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Is College Worth the Time and Money?

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Title :  Is College Worth the Time and Money?
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Above The Noise
Are you thinking about NOT going to college -- or did you already make that decision? Did you decide to go to college? How do you feel about your choice? Let us know in the comments below!
Comment from : Above The Noise

College students and grads are begging congress for student loan forgiveness Shouldn't College students be able to pay off their debt since they supposedly make 1 million more than others?
Comment from : blacknight88

Coyote tango
Your mixed or adopted?
Comment from : Coyote tango

I’m going all in on Crypto School ain’t it for me I just can’t do it nomore and the debt is already piled up Crypto will change lives and I plan to be on the forefront of this shit Back against the wall, I’m going in
Comment from : JNV2028

Mutha Afrika 🌍
He'll NO
Comment from : Mutha Afrika 🌍

John Kidwell
Want a degree without debt? Three years in the army I"m 28 with a bachelors and ZERO debt of any kind
Comment from : John Kidwell

I'm in community college and I feel pathetic I didn't realize that full time would be hard and I just can't handle the pressure(especially trigonometry) I dont know how am I going to make it and I feel l hopeless I feel like dropping out but I dont have the money and I dont want to disappoint my family
Comment from : Rockey

Mauricio RV
sometimes is good sometimes it isn't It depends on what u wanna do Naturally a scientist or an engineer that will work with technical skills will need college, there's no way around it Or an intelectual that is into history something like that
Comment from : Mauricio RV

1:12: If you want to work in a job that requires a college degree, then yes, it's the ticket On the other hand, there's the old saying: a person with a Bachelor of Science degree says "How does it work?", a person with a Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree says "Do you want fries with that?" The term "liberal arts" means "studies for those who don't need to work" Look it upbrbrI have an AAS (two of them, actually), and I proofread the work of a neighbor who got a MBA they probably didn't deserve (often I had a hard time trying to figure out what they were tryng to say, and had to make a phone call, or infer from other cues: yikes!) The most important factor in my job is State licensing I'm not saying that college education is not important if you want to be a doctor or an engineer (don't get me started on lawyers), and I'm not saying that if you have a few hundred grand to spend for a degree in art appreciation, you shouldn't be allowed to do that, but the concept that EVERYONE should have a college education is ridiculous I have worked in the homes of many college-educated people who have no clue how the infrastructure of their house works I also worked in a food lab for awhile (as an intern for my second associates degree, and hired mostly because of my experience in electronics work to fix the out of warranty equipment in the lab), and the degreed microbiologists asked me what a piece of equipment I was working with was: it was a soldering ironbrbr(Decided not to write a novel) The truth of the matter is that a college education is only one of many paths to success in life, and all of these paths are necessary and equally valid
Comment from : ParanoiaWillDestroyYa

George R
And college can be able to also give you new ideas that you’ve never taught before like socialism communism I think she would never think about from your parents
Comment from : George R

George R
So very true a lot of people that do not have college usually owned businesses that the people who go to college work for
Comment from : George R

George R
College degrees are useless today they are becoming totally useless today because people get degrees because of the color of their skin not how their abilities are they’ve destroyed the college colleges today
Comment from : George R

what do you mean money?
Comment from : Artificialize

When you go to college Not only do you pay the fees but you also dont work as much as you would if you worked a full time job After you finish college Your net worth gained might be $0 But the person who worked full time might have 50k or somethingbrIf both people then earn the same salary then it wasnt worth it at allbrIf the college grad makes 10k more per year (so around 6k after tax)brIt would take almost 10 YEARS to catch up in terms of net worth to the person who skipped college and worked full time
Comment from : L P

Daniel Iglesias
Anyone whose thinking about getting into a Trade I recommend it Many people aren’t willing to do the hard work anymore, it’s understandable Bc over time you’ll be beaten As long as you’re taking care of your health You’ll go a long way I know Welders/ Plumbers/ Electricians/ etc Making around 60k/100k A majority in their mid 20s The more experience over time The bigger the pay
Comment from : Daniel Iglesias

Fadil Aan
i used to think that college isnt important, but i think i am wrong, back to when i was 18 years old i decide to go work instead going to college, then i jump to other country , lets say japan, for over 5 years working without degree i’ve got money but i feel stuck, i mean working with people that literally have no discuss about future and just the level that i cant comfortable with and can only rely on company that hire me and somehow they can cut every time they want And all my perception change when i saw the student who working and study with student visa, get a lot of access and can get visa whatever he want, and job are literally come to them and saddest thing that the student part time job literally give same amount of money as my job, even the student pay their college ofcourse, but it really change my view, and i decided to go student visa and try get to college degree not only because degree but i felt its something that i want be part of my life, i can said that we can work whenever we want but, for education its not same, for example you are study in 20s isnt same when u study at 30s thats my perceptions
Comment from : Fadil Aan

Real Estate
I've been twice brbrI skipped out on the first round due to the lack of maturity of fellow students/felt out of place and the second time was for audio engineering which I completedbrbrI'm at a point in life that makes me think of going again, yet I don't have a compulsion towards sitting behind a school desk for 3-4 years to then sit behind another desk or series of desks for the rest of my professional life
Comment from : Real Estate

joe perry
Well said! I am doing rather well with no college education! 0 debt and unlimited possibilities!
Comment from : joe perry

College is a waste of money and time, I went to college and got my degree and I'm working a minimum wage job the college "experience" doesn't justify the amount of debt, the "alumni network" doesn't pay the bills
Comment from : Chrisbit1

Throughout my education, I was always that kid that didn’t like school and skip school just so I can play games and watch YouTube Overall, I’m just not passionate towards school At first, I thought about going to college, but I felt forced to go and I don’t want to make mistake in the long run I’m trying to be careful what I do So, I thought about going to trade school or go to real estate My mom is pressuring me to go but I’m going to do what I’m happy doing Idc if I ain’t making money as long as I’m happy about it
Comment from : YU

A lot of PhD are on welfare! This is not accurate that a degree guarantees a good job
Comment from : Christian

solo riderr
perfect presentation,thanxz
Comment from : solo riderr

solo riderr
nice vid ,thanxz
Comment from : solo riderr

Apex Predator
21 years to pay off $30,000 loans? I guess they pick a useless degree and work at mcdonald minimum wage job to pay off that loan in 21 year where an engineer or IT job can pay it off with dozen of pay check😳
Comment from : Apex Predator

angela mae patindol
Comment from : angela mae patindol

James Roscoe
Why so binary with the options? I've found employers that offer on the job training for excellent paying jobs There's also online certificates, and of course starting your own business
Comment from : James Roscoe

Aidan Kitt
I always naturally did well in school and thought I was going to university I had mostly all As throughout high school and all As my grade 12 year which included mostly STEM classes However, my parents seemed to be indifferent about college and my dad actually wanted me to pursue a trades career even though I had absolutely no desire to and never would Anyways, I decided to go to university for engineering and I'm glad I did This was definitely the right choice and its going to give me a good lifestyle Also, my tuition at my Canadian university is only 6k a year and I can do a co-op program during my degree to pay it off My personal opinion about college and university - its not for everyone If you're not smart enough then u should do a trade or something else probably If you are smart enough and are considering going, I think you definitely should but only for a good degree/career path I think the only degrees you should really go to college for are in medicine, law, engineering, some business, tech or computer science, teaching or academia Otherwise you likely wont get a good career or a justifiable return on your investment I think when you're choosing what to major in in college, you have to be pragmatic Yes, you should study what you like, but you also have to consider potential career outcomes and many other factors
Comment from : Aidan Kitt

B Cena
College is better than high school in many ways However, when it comes to something specific you are studying, and your professors start telling you the nuts and bolts about the job and decide not to be in that particular field, it wastes money For example, this person is studying to become an actress, and her junior, she finds out she has to leave her hometown; she doesn't want to be far away from her family So she decides not to become an actress, and she ends up ten years later working at Walmart It can go that way with anyone for the type of job they have
Comment from : B Cena

Seong Gi Hun
I hate school! Who agrees with me?
Comment from : Seong Gi Hun

Lecieyys La Vie
Graduated college in a pandemic a once in a lifetime thing 🤧
Comment from : Lecieyys La Vie

I went to college and I graduated but it was a painful experience and I am really glad that I do not have to go to college ever again
Comment from : SweetSuccubus

Doremi Fasolatido
Yes and no It's worth it in the sense that we desperately need more scientists, doctors, teachers, and engineers of all typesbrbrIt's not worth it in the sense that college today is extremely wasteful Doctors don't need fucking English Lit Go to school to become a goddamned doctor, not to "broaden your horizons" But, nearly all universities mandate an entirely unnecessarily broad curriculum no matter what one's chosen field, isbrbrIt's less that College is a bad ideathey're absolutely essentialbut they need to be handled more like trade schoolsbrbrAnother major flaw in the structure of both types of school, is the fact that knowledge gained in a particular field of study is never counted towards the study of related fields For example, a degree in particle physics doesn't grant any advantage toward earning a degree in chemistryin spite of the fact that everything that governs how chemistry operates, is particle physics
Comment from : Doremi Fasolatido

For anyone watching in 2021 brThe trade school route for database admin & management at remington college is shit do not go thereThey take your money and laugh all the way to the bank while you sit at home and do all the work by yourselfNo really, I'm going to quit because the instructors are different each semester, my main class is put on the backburner because i have two classes in unrelated fields to worry about, AND the worst part is that it's literally up to you to figure out what you're doing in a field that is completely unfamiliar to youbrbrLearn your dad/mom's trade you'll be better offIm going to join the army now before im too old
Comment from : Trevor

Aaron Kiker
All I can say is I went to trade school for welding in 03 for 7 months and my brother went to a 4 year college for language logistics I started put making 55k a year and made anywhere from 65k to 100k every year after that, currently at around the 136-146k mark My college brother couldn't even find a job for his field That's because the jobs for most degrees don't even exist anymore (Legal racketeering) for jobs that don't exist anymore but the education for them is still sold and at a high price Plumber, electrician, welding, diesel mech, lineman These are trades that never expire Their markets are the very last to crash and never have before Stop being fooled by colleges and degrees
Comment from : Aaron Kiker

You are missing the important part WHICH COLLEGE?
Comment from : 문재앙

Jordan Breon
Didn’t go to college Didn’t go to trade school I went military for electronics and then apprenticed as an electrician At 29 I started my own contractor’s business I’m 38 now and take home about 250k a year brbrNo, I don’t regret “missing” college I learned discipline in the military, best lesson I ever received I don’t begrudge anyone who chooses college, but don’t assume you’re more intelligent than I because you did
Comment from : Jordan Breon

Juggboy 2900
You skip trade or college you gone have to work the rest of your life on shitty pay
Comment from : Juggboy 2900

Area 51
Well I'm +2 (high school) student in india making 30k in a month by different resources like aglo and technical analysis trading , Amazon sde , affiliate marketing , and freelancing (web dev and data science) but I'm going to get a degree for my own satisfaction I don't see any use of it but I just want it I'm doing it online so that it will not create hindrance it my professional career and its cheep and easy and time saving
Comment from : Area 51

Freds Appliance Academy
This is great, thanks for sharing! Everyone always forgets about appliance repair, there is a huge demand across the country, and most servicers that are worth working for pay very well One of our biggest hurdles is that blsgov hasn't updated our industry's listing in many years and the numbers just aren't correct Keep up the good work, skilled trades are always going to be in demand :) applianceacademy
Comment from : Freds Appliance Academy

Trevor Zheng
Not going to college was and currently my best decision 4 solid years to work on my business In just a few months alone in high school, I'm making more than the principals
Comment from : Trevor Zheng

Ren White
To be a doctor ? Yes Nurse ? Yes any medical profession ? Absolutely Practice Law ? Yes Anything other than that odds are a high school degree will earn you just as much if you are willing to work There are guys I work with that have Masters 😂 such a waste I literally made triple what he accrued in debt over 6 years I honestly feel bad for people that go to college just to go to college
Comment from : Ren White

Muriel Moloney
I went to college sorry I didn’t get a trade
Comment from : Muriel Moloney

Brazzers Premium
Best way to get a job, INTERNET or trade and the best option is community college working towards certification NOT A DEGREE
Comment from : Brazzers Premium

who who6970
so basically collage is like a shield that protects u but asks for a ton off money
Comment from : who who6970

Omar, PA-C:Urban Health Education Workshops
Interesting video! Elevator installers make almost as much as PAs and, more than health educators My kids are attending community college and work-development programs I think once parents can get over worrying about their kids "making it"😟💸 or, the ego thing ("What does YOUR child do?"👨🏻‍⚕️😤), more of us will encourage our kids to engage in innovative life options, after high school (other than convential college)🙄 I wish you ALL the best of success in your positive endeavors 👋🏾👨🏾‍⚕️
Comment from : Omar, PA-C:Urban Health Education Workshops

Willington Annor
I'm currently at that stage of my life where I'm caught up btn going to college or notbrWhichever way I just wanna do something meaningful with my life
Comment from : Willington Annor

This spoke to me directly Good work! 👏
Comment from : Brucee

Michelle Hoffman
How do theses numbers add up? If you’re a doctor or a lawyer I understand but trade school people make more including debt and advancement over 60 years than those who get their Bachelor’s No doubt on average
Comment from : Michelle Hoffman

70k for me with a masters in nursing
Comment from : mikaela3183

There's no way I'm doing college for 4 years in CC since i'm not really good academically ( I know it's 2 years but since I have disability learning it takes longer) But I might think of trades instead
Comment from : assassin

I'll take an accosiates degree from community College instead
Comment from : Billyboy

Subhradeep Poddar
Hmm but the job mkt is filled with degree holders , so for 1 job there are 300candidates
Comment from : Subhradeep Poddar

iam you
First Universities/Colleges are businesses, Second they are realtors ( no property tax is a good thing for Universities not for the economy) , maybe third they are educators kind of Universities/Colleges don't teach what you truly need to for the business of today, not only that but a good 80 of the classes you take at a University are useless you just take them so the Universities/Colleges can make more money off of you
Comment from : iam you

At one time a degree of any kind was a golden ticket to the good life Now it's not so clear as to what path a degree will lead you Before considering college a person really needs to ask the Who, What, When, Where, and Why I'm 32 and already well established in transportation with a six-digit income, even I'm asking myself this, and ultimately to what end? For my situation, going to college for four years means a loss of $500k when we adjust for compensation and benefits It's a bit easier to stomach since I don't support anyone but myself, but damn that's a lot of money
Comment from : 魔法少女剩

charlie thomas
Not worth it for the upper majorities of people Most people will not use a large amount of their education Upper echelons of people organize reality through curriculums The extra education, is designed to make people likeable in their societies Geographics limit population and employment opportunities in certain places Logically; the human mind doesn't want to learn things that aren't going to be useful in gaining, future employment or business ownership College and trade school education is a good try at showing up with useful information Realistically, on the job training works better So little schooling is actually needed in the professional world, that schooling worsens on the job memory and application skills The best and smartest workers are trained on the job, with degrees being only to gain insurance People, wouldn't be very friendly without higher learning but, the world would still function the same We still reach the moon without college College is a Please like me; plee bargain My name is: brCharlie John Thomas
Comment from : charlie thomas

Wes V
I got an AA and that’s it I just work to live and didn’t have debt from [community] college I live a humble life as long as I can eat and pay the bills and rent A 4-year university would’ve been too risky
Comment from : Wes V

V Star
Chose not to go to college Went to trade school, but I don’t ply my trade in the work force I use my mechanical know how for my own personal pleasure - restoring and maintaining Corvettes and motorcycles I earn 1/4 $M in my real job I make over $150G’s more than engineers with degrees at my site They hate that I never wasted 4 years of my life after high school and never had a student debt
Comment from : V Star

Beau Shenkenberg
I am in college and a history major at the moment and believe that college is valuable along with other options as well, liberal arts degrees are not useless but do not provide as clear of career paths and want to switch my major and school
Comment from : Beau Shenkenberg

College has become just another product to sell to people and make millions off them
Comment from : Shaun

Tamás Posta
Although in Hungary college is a little cheaper but I regretted going to college and studying commerce and marketing I literally learnt NOTHING useful After 3,5 years I graduated and couldn't get a job for 3 painful months and 140 applications Then I got a job with minimum wage and needed to learn the real useful stuffs later which I could have learned without collegebrIt was a waste of time, energy and moneybrNot to mention that I really got sick of all the marketing bs and I'm about to learn a woodworker trade and work in that field😄
Comment from : Tamás Posta

My step brother is in college and it took 2 and 1/2 YEARS to learn about what he went for If you go to college, you should learn what you went for Not other nonsense
Comment from : Its_Saber

Madison Hang
i just need a cheap place to stay
Comment from : Madison Hang

Shellyman Studios
The best I made is going to a community college
Comment from : Shellyman Studios

John 14:24
Comment from : John 14:24

Frisky Beast
I went to a community college for 3 years, it helped in keeping my brain in use, but I eventually got my CDL through a job and 1 month of schooling gets you into 60k+ driving jobs, it's not for everyone, but there's a lot of opportunity in it with little to no cost
Comment from : Frisky Beast

MOST of jobs shouldn't require any college education cuz skills demanded there are also taught in any trade school There's no need yo be after college to work in marketing, social media, in sales, customer services etc
Comment from : lukkash

Raidan Bolt
Logic What career do you want after school? I dunno Then you need to go to college and spend crazy amounts of money Why? You're the only niave one who is easy to get conned into it
Comment from : Raidan Bolt

Kng Tch
After graduating high school I went to a trade school and then work I now balance 2 jobs and go to school for welding my little sister and brother both go to different colleges one Clark Atlanta the other is trying to go into either georgia southern or fsu Am I doing something wrong here because I feel like I messed up
Comment from : Kng Tch

College is a good idea, but we are operating it in an inefficient way, for the work force The job market should be looked at and projected The jobs that are going to be needed are the degrees that receive the best financial aid This would funnel people into the jobs needed for the future Im not saying you should prevent people from getting a basket weaving degreebut I dont think thats something the public should have to funnel money towards I also think colleges are requiring classes that are not required nor needed I dont think a high priced PE class is required for a Nursing degree
Comment from : Glenacus

Is money your motivation? Then you don't need college Just save and invest
Comment from : Jeremy

James Scribner
I got paid by the GI Bill to get my first college degree but the only thing I actually got out of it was promotion points when I reenlisted in the Army which was what paid for most of my second college degree Do not take out a loan for anything If you do you'll always spend a lot more time paying it off with interest than you would just saving up for whatever you want the loan for Some jobs require a minimum level of education to qualify for of course but staying out of jail gives you a lot more opportunities than any college degree will
Comment from : James Scribner

Raymond Burley
Automation and technology is taking many jobs that require a degreePTA community college student here
Comment from : Raymond Burley

Everyone is forgetting about the kids that have parents who have no trade or degree and they are the first generation and have no guide!
Comment from : Q K

Everyone is don’t do it “unless want to be a doctor or scientist,” what about the lawyers 😞
Comment from : Q K

Meh brYou can sing the praises of how great a college degree is but college is become a lot like the housing bubble and sooner or later that bubble is going to pop!
Comment from : Phayzyre105

DEFINITELY include me in that 51 statistic! I graduated from a renowned engineering school in the states, but I definitely regret it Now I’m back in college going for a second Bachelor’s in a field that I am much more passionate about 😩
Comment from : EhCloserLook

Idk if I should go to college or not I got accepted into 3 but idk
Comment from : twelte22

Trippy Long
Trade schools get right to the course,they don't waste time requiring courses you don't need
Comment from : Trippy Long

Isaac Hernandez
Well the thing about me is that I plan on being self-employed, and run my own business, and I just don’t think college is built for that kind of profession
Comment from : Isaac Hernandez

Jonny Z
I understand you advocate for college, and as a former college student myself, I think college is the biggest waste of time, energy, and money I left my third semester and went to the trades where I got my tuition free education while working I will never regret that decision The trades are an excellent option and I encourage it over college degree Anyway You see like most high school kids I was confused Thinking that college was the only way to live comfortably and happy As I got older I realized it was not At all I realized that the trades were looked upon by ignorant people Including teachers and professors Pure ignorance Trades schools are pure gold for job security and satisfaction Overall, I think college should be free for people since their risking a lot of factors for attending
Comment from : Jonny Z

Juan De Luna
My high school teacher was a underwater welder making 250k per year
Comment from : Juan De Luna

John Dyer
Never ever borrow for college Never I borrowed for college and it was the worst mistake of my life I'm all for education but not if you have to borrow for it It's simply not worth the risk Education can be a benefit if it's done the right way, without debt Otherwise don't bother Remember, college is a business They only care about profits, not the student If they really cared then college would be affordable We all know college is not affordable So buyer beware College is no longer about education, it's about profits Again, I'm all for education but only if it benefits the student Student loans benefit everyone else except the student That's wrong
Comment from : John Dyer

harry potter
Is anybody else watching this video for school I have to write an essay about the value of a college education It's due today lol
Comment from : harry potter

Jamaal Harmon
College degree allowed me to have a dynamic life I can basically do anything I chose While others have no choice but to work one job or get ex-ed out
Comment from : Jamaal Harmon

I feel like enrolling this year was a mistake to be honest
Comment from : StrawberrySky

Michael Carver
I went to college, paid for it over 10 years, and have been paid ok over the years However, if I could go back and do it all over again, I would have borrowed a few thousand dollars from my parents, moved to the big city, went to work for a large fortune 500 company on the ground floor, and worked my way up while attending school on their dime If that didn't work out, then I would have jumped into real estate and invested early and often
Comment from : Michael Carver

Vincent Ortega
College is not for everyone; have a well thought out plan on what you will be doing with your college degree Do not just take out loans and be drowning in student loans
Comment from : Vincent Ortega

went to trade school for electrical make 150k a year with no debt best decision i ever made
Comment from : E-ticket

Christian Atanga
Why is it that in most countries people who didn't go or finished school have a lot of money and does who did don't have that money
Comment from : Christian Atanga

Jacq Torres
I rather not risk ir
Comment from : Jacq Torres

Faust Silberfein
I work for as a student loan support tech csr for a federal website Student loans are a fucking trap
Comment from : Faust Silberfein

No Its Patrick
This guy kinda looks like Kendrick Lamar
Comment from : No Its Patrick

I like how he included the pros and cons of college and not just the pros
Comment from : karc

Who else is starting college online right now
Comment from : AlexOfficial843

I attended college for 2 years, got my general studies and associate of science and liberal arts After the 2 years my financial aid ran out and I was looking at a wall of debt if I chose to continue college So, I looked at alternatives I found a trade school for programming and became a mainframe sys programmer Now I am working with people who owe 50K in debt for college loans Note: if you take this path and end up working with people who just got out of college with student loans they can be a bit salty toward you because they didn't take a short cut Really it all depends on you, your options, and what you want to do for a living A key factor that set me apart was the fact that I grew confident in interviews by going to random interviews for jobs I would never take Another factor was that I worked my way up to a manager position while in college Good luck to you and your future whatever path you choose to take and remember the good Lord loves you
Comment from : Taitmon

Thomas Vittetoe
I went to truck driving school, cost about 5-7k and now I make 100k a year, say a good return on investment
Comment from : Thomas Vittetoe

The Clint Eastwood
It would be if the education wasn't dominated by the left
Comment from : The Clint Eastwood

My only benefit from College, was meeting my wife and life long friends =) otherwise, useless and pointless, and doing things now that has nothing to do with my degree ;p i didnt even get Bachelor just associate, cause it like do i really need $30,000 piece of paper? and will it make my life different? no, just a right to tell people i got bachelors That okay, i used the money instead to make my life more stable, home, car, and now alot less debt/more financial stable than people who even have Masters >>
Comment from : LordsOfSkulls

Justin H
Man why tf didn’t I just go to trade school 🙃
Comment from : Justin H

whose askin
I had to write an essay about why college is important and why we should go even tho I’m not fond of the idea
Comment from : whose askin

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