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Musicians testify they sold their soul to the devil

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Information Musicians testify they sold their soul to the devil

Title :  Musicians testify they sold their soul to the devil
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Frames Musicians testify they sold their soul to the devil

Description Musicians testify they sold their soul to the devil

Comments Musicians testify they sold their soul to the devil

Jeremy Gamet
This whole video is making me lose brain cells
Comment from : Jeremy Gamet

Michael Jackson luckily repented before he died
Comment from : Mysticult

dinny dee
This is really sad☹☹☹☹☹☹ Its like many want out now
Comment from : dinny dee

Mark Davis
What good is it to gain the world but yet lose your soul?
Comment from : Mark Davis

linda Bloomfield
I've known this for many years So horrific what people will do for money Hollywood is a cesspool
Comment from : linda Bloomfield

Evelyn El
Who's the first girl in the video?
Comment from : Evelyn El

kyle william
Bunch of mentally ill folks brought to you in part by corporations
Comment from : kyle william

Jean Kavanagh
Devil can't own souls and they're not ours to give away They belong to God
Comment from : Jean Kavanagh

Billy Boat
The devil is real and he has no authority over you if you cry out To God , God will Save You and the devil will flee no matter what deal you made God can break the contract by His Blood the Blood of Jesus removes allllll sin alllll deals all
Comment from : Billy Boat

Matt Bowling
It is percular that these same people keep getting these constant roles in all these films, do you think there's a shortage on great actors Serving the devil for a while pays but it comes at an eternal cost Skin for skin all that a man hath will he give for his skin - Satan
Comment from : Matt Bowling

Stefan Mauhart
no matter what words u use to describe the worldbrwe know whats upbrbless yall and keep on vibing the good normal boring humble life,brbrlife is good living is notbramen
Comment from : Stefan Mauhart

x x
The devil tried to tempt Jesus Christ and get him to sell his soul to him what makes you think he wouldn't try to do it to you he is the rule of all four corners of the Earth how can you sell what was given to you
Comment from : x x

Chris bentley
Oh, I'll never kill myself to save my soulbrI was gone, but how was I to know?brI didn't come this far to sink so lowbrI'm finally holding on to lettingbrGo #8 - SLIPKNOT
Comment from : Chris bentley

Nick Bongiorno
God help us
Comment from : Nick Bongiorno

Emmanuel Sahr
My soul belongs to Jesus! He is the true son of God
Comment from : Emmanuel Sahr

Clive Bruce
you know signing your name in blood doesnt mean signing in actual blood? lol its just a metaphor
Comment from : Clive Bruce

Comment from : Beë

Nikki worships the devil … YOU ARE THE DEVIL lady
Comment from : therealsongstress

You tell ‘em Melissa
Comment from : therealsongstress

Joey Hogan
Praise god I hope these people get saved
Comment from : Joey Hogan

Alex Powers
If one can sold his soul why become famous get something awesome like telekinesis or teleportation
Comment from : Alex Powers

Dejan Andric
My life is hell already and i didn't sell anything to devil
Comment from : Dejan Andric

Korn Manson
Haa ces chrétiens lol🤦 ce n ai que une métaphore une fois entrée dans la grosse machine de l industrie a produire des artistes il n' y a aucun retour en arrière ils (âmes) appartienne a l industrie (satan)
Comment from : Korn Manson

Adam Zitsch
I'll pound satans suple little arse
Comment from : Adam Zitsch

Everyone has to rmb the devil was a angel n was know to be a musician a good one at tht so anyone who wants to do music you playing in his game
Comment from : MaverickTheTruth

Trevor Clausen
All Devils Dirty Whores can have there fame n fortune,they shall all Reap What they Sow
Comment from : Trevor Clausen

hat man
These sell outs will be the ppl we fight against when the holy war begins
Comment from : hat man

1:29 Roman is a Polish male name lol Like Roman Polański
Comment from : ProudPolishHerbsman

Baltimore SportsCenter
2022 Baltimore City All 1st and 2nd Teams-> wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=HrOJK6bhc9c&t=103s
Comment from : Baltimore SportsCenter

Vaeh Babyy
My soul Belongs to the HEAVENLY father🙏🏾🤍
Comment from : Vaeh Babyy

idiot "Emmanuel" how does one go about selling their "soul?
Comment from : tariqziyad

Cassandra Romero
🙏Thank you, for sharing this the world really needs this expressly young people!
Comment from : Cassandra Romero

Liverpool Fan Channel
Comment from : Liverpool Fan Channel

many demons sharing one body
Comment from : ZKL

Destinys Philosophy Uploads
Only a real fool would sell her soul to devils
Comment from : Destinys Philosophy Uploads

Jack Sawyer
I love how theists don't comprehend metaphors, when their own bible is full of them And they don't understand mental illness, when they're suffering from the biggest one of all XDbrbrMy soul belongs to ME, and only ME F*ck superstitions and the "gods" Lucifer, Jesus, Satan, Yahweh, Rah, Horus, Odin, Thor, Zeus, Hades, Zoroaster, Brahma, Vishnu, Allah they're all the same F*ck 'em all
Comment from : Jack Sawyer

Denetrice Johnson
I will always keep Robin Williams who died from suicide in my heart Because who knew? Not even his family knew his pain was that bad I was floored He was so funny as hell but he was miserable enough to say f_ _k this world I know the devil real cause when I was Crack he talked me into picking up a razor blade told me just kill yourself Man I cried out to Jesus that if would make him stop I would quit Next day auntie I had not seen since I was 10 came to visit and took me GA The devil is real for those who truly don't believe See he catch at your weakest moments Just like he tempted Jesus I'll give you the world if you this or he will try or succeed at making you commit suicide
Comment from : Denetrice Johnson

Chris Ramo
Well, the devil steals,kills and destroy
Comment from : Chris Ramo

👑Lost BoY Journey👑
My soul is with Jesus Christ and God and no one can take it away from him i no I've did bad things but Jesus will guide me no matter what hail the lord 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
Comment from : 👑Lost BoY Journey👑

What if it's a term used in the industry to mean your deep into the music Industry
Comment from : alfelmo

No amount of money, fame, power, clout, fancy cars, designer clothes, etc is worth spending an eternity in Hell
Comment from : Stormblast729

cristian hernandez
My soul belongs to God Satan I rebuke you All I need is the love I receive from God through my family and all the divinity of God's creation
Comment from : cristian hernandez

delano wright
You can't sell your soul
Comment from : delano wright

Heidi Smith
no amount of money or fame is worth selling your soul I'm so glad my soul is God's I don't have millions but I have peace and happiness which is so much better
Comment from : Heidi Smith

Comment from : KAPITALQ

The Cobalt Colonel
Metaphors My soul belongs to ME
Comment from : The Cobalt Colonel

Benjimin Franklin
I pray for everyone and wish everyone makes it to heaven
Comment from : Benjimin Franklin

Benjimin Franklin
Jesus I love you
Comment from : Benjimin Franklin

فواز ولد السعودية 🇸🇦
My Soul Belongs To God, Only God, Not Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him)
Comment from : فواز ولد السعودية 🇸🇦

Elohim child
How could you gain the world and loses what doesn't belong to you your soul belongs to yashuah
Comment from : Elohim child

Darra m
You idiots will listen to anything a dumb celebrity says and believe it 💀 bunch of dickriders
Comment from : Darra m

Comment from : JD WIERDBIERD

Never in my life have I heard someone say "I swear to Lucifer"
Comment from : KevTheGOAT

Alexander Graham
Dmx refused,,hence his life was ruined
Comment from : Alexander Graham

people here taking lyrics in a literal sense 🤡
Comment from : LCama

David Mcintire
Comment from : David Mcintire

Andrew Paige
These r lyrics people, for gods sake, it’s just a euphemism for being really stupid and doing really stupid things! I’ll bet u don’t take every OTHER word or phrase from songs as literal Even MOST of the ones just talking in interviews are using it in the same non-literal way! Although there were a few of them being interviewed that seemed to be intending it in the literal fashion!
Comment from : Andrew Paige

Tell me how can i sold my soul to devil
Comment from : KID FF S1

jefferson peralta
My lord is the mightiest
Comment from : jefferson peralta

Qiczy Becky vlogs
My soul belong to God Almighty 🙏
Comment from : Qiczy Becky vlogs

Jackie Filakosky
Hey, You naive people! You cannot sell your soul to the devil! The devil is only a falling angel who God kicked out of heaven! Please understand that he is the father of all lies, the master manipulater and has absolutely no ownership of anyone's soul! You belong to GOD ALMIGHTY! The CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE ! God owns your soul! So if you want to willfully turn your back on GOD then good riddens! You may be famous for your short life here on earth but WILL spend eternity in hell! The devil is only using you as a pawn to draw in others He needs you people who just don't know Repent, just by saying a prayer to God and tell him you that you made a mistake and want Him in your life Renounce the father of all lies (Lucifer) and give your life to GOD You won't regret it God bless you all! The Bible says that our life here on earth is just a vapor compared to eternity 🤔
Comment from : Jackie Filakosky

How can you sell something that isn't yours?
Comment from : Gravidmind

April Jacobson
You can't sell your soul because it doesn't belong to you
Comment from : April Jacobson

That Guy
I don’t believe this it’s bull shit
Comment from : That Guy

African Geopolitics
Photocopy work blacks love to imitate other people's work
Comment from : African Geopolitics

James Spindle
You cannot sell something that does not belong to you to think you have sold your soul you have fallen for an illusion and a lie
Comment from : James Spindle

Kunka Lives
Are you all stupid? It's a saying, it isn't literal
Comment from : Kunka Lives

Hell is gonna be lit
Comment from : Kongatthegates00

Lakeisha Eaton
I'm glad I belong to Jesus Christ people get saved because u see that these are evil deity's and Satan children turn back to Jesus Christ turn back to Jesus Christ
Comment from : Lakeisha Eaton

Joyce Terrell
Psalm 91
Comment from : Joyce Terrell

Joyce Terrell
I love the Lord!
Comment from : Joyce Terrell

It sounds like this is a euphemism for selling out as in not staying true to their musical roots I’m sure there are people out there who sell their souls and most probably do it while taking Christian dollars
Comment from : StayGoldPonyBoy

Cloud Net
My Soul belongs to God and Jesus only
Comment from : Cloud Net

Charles Santee
Behold, all souls are mine; as the soul of the father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, it shall die (Ezekiel 18:4) King James Version
Comment from : Charles Santee

I think alot of you are not familiar with the use of expressions Things people say that is not to be taken literally Or they are being sarcaatic
Comment from : fizbinsfire

Praveen Anto
Either you are washed in the blood of the Lamb and saved or are damned to hell for all eternity with the Devil
Comment from : Praveen Anto

Christ forever
For what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but lose his own soul
Comment from : Christ forever

smh there is no way to sale your soul to the devilNo where written is the Bible those it mention the devil buying soulssmh you people believe anythingif the devil is going to hell what can he possibly do with a soul in hell?? His purpose is only to lead men astray on judgement day you can't say I sold my soul you got to look at those sins you commit
Comment from : xXBobbyaSheepXx

I belong to the Kind of King’s and Lord of Lord’s Jesus Christ ❤️
Comment from : KiLL3R MiLL3R

A Mckenna
Your soul belongs to me!brHA HA HA HA HAAAA! br👹👹👹😈😈😈
Comment from : A Mckenna

That is the lie, that you can sell your soul, but the truth is that only God owns your soul!! And there isn't anyone not even satan who can stop you from turning to Jesus Christ! He is the Name above all other names There is nothing more powerful! There is nothing too big, no circumstance too far gone, no person too lost that Jesus can't redeem! It is never too late as long as there is still breath in your lungs to turn to the Lord! He will wash you clean and make you white as snow! Repent, seek the Lord while He may still be found There is always hope in Jesus! He came for the sinners He will break every chain, give you a new heart, make you a new creation and grant you eternal life as a free gift for He is rich in Mercy! Choose God's Grace not His judgement He so Loved the world that He gave His only begotten son to die for your sins, to take the penalty you deserve, so that you may have eternal life by His ressuresction and defeat over death Satan ain't got nothing on the King of kings and Lord of lords!!brHALLELUJAH AND AMEN! GOD BLESS YOU WHO EVER NEEDS THIS TRUTH 🙏 ❤️ brI love you!
Comment from : SuzySpex

And ppl say why allah/god made music haram
Comment from : IMAN7J

Isn’t this metaphorical?
Comment from : Bratac

Tori Neal
Jesus, please help us
Comment from : Tori Neal

Tori Neal
My soul belongs to God
Comment from : Tori Neal

But y'all know that Kanye has a Christian Church now and is with jesus
Comment from : GRACE A

Oh Blood and water which gushed forth from the heart of Jesus as a found of mercy for us I trust in youbrbrEternal Father I offer you the body and blood soul and divinity of your dearly beloved son our Lord Jesus Christ in atonement for our sins and those of the whole worldbrbrFor the sake of His sorrowful passion have mercy on us and on the whole world
Comment from : Angela

God ain’t real Satan ain’t real you live you die and when you die your so fkin dead you won’t even know you were once alive, end of
Comment from : ry62

V Arroz
"WHOEVER calls on the name of THE LORD SHALL BE SAVED” (ROMANS 10:13) The scripture you are referring to is the one that means about blaspheming the Holy Spirit these are people who are INTENTIONALLY KNOWINGLY with FULL understanding of what they are doing ESPECIALLY the one's who have had in encounter with the HOLY SPIRIT& then turn back and say it was NOT real If these people who have sold there soul's to the devil denounce that type of witchcraft and come back to GOD He WILL ACCEPT THEM NO if ands or buts about itWhat people forget to realize and or REMEMBER is that WE have ALL at some point BEFORE we came to CHRIST sold our souls to the devil it's NOT just the Rich and famous it's NOT just celebrities it's everyday people because that's what they are too at the end of the day, BUT after you TURN TO GOD and YOU REPENT and you call out to him he will by NO MEANS TURN YOU AWAY That is THE TRUE LIVING WORD OF GOD Don't ONLY READ the Bible but STUDY IT! ESPECIALLY before you try to go out and give wrong info you don't wanna send ppl off B/C of JESUS THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE 💯❤️🙏🏽
Comment from : V Arroz

V Arroz
There you have it GOD told us first my brothers & sister's CHOOSE LIFE! & What does it profit a man to gain THE WHOLE WORLD ( This world is TEMPORARY! )& LOSE YOUR SOUL'IT'S NOT WORTH IT AT THE END OF THE DAY TO SELL YOUR SOUL or ANYTHING else to who it does NOT belong too WE are PAID IN FULL BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS!! Thank you FATHER GOD for your Son! Thank you JESUS AMEN 🙌🏽🗝️📖🎁❤️💯🙏🏽⚔️🛡️👑🔥🕊️🕊️🕊️🔥
Comment from : V Arroz

Michael's song was taken out of context here He exposes the industry in his song "Money"
Comment from : PyroTheKidd

Jes Kidding;\
Can't believe people actually believe this
Comment from : Jes Kidding;\

phil ten
Look up DMX speaking about being approached by the devil 3 times He turned away from it and look what happened to his career after he was big in the 90s The man had his problems but he knew the truth When lucifer was an angel in heaven he was the orchestrator of music He was cast out of heaven and now look at the influence on the music scene It is not a coincidence
Comment from : phil ten

natalia matthews
My soul and live belongs to God!!!!!
Comment from : natalia matthews

A Christian
My soul belongs to God
Comment from : A Christian

I belong to God only
Comment from : Abikanni

Richard Castro Mzena
3:03 bob regrets here
Comment from : Richard Castro Mzena

george magurany
Shitttt, for that kind of money 💰 ID gladly SELL my soul 💯 burn in hell so my family and my kids kids can be set I think so! Fuck I'd even bring him more souls to cash in 💸
Comment from : george magurany

All of these Hollywood celebrities I suggest you guys read the Quran
Comment from : Tí

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