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Silver Stacking - American Silver Eagle or Canadian Silver Maple Leaf?

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Information Silver Stacking - American Silver Eagle or Canadian Silver Maple Leaf?

Title :  Silver Stacking - American Silver Eagle or Canadian Silver Maple Leaf?
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Frames Silver Stacking - American Silver Eagle or Canadian Silver Maple Leaf?

Description Silver Stacking - American Silver Eagle or Canadian Silver Maple Leaf?

Comments Silver Stacking - American Silver Eagle or Canadian Silver Maple Leaf?

My mind hurt you used all kinds of subjective BS for quality, liquidity, beauty if you are selling 1oz who cares???? You are in a bad situation And, the Maples have higher notability than Eagles sorry, but flags don't count when the Maple counterfeit blocking is better more china fake eagle than maple
Comment from : JOE CANAD

A detailed, high quality, precise, and consistent hallmark is all the security you need As per why design changes really trigger me
Comment from : Silvertarian

Rick Rock
Maples for purity and security Nothing else matters
Comment from : Rick Rock

Dylan Fitzpatrick
Comment from : Dylan Fitzpatrick

Dylan Fitzpatrick
Canadian's are just more "pure" of heart
Comment from : Dylan Fitzpatrick

Tronzie Bit
Beauty is subjective
Comment from : Tronzie Bit

Tronzie Bit
Liquidity us not an issue I will say it is a tie at least in America
Comment from : Tronzie Bit

Jesus Carrion
I'm buying both love 🇺🇸 eagles and 🇨🇦 maple leaf!! Great reviews!!
Comment from : Jesus Carrion

I have not seen prices over spot that low I do live in Alaska, so not alot of local options On line ASE type 1 about $13, type 2 about 10 and the maples about 6 I am also just getting into this Is it still that much less in the lower 48 coin shops?
Comment from : kodiakfamily

I wish the US Mint would implement some high end anti-counterfeiting tech into their designs like the Royal Mint did
Comment from : o

Jon Jaeden
If the government banned private ownership of silver and seized your American Silver Eagle coins, it would have to compensate you Could it say it must only compensate you $1 because, on its face, the coin says the US only backs it for $1?
Comment from : Jon Jaeden


its 2021 now and this video might be slightly different today Overall, I think the Maples have the slight edge now I am American btw
Comment from : AJ M

Maples and not even close ✨
Comment from : MAX AJ

I'd like to stack Liberties but at 10$ over spot right now I'll pass
Comment from : TRprepper

Vincent DiMarzio
I stack them both because at the end of the day 1 ounce of silver is 1 ounce of silver and both are beautiful in their own right
Comment from : Vincent DiMarzio

Roger Carmichael
SIZE of Maple Leafs from JMBullion (a legit wholesaler) R NOT 38mm (15") dia, but 1,596" dia or 4054mm dia while $1 Eagles R 16" dia or 381mm dia> Did I get Rooked or what?
Comment from : Roger Carmichael

Broke Guy
You're being stupid several times in this videobr1 "Denomination" means face value! NOT silver quantity or dumbass opinion about things not relevant specifically to the denominationbr2 Quality factors in more than one point Finish, purity and anti-counterfeiting all have to be considered You said it yourself canadian maple leafs 2018 and newer don't cloud therefore are currently better! br3 "Mintage" in coin collecting, less is more "Recognition" is subjective to advertisingbrbr Typical American using cognitive dissents to pretend your equal to or greater than something genuinely superior
Comment from : Broke Guy

Athena Brittany
<<< Extremely Point by point video 🚀 Well I will also say this here, Most people don't understand the concept of "buying the dip" buying the dip is all about buying digital assets when their prices are down and selling off when the price rises just has the current markets is down Holding is great, although trading is far more profit able I was able to grasp the knowledge of trading crypt0 assets early enough, but I was still limited due to my lack of technical under standing of how to analyze the digital market, all that changed when I encountered Charles Daniel services, I must confess it was easier to understand with the assistance of Charles, He is always one step ahead of other traders, he fully monitored all my trades to avoid me making mistakes and losing my funds My earnings has increased from 2 ʙᴛᴄ to 19 ʙᴛᴄ in just 11 weeks and some days I have full confidence in his tradin abilities Charles can be reached on𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐚𝐩 {+ +4,4,7,8,6,8,8,0,2,4,1,4 🌈 ™ 🆃🅴🅻🅴🅶🆁🅼 @ [@Charles_Trade00] >> ><<
Comment from : Athena Brittany

Phil V
You forgot a huge advantage of eagles over maple leaves and that is if you sell eagles in the United States you don't have to fill out a 1099-b tax form
Comment from : Phil V

any shop will take a monster box of maples stacking, who cares about beauty? its money and investment unless you are leaving you stacks around the house for your friends to see hands down maples are better investment buy one eagle to look at and stack maples
Comment from : exodortch

Sirpaco Wallace
I'm stacking silver to sell to electronics companies at massive massive massive gains
Comment from : Sirpaco Wallace

victor arregnelle
So if the world goes back to sound money and I have candian maples, I would technically have more legal tender than if I had American eagles? I live in America but I can trade CAD to USD and profit?
Comment from : victor arregnelle

Spaceykasey 101
When I was just into silver I picked up as many maple leafs as I could I disagree with you that American silver Eagles are beautiful I just think their plane and the maple leafs attract my eye more
Comment from : Spaceykasey 101

Prasun Biswas
Looks like you are biased towards the American eagle 🦅
Comment from : Prasun Biswas

Red Pill
We get it you love the Maples I like the ASE better
Comment from : Red Pill

Luis Garcia
Comment from : Luis Garcia

inevitable truth
Easy Maples ! It's no brainer
Comment from : inevitable truth

Sunny View
Where do you buy Canadian Maples for $2 over spot?
Comment from : Sunny View

Jay Dubau
Easy, whatever is cheaper
Comment from : Jay Dubau

Thanks for the video
Comment from : buckethatz

This piece of paper on the table looks like the setlist of a band called Eagle vs Maple
Comment from : frugihoyi

justin cabral
I actually think the Canadian one is more liquid worldwide canada has the queen Australia has her and I bet the uk has her as well 😂
Comment from : justin cabral

Medusa Skull
I like ASE but their mint technology is a bit less superior They never have the edge of the coin right It's always off center I am not sure why it's hard to have a perfect edge like CSML or regular silver round ASE edge is always uneven
Comment from : Medusa Skull

David Jensen
Late to the convo but on the subject of beauty I love the maple’s obverse I think the eagles obverse is hideous and I can’t wait for the refresh But on the reverse, the eagle wins Walking liberty is my favorite coin design of all time The queen’s profile does look nice but it isn’t as good But if we are talking about proof and reverse proofs, the maples look incredible! I’d give them a draw on styling for the average coin
Comment from : David Jensen

Gary L
Liquidity should of been a wash Yeah a eagle more liquid in us and maple more liquid in Canada but you saying a eagle is more liquid in the rest of the world is bs
Comment from : Gary L

Benjamin Lehman
I think my plan will be I will get graded eagles in cases but normal maples
Comment from : Benjamin Lehman

Cher Cher
$5 Maple value is a loaf of bread and milk money $1 Eagle value doesn’t buy either during tough times to feed your family when fiat crashes And yes, 9999 will always be more superior just like 24k gold Your argument is flawed because you’ve never had to worry about war time value but for older people who have experienced it they will ALWAYS go for the Maple regardless of American or Canadian It definitely does matter
Comment from : Cher Cher

You said proud to be American, thank you for that great video
Comment from : rkreke51

Im not here
I will take the 'Murican Freedom Coins over the peasant money with the face of a queen on it any day!
Comment from : Im not here

Joaquin Barocio
Yikes, weather the coin/round has milk spot technology or not you NEVER touch the face of the coin with your greasy oily fingers I don’t know maybe thats just me 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Comment from : Joaquin Barocio

Not sure if this was mentioned in the comments, but you can authenticate the new maples with the "Bullion DNA" machine I've personally seen it in action and it works Literally takes seconds to confirm if the maple you have is real or fake
Comment from : stormforge68

Shane Mathews
Maples are best
Comment from : Shane Mathews

John Mclain
Hello from 2021 where eagles are now $11 to $12 over spot Basically your paying half it's actual value in silver to some scumbag with connections to the mint
Comment from : John Mclain

Serge Bashir
I’m gonna be stacking Maples because of the premiums on Eagles which is extortionate currently and I don’t see it coming down any time soon
Comment from : Serge Bashir

I just recevied canadian mapple today It sounds diffent than my other coins May I ask a ping test? Could you please confirm it has a short cycle sound than eagle?
Comment from : Sinan VATANSEVER

Pedja Manasijevic
I have the offer for the box of 25 Maple Leaf 32 EUR per coin Is it to much ? @Silver Dragons
Comment from : Pedja Manasijevic

Timur Mukhamed
What is the average price of both coins nowadays?
Comment from : Timur Mukhamed

JayBe Faulky
did anyone mention that Canadian mint coins are not a counterfeit target but the Eagles are ? way more likely to see USA counterfeit coins
Comment from : JayBe Faulky

Andreas BSV
If you’re in the US American Eagles are great because if you sell them to a dealer it is NOT a taxable event
Comment from : Andreas BSV

Keith Corbin
The answer to this ? is yes
Comment from : Keith Corbin

Great video and very fair I was very biased to the maple leafs but the entire video was very informative for a very new stacker like myself
Comment from : WarMastaP

Death by Fitness
The way I look at it is that every foreign coin I buy I'm converting that silver to American silver by being American and living in America, plus I personally think the eagles look ugly and the premium is too high
Comment from : Death by Fitness

people, screw collecting, only buy it for its silver and currency value, if you buy for collecting you have to super carful, and you have protect it and know alot more, its litterly too me a waste of time reallybrbr a 1 oz 9999 5$ coin, CND vs 1 oz 999 silver 1$ USD i would not give you my 5$ four your 1 dollor, sorry not unless i am equally compensated which is the missing of 290 cents meaning, you end up in a pickled situation, sure you gained a 5$ cnd silver 9999 coin, but you had to pay me an extrea 290 cent to make the transaction fair and balanced,br brif you try to trade with me, and you blab about collectables, i will spit in your face, and tell you to screw off, if its a collectable, then the reason it is, has to be something that hugely known and staringly easy to see, like a amarican silver egal that has a huge screw up all over the coin do to the printer, but that could be forged meaning, i dont care about your dumb collectable, it means grabage at the end of the day brbrwhat matters is the silver content, and value of its currency nothing more matters brbrbrso if you want trade me you 1 $ use silver for my 5 $ then give me 290 regualr cash to make up the diffrence
Comment from : MRTwentysix

David Mackenzie
The maples over time will get milk spots ugly
Comment from : David Mackenzie

As an American:br Leaf's are purer and cheaper
Comment from : spg77777

Wayne Hoobler
As a kid we tried making 1/2 Dollars using two paper cups filled with paper mache as a mold Once the mole was made we lined each half with melted silver solder, let it dry and then poured melted lead into the mold Once the lead solidified we could tear the paper cup and paper mache away from the coinbrThe plan became to use them in vending machines rather than trying to pass them off in store were we might get caught, but we could never get the weight perfect enough to trip the mechanism on the vending machines So we finally gave up on that plan and tried to make copies of $500 bills and use them in the change machine at the laundry That didn't work eitherbrThere were three of us in this enterprise One went on to be a lawyer I later became a stock broker and the third guy went to own a junk yard but ended up in state prison for car theftbrIn retrospect, it would have been easier to just to use a crow bar and break into the machines
Comment from : Wayne Hoobler

Pete Puma
For me it came down to price I bought two monster boxes Silver is silver to me They were cheaper so that’s what I bought As far as beautiful coins go nothing beats the Austrian Philharmonics I bought a monster box of those too! They are also 9999!
Comment from : Pete Puma

Kevin Barrett
Pretty pointless comparison brPlus your bias was comically obviousbrbrSince 1979, the Maple Leaf has been the global darlings of coins based on the reputation of the unmatched gold coin I thought this was pretty common knowledge But of course I'm actually old enough to remember the hype when it appearedbrbrA Maple Leaf always carries more currency around the world than the word "America", no matter what it is (insert the old backpack cliche)brbrYou sound way too young to put any sort of historical perspective on the topic
Comment from : Kevin Barrett

Denomination, lol As if you're going to go buy a Coke with either of them
Comment from : HELLH0WND

I’m in the uk and have both maple and eagle, there’s just something about the American eagle coin that makes it a lot more desirable, think it’s having a proper design on both sides as opposed to the head that the majority of coins have Not sure why you even added denomination though if you just dismissed it Sure nobody is going to use silver coins to do their weekly shop, but if you had to, well the maple has it Denomination is face value so on that basis alone the maple wins technically Great video though
Comment from : bala8oo

Silver Eagles DO have anti counterfeiting technology if you know what to look for Too bad you don't know what it is??
Comment from : MICHAEL DANNA

Uhl Qnu
Great video and explanation I'm looking to purchase coins, and this video helped with your explanation Thank you!
Comment from : Uhl Qnu

Tiller Phil
Ordered a 20 stack of both of these today as my first ever silver brbrThere's no wrong choice it seems
Comment from : Tiller Phil

Mark Payne
Seems like they are selling at $4 over spot Any suggestions of where to buy?
Comment from : Mark Payne

Joseph Jones
If we never see silver go below $20 ever again, the 2021 ASEs should have a twenty denomination lol
Comment from : Joseph Jones

Benjamin Foley
On denomination would it matter much when you have to claim value of items when traveling international Eagles claim $1 each vis $5 each May not be as much concern on silver but heard it can really make a difference with gold coins
Comment from : Benjamin Foley

Savoy Truffle
Is that the queen, or Lucy from Peanuts?
Comment from : Savoy Truffle

Coach Alpha Elite
I wish I could re stamp the queens face off, I own 3/1 leafs to eagles $3-$6 less premium on leafs than maples 9999 fine silber
Comment from : Coach Alpha Elite

T Utrechts
the maple is the better coin in europe
Comment from : T Utrechts

Paul Carrier
Sick video man, very thorough Thanks! Any idea where the best place to buy in Canada?
Comment from : Paul Carrier

Tyson Jezowski
I guess the discussion is maples vs eagles, but the canadian mint has other denominations I have 5 coins that are 1 oz but have a face value of $100
Comment from : Tyson Jezowski

Ezekiel Choke
I am planning to diversify across Eagles (50), Leaves (25) and Britannias (25)
Comment from : Ezekiel Choke

Le Valet Dargent
Blacklight on the sunshine ? 🤔
Comment from : Le Valet Dargent

I stack both, with ASE being top dog Recently dipped into the 2021 Britannia My lcs will pay over spot for ASE and pretty much spot for anything else
Comment from : D S

My Email
Eagles, kruggerands, kookaburra, libertadsmaples a dead last due to milkspots
Comment from : My Email

Farhadul Shabbir
Eagle indeed is more beautiful !brand the obverseha ha I liked the laughter 😂😂😂so obvious 🤣🤣
Comment from : Farhadul Shabbir

Dennis Silverstein
The Maples give you more bang for your buckWhen push comes to shove, your Eagles won't get you anything more then the Maple will
Comment from : Dennis Silverstein

Dennis Silverstein
The Eagle is the most counterfeit coin on the market
Comment from : Dennis Silverstein

mike brake
typical America bias you are so full of crap if you had a true in dependent and unbias look the maple is the winner there is a whole world outside the American border and the view is completely different than you are seeing
Comment from : mike brake

Sheikh ⱮΛƬΣӨ#9835
if the government ever confiscates your silver, you're gonna cash it in for that value ;)
Comment from : Sheikh ⱮΛƬΣӨ#9835

Hardesty Hardesty
Eagles all day USA Baby but it would also help if they didn't have to put the Queen's old face on all the maple leafs I mean is she that conceited she has to be on everything?
Comment from : Hardesty Hardesty

Paul Candelent
Im learning alot from your videos thank you
Comment from : Paul Candelent

I like not having the hag on my coins, but I stack both
Comment from : usmcson3

Fred Valencia
Its already been settled americans prefer the eagle
Comment from : Fred Valencia

No Hurry
I've got sealed monster boxes of both Loose coins, my ASE's outnumber the ML by a lot though
Comment from : No Hurry

Dr Pieper
Brittania oz
Comment from : Dr Pieper

At 6:50 you're incorrect 9999 gives you more silver They're both the same weight but AE makes up the weight with copper That's probably why the Maple is a little brighter 003 doesn't seem like much but it adds up Every 3300 ounces you get an extra one LoL! About a penny of extra silver
Comment from : GR8 SCOTT!!!

Today is 8/21/2020 JM Bullion is paying $150 more per 1 oz bullion Eagle ($2991) than a 1 oz bullion Maple Leaf ($2891), & 1 oz silver rounds are $250 less than the Eagle ($2741) Random Maple Leaf privy coins are bought for $50 less than for an Eagle This would be an approximate idea for figuring out your investment strategy Premiums can eat up a lot of your value Also, sealed monster boxes should bring more than an opened box, due to the fact that the buyer doesn't have to go through & evaluate each coin in each tube, when they buy them back If you ever want to buy a monster box, & want to have an example of what is inside, buy an extra coin or two at the same time, & leave the straps on the box BTW, silver ask price is $2691, after closing of the market
Comment from : Urbicide

David Clark
Krugerrands have a real regal look to them
Comment from : David Clark

Casey Kerley
I'm interested
Comment from : Casey Kerley

Pistol Packing Pilot
As a relatively new stacker and a huge fanboy of the Eagles, damn, that was a heavily biased video!
Comment from : Pistol Packing Pilot

Jimmy G
I'm about to buy $200k in koalas or Brits and the seller wants to charge me $500 premium per one ounce coin for the entire order adding up tp around 31k Premium too high? (Sellers name withheld)
Comment from : Jimmy G

I'm seeing problems in your arguments already when discussing denomination You're applying date-of-recording standards (liquidity, exchange rate, silver price, etc) and hypotheticals to your arguments The Maple has it It's a small difference, but the Maple has the advantage in that categorybrbredit: seeing the same problems with your arguments on purity It's a negligible difference, but again the Maple has advantage Just say it and move on
Comment from : NintenDad

thomas ammann
Attn Silver Stackers, during the March silver lows I was able to purchase 3-$1000 face value of 90 quarters from JM Bullion with tracking number Because of the demand in product it would be a few weeks before delivery, not a problem,, weeks went by I contacted the claims department they denied my claim says too much time went by? I called my post master and asks them for delivery information they took my routing number and told me that is still in transit I tried contacting the JM bull in co many times with no return call from any high up management I again emailed claims department and again they denied my claim and will not respond to any more of my inquires So again talked with my post master, this time JM bullion pulled the tracking number off and now post master can not find tracking number anywherebrThey will take your money ASAP I never had this problem with JM bullion before,I guess any thing is possible these days, it's sad I am a loyal customer, I now was a loyal customer, so stackers be careful buying from JM Bullion
Comment from : thomas ammann

Larry Royovitz
You said denomination, but because the Maple is worth more in US dollars AS a denomination, you switched to "hey, they're both silver, and 1 oz" Maple wins here You call it a "wash", then why talk about denomination? brbrIn fact, it was at this point you are clearly biased, and this is a stupid video I will not subscribe Try harder next time
Comment from : Larry Royovitz

Jorge Botelho
Tanho essa mueda 2001 Tele 926382940
Comment from : Jorge Botelho

Won Seven
Size does matter!! The bigger the better!!Silver Eagles all the way 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Comment from : Won Seven

Dan Washam
As a beginner I really liked your knowledgeable and informative video You have much less superfluous blabbing and much more info Thank you! Well done!
Comment from : Dan Washam

Anonymous Railfan
I prefer maples as they have a smaller premium
Comment from : Anonymous Railfan

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