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The Real Reason Cleopatra Killed Herself

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Title :  The Real Reason Cleopatra Killed Herself
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Comments The Real Reason Cleopatra Killed Herself

The Infographics Show
This video is too edgy for Youtube's monetization policies DEMONETIZED
Comment from : The Infographics Show

PieroGojira: The Kaiju Legend
I think Egyptians will miss Cleopatra… (The Egyptians will be so worried)
Comment from : PieroGojira: The Kaiju Legend

AcidSting the Hivewing
"She is not known for her looks but her brains"brbr - Some random person
Comment from : AcidSting the Hivewing

philip ditchfield
Insights into Cleopatra's rather dark personality have recently emerged during a series of regressions See the Hypno-Archaeologist by Philip Ditchfield
Comment from : philip ditchfield

She was toxic af like my ex
Comment from : sycomantz

Donna Lichvarcik
Cleopatra was the queen of Egyptian fashion she was and is a true badass fashion iconic legend Cleopatra and mark Anthony was the inspiration for Romeo and Juliet and other iconic tragic love stories like maria and Tony lily and Severus Christine and Eric Emma and Henry and Edward and Lucy
Comment from : Donna Lichvarcik

Donna Lichvarcik
Cleopatra and mark Anthony was the Egyptian couple version of Romeo and Juliet
Comment from : Donna Lichvarcik

Nicola Rijsdijk
Comment from : Nicola Rijsdijk

Alvin Woods
Cleopatra was murdered Regardless of what most historians say Suicide does not fit Cleopatra profile in life She was simply a survivor in the game During the last Battle of Actium Mark Anthony and Cleopatra were quickly murdered paving the way for Octavian to become Leader of Rome and annexing all of Egypt The story was made up and embellished about Cleopatra's suicide brbrTo the victor goes the spoils and how history is written by the hand of the victor
Comment from : Alvin Woods

Outlaw88 And the wild bunch
My school is having a character day/historic figures thing that is required for a grade and I’m roleplaying Cleopatra So this project will be… interesting 😬
Comment from : Outlaw88 And the wild bunch

You left out the parts of bayek of siwa the last medjay aiding cleopatra and forming what we would come to know as the assassin brotherhood
Comment from : J J

wonderful winner
I'm confused Didn't Marc Antony marry Octavia after Fulvia's death? He left Octavia for Cleopatra?!
Comment from : wonderful winner

Luke Finlayson
This love story is awesome
Comment from : Luke Finlayson

Rhiannon Chandler
Cleopatra is so pretty
Comment from : Rhiannon Chandler

TTG x hothead
Why do ya make her white she was a African queen everywhere I look y'all make this women white skinned like wtf
Comment from : TTG x hothead

Caesar: bSimps/bbrAntony: bSimps/bbrOctavian: "Be gone, thot"
Comment from : L N

Victor Velarde
Old generation of toxic men
Comment from : Victor Velarde

Antony's Roman Wife was very supportive and she still supported Antony's fights and raised loads of children ON HER OWN The Roman Wife and Cleopatra both deserve a medal (though we would have to dig up Their tombs to do it)
Comment from : Koalakween

She was part of the Ptolemaic Dynasty A dynasty is when a Family rules, the crown going from Father to Son, Mother to Daughter, Grandparent to Niece or Nephew and so on The Ptolemaic Dynasty was started by Alexander the great, a famous Greek Warrior King who conquered loads of the known world! Egypt was a rich country but went through a time of Famine during Cleopatra's rule, making people drop like flies!
Comment from : Koalakween

Cleopatra was never married to Julius Caesar, she had one child with Caesar called Caesarion (means little Caesar) She had much more Children with Mark Antony brShe married 3 brothers but all of them came to a sticky end Cleopatra is said to ask for an asp in her Fig basket and it "bit her" One of the powers of the Pharaohs (the Egyptian ruler) to be able to control snakeswe don't know if this is true thoughbrCleopatra was the first in her family to speak fluent Egyptian (she was very clever) she wasn't actually Egyptian, she was Greek!
Comment from : Koalakween

Cataleya Cortiella
Comment from : Cataleya Cortiella

Kareem Douglas
Every word is filled with so much information wow 👌
Comment from : Kareem Douglas

Amisha singh
Cleopatra what a queen she was of her time really today also we can learn so much from her❤️❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Amisha singh

Amisha singh
This queen has my heart ❤️❤️🥰😍❤️ Cleopatra for life ❤️😍🥰♥️❤️she taught us so many lessons about life ❤️♥️😍🥰❤️love this queen❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Amisha singh

arzoo468 Baruah
I was breathless listening to the narration
Comment from : arzoo468 Baruah

𝚂𝚌𝚘𝚛𝚌𝚑𝚎𝚍 𝙴𝚊𝚛𝚝𝚑™
She poisoned herself because she was going to be made into a dancing street monkey for Rome, she chose death over humiliation Theres tons of other people in history who did the same
Comment from : 𝚂𝚌𝚘𝚛𝚌𝚑𝚎𝚍 𝙴𝚊𝚛𝚝𝚑™

Aleese Courtney
okay some of this is off like some of it literally isn't accurate
Comment from : Aleese Courtney

What happened to her children? There were four of them, right?
Comment from : DC Le

David Hacking-Bonilla
Despite them being enemies Octavian respected Anthony enough to bury his lover Cleopatra right beside him in death
Comment from : David Hacking-Bonilla

Virginia Glitsis
Let’s appreciate how she was born in 69 bc
Comment from : Virginia Glitsis

Greg Weiland
Comment from : Greg Weiland

Cleopatra never existed
Comment from : VGO VGER

Malol Black
they were not white
Comment from : Malol Black

Desert Moon lee
The comment section is filled with experts assuming everything they don’t know because they read on internet
Comment from : Desert Moon lee

She was so ruthless that she eventually realized all her devastating actions and got KARMAbrEnding herself due to the exaggerative karma she felt
Comment from : MrBeastFan

Fun Fact: Cleopatra was actually black!
Comment from : spedupaudios

WAS she a great woman?
Comment from : lexiconlover

Thomas Dejesus
Comment from : Thomas Dejesus

Thomas Dejesus
E money
Comment from : Thomas Dejesus

Thomas Dejesus
Comment from : Thomas Dejesus

Thomas Dejesus
She was very wide eyes Jenner cuxtsxz xxduwuwuu Hustle baby rose hills Jocelyn Flores of a sunflower from John n pohn ,,,,vv
Comment from : Thomas Dejesus

Thomas Dejesus
Thoughts crowns of King s que pabloescobared
Comment from : Thomas Dejesus

Thomas Dejesus
Drugs drugs drugs needed for this era
Comment from : Thomas Dejesus

is anyone else just not finding out cleopatra killed herself?!
Comment from : DeAdX_X

Nicole the seeker
I've been researching and it's said that cleopatras son escaped with Joseph from the bible to the grand canyon
Comment from : Nicole the seeker

Fadeed Gaming
Guys ur reading to far into it maybe shawdy just aint wan hit 40 who wanna be old am i right
Comment from : Fadeed Gaming

Adsay - Meenakshi - Chitralekha - Komolika
Hi guys! Cleo here!
Comment from : Adsay - Meenakshi - Chitralekha - Komolika

J Parker
Wow her own brother
Comment from : J Parker

Oluwaseun Aremu
Comment from : Oluwaseun Aremu

della wood
Not so fun fact; after both Cleopatra and Antony's death, Octavia was so furious that her now-deceased husband had cheated on her, she took Cleopatra's children Since Caesar's child (the oldest of the siblings, or better known as the Pizza Pizza kid) was old enough to remember who his real mother was, so Octavia ordered him to be murdered and then raised the rest of Cleopatra's children as her own
Comment from : della wood

she’s not white
Comment from : CA$HDINH

I would say Antony's remaining navy and army deserted when Octavian's Navy was spotted near Alexandria so Antony saw death coming so he pulled out his dagger and stabbed himself Before dying Cleopatra heard about Antony dying so she wanted to see him again before he dies Antony was able to see Cleopatra and Antony ordered wine and drunk it and died after Cleopatra later died as will you could say how she died I ain't going over that
Comment from : Lepidus_M

she wasn't white tho
Comment from : Laradb

Poshitha Perera
She is soooo beautiful
Comment from : Poshitha Perera

Poshitha Perera
She is soo beautiful
Comment from : Poshitha Perera

But don't we not know what happened to her that she just disappeared and her killing herself atleast that's what I heard if I'm wrong please tell me
Comment from : heresy

That part where Anthony stabs himself, then manages to travel all the way to Egypt b4 dying I'm doubting that happened
Comment from : toniiah

uncharted7again black king
Cleopatra was not white Caucasian mf
Comment from : uncharted7again black king

Marc Antony Just Died and cleo was sorrow so she got herself bitten
Comment from : sign

Natalia Fidan
Poor Cleopatra kill's itself Like the video to make Cleopatra alive and subscribe for Cleopatra to make her happy in her tombstone last but not least hit the bell button revenge for CleopatrabrDo it please or else Cleopatra will be still dead and will not happy in her tombstone and lastly Cleopatra will not have revenge on Roman Empire
Comment from : Natalia Fidan

Blagica Chitkusheva
I live in Macedonia ok ima say something in Macedonia ok here we go здраво јас сакам ногетс ногетс are nuggets здраво is hi јас сакам is i like
Comment from : Blagica Chitkusheva

Great video
Comment from : MrsLP123

Welp, great women shouldn't have to commit suicide, but the world was different then
Comment from : SlickChick

Mark Davis
There are some pretty big mistakes in here Antony was never held captive by Octavian Tarsus is in Cilicia not Sicily She sent the 4 legions to Syria to help fight Cassius but they were captured and never took part in the battle of Philippi Ok not that big a deal
Comment from : Mark Davis

Oscar Huang
Also called why Cleopatra suicide
Comment from : Oscar Huang

Amelia Earhart
"Also called Little Caeser" Did that line make anyone else want pizza?
Comment from : Amelia Earhart

Fun fact, Cleo could speak at least nine languagesbrEthiopian, Troglodytic, Hebrew, Arabic, Aramaic, Median, Parthian, Egyptian, and Greek
Comment from : God

Jasmine Mustafa
She in buried with her husband
Comment from : Jasmine Mustafa

Jasmine Mustafa
She killed herself so she was not paraded around as a joke by Caesar after they split if you must know
Comment from : Jasmine Mustafa

Maria Chavez
I heard that Cleopatra was Jesus's MotherbrJesus has incarnated many times
Comment from : Maria Chavez

Queen Iced Coffee
Them just cuddling in the bed 🤣🤣
Comment from : Queen Iced Coffee

TTD3 dances
pov: ur me and you have a big test on mythology tomorrow so ur studying at 3am by watching youtube
Comment from : TTD3 dances

this is so related to assassin's creed origins
Comment from : Owien

Rachel Doley
What happened to Ceaser's son though?
Comment from : Rachel Doley

Chef Becky 🍳
I Love you
Comment from : Chef Becky 🍳

Jazmine Cantu
How does he know all this just curious
Comment from : Jazmine Cantu

why did her servants also take their lives?
Comment from : Artemis

she's sooo smart and manipulative but was still there for her lover when he was passing, poor girl :(
Comment from : Natalie

Comment from : 李威

シ𝔼𝕝𝕝𝕒シ 𝕙𝕖𝕝𝕡 𝕞𝕖
I cleo
Comment from : シ𝔼𝕝𝕝𝕒シ 𝕙𝕖𝕝𝕡 𝕞𝕖

Anyone else here lookin up Egypt after playing the masterpiece that is Assassins Creed Origins?
Comment from : ghost__peppah

Jason Webb
I wonder which woman in history was the prettiest? Helena of Troy or Cleopatra It is clear that Cleopatra was more famous and carried more power over the people Where as Helena of Troy was only known for her beauty
Comment from : Jason Webb

Debadatta Giri
Octavian life does interest me a lot
Comment from : Debadatta Giri

Right after watching Red Notice on Netflix I YouTube Cleopatra’s Eggs to see if it was real lol 😂 and I went thru the comments
Comment from : KNineRecords

ashok Singh Sisodiya 🚩🗡️
Chiranjeeva Kuru Keertivardhanam Chiranjeeva Kuru Punyavardhanamlongevitybrsuyashah bhatubrvijaya bhavatu
Comment from : ashok Singh Sisodiya 🚩🗡️

ashok Singh Sisodiya 🚩🗡️
welfare of the world be kind to animals everyone stay healthy peace in nature We wish for peace and brotherhood in the whole world with Indian culture May the whole universe rest in peace 🇮🇳🇮🇳
Comment from : ashok Singh Sisodiya 🚩🗡️

Nerdy and Nice
I think my dad’s getting worried I keep watch homocide and su*cide…
Comment from : Nerdy and Nice

I always loved Cleopatra, even as a kid I dressed up as her! I actually didn't know most of this information about her!
Comment from : AKitCatB

Mohamed Kenneh
Comment from : Mohamed Kenneh

K Game
At least she loved someone at then end whole heartly!
Comment from : K Game

Maria Mardare
I am in love with Egypt thing I am going insane
Comment from : Maria Mardare

Oron Mendel
Cleopatra was NOT "admired for her divine beauty" Historians agree that although the Alexandrian Queen was seductive due to her physical abilities and her intellect, she was not beautiful of face
Comment from : Oron Mendel

Then she was unearthed and hidden somewhere no one knows
Comment from : DSkatyusha

she was murdered by the romans though? right?
Comment from : luvqr

Notorius BIG
I hate Cleopatra, the Greeks & the Romans in Egypt All of them
Comment from : Notorius BIG

I really hope this doesn’t break channel guidelines,but my name is Anubis,as my parents were obsessed with ancient Egypt! I love the name so much!!
Comment from : ☀️sundrop☀️

Javier DiFrancisco
Fun fact: this is the real inspiration behind romeo and juliet
Comment from : Javier DiFrancisco

Javier DiFrancisco
Fun fact: this is the real inspiration behind romeo and juliet
Comment from : Javier DiFrancisco

Davis777⚡• 69 years and
This is some Game of thrones level drama right here🤣
Comment from : Davis777⚡• 69 years and

That’s the real reason why it’s called little ceasers
Comment from : Galgen

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