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Most Useful Things for Your POH (OSRS)

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Title :  Most Useful Things for Your POH (OSRS)
Lasting :   10.22
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Comments Most Useful Things for Your POH (OSRS)

Toby Sharples
ah bro i got a mining pet at 43! i wish id have known to take screencaps :P
Comment from : Toby Sharples

The end of the video kinda pissed me off lol
Comment from : Krupkat

Dylan Sieren
No clip, but my fiance just got the runecrafting pet on the air altar at 26 rc (GIM acc)
Comment from : Dylan Sieren

Schwerer Gustav, The 800mm Railway Gun
I'm surprised there isnt an ability to put a bank in your home
Comment from : Schwerer Gustav, The 800mm Railway Gun

mounted talisman from zeah also great addition
Comment from : Reinier

Over Granite
Got a rock golem at 50 mining on iron ores in the desert πŸ€™
Comment from : Over Granite

Vract Here
I have one question though, why tf can you not build a bank chest for you poh? It makes no damn sense
Comment from : Vract Here

I actually got super lucky and got the giant squirrel agility pet at only 38 agility the other day!!!!
Comment from : CJAcebo

Animal Science TV
how do u go in somebody's house? Can i use their altar?
Comment from : Animal Science TV

ricky rodriguez
If anyone wants to see my house add me Rsn: RickyroyAlty
Comment from : ricky rodriguez

why train this tho? when we could just jump into w330
Comment from : Marcoangelo

Dalton Finlan
@ 3:20 I subscribed
Comment from : Dalton Finlan

Taylor Rathbone
How tf you gonna have the last few items have no functionality at all, in a list of most useful items?
Comment from : Taylor Rathbone

Never screenshot my pet , but agility lvl24 & Farming pet lvl 54 :D
Comment from : tshiko122

Simon Pinard
I actually got the runecrafting pet at like lvl 28 Just restart playing rs after 10 year Didnt notice that was freaking rare πŸ˜…
Comment from : Simon Pinard

Tim Kiffen
I received tangleroot al lvl 47
Comment from : Tim Kiffen

random smile
Updated video in 2021 about useful things in POH ??
Comment from : random smile

This came up in my feed and I came in to comment: my alt got Rocky at level 29 this past weekend
Comment from : Valaraz

Sylvia Woodcock
Is there no videos on how and where in the games room in a poh to build a treasure hunt in it? I’ve googled it and there’s no video on how to build a treasure hunt in poh
Comment from : Sylvia Woodcock

Donald Ellis
I have an account with 7 woodcutting and the pet
Comment from : Donald Ellis

andrew medeiros
I got the farming pet last year when I was 40 farming loool
Comment from : andrew medeiros

HahahaI’m not member zzzz
Comment from : Tampenismall

Adam Lincoln
Wish this was more concise its just a 10 minute video on constructionbrUseful items: Mounted glory, Rejuv pool, fairy ring spirit tree3 minute video max please
Comment from : Adam Lincoln

I got agility pet at 66 at werewolf course
Comment from : tension

β‚Ώπ“²π™Β’π™Šπ™„π™‰π“‘π• π“’π“’ 𐄂
just got mining pet at 21 mining
Comment from : β‚Ώπ“²π™Β’π™Šπ™„π™‰π“‘π• π“’π“’ 𐄂

I can one up the mining pet dude I got mine at 54 mining and again at 69 mining
Comment from : rathors7

for the record, gilded altars give you 350 xp, but they only increase the xp by 250 semantics, but still
Comment from : Mike

Im getting the ornate rejuve pool anyways, brbrBut does it cure venom also? Would think so since you need anti-venombrbrBut what part of it cures health?πŸ˜‚ when do you put saradomin brew inside of itbrbrbrHoly crap, never knew about mounted coins, 100M osrsbrLmao
Comment from : Almost

Osama Shahbaz
I got the phoenix pet on my first day at wintertodt, probably had like 10 kc lol didn't know it was rare
Comment from : Osama Shahbaz

Comment from : TheDroid52HD

Wise Old Dan
Still trying for farming pet at over 14m xp
Comment from : Wise Old Dan

Postman Ty
Let me just build a Menagerie real quick for my pets I mean pet does the stray dog count?
Comment from : Postman Ty

Ben V106
I got rocky from wine stalls at lvl 15 thriving (or around there) I didnt know it was rare, my friend is so mad
Comment from : Ben V106

Jared Bucklein
If only we could have a bank chest too social distancing would then be viable in rs as well!
Comment from : Jared Bucklein

Joseph Celica
Does anyone know if you can use the mounted quest cape teleport if a new quest comes out?
Comment from : Joseph Celica

Marek Czaja
love when you swear in your vids xD
Comment from : Marek Czaja

august vctjuh
Oak altar is also useful, just for restoring prayer (45 construction)
Comment from : august vctjuh

i got the agility pet at 43 i didnt even know what it was at first i assumed it was a random event i've never seen before haha
Comment from : Warcaine

>useful thingsbr>wardrobe that has fewer choices than varrock and costs millions of gp in construction to get to
Comment from : FreyrFox

I got a heron totally accidentally from trawler Is that rare? My fishing is high 40's
Comment from : NSG_Kuunda

Damn! That guy beat my phoenix kill count by 4 I got mine at 52 kc
Comment from : wwerdo4

how do you buy a cooking range to put in your house?
Comment from : AnimalJamPetsWorks

Anxious teleports lol
Comment from : MoundN

D0sxx Gaming
wardrobe useful?? da fuck ok giong to keep watchingg buttt wtf??? lol
Comment from : D0sxx Gaming

@theoatrix, i got RC pet @ lvl 20 doing 4 invs of fire runes
Comment from : Bear

British Wrath
Mounted coins aren't useless, they take gp out of the game
Comment from : British Wrath

Anthony Kling
I got the thieving pet at lvl 19 thieving
Comment from : Anthony Kling

shane Warren
got my wood cutting pet at lvl 12
Comment from : shane Warren

Markus Hassel
Lol I thought this was for an actual house My generation is fucked brahπŸ˜‚
Comment from : Markus Hassel

Ray Sindik
Make a video on best ways to bank and make clockwork at least 3 options love ur vids bro
Comment from : Ray Sindik

the way you said ancients teleports bothered me real bad
Comment from : VsRebuilds

i was hoping for a useful guide on the lower levels, not the cool things that I'll never ever get
Comment from : Ricky

Tucker Sossaman
Those ankshent teleports thooo
Comment from : Tucker Sossaman

Michael Sisson II
If your house doesn't even have a bank, there's literally nothing there that I see useful, or even some type of additional storage
Comment from : Michael Sisson II

MA HO GA NY!!!!brwha- MAHOGANY!!!!
Comment from : Miciso

Rick Gandalf
Privacy mode help in osrs?
Comment from : Rick Gandalf

John C
Wow this is such a shitty video "Best things you can do with your house! Uhh buy clothes, I guess? You can get the same shit at varrock store tho"
Comment from : John C

I got farming pet at 46 farm
Comment from : eddie

Basically get 90 construction for best house
Comment from : tominthetux

Solo Turk
Spirit treee
Comment from : Solo Turk

Majin Snorlax Gaming
Do you need a saw to build a tool store 1?
Comment from : Majin Snorlax Gaming

Matt C
I got the rock Golem at 54 mining and the Phoenix at 12 kc
Comment from : Matt C

Ripper Roo
4:31 "Increases the XP by 350"brbrNo No it doesn't It increases it TO 350 percent
Comment from : Ripper Roo

Level 50 construction is best bang for buck level for me lvl 47 mounted glory and lvl 50 teleport portals
Comment from : Ata

Hostile Reptiles
A person on runegroup posted a picture of him getting the wcing pet at 150 exp
Comment from : Hostile Reptiles

Honestly I’d rather pay less and have more bank slots full than do construction Construction seems so endgame that by the time you get it you really don’t need it
Comment from : MedievalMadness92

Can you change wristband (hand appearance) in oak wardrobe (lvl 27 construction) in OSRS? I know that this is possible in RS3 but not sure if possible in OSRS
Comment from : Neverwinter

awesome: i was wondering and hoping that someone had made a video for this; very clear and helpful truly the king of guides
Comment from : asdfjkl74able

Saul Urena
I got the rock golem around lvl 50 mining, didn't even know what it was, I thought it was a random, but then again I was at motherlode since lvl 30 I kind of wish the crazy archaeologist had a pet, it'd be funny walking around with a mini archaeologist
Comment from : Saul Urena

Thomas Grainger
Comment from : Thomas Grainger

Spirit TrEEE! haha not sure if you caught that typo, nice guide! :p @5:26
Comment from : nemesisv6

Corey Gil
Wouldnt that be, "pictures of the day"brNot clip of the day lol
Comment from : Corey Gil

Java Fusion
In osrs there should be a right clicc option to edit left clicc πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”
Comment from : Java Fusion

Slayz z
Can someone please tell me how to change my menagerie from indoor to outdoor? I don't want to lose all my stuff i built inside it
Comment from : Slayz z

Nemisis 2365
i got my gold chin at 58 hunter lol
Comment from : Nemisis 2365

Cameron Gridley
i got farming pet at 38 from an herb patch :
Comment from : Cameron Gridley

I stopped paying attention while allowing my hellcat to fight a hell rat behemoth and literally right as I looked up it killed my cat
Comment from : Bruhh

Sam Hamersley
I know this is old but i got the Wintertot pet at 24 haha solid luck
Comment from : Sam Hamersley

BJ Sal
Ugh I got the agil squirrel pet at like 29 agil I wish I had a recorder of it
Comment from : BJ Sal

Freddy Ortega
most useful items in poh a unusable stand of coins
Comment from : Freddy Ortega

Antanas Vasiliauskas
First video that doesnt have 30 dislikes
Comment from : Antanas Vasiliauskas

Takeo Ischi
1:35 so it's not actually useful at all
Comment from : Takeo Ischi

rs3 is so far behind osrs in poh
Comment from : DotsV

coco craig
cape rack u can use the perk teleports didn't know thanks for info!
Comment from : coco craig

Nicholas Sieczkowski
I'm sorry man, but this video had absolutely no reason to be over 4 minutes long 90 of the shit you included was/is just fucking useless, and 100 not wanted in a house The vid essentially just needed to have armor stand, pools, altar, jewelry box, maybe the pet storage shit, and maybe something else I forgot But you wasted everyone's time by making it 10 min Never in my life have I been so glad I have adblock on, never You didn't once mention the fact that it's possible to get a +8 boost in con, or the fact that for ironmen, the pool method is META for a lot of shit If you're so ignorant to a subject, just don't bother making a 10 min vid that shows how little you know about the game This is one of the only times I've ever been tilted by someone over youtube, and I hope you're happy knowing that you're an idiot
Comment from : Nicholas Sieczkowski

Xemnas Nobody
I wish i knew how to make screenshots of my pet luck I got wintertodt pet at 131kc, vorkath pet at 9 kc, and chinchompa pet at 53 hunter
Comment from : Xemnas Nobody

Hunter C
I got thieving pet at 44 :)
Comment from : Hunter C

Cogent Media
i got an agility pet at 34 agility akason was pissed :)
Comment from : Cogent Media

Construction is my highest skill now at 85(was gonna do 83 with stew but havnt done a single quest in the questline needed so i spent 1 hour and an extra 10m for 85 cause of poh tea) and now im broke as all fuck hahahaha thanks for helping me decide what to spend my last bit of money on, i might legit have to host for donations lol
Comment from : lordjulian10

helpful video thank you
Comment from : kuhataparunks

Alyxor Vylchlette
got my thieving pet at 26 in ardougne lol
Comment from : Alyxor Vylchlette

Pastor Gains
For stuff like the altar you can just use someone elses if you go to w30 yanille, saves going to the desert pyramid!
Comment from : Pastor Gains

Waylan Mui
don't forget the money servant pouch in the POH!
Comment from : Waylan Mui

Alexander Odder
Good video, the gilded alter doesn't increase your prayer xp with 350 it increases by 250 to 350 of base xp :)
Comment from : Alexander Odder

Jukes McGee
Mounted coins Love it Jagex really needs more good ideas like this to deflate the ever decreasing value of GP
Comment from : Jukes McGee

Joshua St John
Why abbreviate player own house Nobody uses it
Comment from : Joshua St John

Dickbeard the Merciless
wwwwwhats going on my name's Theoatrix and today I'm going to daisy chain a dozen different fruits together and shove the creation into my messy asshole
Comment from : Dickbeard the Merciless

Codie Henderson
If only the rs3 house was this usefull
Comment from : Codie Henderson

Martin Svendsrud
i got the Heron at only 51 fishing, but I didn't know that it was that rare at that lvl πŸ˜‚
Comment from : Martin Svendsrud

Blake Schwab
i also got mining pet at 55
Comment from : Blake Schwab

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