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Is THIS The Prettiest Gold Coin? Ranking Modern Bullion Gold Coins!

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Information Is THIS The Prettiest Gold Coin? Ranking Modern Bullion Gold Coins!

Title :  Is THIS The Prettiest Gold Coin? Ranking Modern Bullion Gold Coins!
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Frames Is THIS The Prettiest Gold Coin? Ranking Modern Bullion Gold Coins!

Description Is THIS The Prettiest Gold Coin? Ranking Modern Bullion Gold Coins!

Comments Is THIS The Prettiest Gold Coin? Ranking Modern Bullion Gold Coins!

Duncan Horne
Comment from : Duncan Horne

The Austria 4 Ducat isn't available in any oz size, but would be nice to hear your take on that Very beautiful coin and special due to the diameter and leaf thin design
Comment from : NGC1275

Evan Horvath
Canada has anti-counterfeiting radial lines and privy marks, Britain has anti-counterfeiting lines and freaking holograms, US has we took a reed off the edge
Comment from : Evan Horvath

Evan Horvath
One thing that ruins the Buffalo for me is the use of the dollar sign I really want to like them, as well as the US platinum and palladium coins I love the designs, but something about seeing "$" on a coin just kills it I would love to see "FIFTY DOLLARS" or even "50 DOLLARS" like on the eagles Having the dollar sign makes it look fake, and I just can't get past that Britannias and Maples for me
Comment from : Evan Horvath

@JRT Jonathan Winchell
SpegTacular this is a good subject on modern day coins I personally prefer the modern day the United States American Gold Eagle because it reminds me of the St Gaudens Double eagle
Comment from : @JRT Jonathan Winchell

Think for Yourself
I LOVE so many of these designs but having the queen just kills it I guess I’d have to say the American gold eagle v2 is the best by default followed by the Buffalo Both the maple leaf & Britannia look great on one side
Comment from : Think for Yourself

shelterPositive_Hack on Telegram
I only wanted to give it a try but surprised me beyond my expectations thank you sir I received the coin as you promised💯
Comment from : shelterPositive_Hack on Telegram

shelterPositive_Hack on Telegram
I only wanted to give it a try but surprised me beyond my expectations thank you sir I received the coin as you promised💯
Comment from : shelterPositive_Hack on Telegram

Bob from Calgary
Hand down the buffalo is the best looking coin To the point it hard to which side I like best Unlike the Maple But the price makes me stay away and stack the maples
Comment from : Bob from Calgary

Austrian Stacker
What can I say? I am musician and I am Austrian Philharmonics ✌🏻🇦🇹
Comment from : Austrian Stacker

The KRUGERRAND is regal!😍
Comment from : Karl

OH COME ON! Buy the coins you’re judging! 🥺
Comment from : Karl

A new Maple is STUNNING!❤️‍🔥
Comment from : Karl

Comment from : Karl

The philharmonic!
Comment from : Karl

Scotty stacker
Mexican 50 Peso is the way to go(BTW- it is called a Bison like the old 10 dollar note)
Comment from : Scotty stacker

archiee em
The prettiest?brReversed Proof Libertad! brNot even close not the Best value but when it comes to looks… best! brBuffalo is not pretty at all
Comment from : archiee em

John Byrne
My favourite coins are definitely the British gold sovereignsI love them all, new or old With all the different Kings & Queensbrthere is so much history and variety to choose from
Comment from : John Byrne

Eric Alexander
The Buffalo is pretty on both sides The Maple is striking
Comment from : Eric Alexander

clifford randell
The Britannia even though it has a German lady on the back:)
Comment from : clifford randell

All those coins are very beautiful But I can't bring myself to spend that much money on a modern coin
Comment from : DJbabynoneck

Iam Gabriel
Nobody wants to see coins with the queen on it I can't even buy Maple Leafs because I can't stand the image of the queen They need to get her off the Canadian coins The maple leaf side is stunning I would buy a Canadian coin without queenie on in a heartbeat
Comment from : Iam Gabriel

I like how you flicked that pre-33 St Gaudens out of the way lol I like the Buffalo but the Canadian maple leaf is my pick too However, the Queen portrait is my least favorite
Comment from : SalivateMetal

Swestacker Sweden
voted for Buffalo, but agree with you regarding Maple 🍁, do not know if you peeked into my Instagram and seen my photos there ?! but as a photo nerd, Maple is actually one of the coolest coins to photograph and get good results 😎
Comment from : Swestacker Sweden

Hagar the HODLer
Buffaloes but Britannia #2
Comment from : Hagar the HODLer

Gunnar Gundersen
Britannia because I know it wasn't knocked out in a factory in Guangzhou - Can't say that for the US coins oh and it's at least $100 cheaper (Brits are the same price as my #2 choice) Maple #2 for a similar reason although I don't like popping to Starbucks Queenie - I want Her Maj bejeweled and crowned Libertad #3 as long as I can test it I like b0 0b ie sbrbrI wouldn't give $2k to China if my life depended on it I have 2 complete sets of Pandas from 1989 onwards That's my lot I make up for the $75 a year by refusing to buy any plastic garbage from the supermarket
Comment from : Gunnar Gundersen

James Piver
It's unfortunate but I agree with no Chinese bullion pretty stuff like you said but it supports the wrong ideals and bad treatment of the people across the board
Comment from : James Piver

Dave Bellamy
7:45 and 10:02 I love the Maple leaf design but not the portrait on the later dates The lustre isn't from extrusion striations It's from the angular line texture, so it's so much brighter but not satiny
Comment from : Dave Bellamy

Pri vate
Brittanias period
Comment from : Pri vate

Scottsdale Mint produced Lady Justice Gibraltar 1 Oz gold
Comment from : sticustom

Jan USAFlorida
I have never seen any milk spotting on older or modern gold coins US or other country, so was surprised to hear you mention that problem for gold Maybe you misspoke? Anyway,brif you have seen a milk spotted gold coin, please try to locate one or more and do a special separate video on this as this would be a first for me and I have seen lots of goldbrcoins Have never seen a carbon spot on a gold coin either have you? I have bought platinum US coins mostly because they don't tarnish like silver and they have attractive designsbrThey have great lustre too Palladium seems to have less lustre to me, a duller color also, not as attractive as platinum
Comment from : Jan USAFlorida

French Marotiri
as usual the Americans knocking it out of the park with there knowledge of all things NON-North American BUT great taste in coins! and BTW the Australian Kookaburra is pronounced COOK-A-BURRA not KOOK-a-burra not that its relevant to this video keep up the great work SpegTacular
Comment from : French Marotiri

Alvin Johnson
I vote for the gold Buffalo
Comment from : Alvin Johnson

A Maple Leaf is next up for me
Comment from : GE TX

Chai Charin
I cant wait for the new maple leaf design when the queen gets replaced with that dude with the giant ears The guy who looks like a cover of MAD magazineforgot his name
Comment from : Chai Charin

I don't buy Wuhan coins either
Comment from : LOCAL COIN REVIEW

Elvis Koo
pandas look great, but they came from china , i won't buy any of those
Comment from : Elvis Koo

You forgot to mention the Australian Nugget
Comment from : Care

Big Preston Y
I beg to differ ,,,,2009 high relief
Comment from : Big Preston Y

although it's our only option for 24k in US not the best not the prettiest the mint needs to up their game
Comment from : Yarney

B² Exponent
I stand with my choice of the Britannia I'd like to get a maple as it's my second choice And even though it says weiner on it I 🤣 I still like the philharmonic
Comment from : B² Exponent

Mark Lewis
I picked libertad but don’t have it but I like it and buffalo best but I am cheep so buy Brittania
Comment from : Mark Lewis

Have all coins listed the maple 🍁 feels best in hand to me Nice dense chunky feel
Comment from : Chaltor84

M2 Trident Stacker Guy
Maples and Britannia would be my top two Interesting poll for sure
Comment from : M2 Trident Stacker Guy

The queen side of any coin is nasty - ugliest of all😎
Comment from : Spyderhead

Mike M
I voted for the maple as well Speg!
Comment from : Mike M

J&E Cox
They all look about the same buried in the back yard
Comment from : J&E Cox

I picked the Britannia in the poll, but I agree that the maple is right up there toobrNo Pandas!!! Way to go Speg! I was thinking of buying my first one but I think I'll hold off till they get their s*** together lol
Comment from : IDKIJustGotHere

OcUltima Stacking
Wow beautiful looking GoldCoins set ever friend!! :DbrAndbrHit like button!!
Comment from : OcUltima Stacking

Dirk Diggler
If they made that new trade Buffalo in 24k it'd be forsure the prettiest
Comment from : Dirk Diggler

Silver Storm
Maple Leaf has to be #1, based on the way light reflects off the coin and can do gymnastic cartwheels all day long And the vein details of the maple leaf itself is quite spectacular (sorry pun intended), no other gold bullion comes close 😆
Comment from : Silver Storm

Origami Outlaww
For me, it would be a tie between the reverse of the Canadian Maple and the reverse of the Britannia While I don’t mind the Queen since she’s never done anything to me personally, the obverse of the Maple detracts from the full quality of the coin since the image of Elizabeth is reminiscent of a 1950s Donna Reed portrait Fix that, and the Maple’s design and cartwheel-like radial lines knock it out of the park on beauty 🥇‼️brbrAnd though I don’t own one, I understand the vast appeal of the Buffalo since the coin’s obverse and reverse are metaphors for the lost Americana of yesteryear
Comment from : Origami Outlaww

I can't stand coins with that old hag on them I would rather have coins with girls in yoga pants on them
Comment from : D

The Canadian Mint has been knocking it out of the park for some years They nearly beg you to buy their bullion The prices are right The counterfeit measures are leading edge Their designs are great For gold, I love the looks of the Klondike gold coin Have you had one or held one? I'd love to see it shown on one of your videos brbrI didn't see any mention of Australia's gold Kangaroo But again, the Queen, the Queen!
Comment from : TheDurnans

Personally I picked the Buffalo, but the Britannia is a close second I like the Canadian reverse quite a bit, but the obverse is a bit cartoonish to me That hasn't prevented me from stacking a number of them, though Frankly all the modern designs pale to the older ones, but maybe that's just me Thanks, Speg!
Comment from : QuickSilver

dally b
Britannia and Maple look the same on the front Maple just a leaf on the back “boring”, Britannia so much more “Just Wow”
Comment from : dally b

Stephanie G
My choices for prettiest modern gold coin are:br1Canadian Maplebr2Mexican Libertadbr3Britanniabr4 Buffalobr5Gold Eagle
Comment from : Stephanie G

dally b
Britannia gets my vote by far, you really need to look at the 1oz Beats Maple hands down
Comment from : dally b

Kevin W
What? I buy gold for the store of value and not being "pretty" To be fair you should have also listed a vote for: "I don't care"
Comment from : Kevin W

Patriotic stacker
I agree with you speg ! I will not buy china bullion or anything from China 🇨🇳 and I love my buffalos and maples
Comment from : Patriotic stacker

Michael Whitt
I love the Philharmonic, THANKS Spegtacular@!!!!!
Comment from : Michael Whitt

Riley Hajek
Britannia first for me because of the details I don’t have a problem with the Queen on the coins and bullion because I like British history
Comment from : Riley Hajek

Lauren M
The queen has been decrowned in the 2021 coin lolI like American Gold Eagle because of that matte finish look
Comment from : Lauren M

The old British gold sovereigns are personal my favorite looking coin
Comment from : SwagNut98

Sam Brooks
I think patriotism got in the way of this poll Not that I have a problem with that but I do believe it skewed peoples votes
Comment from : Sam Brooks

Eric Dawson
Yikes, to each their own I supposeNot sure how premium affects beauty scores thoughbrMaple over Libertad? Double Yikes! Also gold libertads have a wonderful glow to them that IMHO trumps any luster showing on the maple, never mind the ugly queen and plain Jane LeafbrI do agree about the color of modern eagle golds: color poor relatively and the eagle head absolutely atrocious
Comment from : Eric Dawson

Party NXS
Sorry, but I can not ever see beauty in a monarchy I can see beauty in free open plains where buffalo roam, but a monarchy will never be considered beautiful even if it is cast in 9999 gold and has a double luster IMO the message is what the images represent and how can one claim to be independent of a financial system when the tool used, for said financial freedom, has a monarch on it, which represents the head of the oppressive system one claim to be free from Nope No lizard queens for me
Comment from : Party NXS

Flowers Surveying
I voted for the Buffalo, but the Maple would have been my second choice There is something about 4 9s gold that is stunning, the Eagles and Krugerrands just don't look as good because of the color I really like the rough textured look of the Buffalos
Comment from : Flowers Surveying

Ray K
The prettiest Gold coin is the one(s) you own
Comment from : Ray K

Shiny Monkey Stacking
I like the Buffalo best second place was hard for me as I like the britannia's and the Maple leafs Great video 👍
Comment from : Shiny Monkey Stacking

You're the prettiest gold coin You are
Comment from : Crunz1

IMO, the 2009 UHR Gold Double Eagle is the prettiest 😎
Comment from : Skully

Maple is the best looking plus it’s 9999

I think the buffalo is fantastic looking in a proof version Maybe that's what most people were thinking of when they voted
Comment from : Ryan

Steph Fran
The American gold buffalo is bad ass, that's the way I see it and I'd love to have a few thousand of them
Comment from : Steph Fran

Philip Powers
Watching 👀
Comment from : Philip Powers

That Britannia is the best coin in my eye's I took one of the 1/10oz Britannia's and made a necklace for my wife for Christmas I asked her which coin she wanted and she chose the Britannia over the AGE I feel like everyone has the AGE necklace but you don't see the Britannia much, if any at all
Comment from : SLAYER STACKER

Frank Liso
The Britannia is my choice as the prettiest gold coin here, second only to kookaburras
Comment from : Frank Liso

Morning SpegTacular, i have all the gold coins in the 1/4 oz version My Buffalo is by far the most expensive The luster on the Maples is from the radial lines The Libertad, which i voted for, is the prettiest in my opinion! ✌🇺🇸
Comment from : jkpioneer

Mark B
Comment from : Mark B

Joseph Jones
That buffalo has a weiner on that coin Same with all of your silver rounds lol
Comment from : Joseph Jones

I'd rather have the gold versions than the silverbut I've never considered any gold coin to be "pretty" Maybe it's just me, but I've always found proof silver coins to be the "prettiest" coins If I HAD to chose a gold coinit would be a toss up between the Libertad or Britannia
Comment from : skullywag

Tools & Metals
The Maple 🍁 Leafs are buy far one of the One outta 5 Top Designed Gold Coins in my opinion as 24k Pc The Britannia just as well is Superb well thought out Design then I would include Libertads /One Unza , Reverse Buffalo 🐃 Proof & American Proof High Relief Liberty 🗽
Comment from : Tools & Metals

The Silver Referee
I like the Britannia Great video
Comment from : The Silver Referee

Joseph Jones
I did have to change my answer to the Britannia because of the 2021 security add-on
Comment from : Joseph Jones

Shepperton Studios
Damn, missed the first 3 podium! Hey Speg, can you do the doorbell sound on your next video please? My dog Shep loves it haha
Comment from : Shepperton Studios

:LJ gonna slay slay:o
Nothing with the cross dresser on it can be considered
Comment from : :LJ gonna slay slay:o

Allan Colegrove
The maple leaf is the most eye appealing nof them all!!!
Comment from : Allan Colegrove

Benevolent Misanthropist
The British Crown was the first to sell out the monopoly over currency to the Bank of England in 1694 People don't want the queen on their coins
Comment from : Benevolent Misanthropist

Paul Rich
I’d like the Libertad, but I’m not spending that much money for one
Comment from : Paul Rich

NC Farmer
They are all beautiful Thank you for the video
Comment from : NC Farmer

The prettiest gold is the gold you hold in your hand
Comment from : Drew

Still love the 🦬! Buffalo gold is gorgeous The Maple is nice and has shine- but is boring to me 🤷‍♀️
Comment from : SaMiFarr

mike D
i only like the '22silverKooks now
Comment from : mike D

Sterling Cannabis
Second, those people are just wrong nothing compares to the Libertad The presence of the Lizard 🦎 makes many of those coins fugly as hell You should have used Philharmonics and Noah’s Ark for pretty coins choices
Comment from : Sterling Cannabis

Savage Stacker
Libertad libertads libertads this was a poll on prettiest right ? Not price not coolest or best for stacking prettiest! Community questionable 🤨 ! 🤣🤣🤣only kidding but my opinion br1) libertad br2) Britannia br3) maple br4) eagle br5) Buffalo brWith this said on my opinion my favorite is the Buffalo and the maples But this was a poll on prettiest!
Comment from : Savage Stacker

Savage Stacker
First maybe 🤔
Comment from : Savage Stacker

Silver Scorpion
Great video and info
Comment from : Silver Scorpion

Giles Harveson
What about some Australian gold Speg’ love the channel and all you do much love from Australia all good things to you 🌈😇🙏©️💦✅🍎
Comment from : Giles Harveson

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