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WHY I BUY GOLD 1/10 Gold American Eagles

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Information WHY I BUY GOLD 1/10 Gold American Eagles

Title :  WHY I BUY GOLD 1/10 Gold American Eagles
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Description WHY I BUY GOLD 1/10 Gold American Eagles

Comments WHY I BUY GOLD 1/10 Gold American Eagles

Barthez McGonagle
1/10th and 1/4 Oz American Gold Eagles are some of the best coins out there
Comment from : Barthez McGonagle

Bet you're not buying these now I wouldn't touch gold now until it falls back down to $1,200 or below Horrendous time to buy
Comment from : Medic311

Mike Ike
Hello Can you please give me the exact brand and model number of the capsules, for both Krugerrand and Eagle piece?brI would appreciate it Thank you very much
Comment from : Mike Ike

Rick Raybourn
Bet's ya don't buy them today!
Comment from : Rick Raybourn

Im brand new to coinsi just ordered a 1/10 2022 Britannia (gold) and the diamond shape 2022 1/8 sovereign (2022)brbrNot sure if i should stack silver coins also since the full ounce coins are sooo cheap lol
Comment from : Pokanonymous

Christian Andrews
Premiums way to high on the 10th oz
Comment from : Christian Andrews

If you own ANY gold, you're doing better than most people
Comment from : Alexiotheconquerer

Mega Bubbles
I just discovered this 2 weeks ago I am falling in love with these coins! I’m thinking of buying the 1/10 coin to start with
Comment from : Mega Bubbles

i stack 1/10th in gold cuz its affordable to do and im bad at saving up to buy larger amounts
Comment from : SlainByBlind

Ronaldo Seradilla
Fractional Gold is Awesome 👍✌️
Comment from : Ronaldo Seradilla

Silver Cabin
I store my gold the same way I just bought another 1/10 on 11-1-21 for $226 delivered I hate to pay that much but I don't think it will get much lower
Comment from : Silver Cabin

Almost Literally
1/10 may have a higher premium, but you’ll get what you paid for it
Comment from : Almost Literally

Minerals Old coins copper, silver, gold Elements
Good Coins Gold 😁👌👍
Comment from : Minerals Old coins copper, silver, gold Elements

edwin cameron
Perth mint fractional 999 gold the best
Comment from : edwin cameron

Anthony Gabello
Great video I bought my first 1/10 last week… I want to add up to a oz so I’m prob going to build with 1/10 and 1/4
Comment from : Anthony Gabello

Jade Nephrite
Regarding 4:38, the Krugerrand's 22 karat Gold alloy composition is 9167 Gold + 833 Copper whereas the American Gold Eagle 22 karat Gold alloy composition is 9167 Gold + 533 Copper + 3 Silver Therefore the Gold Krugerrand's color is a rose gold whereas the American Gold Eagle's color is a golden brass
Comment from : Jade Nephrite

Paul Valentine
Your nails are disgusting
Comment from : Paul Valentine

Code Doge
My first time buying a 1/10 oz, I was shocked at the size of the coin For whatever reason, I believed I was getting a full size coin that just had 1/10 oz of gold I thought I got scammed lol
Comment from : Code Doge

Would you say is as big as a penny or dime
Comment from : RecipeHound

Victor Frankenstein
I just started adding Gold to my stack this year, with the GSR being more favorable for the yellow metal Haven’t added any 1/10th oz Gold Eagles, mostly due to the astronomical premiums Missed the boat on the “deal of the century” about a year (and a half) ago, when one of the lesser known bullion dealers were offering bup to 10/b one tenth ounce American Gold Eagles at SPOT Price for new customers Several of the community stackers took advantage of this offer and shared it with us, but I wasn’t purchasing Gold yet at the time I believe they were going for about $160 each (I can’t quite recall spot at the time) I do have several 1/4’s, a 1/2, and a full oz Size-wise, as well as price-wise, I like the 1/4 oz coins, but I would love to add a handful of 1/10 oz AGE’s to the stack, if I can find them at a reasonable price (whatever that is nowadays) I believe you are absolutely correct about the future convertibility (trade-ability) of the 1/10th coins, when the Gold price escalates in the future It will be very difficult for many to purchase the larger denominations due to the high prices
Comment from : Victor Frankenstein

You fill that tube you'll have a awesome stack of 1/10th gold eagles, any man would love to have itbrbrjust imagine of having a tube of the 1toz AGE's also, it would be a prize collection 4surebrbr good luck on your quest
Comment from : SILVER WISKERS

I just started silver and love them I’m def going to get 2 or 3 1/10s gold to start ☺️
Comment from : The8thReich

David cawrowl
I collect international 1/10 coins too, for the rich history as well, and is very enjoyable to magnify to see the amazing detail
Comment from : David cawrowl

Benjamin Maness
I got one of those for my 8th birthday as a kid
Comment from : Benjamin Maness

Dream Chaser97
Damn Didn’t know it was that small
Comment from : Dream Chaser97

Triple 9 Fine Stacker
I only buy whole or half ounces, and to be honest, i dont really like the fractional, the premiums are too high, but ive been storing my wealth as best i can in gold and silver, have quite a nice stack so far, i count my money in ounces and not dollars
Comment from : Triple 9 Fine Stacker

Very interesting brThank you for holding it up brI've been thinking of investing and I was curious about the size brNow I see it is close to our American dime
Comment from : JAMES D

Macky Ledesma
How much you buy the 1 coin goldI LOVE ITwhere to buy cheap gold coinplease help methanks
Comment from : Macky Ledesma

Red Krawler
Gold would have to hit $3000 to break even
Comment from : Red Krawler

Paper Scraps
The 1/10 Gold Eagle is the most liquid gold coin made in the USA Should the economy tank, no one will be able to cash in one once gold coins I hit me a bit but I just purchased ten because I think the dollar is about to become our new toilet paper (we already ran out of real toilet paper last spring) I have been invested in Liberty Dollars but I remember when people were laughing at me, NOW who's laughing?
Comment from : Paper Scraps

Golden Paw Life Adventures
I just started stacking the 1/10 coins I haven't bought an ASE one yet due to the higher premium, but these are a great way to get started in gold
Comment from : Golden Paw Life Adventures

Silver Magnolia
I stack fractional gold Have accumulated my first gold ounce Now I will save for larger denominations Thank you for the share
Comment from : Silver Magnolia

TH Silver
Am new to all this not got any gold yet but like to get some Lots to learn
Comment from : TH Silver

What capsule do you use?
Comment from : Bugsy

Ayie Coburn
I got a 1/10 ounce 1993 American Eagle and a 2012 Krugerrand and what can I say is, it quite hard to find in my country
Comment from : Ayie Coburn

Womble Stacker
Hi bud so nice think I Will start getting some gold womble stacker uk subbed good luck with your channel
Comment from : Womble Stacker

Where are you guys buying them?
Comment from : Bobby

Iconic Stance
Hi there, I recently found one on the floor outside a store in the uk, could I possibly email you pics to see if it's real??
Comment from : Iconic Stance

Dewey Weber
How do i buy these?
Comment from : Dewey Weber

Thats a great goal! I had the same goal a couple years back but was with 1 oz AGE I hit my tube of 20 AGE but that was after 3 years! I like the goal of 1 1/10 ounce AGE a month i might try it
Comment from : Shilver101

Golver Stacker
Love the gold eagle just got my very first as well
Comment from : Golver Stacker

Thank you! Gold is something I’d like to start investing in I learned a lot!
Comment from : K_R_A_N_G_

Gil Balfas
Did u get those capsule when u bought it?
Comment from : Gil Balfas

where can I get the tube?
Comment from : Michaelramirezfit

Where can I buy the capsules and tube? Thanks! And great video btw 👍🏼
Comment from : GG

Alex G
Where did you buy the tube to store them in? I am buying my first 1/10 oz soon Looking forward to it
Comment from : Alex G

Great video Good break down Do you only buy raw? How do you feel about the same coin slabbed? Thanks for the video!!!!! Perfect!
Comment from : Monte

Canadian Gold Saver
Nice, should get maples! Keep them in caps so they don’t damage as you said New sub!
Comment from : Canadian Gold Saver

silver watcher
Same tube but my cap is red I have 10 And 1 in the mail Cant wait Smiles for days
Comment from : silver watcher

K Stacks
Save for 4 months and buy 1/4 ounce or save for 10 months and get a full ounce The premiums on the 1/10th ounce are absolutely insane, biggest mistake in my stack I have 2 of them myself It's worth the wait you will save substantially, it's all money you can be putting more weight into your stack of course 👍
Comment from : K Stacks

I'm subscriber 989, and i want to know what you and everybody thinks about the 1/10 oz 9999 gold crane from monarch i really like it, but is it a wise buy?
Comment from : Hound

I noticed the premium on those eagles in the UK Nice coin though
Comment from : EighthSphere1

Lev Kris Coins
Great video 👍 really enjoyed watching buy more gold 😊 Nice channel you have my friend
Comment from : Lev Kris Coins

Mountain View Turning
Great looking gold coins
Comment from : Mountain View Turning

Just Add Silver
Very nice pickups indeed especially when one is on a budget👍
Comment from : Just Add Silver

Gorilla HD
Excellent video and three very nice coins Glad I found your channel - subbed!
Comment from : Gorilla HD

Interesting collection👍👍👍👍👍
Comment from : RARE COINS

SilverLimey 79
Nice bit of gold for the stack! Congrats bud
Comment from : SilverLimey 79

cool gold pick ups 👍👍👍
Comment from : Sovereign_uk

Shiny packAGe
I agree! A great way to stack some gold without going broke I like your goal my friend, a tube would be awesome! Nice to see you bud, good job
Comment from : Shiny packAGe

SILVER COINS & Дмитрий Васильев
wow 😍👍👍👍
Comment from : SILVER COINS & Дмитрий Васильев

Silver Bean Counter
Nice Krug Man I need to add one of those tenths to my stack one day
Comment from : Silver Bean Counter

Louies Silver
great job stacking the fractional goal I say do whatever works for you You know, the Kruger rand was my first gold coin over 30 years ago LOL Have a great New year!
Comment from : Louies Silver

Poormans Stack
I tried this last year but Life got in the way and I started missing months I just need a few to finish my tub I might try to start back soon Good Luck BeachBum
Comment from : Poormans Stack

Lovely lookin' gold coins!
Comment from : Pharaoh

Way to go my friend Stack a little gold per month There are increasingly more deals on fractional Harder to find on the 10th oz But, they are out there Well done my friend
Comment from : SalivateMetal

Silver cat
I get 1/10 because that's all I can really afford I got a1980 1/10 gold krugerrad That I got from Apmex I order random year and I got 1980 that is the first year they did the one 1/10 ounce Krugerrand
Comment from : Silver cat

Awesome I have a handful of those age as well I was content with piling up 1/10th's until I got a full one ounce AGE! Now they just don't hit the spot Beautiful show!
Comment from : E R I K

Alexander R De Voogt
Nice pickup my friend Beautiful coins I prefer the 1/4oz but I'll buy what I can Thanks for sharing my friend
Comment from : Alexander R De Voogt

The 1/10th gold coins are reasonably easy to buy without having to save up for months I'm working on a tube of gold eagles and up to about 11 now
Comment from : CyberCurtainTwitcher

Chef Caponejr
Real nice 👍, Thanks for leaving the light on
Comment from : Chef Caponejr

I received my first gold coin 3 years ago for Xmas Now, I’m going to start panning for Gold You’re off to a great start for your gold coin collection👌👌
Comment from : BeAmbitiousNotContent

Absolutely, it's a easier way to stack Gold, or Platinum monthly whilst still being able to buy silver Keep a eye out for my video later 👍👍👍
Comment from : jonrms

Tomokos Enterprize
Hey bud Good to see you a stone's throw from the 1K mark fella These are a great way to see 20 in bud
Comment from : Tomokos Enterprize

Could I be the first one ? Awesome looking gold coins bud !!👍🏻😁
Comment from : mikegpo

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