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Chicken and Pizza
They still air these basically identical "clad" mgs worth of gold retail value "insert made up number" and have it marked down to either $1995 or $995 and its actually worth less than a dollar This shouldn't even be allowed on television and cracked down on
Comment from : Chicken and Pizza

This add is still going
Comment from : Hexbulla

Joel Najar
I remember ordering this as a kid and me and my grandmother being really mad that it wasn't real hahaha
Comment from : Joel Najar

Jo Pena
It's only 10$ now
Comment from : Jo Pena

Jo Pena
I saw commercial 2022
Comment from : Jo Pena

Jo Pena
Lol is fake I don't get it 🤣
Comment from : Jo Pena

colt LE
Believe it or not but this scam got me into coins and stacking real gold and silver
Comment from : colt LE

The Sugar Eater
I have one of these, I got it when I was really young
Comment from : The Sugar Eater

Karl Schneider
Sorry, but someone has to say it: Anybody stupid enough to fall for this crap DESERVES to lose their money
Comment from : Karl Schneider

Karl Schneider
They just now had a newer scam, they dropped the price to $995 and the gold to 14 milligrams down from 20 The gold is still about 20 cents worth even if you could manage to scrape it off the pot metal 'coin' I really don't know how this crap is legal Oh, but they include a Certificate of Authenticity!!!! Where can I get a Certificate of Authenticity for the Certificate of Authenticity? good grief
Comment from : Karl Schneider

Karl Schneider
PT Barnum sure had it right
Comment from : Karl Schneider

AJ Tate
This coin is apparently a load of “Buffalo” shit lol But I still like this commercial for nostalgia and I’m a commercial nerd and like the ads with this voice actor
Comment from : AJ Tate

Xbox Ine
Bruh this ad is still running and still has same wording
Comment from : Xbox Ine

John Jasper
there's 22 cents of gold in dat coin SIGN me up!
Comment from : John Jasper

This shit is 12 years old and I just watched this commercial on tv🤣 it was 31mg now it’s 14mg
Comment from : MIGUEL ROBLES

John Jasper
everyone involved in this scam should be locked in a dungeon to ROT
Comment from : John Jasper

Is only me Mephisto
Clad in 31 milligrams of 24K pure gold = to $50 worth of gold for $10 what a scam, and they get away because a fool is born every minute and some will think this r collectable and cheap, well cheap garbage they r
Comment from : Is only me Mephisto

I wanted this as a kid lmao
Comment from : SketchedAldo

Why is this a scam?
Comment from : Mighty90

StripedPants 1
Why are there so many dislikes on this video? These commercials try to fuck you out of your money
Comment from : StripedPants 1

Lynn Boyer
The $50 Gold Buffalo Coins now sell for thousands of dollars
Comment from : Lynn Boyer

I Like Numismatics1940
That’s worth half a cent
Comment from : I Like Numismatics1940

I bought 5 for the 50 bucks back in 2011 Can I start a new life or naw?
Comment from : justtubin84

henry sustache
hi buy one of this coins so you telling they not real gold
Comment from : henry sustache

Cameron Newkirk
One of the TV channels in my area had a commercial ad for a 1964 Morgan Dollar with buy now before you regret itI would rather buy Morgan Dollars from my local coin shopSorry people that charge too much for a coin that always says copyCopy coins are pretty much face value of the coin itself or less
Comment from : Cameron Newkirk

Made inbrbTrump voice/bbrChiiinabrbr24k is the same as ear phone plugs
Comment from : karma

Building Buildercip
I remember this commercial Trying to scam the uneducated in gold people So wrong!
Comment from : Building Buildercip

Mike Jurnak
10 bucks for a coin worth a quarter sign me up
Comment from : Mike Jurnak

Comment from : LincolnGamingYT

Runs with Bigfoot
5 only per caller lol
Comment from : Runs with Bigfoot

Annika Holmstrom
Holly shit I was shopping for a gold nazi coin when I suddenly remembered this comeartal from the early 2000's I remember seeing this comeral a lot It might have been on a VHS recording of some movie, but I don't really remember because I was really young Does anybody know when this was shown on tv?
Comment from : Annika Holmstrom

1998 Subaru Impreza WRX Sti
I hated this commercial
Comment from : 1998 Subaru Impreza WRX Sti

I remember seeing this as a kid and was still able to call bullshit then
Comment from : Colonizer-Chan

Kris Huang
Just saw this minutes ago on Bloomberg television
Comment from : Kris Huang

31mg=000109349 oz of gold,which at today's gold price is worth $ 144So,if gold rises ten time today's price you would have $1440 worthNot the greatest investmentBetter to buy silver dollarsSomeone is selling for $1999,which is still overpriced,but a bargain compared to this rip off
Comment from : J J

Thomas Stuart
Who would invest in gold-plated coins? It's gold value is approx $1
Comment from : Thomas Stuart

Brian Dog
They are an absolute steal at that price I’m going to buy at least 50 of these beasts sky is the limit I suggest others do the same before they run out these people are suckers for selling 9999 pure gold buffalo coins that cheap WoW sit back and let the good times roll baby ! Can’t wait till gold goes up I might actually retire if they still have enough 🧐
Comment from : Brian Dog

Joe Doe
Talks about gold going past 1000 dollars but they is less than a dollar worth of gold in the coin WHAT A SCAM!
Comment from : Joe Doe

dicky dickerson
This commercial was designed to take old senile peoples money $1999 Lololol
Comment from : dicky dickerson

luther minor
this coin is worth $0747 a 1 ounce gold is worth over $1,00000 just looked it up
Comment from : luther minor

the buffalo company probably made millions off this scam too many dumb fools in this country      Too many dumb shit-brains that think 13mg of gold is comparable to the price they are paying they lack basic math skills
Comment from : matthoward23

Burner Facetime
I really regret not buying this when I had the chance
Comment from : Burner Facetime

Jim Britt
Comment from : Jim Britt

Brian Smith
SAvoid your future regret right nowbrbrI'd pay $100 for a detailed report of how much money they made off these suckers
Comment from : Brian Smith

i type in scam commercial in the search bar and this pop up
Comment from : COFFEMEEE

Comment from : anime90s

999 were the other 9 come from
Comment from : anime90s

Niklas Kleinworth
This commercial said that it is a copy of the $50 piece
Comment from : Niklas Kleinworth

I havent seen this commercial in a while and I missed it, so i looked it up
Comment from : mj

9 bux xD the gold on that coin is less than 3 quarters(07475) xD
Comment from : mp_Dagger

not lost wonderer
with YouTube today it's amazing anyone gets sucked Into this
Comment from : not lost wonderer

Those tokens they give to the kids at Chuck E Cheese's are worth more
Comment from : Mostafa

How the hell are coins like this not considered counterfeits? they make them as real as possible to try and con people who know no better, and no where on it does it say replica even blatantly fake plastic coins for kids has to have copy stamped all over it
Comment from : TheZachish

John ryner
Limit of 5 because they're doing you a favor and they want to rip oh help as many people as possible before they run out of suckers i mean future victims i mean names to sell to sucker list
Comment from : John ryner

As of this day (April 2, 2015) the gold on this coin (31 mg) is worth approx $119br*flies away
Comment from : CengTolga

Ryan Henke
A run on 24k blanks? lol Have they ever seen a pic of the gold room at West Point? That room is always stocked with 24k and 22k coin bars Gold is rare to the masses, not to western governments 
Comment from : Ryan Henke

Joseph Rasmussen
Right before 0:36 he says get your hands on a COPY of this gold coin
Comment from : Joseph Rasmussen

Apex Pattern Studio
What a crap! Stay away from the clad crap!
Comment from : Apex Pattern Studio

cassette recording music
I should buy one for my fake safeI have my real gold and silver hiding somewhere else
Comment from : cassette recording music

Natalie Herrera
"thats four 9's"
Comment from : Natalie Herrera

Otis Nixon
Pause at 1:08 and look on the Indians braid If you tilt the picture so the Indian face is facing down, it says COPY in bold letters
Comment from : Otis Nixon

cassette recording music
Clad lol
Comment from : cassette recording music

Gregory Guzman
These coins have been "a limited time only offer" for years xD What a scam! Anyone who buys into this is a moron
Comment from : Gregory Guzman

Sam Joseph
no number
Comment from : Sam Joseph

You mean NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN!!! lol
Comment from : jdouglasusn

Killer Klown From outer space
Comment from : Killer Klown From outer space

Thomas Sowell’s Disgust Look at Ignorance
Who ever buys these fucking coins are fucking morons!!! They deserve to be cheated out of their money If anyone says they were duped, I say your a FUCKING MORON! Jus sayin
Comment from : Thomas Sowell’s Disgust Look at Ignorance

Steve George
my dad bought one of these "gold clad" with 14 miligrams of gold (worth 75 cents) ALL THESE ARE MADE IN CHINA, SOME WITH TOXIC METALS!!!!
Comment from : Steve George

I was wondering how could a gold coin cost 10$ I knew it was fake personally I wouldn't pay 5$ for this coin let alone 10$
Comment from : neoarcadezr

Larry McLean
also did you see where it say copy in the indians hair
Comment from : Larry McLean

I made fun of this on my channel
Comment from : tmzissupergay

i just saw this stupid commercial and was shocked by the tricky word play, also the word copy on the indians braids if you look closely! also now its only $999 what a trip!!!
Comment from : 1highplains

saint al
As long as the copy bears no denomination ($50 or the word Dollars) it's, sadly, legal as a 'tribute' collectible The fact that the ad mentions the 9999 bullion blanks are at least temporarily gone should alert even the worst stoner, but some folks are just past that point or never arrived at all Caveat emptor
Comment from : saint al

saint al
Worthless It was not issued by any of the US Mints; a ten dollar wager says you could hang a magnet off it Resale value of zilch
Comment from : saint al

31 milligrams is 001 oz That is 1/1000 of an oz That is not a good investment
Comment from : MrBeefcake290

Avoid disappointment and future regret indeed!
Comment from : heyyyyyynow

Wow what a bunch of misleading phooey A gold plated coin is worth precisely nothing This one is for suckers only
Comment from : drxym

J Patrick Long
Farking pivot!
Comment from : J Patrick Long

i love the pivot from the "pure" coin to "your very own COPY" it's deceptive as hell
Comment from : bscepter

Gods and clods Don't feel bad for idiots
Comment from : MassFisher

@kf5 That is my favorite line in this commercial! Pure marketing genius that cuts to the chase!
Comment from : airboatr

You know something? When this commercial played in Canada, they weren't 31 mg plated coins, they were 14 mg I did a rough calculation based on the value of gold the commercial provided, and it came out to just over 5 cents worth of gold Oops, I just realized I didn't calculate for troy ounces It would be even less =\
Comment from : L00NGB00W

@zaqwedcxszxcvbnm That's pretty much impossible =) You'd just have to look at it and it would become contaminated
Comment from : L00NGB00W

theyre just trying to trick people with alzheimers who are on prescription meds pathetic way to make money
Comment from : TheAed38

"Avoid future disappointment and regret" STILL laughing at this!!!
Comment from : NETSIRK

strict limit of five turds per caller!
Comment from : p154831

Juan El Cubano
I fell for this crap last year!! 20 bucks for the gold Liberty head, plus a free silver coin with itI gave it to my kids to play with, so 20 bucks isnt bad, what annoyed the shit out of me is the phone call to order it!! They bombard you with ad after ad, while your trying to pay for the order!!!
Comment from : Juan El Cubano

4 nines but its still less then 1 lol :D
Comment from : zaqwedcxszxcvbnm

Copy is ingraved on the native American guys neck, lol
Comment from : SWAP MEET!

yeah it is much worse how racist it is
Comment from : Ratama

Strict limit of 5 proofs per caller!?!? FUCK, I'm gonna have to get my neighbor's in on this bargain! Heh I love it when commercials use the 'strict limit' deal to insinuate that their product is flying off the shelves so fast they need to save a little for everyone That or the "call in x minutes or the deal will be gone forever!"
Comment from : JerFhilm

There Clad! (Coated) lol
Comment from : ps

Harjit Singh
@kricke243 Exactly!
Comment from : Harjit Singh

My god, this should be illegal Trying to "pretend" milligrams is grams (to lure the buyer to believe it is one troy ounce) This coin contains 1/1000 troy ounce of gold (31 milligrams, and one troy ounce is 31 grams) worth, right now, approx 13 us dollars (that is 130 cents)
Comment from : kricke243

NIENNIENNIEN NIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Donpatch88

Jordy G
Good thing I didn't order
Comment from : Jordy G

1:00 Gold Cladmeans Gold Plated
Comment from : ShaoShao77

in 0:34 they SAY it is a COPY
Comment from : sensei6100

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