so accurate is bizarre
Comment from : Daniel Victor Silva Pinheiro

Red Devil
When you watch Marisha get extremely emotional and teary eyed over the scenes with children and remember that even so many years after this came out she and her husband still don't have any children Very sad Especially since they strike me as the type to refuse having kids simply because they're Liberals Very, very sad
Comment from : Red Devil

the robots sqweegee cleaning itself was halarious!
Comment from : BossPage

Red Devil
Marisha gets frustrated that her bludgeoning attacks don't do much against the heavily armored automaton brMeanwhile hexblade players everywhere are cringing that she doesn't use Fjord's WITCHBOLT, which does continuous lightning damage
Comment from : Red Devil

Sophie Casali
21:21 "A kind of, metal gear if you will"
Comment from : Sophie Casali

Hanzo HardFist
Is that song in the background when they say goodbye to Kairi from chronotrigger?
Comment from : Hanzo HardFist

I wish I cry in emotional episodes like thesebrbrI have such a hard time crying
Comment from : Prosamis

Tumbly Bee
And this episode lead me to an amazing realisation that Matt Mercer and I share the same birthday, it’s always cool finding out small things like that 🥺
Comment from : Tumbly Bee

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