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Royal Canadian Mint Gold Processing and Minting (English)

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Information Royal Canadian Mint Gold Processing and Minting (English)

Title :  Royal Canadian Mint Gold Processing and Minting (English)
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Comments Royal Canadian Mint Gold Processing and Minting (English)

Chris Derrickson
I don't think those 1 oz gold Maple Leafs are still worth $300 anymore
Comment from : Chris Derrickson

1 oz gold maple for 300 $ where can i buy that hello heelllooo 😂😂😂
Comment from : SerpentInside

Fat guy on a little bike
The crazy thing is that big bar is worth 13 million dollars now… almost a million more since this was filmed
Comment from : Fat guy on a little bike

Gold Hound
Absolutely incredible!
Comment from : Gold Hound

mehbub issak
An old vid when it was $30000 now it's worth over $2700 CDN each
Comment from : mehbub issak

Comment from : SJ218P

Is the "gold crum" the same as ‘"gold sand?"
Comment from : Bill

Gary’s House
Damn!! 500 LB of gold today is $14 million wow!!
Comment from : Gary’s House

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Legend Gaming
2:42 sort of sounds like minecraft lol!
Comment from : Legend Gaming

Margery Franko
Totally fascinating Thank you for sharing this wonderful documentary I really enjoyed watching this 💜
Comment from : Margery Franko

jaime venegas
I remember watching this documentary in high-school and was trying to buy these back then 2003-2004 I thought you can buy them at a bank and found it you can't, so I just gave up Really wish I found a bullion trader back then
Comment from : jaime venegas

Mildris Plested
Wow amazing amazing
Comment from : Mildris Plested

sujata shinde
Comment from : sujata shinde

Craig Lumpy Lemke
1:45 Once that guy without the respirator skims off those poisonous boogers, the "Eureka" music starts
Comment from : Craig Lumpy Lemke

Craig Lumpy Lemke
This voice over guy, and Zefrank1, had the same voice coach
Comment from : Craig Lumpy Lemke

John Doe
you old people had everything in life cheap, now we young people suffer because of the elderly
Comment from : John Doe

I am impressed
Comment from : BillLykken

Faisal Sohail qureshi deaf
Job factory coins help
Comment from : Faisal Sohail qureshi deaf

ornella esposito
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Comment from : ornella esposito

Thomas Sarah
Comment from : Thomas Sarah

Mr Thompson Graham is very transparent, calm, ever ready to teach anyone how to trade, his brokers are the best of all and my advice to everyone is to invest in bBITCOIN/b especially now that cryptos are much more upgraded
Comment from : PAUL UTAVER

John D
Worth 300 dollars, today it’s a lot more $
Comment from : John D

Brian Kreller
$300 coins???? I will buy all of them!!!
Comment from : Brian Kreller

Sakeer Tk
Job vacancies 8 years experience
Comment from : Sakeer Tk

Josh Robertson
I've always wondered about the stuff they skim off the top during refining process Is there still a bit of gold in the stuff they skim off? Do they save up the skimmed off stuff and refine it further to make sure all the gold is out? I know with gold you don't want to waste any
Comment from : Josh Robertson

I have thousands of titanium flakes,
Comment from : DriftinDoug

Don't you just hate those silver impurities?
Comment from : DriftinDoug

What happens to the chlorine gas fumes?
Comment from : DriftinDoug

ahmed butawan
Wow😃👏😃really great
Comment from : ahmed butawan

Dr Chris Grayson
Happiness comes when you invest and get paid my heart is full of joy and happiness ever since I started investing with MRS LINDA HENDERSON trading with MRS LINDA HENDERSON have been a great opportunity for me and i have been receiving my profit constantly
Comment from : Dr Chris Grayson

God Ingot I'll take your whole stock
Comment from : Anonymous

Craig Pond
Now 2520
Comment from : Craig Pond

steve lauda
Canada has by far the best quality gold and silver coins in the world, and the best designs toohands down
Comment from : steve lauda

steve lauda
Idid a tour of this place a few years back, very interesting, and at that time, there were you tube articles saying that there was a shortage of gold and silver, lol, if they only saw how much gold and silver i saw believe me, no shortage of either Rows and rows of gold and siver coils, and skids of very large bars of both as far as eye could see
Comment from : steve lauda

Marlon Parsons
I wish my dad got some or I got some wen I was young 300$ a Troy ounce dang
Comment from : Marlon Parsons

Stefan Hundhammer
7:58 "This is the mint's best selling gold coin: The one ounce gold Maple Leaf, worth about $300- "brToday, in January 2021, it's US$1935- for the gold alone; for the coin it's US$1970-
Comment from : Stefan Hundhammer

$300 an ounce? That's cute!
Comment from : Alan7997

durwin pocha
300 to 2800 in 20 years, wtf - happened?
Comment from : durwin pocha

Юрий Васильевич
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Comment from : Юрий Васильевич

Iamhere Guevara
Damm 300? now about 2025$ USD i come back in a year :)
Comment from : Iamhere Guevara

Chris Summerfield
I am buying one this week 😁
Comment from : Chris Summerfield

I want to Scrooge Mc Duck my way around
Comment from : TheOutsidersPost

In todays value 22/08 - 2020, 50 pound bar is worth $1551720
Comment from : Heijmdal

Marrk Zulunuz
$300? Save that for the 9999 Silver Maple Leaf video
Comment from : Marrk Zulunuz

Silver fox
wwwebayca/itm/133251677228brCheck out this coin 1 of 1500 worldwide
Comment from : Silver fox

Aaron Lovell
The royal Canadian mint is second to no one When it comes to gold and silver coins and bars The British is a close second, and the sunshine mint in America is third As far as purity and resale value, you cannot beat the royal Canadian mint And this is coming from an American
Comment from : Aaron Lovell

8:01 1oz gold Maple Leaf worth about $300??? I'll pay the Royal Canadian Mint $400 per coin and take 100 of them right now please!
Comment from : CCR USA

This video must of been made in the early 2000s, because he said the 1 oz maple leaf was valued at $300 which is currently about to be over $2000
Comment from : uczz57b

That "$240,000 ingot" is worth roughly $1,400,000 in 2020
Comment from : Ireland

Charlie Brown
They're now worth over $2000 USD!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Charlie Brown

Kamal Rathore
Good and great
Comment from : Kamal Rathore

crisgilda garcia
7/9/20 diff price now $1,800/oz
Comment from : crisgilda garcia

Estate Sales
My grandfather bought $100K worth of gold at $300 an oz in the late-90's lol
Comment from : Estate Sales

Curtis Carpenter
A coat of arms is a good USP
Comment from : Curtis Carpenter

Curtis Carpenter
Electrolysis Cool
Comment from : Curtis Carpenter

B&N Ferguson
I want me GOLD!!!!!!
Comment from : B&N Ferguson

Electrolysis ehkrugerrand are you listening?
Comment from : Charon

Reveal the facts bpsolanki
Thanks for informative videobr❤️Love from India ❤️
Comment from : Reveal the facts bpsolanki

Steve Haun
Colt SAAs have maintained a value almost the same as 1 oz of gold throughout its historyWhen the first ones were made they sold for roughly$20 bucks while the liberty head $20 gold coin was the same priceNow a custom shop single action will run you around $1800 while gold is you guessed it $1800 oz!
Comment from : Steve Haun

"The 1 oz gold maple leaf Worth about $300" Wow, if only
Comment from : ozgipsy

Ride TheCurve
$300 gold Maple Leaf How far we've come!
Comment from : Ride TheCurve

Graham conquer GHC
If anyone is selling maples for 300$ill give u 400
Comment from : Graham conquer GHC

Graham conquer GHC
300$ holy hell when was this made plus I've never seen a maple with a holographic on it
Comment from : Graham conquer GHC

Chris M
Please tell me what mint has a hard time attaining 995 fine gold ?
Comment from : Chris M

Junaid Shaukat
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Comment from : Junaid Shaukat

Itthisak Ponoi
Money transfer to Its Thailand now Add 54/6 moo6 Southington Bangyai nonthaburi Thailand 11140
Comment from : Itthisak Ponoi

Wonder how many employees have been caught with a stack of coins up there arse
Comment from : SFB

Miha Chentsov
bought a few maples myself 2400 CAD currently ($300 triggered me)
Comment from : Miha Chentsov

Sharon Lung kun shun
lung kin shun sharonown炼金厂房公司
Comment from : Sharon Lung kun shun

Victoria Ajok
the morning start with this viewsbrso if it tacke us till morning it will be okay
Comment from : Victoria Ajok

Victoria Ajok
it takes all the other plate was chine and is gold this pure each can wight fifty poudns
Comment from : Victoria Ajok

Victoria Ajok
all the differ ncies are base on quality not on quantity
Comment from : Victoria Ajok

Victoria Ajok
if you r builfing is a good
Comment from : Victoria Ajok

Omid Hoorzad
$300 ounceIt's 2020 and those coin's are over $2400 ounce now ,😭😭😭
Comment from : Omid Hoorzad

April 2020 1oz Canadian $2,400
Comment from : Illuminati10101

The Can
Now its over $2400 per ounce for Gold
Comment from : The Can

Simran Singh
Comment from : Simran Singh

Nick Uplands
The 300 dollar coin is worth more in times of covid
Comment from : Nick Uplands

eistyn lewis
this video was so relaxing to watch and interesting
Comment from : eistyn lewis

One oz gold maple leaf was worth $300 Damn when was this video shot?
Comment from : BYRD

Dr Shakhawat Hossain
I love to buy gold coins
Comment from : Dr Shakhawat Hossain

Сергей Масленников
Как приятно смотреть на всё это!brАж дух захватывает! 👍
Comment from : Сергей Масленников

That was in the 70's and late 40's to early 50's also Feb of 2001 38521/ troy ounce
Comment from : Aaron

Ilir Alimehmeti
Comment from : Ilir Alimehmeti

CS kothari
Ye to wo sona hai India ka government treasurer hai,,,,india ki women ne agar apne nose ring nikal degree to poor duniya ko cover ker lega wo sona
Comment from : CS kothari

J R Deckard
Today, March 11, 2020; gold is priced at $1,661 (US) per ounce
Comment from : J R Deckard

Ludmil Iliev
The gold today February 29 2020 is $2213!!!
Comment from : Ludmil Iliev

300 dollars? Wow I'm depressed
Comment from : Joseph

Talking about hard to watch, gold does something to your head, especially when you can't have it, they used to call it "gold fever" back in the gold rush of 1849
Comment from : SILVER WISKERS

shawn corrigan
once i bought 50 ,they came in 5 white tubes with red tops 10 in each tube br all stacked together, no tissue paper separating them or anything maybe a bit of packing foam on the top to keep them from clanging we are talking 15 thousand dollars per tube and they couldn't afford a bit of tissue paper to keep them nice, as you take them out you likely would touch them against the other and whammo you have a light scratch(9999pure is very soft,br buyers of these type coins are EXTREMELY PICKY when you go to sell, i was docked 10 bucks on almost every oneeven though they were brand new right from the mintbr but i do like the maples they are a nice yaller much prettier than the eagle or kruggerand
Comment from : shawn corrigan

Thomas Taylor
Even though gold prices seem relatively high, gold that has been purified to 9999 from the Canadian mint is the way to go
Comment from : Thomas Taylor

This was very information Video brbrThanks To Shear Us brbrIf You Needs Good And Honest Seller brbrBuy Gold and Diamonds brbrThis Seller Commitment is grate brChart Whats,up +254732971190
Comment from : NAZMA AKTHER

John Shields
So much hard work to mined them Then, the work to design, inspect, and mint thembrThe cause of shipping and all and all and all Some they will call it numismatic etcbrThen you work hard to buy one and then 5 to 10 years later your local coin store aka pawn shop in disguise will only buy the silver melt value and you see the same coin you sold them now being sold with quadrupled pricebrThat is the problem So folks, please don't fall in to the SCARE tactics about the dollar collapse and silver will save youbrDon't believe this liars who gives you hope to keep stackingbrYou're only going to wind up being brokebrThe silver collecting hobby, stacking, just died for mebrMy advice, pay of your debt on time every time, get out of debt and don't go back, get rid of all bad habits ,brBe humble and smart Never to get fooled again by liars and thieves who does this kind of businessbr> PEACE!
Comment from : John Shields

Ratty Woof
7:08 - if it's supposed to be 287 mm thick (a measurement accurate to a hundredth of a millimetre) how can it be 'give or take a tenth of a millimetre'? Sloppy scripting
Comment from : Ratty Woof

Ratty Woof
4:00 - no, the gold would not 'explode in the furnace' - the WATER would flash instantly to steam, with a consequent expansion of over 1700 times
Comment from : Ratty Woof

I'm too poor to watch this video
Comment from : CJ

George Sickler
Ha! $300/oz?!?!?! I’ll buy several, please! Still a very interesting story, probably from the late 1990s
Comment from : George Sickler

300$ for 1 oz gold??? When was this doc filmed 1942??
Comment from : EGO BABY

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