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Is Space Travel Worth The Money?

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Title :  Is Space Travel Worth The Money?
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definitely for the rich,not so much for the average joe who cries when a valve index costs 1000 dollars The thing is that there is no actual power source out there can we can efficiently use like we do on Earth If we don't fix the energy crisis now then space will be our grave yard
Comment from : MGrey

nik krenitsky
We cant even dig a river across Australia and your telling me that humans could be living on Mars right now?
Comment from : nik krenitsky

water productions
Industrial society and its future
Comment from : water productions

Staying within the Oort Cloud or Solar System, that's unfortunately the only two options for the limit of distance I see we have
Comment from : ArtistAnthony

Steve Cook
I'm not watching the video, but I will say, Space exploration is a complete joke and waste of time and every single time they do another mission we hear, "forget everything we thought we knew" so in other words it was a huge waste of time and money everything we did before, just make work projects and this shit does absolutely no good and everything we know we learned from the ground telescopes and mathematicians We still get photo shopped pictures, everything we see is fake, all black and white that they photo shop Jupiter doesn't look like those crazy colors we see, it looks the exact same from a ground telescopes but in color Not crazy purple and blue colors lol So in other words, that's al the public really cares about and they still can't give it to us, so we will have to keep re-doing everything anyways and to keep certain special people employed in high paying easy jobs I was all for early space exploration, the moon etc But these hacks nowadays do nothing new They just copy the geniuses that came before They repeat word for word in every single documentary I have ever seen as the very first guy Again, in other words They copy the smart guys homework, IE, Einstein or Hubble This is excluding the current realization which proves my point that Boeing/NASA have had a monopoly on this and were clearly abusing it and was totally exposed by space X killing them at their own game with no experience and half the budget So you tell me if it's a scam lol All space X did was copy the smart guy that came before just like NASA So ya our tax dollars are just allowances for the rich anymore keep building useless rovers lol #Underwhelming #Thieving censoring left wing politics will delete this comment with help of bias monopoly loving and abusing google and YouTube! brbrGod love capitalism pffft :/brbrPS I really can't stand sell out guys like the host of this channel that work for the ruling class They prey on dumb sheep like people to sugar coat their nonsense and make it palatable to idiots who know it's wrong but don't mind being lied if presented like this self serving douch lol That's why they get top billing in places like YouTube cause they are rowing the line so to speak and these virtual drug dealers give you want you want to hear instead of need to hear this is crazy lol
Comment from : Steve Cook

Lazarus Blackwell
We should do some things no matter how expensive they arebrbrWe have to do things just for THE GOOD OF MANKINDbrbrMars is well worth the effort
Comment from : Lazarus Blackwell

This being discussed as hundreds of millions of people on planet Earth starve to death
Comment from : aussie_boy

Mario Taylor
I got an Idea let's spend trillions on watching dirt and rocks on another dead ass planet
Comment from : Mario Taylor

paul skillman
NO no, no!!! Not unless you are building rockets like Elon Musk He has money to burn There is still a lot to do on Earth to make it a better place Make a better health system Somehow he could better use his wealth There is nothing in space worth spending all that money on We can't evan live on the moon yet
Comment from : paul skillman

Severus Snape
Comment from : Severus Snape

Sam Brown
Thanks man, really appreciate your research!
Comment from : Sam Brown

Ivan Kontra
literally didn't even address the questionbrthe answer is no btw
Comment from : Ivan Kontra

Vendettuhh _
Space travel is worth every penny
Comment from : Vendettuhh _

The Ultimate Reductionist
A LOT of money for a TINY number of people is EXACTLY why space travel is NOT worth the time or money
Comment from : The Ultimate Reductionist

The Khans
Yes , Yes it is worth it !
Comment from : The Khans

Edison Wonder
You didn't really answer the question "if it's worth it" what's wrong with earth why is going to another planet the best solution If we can't fix life here how would we on a planet we've never lived on What do we gain All I see is what we lose Time, energy, money, focus Why not use all the billions to make life better here curiosity shouldn't make us forget logic🤷‍♀️
Comment from : Edison Wonder

woodi moddy
6 billion a year fuck space
Comment from : woodi moddy

ROI of Mars Rovers? Go
Comment from : aerohk

Don Vergaz
Going into space is not possible for organic matter brSorry Radiation alone will kill us ect
Comment from : Don Vergaz

Fauzan Rani
SPACE EXP IS A WASTE OF MONEY What benefit exactly do we get? Live in Mars? There is no single believable evidence astronaut has landed on Mars
Comment from : Fauzan Rani

It only takes a year to Mars???
Comment from : Dotsinki

darren marchant
everything about this video is from the wrong perspective
Comment from : darren marchant

cipriano aquivaldo
Ts expensive because all the people who works in nasa earn minimum wage
Comment from : cipriano aquivaldo

A Quarius
Cost? Mars will be pure R&D and the profit will come from using that tech on Earth I find this video pointless
Comment from : A Quarius

First Maje
Subscribing your best hope to Mars
Comment from : First Maje

if you do not like machines then why are you using tech to post vids
Comment from : Perhaped

Darryl Learie
Justifying the cost for a trip is not an easy question to answer, and may not be relevant because there will always be those who will keep trying brbrBut if we could pull a successful visit on Mars, an environment where we would have to either bring or create the most basic resources we need to survive our visit there brbrThan we could apply what we have learned from such a trip to make living life even more feesable for those who are struggling to survive on our own planet brbrAnd that is where the costs would be ultimately justified brbrConsider this off argument - if we could successfully terraform Mars atmosphere than we ought to be able to fix our own atmosphere
Comment from : Darryl Learie

Joseph Peters
Colonization of more than two planets will be more awsome i think
Comment from : Joseph Peters

There is money coming for people landing on Mars, the advertisement drawn on rockets for big companies
Comment from : 為元張

Darryl Gray
I understand going to space is dangerous but I wonder who came or made the expenses its all made up
Comment from : Darryl Gray

Iron Cynic
No Next
Comment from : Iron Cynic

Anthony Woodroffe
No space we're dead
Comment from : Anthony Woodroffe

Anthony Woodroffe
Space travel needs to be 75 of the cost in human production of humanity or we may just kill off yourselves and be over with it ! We need to deal with loses better in space , deaths in space need to be the norm !
Comment from : Anthony Woodroffe

Anthony Woodroffe
Cost doesn't really matter ! We can just print the money ! Giving peoples the power to find a better way ! The real problem is the rich and powerful hoarding all that cash till it turns to nothing but waste paper for toilets ! Lol ! I
Comment from : Anthony Woodroffe

Is the human race worth saving?
Comment from : 3DSergio

Nulapon love
Money will not be a problem if the sun getting fatbrbrps: is BoB still think earth is flat?
Comment from : Nulapon love

Adi Laksono
Space exploration is useless anyway The only thing human can do right now is just observe And they make a good news and observe and make a good news This will run until judgment day Waste a lot of money and time
Comment from : Adi Laksono

Money is holding us back from technological advancement
Comment from : Dan

If only everyone made peace and worked together we could accomplish a lot of things With a small military budget we could focus more on stuff that matters I think instead of getting of this planet yet we should find better and more efficient ways of space travel Btw if the earth is getting over populated why don’t we start building city’s in the ocean/water we could save space for farmers and stuff, and if we started to clean the oceans clean too we could have seaweed farms and we could probably find a way to include that in ur meals Idk I’m just a teenager but I think space colonization should be researched more before taking actions that could be game changing in one way or another If it would fail people may get scared of space and think that all pathetic and stuff
Comment from : APE NATE

Yeah um 3 Years later voyager is out of the solar system
Comment from : Eternal

Glyn Humphrey
what is money compared to the survival of the human race, money is so insignificant but we as human will sit and watch our species and earth be destroy Id say its better spending all military budgets on space exploration because there's no need for tanks, soldiers, bombs as nuclear bombs kinda trumps all of those with chances of nuclear war, running out of fossil fuels and over population likely to happen in the near future, its very like space\Mars will become the only viable long term solution to survival
Comment from : Glyn Humphrey

Vince Klortho
Unfortunately the international space community has become target-fixated on Mars It seems to me that even the most grandiose plans for Mars is basically an Apollo-style series of missions with no committed follow-up The only things we'll all end up with after it's over is a few rocks, some good stories and a little glory It'll all end with money siphoned off elsewhere What we all dream of is a robust economically-sound space-faring civilization Resources must be very carefully allocated toward the most efficient creation of this I believe the first step is the creation of a fleet of aerospace planes like the UK's Skylon project This will finally drive down the costs to LEO Robust space operations require safe, cheap and reliable systems to deliver massive amounts of materiel and humans to anywhere in the inner solar system (L-points, the moon and yes maybe even Mars and the asteroid belt) Then when we desire to go to Mars we need to build a series of cargo cyclers to travel back and forth between Earth and Mars like a conveyor belt At Mars a system of satellites should be built to facilitate constant communication and control to anywhere on that planet A Mars-orbiting space station to command and support all surface operations should be built also Once we can routinely send people and cargo out to this station then and only then should we attempt to put people down on the surface Those who are obsessed with Mars are assuming that humans merely going there equates with creating a space-faring civilization It does not I say - Mars if necessary but not necessarily Mars!
Comment from : Vince Klortho

I wonder besides Einsteins famous E=mc2 Will there ever be another discovery 2 make humankind interstellar travelling possible near our future
Comment from : 09owenine

Edrick Lawrence Ong
well our choices are: start a small sustainable colony on mars for a big one time payment or just sit here and wait for humanity inevitable demise on earth so in my opinion yes mars is worth it I mean If everyone on earth dies at least the human race won't go extinct
Comment from : Edrick Lawrence Ong

michel Rieskes
3:05 but technically we are all in space, right?
Comment from : michel Rieskes

Apoorv Joshi
India's 2013 Mars program ended successfully with a budget of just $67 million, which is almost half of what the film 'The Martian' costed ($108 million)
Comment from : Apoorv Joshi

Haley Covington
Yes it is it's my favorite planet
Comment from : Haley Covington

James BorgerEater
When did the 100yr project start 1990? 2000? Are they hiring theoretical astro physicists?
Comment from : James BorgerEater

Money money money money money moneyyyyyyy
Comment from : Bear

not only in space, In todays world, money drive almost everything
Comment from : HS SH

Mickey Chubby
I don't know if its worth the money or not but I certain WAR no matter what reasons does not
Comment from : Mickey Chubby

Demo Bailey
I came here just to say Fuck the cost
Comment from : Demo Bailey

Hjv djira
waist of time, AI is our legacy after that human kind as we know it is dead
Comment from : Hjv djira

when earth starts to die people will open their eyes and realize that money is not worth a dam thing like if money is made out of trees why can't i cut down a tree and get some ink and sell it for a million dollars which they can use to make a million bucks back but to all this questions you ask about going to other planets i think this can only be possible if we research a lot more on how to get the human consciousness into something other than a human body so humans can breath in out of space and can't die first we have to find a way to beat death if we are to try to explore outside of our galaxy
Comment from : MOHITZ1

I would only space travel, if it was similar the 5th element LOL
Comment from : Carl

Why would they even think about sending people to another star system for their whole life without knowing if any planet or moon there could support life at all
Comment from : VulpixSoda

abdullah al mahmud
if we use this money to make the world a better place, would be great as well
Comment from : abdullah al mahmud

Bad Raccoon
This video highlights the most ignorant argument against space travel Who cares if people die to go to space? advancement is paid in blood brbrIf we stay here on Earth, our race is doomed for certain If we try to leave this horrible rock our race has a chance
Comment from : Bad Raccoon

Lmao "you're dead, that's it"😂😂
Comment from : OG HOMELESS KID

Amol Deshmukh
Comment from : Amol Deshmukh

Amol Deshmukh
Comment from : Amol Deshmukh

robert rainford
Space travel is the biggest misuse of time and resources in all of human history and all because of selfish goals There are so many more important things to focus on like cures for viruses, and improving our own world but for some reason people allow this
Comment from : robert rainford

Martin Zajic
humans are too busy killing one anotherif we spent all the money instead for wars and military we would colonize solar system already
Comment from : Martin Zajic

John Lacy
I don't think its fair to judge space exploration in terms of investment return It's not like spending a million dollars to set up an oil drilling rig and expecting to make more money in return, Although, the potential for procuring precious metals and energy in space is staggering and could solve the energy crisis and make metals that are now considered precious to be as common as soda cans  It is also important to remember that so much of the tech that we take for granted and enjoy on a daily basis came from our endeavors at space exploration, and yes, also military science  Here is the most important reason to continue with space exploration Asteroids! It isn't a question of if, but rather when another mass extinction asteroid/comet will collide with Earth It could be entirely preventable, but probably not at our current state of space capability  This is a life bearing planet, and although it is statistically impossible to be the only one, it is the only one we know of It's not about money, or taxes, or who's at war with who Those are all arbitrary things that nature gives no fucks about Space exploration is a chance for a species that once huddled in caves and lived like wild animals to understand the universe that they are a part of and to rise to a level of consciousness that has never been imagined  before, and maybe even eventually learn to live together without butchering each other and gather resources from space and stop destroying our own home  I think this is the ultimate goal of space exploration and if you can figure out a price to put on that I would like to know what it is
Comment from : John Lacy

i have many ideas for the way we can get supplies for the ship taking humans to another planet
Comment from : Blazer50

Its a scary thought that one day we'd have to leave our planet, and knowing the other planets are pretty much inhabitable we're fucked :')
Comment from : K

Phones were expensive And now basically anyone can buy a better one It's just a matter of time
Comment from : Meh

Barrie Wright
Yes, in the long run One it will improve the chance of the human race, and it's survivability, in the future "leave the earth due, to a natural disaster or a man made one" Two technology that will come from space development, and it's wider application to society for its betterment
Comment from : Barrie Wright

Photography maniac
i think money doesn't matter lot as compare to technology "MANGALYAAN" Mars orbit mission an Indian space research organisation (ISRO) initiative which costs around 45 million pound( mangalyaan was more cheaper MOM misssion than making of hollywood movie "gravity")and for the same mission "MAVEN" initiated by NASA took around 410 million pound
Comment from : Photography maniac

Karp Calmari
Per pound? Metric system, BITCH!!! Come on!!! >:(
Comment from : Karp Calmari

Salem Saberhagen
not worth the cost at all at least as things stand now
Comment from : Salem Saberhagen

Nobody is advocating interstellar travel or even interplanetary travel beyond Mars The example of what happens at Jupiter was something only a novice would answer the way Trace did here His answer may as well have been "We can't do it and never will do it" His answer should have been that "We may be able to do it in the future but nobody is advocating sending humans to Jupiter anyway" In addition, compared to what has been wasted on Fraud waste and abuse, the S&L bailout, Wall Street bailouts and other corporate bailouts, useless wars, deficit spending and debtsNASA is a bargain If you want to play devils advocate, maybe take a look at how NASA can spend what it gets more efficiently Or show the public who thought space travel was a waste during Apollo how they got shafted since then with their own Apollo era argument That being we should spend money on solving earthly problems The shaft came when NASAs budget was cut by nearly 50 to do just that but instead, waste was the result and the public is no better off as a result of cutting NASAs budget so drastically in the early 1970s
Comment from : J3d

The Hidden Paw
Always about money, isn't it? If we can't make a profit, fast, there's no need to do it What's the most expensive thing in a manned mission to mars? The fuel? Man hours? Parts? None of the above It's the people Individual persons have immeasurable worth, and in their sole uniqueness are, utterly, irreplaceable The combined materials involved in a mission to mars are puny, compared to all we have, and mostly replaceable given time or technology We may put a hefty price on them, but they are worthless in the end, when compared to people, and knowledge, and understanding Only mankind is silly enough to put a price tag on knowledge, and understanding, when in reality it's free The only real price involved being time, effort, and a sincere, and beneficent desire to learn, and be more, and better than we were the day before Sure, go to mars, idiots In the end when the sun burns earth to a crisp, the price tag we place on everything will cease to matter And if nothing comes of it, and we are forever bound to this solar system, doomed to die in the vastness of time with it, nothing we ever did will have mattered, either The updated and re-issued Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy will have this to say about mankind Mostly harstupid
Comment from : The Hidden Paw

A lot depends on how well water and nutrients can be recycled in space Once waste management systems have been perfected that hygienically contain and compost all water and food waste instead of jettisoning it, the costs will be in maintaining mechanical systems, and transporting astronauts brbrIndeed, however, machines fail and so sustainable space colonization will require systems that can be maintained by crew using materials and energy-sources on-hand Are there materials available that will hold up for decades or generations under the stress of composting systems and unshielded solar and cosmic radiation? And what about centrifugal artificial gravity? If a spacecraft is spinning on its axis, what keeps it from wobbling and losing rotational momentum due to mass-shifts within the vessel?
Comment from : discountconsulting

Captain Redbeard
Did I really just get hit with two ads back to back before the video would play?
Comment from : Captain Redbeard

human extinction < everything gone brSpace travel < human survival brYeps spending money on space travel is a waste
Comment from : dragnar12

why no comments ?
Comment from : karthik

Poppet teppoP
resources provide currency, the uiniverse provides resource
Comment from : Poppet teppoP

Poppet teppoP
this video was supremely irritating
Comment from : Poppet teppoP

Simon Petrikov 39
a half a percent on nasa is a half a percent less spent on people suffering from poor governments or calamities from nature climate based stuff been worst by global warming
Comment from : Simon Petrikov 39

Google for StarTram
Comment from : TheEEStudent

The hundred years star ship project is very interesting, but still, better first to colonize Mars The technology to do it, is already available: In fact, an electromagnetic catapult can be used to propel bulk stuff to orbit with the cost of dimes per pound and the system is already being tested by the navy as a rail gun Once parts are in orbit, they could be assembled by personnel living on the ISS and a huge colony ship can be constructed in a mere several years This ship need not be scrapped after colonizing Mars, of course It can be used EG to mine that platinum rich asteroid NASA discovered Which is worth what? 54 trillion dollars? Well, that would settle the costs
Comment from : TheEEStudent

Z ar
The reason human have been able to adapt on this planet is because earth has oxygen, water , temperature suitable for them All those theory of evolution and adaptation are conneted to those things Without those few things human can not survive Another thing intelligent people are not physically fit and physically fit people are not intelligent And living on another planet need both of those which we do not have
Comment from : Z ar

When it comes to space travel we should throw money aside, its in the interest of all of humanity that we make space travel work, and it is a pursuit that shouldn't be burdened by imaginary constructs such as money Ultimately space travel will be about humanities survival and there is nothing more important
Comment from : TheVinceBros

Will B
"People will die before you get there"brSo it's not exactly possible RIGHT NOW, but we know the basic tech/physics behind a ship that could get to the Alpha Centauri in 60-70 years (More real than Warp drives, less real than the Falcon Heavy)brbrPhysics? Worked out and possible (Not just the dV, but the heat dissipation and acceleration dampening too) brEngineering? Tests were done to verify feasibility, no specific/complete blueprints exist yet In essence, we know that we can but no one's done the legwork yetbrFinance? Political will and financial support are nonexistent, in large part because the public is radiophobic and refuse to believe the physicists or nuclear engineers WHO DO THIS FOR A LIVING when they say we can build a ship that survives and runs off of nukes without killing its occupants or inhabitants of EarthbrbrI'm talking about the old project Orion of course Someone ran numbers and, assuming we went through the MONUMENTAL cost of developing and building the thing, a ship with a nuclear-pulse engine could get up to about 5-7 of the speed of light while still having enough 'fuel' to slow down (You can go slightly faster if you use a Solar Sail to assist in slowing down at the destination)brbrThat's still a one way trip, but people are already living to 100, give it another decade or three of medical advances and select from the longer-lived sections of the populace and the Astronauts on board would get to see both Earth and the Centauri System
Comment from : Will B

Cloud Tribe
I'd rather see our money go to space travel over military At the end of the day planetary colonization will save us not weapons of mass destruction
Comment from : Cloud Tribe

King Kong
If burning 2 Trillion dollars on wars worth the Money than space travel sure does
Comment from : King Kong

The best thing to do would be to genetically modify humans to adapt and survive in the strict environments scientists found bacteria living in volcanoes so hey if such a weak organism can do it then we are more than capable of doing that
Comment from : DualHelix

jkworyon MBA
Their gonna turn Mars into a fuel station lol
Comment from : jkworyon MBA

Brianna Sellers
To go to another star we would need a engine that's extremely powerful, but yet not risky at the same time like Plasma thrusters or Atomic PropulsionbrbrAlso we would need to he put into a deep sleep that would slow are bodies functions so much that we could stay in a deep hibernation for almost a year before we need to eat and move around and effectively expanding our lifespan a few hundred years, also we would have to invent a telescope that would allow us to see what a planet is made of so we don't send people to a planet which smells like shit or is as hot as well despite being in the habitable zone
Comment from : Brianna Sellers

Victor Kain
I'm more confused as to why we don't have a colony on The Moon by now
Comment from : Victor Kain

How bout the methode of island hoppingbrbrOnly this would be planet-moon hopping
Comment from : Ulysses

Seth Topper
5:15 Not, "We might have to do that" It's if you want the human species to survive the human species need to colonize other planets Everybody on earth is technically dead because Earth will have another apocalyptic meteorite slam into its oceans or land mass and again extinguish great amount of advanced life form at some point; so colonization of other planets is the logical choice
Comment from : Seth Topper

1:15 Haha This guy doesn't know what the Alcubierre drive is
Comment from : Bilbo_Gamers

Short answer: Yes, the colonization of other planets is an absolute necessity There is simply no debate We cannot live on one planet forever, end of story
Comment from : Bilbo_Gamers

Colten Hunter
Invent robot bodies for humans
Comment from : Colten Hunter

The first toothpaste tube probably cost a million dollars in development but mass production, innovation and market reduced the cost to less than a dollar Things that have market will gradually come down in price and go up in efficiency I'm sure sea travel was considered something of fantasy for early humans but now even a teenager can pilot a sizable boat themselves on the high seasbrbrNow if you could switch your defense spending with space funding you could become good at space travel again and not war
Comment from : SethofWinnipeg

A couple thousand uploaded minds could fit on a predator drone sized rocket could make it to the asteroid belt in a year or so with a payload of micron sized contructorbots  Constructorbots monitored by these minds could analyze and process silicate crystals, organics, metals  From there you can scale up to any industrial level desired in exponential times  Several hundred minor asteroids could build a world-let capable of supporting millions people, many more if everyone is given scaled down embodiments  Advances in quantum computing and quantum entanglement will blur the distinction between what is real and what is virtual  If we avoid solipsism and apathy, we could all be exploring the galaxy and while getting richer every year
Comment from : AtomicZeppelinMan

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