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Creating bilingual minds | Naja Ferjan Ramirez | TEDxLjubljana

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Information Creating bilingual minds | Naja Ferjan Ramirez | TEDxLjubljana

Title :  Creating bilingual minds | Naja Ferjan Ramirez | TEDxLjubljana
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Frames Creating bilingual minds | Naja Ferjan Ramirez | TEDxLjubljana

Description Creating bilingual minds | Naja Ferjan Ramirez | TEDxLjubljana

Comments Creating bilingual minds | Naja Ferjan Ramirez | TEDxLjubljana

abeer ahmed
whatever her information was good but I can't finsh watch the video cz her breathing😢😢
Comment from : abeer ahmed

Nina Leovac
Does the same apply to toddles with special needs? Neurodiverse children with delayed development if bilingualism is also a cognitive exercise, I can only assume it can benefit them but also wonder if it csn be a setback?
Comment from : Nina Leovac

Julián González
Comment from : Julián González

Cande Puccio
I am bilingual and everything said in this talk seems to match how things work for me Interesting research I will stop feeling awful when I code-mix
Comment from : Cande Puccio

Dionysos El Niño
My daughter is quadrilingual … 7 years … amazing how she switches
Comment from : Dionysos El Niño

Trang Anh Quách
she's keeping yum yum in her toung that i can't focus on her talk :v
Comment from : Trang Anh Quách

ma honghao
I think why baby learn language easily is because they don;t know shame They can pee and poo anywhere and don;t feel shame They can say anything or do anything without shame But we don;t
Comment from : ma honghao

the noises she makes are attrocious
Comment from : LuckyVFX

Stephanie Paul
LEARNING!!!! 💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡💡
Comment from : Stephanie Paul

Complete Bilingual
What I know (personally) about bilingualism, I would never share
Comment from : Complete Bilingual

Steff Knee
75 of what I heard during this Ted talk was the sticky, wet, lip sounds 😫🤬
Comment from : Steff Knee

Ben Smalley
We have a three year old and three languages are spoken in our household, English, Polish and German Our three year old code switches sometimes with all three languages We think its pretty cool how he can make the sentence work grammatically using words from different languages
Comment from : Ben Smalley

Andrew Johnson
This was an excellent talk However your base premise seems questionable Babies can take 5-6 years to get to B2 in a language I have had students go from not a word spoken to B2 in English inside of 6 months
Comment from : Andrew Johnson

Lina Salas Ramírez
And which are the 6 ingredients? 😮
Comment from : Lina Salas Ramírez

Thanks for that important talkbrOne Q I couldn't find and answer and found that my friends are the same as mebrI speak 4 languages with different levels and understand some words of 2 other languagesbrWhy my mind mix words same as your son even when people don't understand the languagebrSome of their wait for me till I found the right word and others think that I am trying to bragbrIs there any solution?
Comment from : Madi

Peter Reed
I'm 58 and have yet to master English and until such time as I do I see no point in learning a 2nd language I see absolutely no advantage to me of learning another language Life is short and a benefit/time analysis proves that learning another language is a waste of time
Comment from : Peter Reed

Elizabeth Kalmykova
What about the countries where people speak two languages, one at home and another one in school, so children first heard and started to acquire the second language at age of 6-7 Do those children have their brain developed as bilingual? Then the whole country had better flexible thinking than a country with one national language???
Comment from : Elizabeth Kalmykova

Cuatro Companions
I do have a question for you all on this topic I would sincerely appreciate your best thoughts My boy will be bilingual because his mom speaks to him in Spanish and I speak to him in English Even though I heard what she said about mixing the languages in the same sentence, I don’t understand how it is a good thing It just seems that it’s not a bad thing Does that make sense? I just think that it’s not something to be scolded It’s kind of a neutral thing right? And it will probably be inevitable with someone who grows up with both languages in their heart
Comment from : Cuatro Companions

Too generic When the talk got interesting, it ended Which 6 ingredients? Share the research from this daycare center?
Comment from : cf34bn71

Muhammad Naufal Abbas
Being a bilingual myself,I code-switch when I deal with people who speak the mutually same languages as me
Comment from : Muhammad Naufal Abbas

Melissa FruFru Starling
I'm eager to know the 6 principles that grow children's language
Comment from : Melissa FruFru Starling

Ken Romero
I grew up speaking French and English and I feel so blessed
Comment from : Ken Romero

Monica Lorena Reynel Lopez
If any of you want to learn Spanish, or your babies, I can teach them Spanish is my first language and at university I studied a degree in foreign languages English and French Just let me know with a message :)
Comment from : Monica Lorena Reynel Lopez

User10 entoles User11
Πολι καλό!
Comment from : User10 entoles User11

Sanghita Sarkar
Really impressive
Comment from : Sanghita Sarkar

Romer Díaz
No me pude concentrar, siento que llorará en cualquier momento
Comment from : Romer Díaz

10:56 this makes me think Singaporeans are multi-linguals "Singlish comes from the mixing of Singapore’s four official languages: English, Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil (native to India) "
Comment from : ABC

Van Aprígio
What really bothers me is that she is reafirming that not matter how fluent you are in one kind of language you MUST be native to raise your baby in that language Well, when it comes to my personal example , I strongly disagree once I have been living this process I'm brazilian and I've been speaking English since I was 11 I've always dreamed to be a mum and raised my child in English Well, I'm doing it so My son is already 5 and I could say that he is much more confortable and natural in English than Portuguese He not only expresses himself better in English than he develops quite an accent like a foreign person when he speaks Portuguese, among other facts I've been noticing through these years So, to sum up, claiming that only native speakers can raise their children bilingual is limitating a process that can be lived by many speakers around the world and also taking for granted all the effort putting by parents that decided to rely on other culture and laguage in order to expand their children background
Comment from : Van Aprígio

Hemant Kharadi
Hat's off
Comment from : Hemant Kharadi

Hemant Suthar
Nice session
Comment from : Hemant Suthar

Atri Rajgor
ખૂબ સરસ
Comment from : Atri Rajgor

Well explained

Roll No - 76, brRajendrakumar Rameshbhai Bambhaniya,brAssistant Professor,brSmt C R Gardi Arts College, Munpur,brMahisagar - Gujarat

Meghana Dharne
Wonderful session
Comment from : Meghana Dharne

krishna daiya
Very engaging talk!
Comment from : krishna daiya

Thank you very much for such an interesting and informational speech! Will stay tuned!
Comment from : LG LG

Steven Walter Cordero Salinas
She is absolutely right that babies can learn English without teaching them In fact, they learn any language in an uncouncious and natural way Exposing them into social conversations, playing in different activities, talking to them in different topics and so forth This is the best way we can learn any language
Comment from : Steven Walter Cordero Salinas

Cathy Ospina
I was born and raised in USA but was raised by Hispanic parents and apparently have an accent A Miami accent lol I used to during hearing that but now I just accept it
Comment from : Cathy Ospina

Icky Juice
I've never hated a sound more Aaaarrrrghhllllkg
Comment from : Icky Juice

Marikami Lace - Maltese Bobbin Lace
I am trilingual and I too sometimes use two languages in one sentence, but it does not mean that I do not know how to say a whole sentence in one language
Comment from : Marikami Lace - Maltese Bobbin Lace

Dmitry Dmitry
What specific brain lobes were examined and how? What are the results? Half an hour walking on the sidewalk to show shoes? What kind of nonsense is this?
Comment from : Dmitry Dmitry

h 8054  h
As a person who was first exposed to english through tv programs as a child, it never slowed down my speaking abilities i started speaking when i was 8 months old i started speaking both persian and English, even faster than most babies around me!
Comment from : h 8054 h

Tomas Sepulveda
I am originally from MexicobrI learned English from Sesame Street as a childbrAndI had no other English speakers around me
Comment from : Tomas Sepulveda

In Hong Kong, we speak very good Chinglish (Cantonese and English in one sentence) brBasically, 係點樣去concisely 將自己嘅ideas 去communicate to other people
Comment from : Gen TSANG

Karolin Schild
What are the 6 ingredients of language development in early childhood she's mentioned at the end?
Comment from : Karolin Schild

2:15 2:47
Comment from : M3!

Michael Wolfe
I grew up with a bilingual mind, that was a priority for my parents I'm glad they did, who knows if on my own I would have learned a second language on my own My mom used to tell about some kind of parrot who learned English with a family and then was owned by a Spanish speaking family, lo and behold the bird started what you call code-mixing, using the grammar rules My dad taught me not to do that, in other words to make the effort to look for the right word in that language But code-mixing can be fun I must say!
Comment from : Michael Wolfe

Li Sun
I am trilingual
Comment from : Li Sun

Monkon Thikamandha
How can 11 months old babies know definition that this is English and that is Spanish?
Comment from : Monkon Thikamandha

Leong Simon
We mixed as many as 3 language in one sentence here in malaysia We called it "manglish" The best part is, every race understands No confusion whatsoever Excellent presentation Bravo Having an extra language makes it so much easier when we are travelling, especially english
Comment from : Leong Simon

siempre quise poder practicar mi escaso inglés,sin embargo no todos tenemos acceso a un nativo o nativa lol, intento enseñar lo que se a mis hijos,pero cuando veo que no me entienden me detengo
Comment from : Isayusky

Nora Nason
Lol watching videos like this makes me feel so oddly powerful, as a mutilingual
Comment from : Nora Nason

Philip Rice
I don't know what is going on with the mic, but picking up her fluid lip-smacking makes this almost unlistenable It is great content though
Comment from : Philip Rice

krishnaprasad k s
English language is very easy to study If we have confidence we can study any language in the world If I say that I'm a kerala guy I didn't know english While my schooling and my colleging I have been faced a lot of situation Now i can very easy to speak this language
Comment from : krishnaprasad k s

I wish the politicians of Quebec would listen to this research Tbey all seem terrified that French language might be poisoned by another
Comment from : MrWireguy

Anoja Dharmapala
We do it all the time I speak language Sinhalese mix with English Our community most of adults do it Nothing wrong with it Perfectly normal Our brains switch and translate so quick without our knowledge It's amazing Unfortunately my kids used only English how much we try to speak to them They attended language schools too They can understand well It's still store in their brain cells but too lazy to use it
Comment from : Anoja Dharmapala

María Turégano Cabañero
I am Spanish and I am improving my English Maybe my English is not perfect but it is my first audio that my brain listen normal in English :) brbrStep by step!
Comment from : María Turégano Cabañero

black cat world
Comment from : black cat world

Rosana Nogueira Junqueira
Great TED! My kid is almost 3 years old now He's bilingual (Italian and Portuguese), English is a common language in our reading times, games and songs, and now we're living in Geneva and he's in frequent contact with Spanish and French Sometimes I worry a little about it al being too much all together, but what I see is a kid that is having a lot of fun with sounds, new words, discovering body language to solve communication problems It is a lot, but we're there for him and it's clear how well he feels in this mixed languages world!! I just love it all, even if it's challenging
Comment from : Rosana Nogueira Junqueira

Joel Stephenson
I must marry someone who speaks a different language Instant polyglot kid
Comment from : Joel Stephenson

Joel Stephenson
"Most of you can we are in Europe after all" brEngland: 🤡
Comment from : Joel Stephenson

Vừa vào đã nổi cả da gà 藍giọng a Phúc hayyy quá, mong sẽ tiếp tục cover ạ ❤️
Comment from : LOVEisLOVE

I live in Europe, in Italy but we don't speak any other language apart from our regional dialectso
Comment from : Ilaria

I was distracted by all those weird noises from her mouth 😖
Comment from : KARINA CRUZ CRUZ

Conspiracy Nikkikimmi
She needs to drink water when talking!!!!😂
Comment from : Conspiracy Nikkikimmi

Olga Galvany
Mai no m'ha preocupatbrVaig parlar català I castellà als 4 anys sense cap esforç Tan de bò algo altre m'hagues parlat amb qualsevol altre llengua
Comment from : Olga Galvany

Csaba-Károly Molnár
Which capital in Europe ? Well documented and nice presentation Thank you
Comment from : Csaba-Károly Molnár

Boo *
She needs to rindecher mouth w water and spit it out! Pull mic away fromher mouth Her spit is sticky and noisey
Comment from : Boo *

Dildora Alimova
Your advice very best for me I hope I speak fluence 5 language So, I speak Uzbek, Russia,English, but not fluently
Comment from : Dildora Alimova

Matilda Wolfram
Good video! The most important thing in life is knowledge of foreign languages! Thanks to foreign languages you can realize all your dreams and realize your grandiose ambitions! I would like to recommend all the practices of Yuriy Ivantsiv ''Polyglot Notes Practical tips for learning foreign language" This book will be an indispensable helper, a handbook for every person who studies a foreign language! This book contains invaluable tips, questions and answers, and solutions to problems faced by anyone who studies a foreign language! Knowledge is power! And knowledge of foreign languages is your power multiplied by many times! Success to all in self-development!
Comment from : Matilda Wolfram

Izzy Collins
Comment from : Izzy Collins

HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul
A good code for code mixing is that sometimes there is a term in one language that doesn't perfectly translate into the other In the broad things that ends up as loanwords, but in common day-to-day speech among bilinguals I can totally see the same
Comment from : HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul

So what are these six principles of the educational approach? Were they sounded in this lection? Are they different from Steven Krashen's TPRS approach?
Comment from : ALEKSEY FEDOROV

Speak Write Play in English
Great talk! I'm excited to keep improving my Spanish and French
Comment from : Speak Write Play in English

Music 84
A quien más le molesta el sonido que hace con la boca
Comment from : Music 84

Fatima Kratohvil
My child was under two year of age but already spoke fluently our native language and second language as well His pediatrician was amazed ! Than we moved to one other country and was busy with adjusting to everything new in the new country while our 2 years old spend time watching cartoons and kids tv program in third language brWe where not considering possibility of him learning anything , but when in group of kids speaking third language ,our child amazed us ! He was able to participate in conversation with native speakers of that third language Later at school as a third graded he was on level of seven grade in reading , writing , spelling brOur child said his first word when he was only 5 months old brHe later studied 3 more language , all together 6 languages ! brOur All family members speak more than 3 languages Nothing special , it is just Life teaching us skills we need
Comment from : Fatima Kratohvil

Pavle Luger alias Starseedharta
I am fluent in 5 languages, it is more of an intercultural thing, can work in all of them, drugs, DMT and wild badass mindest is the key
Comment from : Pavle Luger alias Starseedharta

I am doing a research about code-mixing and it's so interesting
Comment from : Woo

Juan Barrios
Is it just me or she never shared the 6 ingredients for creating this awesome environment?? I thought TED was a nonprofit based on SHARING ideas worth spreadingNext, TED+ subscription model to get the valuable insights people don't share in the initial 17 minutes
Comment from : Juan Barrios

ehsan reghabi
That moist sound makes me uncomfortable
Comment from : ehsan reghabi

We have a 25 year old who has been exposed to the same electronic books, videos, and movies in English, Mandarin and Spanish on the iPhone, Kindle or tv since he was 4 months (Spanish) and 6 months (Manderin) We watched carefully to assure interest and turned it off when he turned his head away or signaled frustration, which turned out was rare He loved listening He speaks in full paragraphs in English When at playgrounds or restaurants he responds to others in those languages Most of these people are pretty amazed that he answers them None of us are bilingual/fluent Bottom line is, it depends on the child
Comment from : MargoLouiso

LAcademy Language Immersion Preschools
The benefits of learning multiple languages are apparent for adults but of paramount significance for young children in terms of cognitive and communication skills development Learning to speak a second language is also a great way to teach how to overcome fear and failure The best thing any parent can do for their children is to expose them to a second language from the beginning of life
Comment from : LAcademy Language Immersion Preschools

Louis Cervantez
Great stuff, was the “specialized” process you found a genetic “ thing” or a propensity? In my family many use Spanglish, picking words from the other language becuz they don’t know the word - how does that fit in your analysis?
Comment from : Louis Cervantez

Lets Voyage
Meanwhile Indians We already speak at least 4 to 5 languages dude
Comment from : Lets Voyage

Rahmo Reys
How are you thechear
Comment from : Rahmo Reys

hector negron
I think Code Switching is what we Puerto Ricans and other Latinos call "SPANGLISH" When we're among ourselves we go back and forth between English and Spanish and vice versa and we all understand each other When I'm doing my supermarket list on my cellphone I use the shortest word for each product I need to buy So let's say I need "PASTA DE DIENTES"br which is three words, I write TOOTHPASTE instead which is one word It's such a gratifying feeling being able to communicate with others in their native language Try it, don't be afraid or discouraged if at first you have difficulty, you'll love it I guarantee you that
Comment from : hector negron

Don Ryder
I know a guy who speaks, reads, and writes fluently 4 languages: Tagalog because he is in the Philippines, Bisaya because he grew up in Mindanao, Cantonese which is spoken at home, and Mandarin which he learned in Chinese school Amazing to warch as he writes Chinese characters!
Comment from : Don Ryder

Fernando Yokota
My twin boys are now 7 I'm Brazillian, my wife Russian and we live in Germany It was very natural for them to learn all 3 languages
Comment from : Fernando Yokota

Lukas Zha
I'm taking her linguistics class rn lol
Comment from : Lukas Zha

Larry Patterson
Every one of these talks has a message, but thus one of the few that will bring us together on common ground to identify with people through experience Well done!!
Comment from : Larry Patterson

so important
Comment from : anakteologi

Yousef El terpo
I think she is a fraied when speak
Comment from : Yousef El terpo

Charlie Williams
The doubtful bench prudently owe because peripheral apparently recognise save a hapless oval pointless, ahead granddaughter
Comment from : Charlie Williams

long time before this video was made until this video was watched by many people, I have studied a language (English) until now but I still can't speak english very well RIP for me 😥
Comment from : Lelina

Let me see if I got it: She suggests that we take our babies, SINCE BIRTH, to PUBLIC PLACES so they can learn a second language? Repeating: PUBLIC PLACES? Well, I think this woman has an agenda A very questionable agenda
Comment from : S J

In India you can see the environment of multilingual language at very early ages We learn English at kindergarten, Hindi and regional language from our parents And our culture is so diverse that we have 22 official languages and 1000 regional languages all over the India So adaptability of Indians are very good
Comment from : Ritik

xiaohua wei
How regretful that the speech stops before the most important part even begins! How to create a really effective foreign language environment for kids of monolinugal families?
Comment from : xiaohua wei

Kate Beedot
As a bilingual from birth I find that learning other languages is easier, switching is a problem sometimes but the worst problem is thinking in two languages at the same time, anyway must say that I was resort to my very first language (thinking not speaking) when I’m upset - yes certainly find out immediately that I’ve been upset - helpful
Comment from : Kate Beedot

Jubair K
I think most of us bilingual already know 95 of this information Its mostly common sense Its not science brNo disrespect but it's a waste of 17 minutes of my life
Comment from : Jubair K

I am French, I used to live in Spain living with another French and a Spanish After 3 years together it was amazing, we could mix up French, Spanish and English the 3 of us, passing from the perfect version of these languages to be understood by anyone or mixing up the 3 of them so only us can understandbr
Comment from : Vinz

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