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Strengths of Students with Learning Disabilities and Other Disorders

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Information Strengths of Students with Learning Disabilities and Other Disorders

Title :  Strengths of Students with Learning Disabilities and Other Disorders
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Frames Strengths of Students with Learning Disabilities and Other Disorders

Description Strengths of Students with Learning Disabilities and Other Disorders

Comments Strengths of Students with Learning Disabilities and Other Disorders

The National Center for Learning Disabilities
NCLD has developed the LD Checklist: Recognize & Respond tool to help spot the potential signs of LD Take the first step here: ncldco/LDRR #Check4LD
Comment from : The National Center for Learning Disabilities

Michael Elijah
I had a learning disability since the first grade All throughout school, all the way to high-school my regular grades where F's D'S and C's I was regularly beaten during reportcard and progress report time,because of my poor academic performance My behavior all throughout school was quite good I was well behaved with all my teachers Never had problems with classmates either Don’t make the same mistake my parents made I wasn't lazy ,I placed large amounts of effort into learning But it barely happened for me My parents knew that I had a learning disability
Comment from : Michael Elijah

Dr Yuching Lee
Get the best remedy to improve your child’s autistic condition from doctor Oyalo as his herbs have helped my child improve in speech and social skill very well He now respond to name, point at what he wants and call mama/papa God bless you doctor
Comment from : Dr Yuching Lee

Bruce Danton
Thank you for this-well done too
Comment from : Bruce Danton

I'd like to see an update on this video
Comment from : C R

Dr Vimal Kumar S V
Comment from : Dr Vimal Kumar S V

My parents do not want to get me diagnosed
Comment from : PogFish

Mildred Franklin
Show time
Comment from : Mildred Franklin

Mildred Franklin
I’m bored time to mess with a narcissist from messing with me lol 😂
Comment from : Mildred Franklin

Mildred Franklin
I been know just making sure
Comment from : Mildred Franklin

Mildred Franklin
Oh they retarded oh okay
Comment from : Mildred Franklin

Braedon Davies
Thanks for the awesome presentation I loved the explanation!
Comment from : Braedon Davies

John Rainsman
They say learning disabilities don't affect intelligence; that they just mean you have to learn a different way Okay, wellthat implies intelligence is scientific, mathematical, and ireal,/i not just some ambiguous word In which case, what IS intelligence? What is the difference of intelligence between a person with a LD and a person with an intellectual disability?
Comment from : John Rainsman

Anthony Hines
What you know bout developmental academic disorder
Comment from : Anthony Hines

David the king story time
Comment from : David the king story time

How can he say someone with an LD can be talented at surgery when they probably couldn't get through medical school due to their LD??!!!
Comment from : J

Brilliant training much appreciated I wish Centrelink would recognise these hidden disabilities
Comment from : Melissa

onel delorbe
I think the constant belittling and abuse I underwent rendered me incapable of summoning the kinds of motivations one needs to succeed in any area of life
Comment from : onel delorbe

Thank you for your work!!!
Comment from : Mrfireop

Everything is great Except the White Colonizer Pathologizing language of "disorders" I wonder if there is a follow up with strength based language- he starts with the Disprder language and tries to strength base them yet he still uses "disorders" wayyyy to much
Comment from : LM LM

Eric Swain
Still fiddling around with what you still really don't know much about !
Comment from : Eric Swain

Ryan Barry
I only excelled in science mostly because a stronger interest Maybe they knew that was my only chance of graduation None the less, a strong interest doesn’t mean I actually retained much information, nor can I apply that towards a career without the other fundamental skills needed via reading comprehension, and mathematics I would not be able to write without modern technology either
Comment from : Ryan Barry

Ryan Barry
My mother was in denial about my learning disabilities, and that later caused my denial and fear of acceptance Now I am 33 and very far behind compared to people my age I have noticed less relationships, and less support as the years go by I feel like I am running out of time, and it may be too late for me It is hard to be motivated with no friends and family that care anymore My mother has passed away, and I am very much alone in this world
Comment from : Ryan Barry

Karima Echols
I hate math and English
Comment from : Karima Echols

Karima Echols
I have ADHD and a learning disability
Comment from : Karima Echols

Paul D
I’m 45 and when I was in school, it was either you were labeled lazy or just plain stupid if you had trouble in school I’m just now trying to figure out what learning disability I had I could add and subtract…multiply but once we hit pre-algebra, I was done It was like I was looking at a different language I was punished and ostracized… made to feel stupid I’m glad today kids can get help rather than feeling like they’re drowning That time of my life scarred me It still affects me to this day I might never know what exactly I had I can draw comfort knowing there was a reason and that I wasn’t just stupid
Comment from : Paul D

quiet solitude asmr
I love those last three questions Beautifully done - this gave me affirmation in my new perspective working with my learning disabilitiesbrbrLong story short, I went to a special ed therapeautic high school As you can imagine, it was a tough shameful time I tried so badly for 10 years to suppress the shame by "acting normal" I refused to give myself a chance to be who I was always meant to be because I felt so different and abnormal I am 28 years old now and finally beginning to find myself again I hope this comment helps anyone undergoing a similar reality brbrTo the persons that find joy and relief in my comment: You are loved and respected in totality by me, a fellow broken human being on this incredible journey Thank you <3
Comment from : quiet solitude asmr

megamilliyon  and  tunamilliyon
Hihow do i differenciate between a child with learning disabilities (slow learning)and absence seizures? Knowing that the the EEG results can show no abnormalities if no activity was recorded
Comment from : megamilliyon and tunamilliyon

Relentless Rhythm
No such thing as being disabled Differentabled
Comment from : Relentless Rhythm

What does add and nvld together look like?
Comment from : Britt

LD and proud working on my CRNA so to speak 😁🤘
Comment from : PrincePalmUwU

John Rainsman
So what's my learning disability? I read and write just fine It's just that often times I don't understand information or instructoins I read or hear I often need clarification and get confused easily I'm on the Autism Spectrum and had a speech delay as a preschooler, but I don't think ASD is directly and ultimately the name of my learning disability
Comment from : John Rainsman

Isabel Kloberdanz
I can't process information—visual or auditory—it doesn't fucking matter I just get overwhelmed and shut down I get distracted constantly and I'm late to everything My showers take 30-90 minutes now I don't even know what it is that's distracting me—I just can't think anymore I used to work really hard in school and I actually did well but it took up way too much of my energy Any strengths that I have are inaccessible because I'm fucking retarded I have the work ethic of a fucking two-year-old now I'm as good as dead
Comment from : Isabel Kloberdanz

Shelly Hunt
i have a learning disability sense i was a baby
Comment from : Shelly Hunt

T brew
The very same people that assign me labels and the conflated stereotyping that media assosiates with it; then come to me for help when they can not solve a problem This is as frusterating and insulting as it is validating as a human beingbrbr"what is inside the box is known, what is outside the box is unknown So who made the box?"
Comment from : T brew

John Frade
im struggling in math and reading everyone comments how they struggle with math kinda puts me at ease
Comment from : John Frade

Helen Bennett
Love this positive 'reapraisa'l! So sad when you think of all those who education has failed apparently Dyslexia is known as the 'MIT disease'! Thank you
Comment from : Helen Bennett

Dibberss 2K
Check your kid for heavy metal toxicity thru a hair test analysis as it wont show up in the blood, aluminium and mercury have an affinity for fatty brain tissue and interfere with neurotransmitter regulation Once properly chelated investigate neurofeedback
Comment from : Dibberss 2K

computer world bj
Subscribe br youtube/1iJPXiUq7lk
Comment from : computer world bj

Aakarsh Anubhav
Learning disabilities are a group of disorders that affect a person's ability to either interpret what they see and hear or to link information from different parts of the brain Learning disabilities may affect a person's ability to speak, listen, read, write, spell, reason, recall, organize information or to do mathematics These disorders are seen in people who have normal intelligence but due to some differences in the connections in the brain, they affect various speech, articulations, coordination and academic aspects of the development Some children may have problems expressing themselves in speech (Developmental Expressive Language Disorders) They may call objects by wrong names or are unable to answer simple questions I read the best article about this on wwwpediatriconcallcom/articles/developmental-pediatrics/learning-disabilities-ld/learning-disabilities-ld-patient-education#115 Please do visit and give a read
Comment from : Aakarsh Anubhav

All with HuM
foxlyin/qvwhbrPlease watch and share
Comment from : All with HuM

All with HuM
Learning disabilitiesbr foxlyin/qvwhbrPlease watch and share
Comment from : All with HuM

More FIFA College
I had a learning disability but slowly I'm over coming it I like to recommend Jim Kwik to you guys his an America entrepreneurn I'm learning a lot from him he says in school we though what to learn but not how to learn There's no classes on how to improve your focus, concentration, solving problems on how to improve your memory I like this what he says emotion with information is a long term memory I'm glad I found this Jim Kwik he also grew up with a learning disability the one teacher called him the boy with the broken brain but look at him Guys do your research on him his also offering free courses on mindvallycom you in life if you have a powerful memory you can achieve anything! Don't forget research Jim Kwik the brain coach!!
Comment from : More FIFA College

Sleazy Mansion
Lovely break down and explanation! My twin sons have ASD and are remarkably brilliant!
Comment from : Sleazy Mansion

insert name here
i have nvld and adhd i don't have the nvld strength of being detaiil-oriented because my adhd makes me miss details most of the timeso that's great what now? lmaobrin terms of adhd, yes, i'm creative
Comment from : insert name here

Melissa Rivera
Add here, and very strong and beautiful
Comment from : Melissa Rivera

imhyuna · 980 years ago
I just embarrassed my mom and myself because, I couldn't measure something She FaceTime me to tell me how to do it and it took me forever to do it She said that I have a really bad problem Is hard man
Comment from : imhyuna · 980 years ago

Christian Avila
OMG you have AS on the wrong side Mind me if am mistaken Jijiji
Comment from : Christian Avila

Doctor Llama
I have the four maybe
Comment from : Doctor Llama

How mathematicians create maths
The most paradoxical thing mos experts even cannot explain is the fact that you can be gifted and have a learning disability I for example am a mathematician with an IQ of 75, do not Profit from lectures at all but still can sometimes have intuiton about theorems which is beyond most math students brbrI Think its because we need to diferentiate between pure informational input and internal processing, two completely different pair of shoesbrbrIQs meassure your ability to put Information into your mind Because of the significance of the time factor, it does - in sone people - not even measure the ability to Think logically because you could have been able to link - superficially- completely different topics with each other once the knowledge is inside you, even much better than the students with a much higher IQbrbrI am not a brain scientist and would ask the neurologists among you to explain how this could be explained in terms of neuroscience since most teachers often far underestimate the abilities of a student if he cannot listen and process the data presented during the lecture
Comment from : How mathematicians create maths

80s Baby
Where can adults get help for learning disabilities?
Comment from : 80s Baby

trussell davis
I have a learning disability and adhd I just finish my medical training in ecg technician but I have to take a ecg technician national exam I’m 39 now and things have getting better I don’t have Short term Memory I pass my ecg class with no Accommodations so something is getting alil better any more but I still do have problems spelling
Comment from : trussell davis

Wow this is very interesting I'm glad I stumbled across this video I've always had struggles with reading grammar punctuation and lack of focus
Comment from : Jermon

I was just talking about this the other day As a person with ADHD, I am very good at staying busy, doing multiple things at once Multitasking seems to be where my strength is I really enjoyed this video! It's nice to remember that my learning disability also holds a certain strength to it
Comment from : Wraith

Thank you for this video I love the perspective and it’s refreshing to get this POV as the main point of the video instead of as a quick add-on after hearing all about the challenges and deficits
Comment from : Historian212

Healthy Madness
how many of the peeps that ave a learning disability label have digestive issues too? there's anerve that runs from the gut to the brain and when the gut is out of sync and leaky it screws with the brain/mind heal the gut, heal the mind!! anybody struggling should have a watch of a video i put together on the subject! but you need to want a better mind more than you want carbs and sugars! ;) - wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=Nw0lLKV_P84
Comment from : Healthy Madness

I am 11 i had a learning disability since i was 8 in 5th grade my level of math was at 1st grade
Comment from : Churiefloyd

Jumpkick inferno Speedcuber
Usually I can’t understand any question or any number or any meaning in work What would that mean?😕
Comment from : Jumpkick inferno Speedcuber

Dana B
Could you possibly make a video on cognitive disorder nos?
Comment from : Dana B

Ariff Daniel
Im proud of who I am Mine is what is difficult to others, easy to me and vice versa
Comment from : Ariff Daniel

Jackson Vang
Can you reverse LD?
Comment from : Jackson Vang

its not assburgers it is As per ger' s
Comment from : PRIVTE

I have a learning disability but I’m not sure what kind I don’t think its Specified but I would like to know because I feel it would help me cope
Comment from : JENNIFER MAPLES

Mega Knight 360 James
You got to help me
Comment from : Mega Knight 360 James

Todays Topic
So I have a question I see a lot of labels disability and disorders with all kinds of titles Is the disorder or disability really in the person or is it the world around them that expects everyone to see the world the same as they do? Maybe a deeper understanding equanimity could be the resolve
Comment from : Todays Topic

I'm so relieved that I came across this videoI work with those who happen to be on the autism spectrum coupled with a learning disability and the number of times i've come across workign who dismiss their abilities and focus on what they can't do is unbelieveableI on the other hand take a differnt approachwhen I'm working with someone who happens to fall into any of the categories above I simply am more interested in what they can do rather than what they can do, or as I like to cal my approach "empowernment, not pity"
Comment from : iamthegame09

Candace Kittinger
I hope we get to a time where we do not call people disabeled unless they prefer that and disorders just cause it's not as ordered as others
Comment from : Candace Kittinger

Disney girl 30 Gwilt
My weakness from third grade on it was in math and it still is today even though I'm the 33 years old I can add subtract multiply and divide but pre-algebra forget it
Comment from : Disney girl 30 Gwilt

Fantastic video Thank you!
Comment from : tonkacat

Good video I have learning disabilities Even in adulthood I lose focus easy & I have trouble remembering stuff My boss at work tells me I didn't do this or that task If it's a task I don't normally do, I get really confused and distracted and forget My comprehension on some things like certain concepts people understand it's hard for me to grasp it It takes a while for me to understand I'm extremely smart in other ways
Comment from : Destany

Katie White
I have two friends who's kids and son who are ASD my cousin and myself
Comment from : Katie White

Im trying to get into the military But I have to pass the asvab Im having trouble with math and English I have a learning disability Does this affect my way going into the service?
Comment from : Cali4Life

SuperMarioLogan SML
What about lead poisoning
Comment from : SuperMarioLogan SML

Linda Wiseman
So what kind of help but he is an adult can get for this problem I've had it all my life and I know how to hit it and I am tired of it I want the world to know that I am smart just the way you look at me but when it becomes for me to write something I freeze and sometimes pass out it really hurts I am a 60-year-old woman that needs nothing and a lot of it I will I want to become a US citizen I'd be in the United States on my life I hat I am a residential I would not know what to do in Mexico but I do not know how to achieve my US citizen papers since I cannot read write memorize and pressure I will pass out what kind a help what kind of doctor could help me
Comment from : Linda Wiseman

Mark Paycer
I was diagnosed with a specific learning disability as a young student I always felt like an outcast in the world of learning It was a real struggle for me I had problems with math concepts and symbols My learning difficulty IMO was and is ADD and spatial concepts If I cant visualize the concept I wont understand it I also have major test anxiety I just took my board test for medical coding and did not pass Are there any strategies for test taking problems?
Comment from : Mark Paycer

Lynette Clair
hi…I have a child in college with LD and her teacher makes fun of her…said that she must have came in on the short busthis teacher does not want to answer her questions about the class work……so sadmy child is trying to learnshe is a good reader and speller…she can't depend on her teacher for help
Comment from : Lynette Clair

lorraine palmer
Does anyone know what moderate learning difficulties are , thank you
Comment from : lorraine palmer

G Sudla
can you get ssi for lD
Comment from : G Sudla

G Sudla
can you get ssi for lD
Comment from : G Sudla

why doe's society feel a need to put label's on those with disabilitie's?? or just a bit different ???? and unique???? whats been up with that?? and why??? what purpose doe's labelization have?? in today's society???
Comment from : GHOSTCHASER01

Paula Lombardi
Please fix the close captioning to make the video accessbile to the hearing impaired and deaf population
Comment from : Paula Lombardi

Adair Moore Sattely
very inspiring video; that makes everyone feel they are very valuable; thank you so much for this terrific video :)
Comment from : Adair Moore Sattely

Liz Torres
What does LD stand for?
Comment from : Liz Torres

Fern Corleone
I want to be a Neuroscientist, but the thing isI'm good with science, pure science excluding math I have LD for math or numbers, is there still hope for me at all?
Comment from : Fern Corleone

wagner da Matta
Very good approcah on learning disorders Focus on people's strenght instead of on their weaknesses This is not exludent at all
Comment from : wagner da Matta

Jennifer Hoecker
LD and proud Spatial visual is off the charts Math, ha ha ha it will always be my worst subject
Comment from : Jennifer Hoecker

Shannon Lewis
LD sounds exactly like me!! Will find out on Wed after my test to see if I have it or not!!
Comment from : Shannon Lewis

You should make a video on Auditory Processing Disorder! (I have it and it is a disorder that is not well known I also have ADD)
Comment from : TheMakeUpForever024

Tiffani Willis
@RandomAxOfViolets You are absolutely correct on them being separate conditions and that a person can have both 80 of those with NLD meet the AS criteria or 80 with AS meet the NLD criteria, leaving the 20 with just AS or just NLD brbrI also have NLD and I found those percentage facts quite fascinating 
Comment from : Tiffani Willis

Keith P
I absolutely love this video Thank you for this
Comment from : Keith P

Lucy Liang
How do you know which ones you have because my elementary school teacher put me in this connection program/special education thing in high school and I am not sure what learning disabilities I have to be in there
Comment from : Lucy Liang

I'm sooo excited about this uploadthis will help my boyfriends daughter!
Comment from : Dliciousd0607

Tiffani Willis
On my evaluation it says LD-NOS with nonverbal learning disability written below it because there is no DSM criteria
Comment from : Tiffani Willis

Thanks for talking about the positive side of learning differences!
Comment from : DyslexicAdvantage

Christopher Powell
Additionally, there is no official "criteria" for NLD It can be called Disability *or* Disorder, since it's not even a DSM diagnosis, whereas AS is Yes, they are two different conditions, but they're also in completely different sciences They're simply related in some ways and share some common characteristics *statistically most of the time* That doesn't mean each case is identical, it only means they're correlated
Comment from : Christopher Powell

Christopher Powell
As your fellow NLD-er, I'm obligated to point out that your reasoning is insensible You're *someone else's* proof of the subjective nature of diagnoses, and also of the generalization that disorders are static and not overlapping, which is almost always the case FYI, there's a crisis in the psychological community with the categorical method, as it's proven to be virtually useless in clinical practice AS is a psychological condition, NLD is a neurological condition, by their definitions
Comment from : Christopher Powell

the term "Nonverbal Learning Disabilities" is not correctly used in this video the condition he is trying to describe is called "Nonverbal Learning Disorder" aka NLDbtw, i'm an adult with NLD, have an adult relative with it, and another with Asperger's (AS)NLD and AS are *very* different conditions some with AS will also meet the criteria for NLD in which case, they should be dx'd with BOTH whereas, someone without AS at all can have NLD severelyi'm living proof
Comment from : RandomAxOfViolets

I love this outlook and focus on the positives! :) Thanks for doing this and posting!!!
Comment from : Lindsey

Carolyn Cowen
Nicely done Nicely balanced Sheldon, love this informal, low-tech, lecture-with-flip-chart approach ;-)
Comment from : Carolyn Cowen

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