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Binance Tutorial: How To Convert Cryptocurrency Into Fiat (Money/Currency)

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Information Binance Tutorial: How To Convert Cryptocurrency Into Fiat (Money/Currency)

Title :  Binance Tutorial: How To Convert Cryptocurrency Into Fiat (Money/Currency)
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Frames Binance Tutorial: How To Convert Cryptocurrency Into Fiat (Money/Currency)

Description Binance Tutorial: How To Convert Cryptocurrency Into Fiat (Money/Currency)

Comments Binance Tutorial: How To Convert Cryptocurrency Into Fiat (Money/Currency)

Lex C
Thank you very much ma'am
Comment from : Lex C

Junictech on instagram
Follow up the above name on my channel if you want your tokens withdrawn They’re awesome
Comment from : Junictech on instagram

Junictech on instagram
Follow up the above name on my channel if you want your tokens withdrawn They’re awesome
Comment from : Junictech on instagram

Pls, make Subtitles with translation
Comment from : Nawras®

Comment from : KiddMAX

Harry Promoter
God bless you too dear ❤️❤️❤️😘
Comment from : Harry Promoter

Leroy Lynch
Your videos are very clear Nice job
Comment from : Leroy Lynch

Lila Jan
Comment from : Lila Jan

john dede
can you fund btc from other wallet to binance? & Is there a limit to how much you can transact between fiat-crypto?
Comment from : john dede

Do they charge a fee for doing the convertion??
Comment from : maurojaviergonzalez

Bromar Vids
This is pretty useless You're just converting it from a crypto to a stable coin of your country That is not fiat currency
Comment from : Bromar Vids

you deserve a subscribe 👍
Comment from : aAUDHIEAF SDJHUHa

Alin Craciun
And what if i can t find my country currency to transfer to?
Comment from : Alin Craciun

Fybian Fyablo
Great content! Straight to the point! Cheers!
Comment from : Fybian Fyablo

Cody Boy
This is indeed very helpful Thank you so much for sharing God bless
Comment from : Cody Boy

Great video
Comment from : 3spls

Thank you for the help and direct information Far too rare on YouTube Subbed
Comment from : chasemoister

Wow, really easy, direct to the point, even showed desktop and mobile app Thank you very much!brOnly 6 minutes!
Comment from : Shadoufang

Which coin sells into Ghana cedis please
Comment from : NUHU NURATU

Synyster Gates
I think you should also mention stablecoins (USDT, dai, busd etc), it's not always worth going full cash
Comment from : Synyster Gates

JR Lappin
Thank you! After making a mistake with my first time buying crypto this helped me get most of my money back!
Comment from : JR Lappin

Psylocibe Boobensis
Would be cool to see similar tutorial on how and what you can do with stablecoins like usdt or decentralised ones like DAI
Comment from : Psylocibe Boobensis

Johnny Christ
Stablecoins like usdt's been a real gamechanger for me You don't need to always turn you money into cash, whether you're hodling or trading
Comment from : Johnny Christ

sunday ojengu
Ineed your help I recently sold my btc and received Kenyan shillings but I'm not able to withdraw itbrI wanted to ask how to convert it back to Cryptocurrency 😭 because I have tried and failed
Comment from : sunday ojengu

Comment from : JelloCow

LX Ramirez
What coin trades to USdollar?
Comment from : LX Ramirez

thanks for the help!
Comment from : Lewwast

Memer Dad
I only watch 1 minute and I got what I needed to do
Comment from : Memer Dad

Tik Tok Exclusive
What should I do if none of the coins go to my currency NZD
Comment from : Tik Tok Exclusive

Ronald Romain
THank You
Comment from : Ronald Romain

Abdullahi Sanusi
Is it still working presently ma
Comment from : Abdullahi Sanusi

Panda pants
Hello there, im from Australia I want to sell my btt coin but it doesn't sell to my currency Do I sell into usdt and sell usdt into aud ? I'm kinda confused Please help Thank you
Comment from : Panda pants

My question is if I have fiat in eur but eur is not my currency and I transfer to my bank will it work?
Comment from : Niku

Con Kogioumtzis
Comment from : Con Kogioumtzis

Mpumi Setshedi
How should we sell? At the lowest price available?
Comment from : Mpumi Setshedi

New world Order
Thanks a lot
Comment from : New world Order

African Goddess
Hi I’m Paul from Ghana I have watching so many videos to understand this way for a week now I’m so happy to find ur video u r really good in explanation no matter people’s level brPlease possible to chat on WhatsApp I have so many questions to ask but no one to help the way u did please
Comment from : African Goddess

Linda O Ezenwammadu
Omg! You saved mebrFor a while I thought my money was stuck therebrThank you 😊
Comment from : Linda O Ezenwammadu

Asadbek Ibragimov
But usdt can’t be sold to usd how is that
Comment from : Asadbek Ibragimov

Lorenzo Victor A Llamas
thanks but you lacked to show after converting to Naira can we download it to our local banks?
Comment from : Lorenzo Victor A Llamas

minipizza 44
Thx helpful
Comment from : minipizza 44

Shane Yoo
Is this the only way?
Comment from : Shane Yoo

Ahmed jalil
I did all procedures for withdrawing my money from Binance but still, unsuccessful anyone guide me here what's wrong with it
Comment from : Ahmed jalil

Hassan Said
Thanks so much
Comment from : Hassan Said

M Filice
Good video, thanks for the upload However, it doesn't explain how to deposit local fiat into our bank account, which is half of the significance of selling crypto
Comment from : M Filice

Ника Аббасова
Best explanation i saw on YouTube! Thank you for this video!
Comment from : Ника Аббасова

Fahim Al Falahi
My account is in OMR and it’s not listed in any pair so can I transfer dollars into my account, if not what are my other options?
Comment from : Fahim Al Falahi

Marwan M Babayo
Very very good explanation I have on this platform, keep it up
Comment from : Marwan M Babayo

A little too much talkin' but all in all well explained and easy to understand for anyone
Comment from : nomorals

i swear to god this app or website is so shit to navigate and use
Comment from : Olsun

Greenwealth Consult
Spot on! Thanks for sharing this
Comment from : Greenwealth Consult

Very well explained Thanks!
Comment from : Rodrigo

Wow this is awesome thank you so much I wasn't sure how to convert on Binance now I am thanks again great vid easy to follow Appreciate you taking the time to make this and post it Super helpful Subscribed
Comment from : Zed

Efe Kingsley
I love it
Comment from : Efe Kingsley

THANK YOU very much
Comment from : T-H-E-Suspect

Pero Juric
Thank you for watching and God bless your hustle
Comment from : Pero Juric

Ronnie Eazi
Thanks for this great tutorial
Comment from : Ronnie Eazi

Memory Lane Photography
ONLY VIDEO that helped me withdraw my money I LOVE YOU :)
Comment from : Memory Lane Photography

What if you can’t find your currency?
Comment from : Beluga

Kas K
Comment from : Kas K

Mohammed Khansaheb
I have money in HKD (Hong Kong Dollar) but I don’t know how to sell it
Comment from : Mohammed Khansaheb

Sebi Andronic
that's a very empty room
Comment from : Sebi Andronic

Artur Mielniczek
This was very helpful
Comment from : Artur Mielniczek

umar younis
Those who disliked this video thought it was the download button lol
Comment from : umar younis

Ashley Valentine
Thank you!
Comment from : Ashley Valentine

AbereY Fiike
U just saved me But what altcoins can i buy now?
Comment from : AbereY Fiike

can you lose money when you sell to your curreny
Comment from : Alfy☺️

dilshan perera
Can binance fiat transfer to another difference binance fiat account?
Comment from : dilshan perera

Ahmed Essam
nice videobrbut i have 3 questionsbr1- i didnt understand the part when u converted from SXP to USDT and u said that u can change the price to whatever u want, arent u suppose to sell at the market price?brbr2- my currency (AED, dirhams) is not shown with any crypto, what should i do in this case?brbr3- after u converted from crypto to NGN currency, how do u withdraw ur money from binance to ur bank accountbrbrthanks
Comment from : Ahmed Essam

Clovis Tendong
This is the best guide page I’ve found on YouTube Thanks so much sweetheart, God bless you
Comment from : Clovis Tendong

Is it okay to sell my btc and get paid in fiat ngn
Comment from : EZEOCHA JUDE

Ubernexus Iduru
Please I need your help How can I transfer from my luno to Binance without it affecting the exchange’s rat Like the price for Xrp in luno is totally deferent how can I transfer without loosing that huge amount?
Comment from : Ubernexus Iduru

Hi, i opened my binance account with a Nigerian number, can i sell crypto on it to Gbp pounds fiat
Comment from : oluwafunto

soya saus
Hello i have a question, last time i sold my crypto and the money went to my wallet I can see the money in my wallet, but i can't buy anything else with it or withdraw it Everytime i try to do something with it, it says 0 balance Can you make a video of how you can buy crypto again from your wallet? I am all new to this and it is kinda hard to understand all these information
Comment from : soya saus

pandy g
0:27 showing AED, how did you add AED ? In fiat money
Comment from : pandy g

Finally a video straight to the point and concise Great help and, at last, I'm understanding this app Many Thanks !!!
Comment from : LimbuP

Cosimo Pastia
Comment from : Cosimo Pastia

Kar I
When I had transfer XLM to Binance I couldn’t find way to convert to VET There is no pairing for XLM/VET I sold the XLM to BUSD and then found a pair for BUSD/VET to buy VET It seems confusing but I hope I did correctly ? I couldn’t find on the convert menu a way for XLM-VET only major coins
Comment from : Kar I

Emmanuel Ezenwobi
thank you
Comment from : Emmanuel Ezenwobi

You are a crypto queen This channel will blow Thank you legend
Comment from : Demetrious

thankyou Auntie well explained
Comment from : T

Saad Salman
I have just sold some Doge to USDT, but the amount is not appearing in my USDT balance The amount has been deducted from the Doge coin balance though Does it take some time to update the USDT balance? And how long?
Comment from : Saad Salman

Nice explanation but, so if I want to sell what ever crypto at the current price it is, i just go to trade, sell and then I dont change any price as u did in the video and I just press sell? brbrAnd another question once I sell crypto, this money stays on my binance account as EUR (because im using EUR) and then I can just buy any crypto I want again, whenever I want to?
Comment from : RaZzyeh

Macy Stephens
Please, can I use NGN Fiat withdrawal now with the standing CBN ban????
Comment from : Macy Stephens

Is there for philippine peso?
Comment from : Cedie

Jairome Wahabi
Thanks God bless your hustle also
Comment from : Jairome Wahabi

Amazing! Easy to follow
Comment from : FLΞXI

Crypto Invest-Plus
You did not explain the selling process That is what people want to know with this title
Comment from : Crypto Invest-Plus

ASMR Bedtime Stories
This video is so great!! Thank you so much :)
Comment from : ASMR Bedtime Stories

Robert Martin
Very helpful, and easy to understand Thank you for all the great content Blessings to you
Comment from : Robert Martin

Wow the first and obly video of many videos that had the right answer Direct and to the point Thank you
Comment from : KEYZERSOZE685

Donatas Jurkus
Hi, if I can't find NOK Norwegian kroners, what should I do? thanks
Comment from : Donatas Jurkus

Naveed Ahmad
What can we do if there is no coin that can sell directly into another currency
Comment from : Naveed Ahmad

Problem is im a student and my binance is unverified
Comment from : Pablol

Perfect tutorial, thank you so much ^^
Comment from : sloumou

Pouya Nasimi
thank you so much for your toturial :)
Comment from : Pouya Nasimi

hunter nesson
So we can just set the price of our chooce to sell our coin at? And it will just accept? I mean we can set the price to $1M USD? i dont get that part, can anyone please clarify it to mebr ThankyoubrThe rest of it, amazing tutorial very to the point Keep up the good work
Comment from : hunter nesson

Mohammed Fareed
Hi, crypto giant when I select trade to choose my currency I don't know what to pair as my currency does not show, I would appreciate if you can help thanks
Comment from : Mohammed Fareed

Thank you for the video instructions, very helpful and wishing you every success :-)
Comment from : Shuksy

ali john
Hope the binance limits dont affect this process??
Comment from : ali john

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