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I Bought Another Bag of Old Silver Coins!

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Information I Bought Another Bag of Old Silver Coins!

Title :  I Bought Another Bag of Old Silver Coins!
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Frames I Bought Another Bag of Old Silver Coins!

Description I Bought Another Bag of Old Silver Coins!

Comments I Bought Another Bag of Old Silver Coins!

I went to my silver dealer and purchased all of his old Junk Silver brThe Bag of silver had $1755 Face Value full of Seated Dimes, Seated Half Dimes, Barber Dimes, Seated Quarters, Barber Quarters, Standing Liberty Quarters, as well as a few other surprises! brIn this video, I will search through all the old Silver coins from the bag I will be looking for key dates, semi key dates, upgrades, and of course and varieties within the years I hunt brHopefully you all enjoy this video! br brAs always - Happy Hunting, Thanks for Watching AND keep Stacking that silver my friends!!! br brHere's a Playlist for all of my Junk Silver (Constitutional Silver) hunts: br wwwyoutubecom/playlist?list=PLknd43YfQfvbc9k9holzQKUF2rXHhdmF7 br brJoin my channel to get access to some cool perks: br wwwyoutubecom/channel/UCxD98GXG8opPMHA6-JJSyJg/join br brPS - My Stacking Silver Hunting Mats are are listed on eBay or at my website if you want to check them out: br robfindstreasurecom/whats-for-sale/ br wwwebaycom/usr/robfindstreasure br brPLEASE SUPPORT MY CHANNEL - I am an Amazon Associate and if you shop on Amazon, please feel free to click one of my links below - I get a little extra every time you shop using my link: br wwwamazoncom/shop/robfindstreasure br brThe Microscope I use: br amznto/2JFQtcS br brUS Coins Redbook 2022: br amznto/3BoZeDA br brStrike it Rich - Coin Errors/Varieties Book (5th Edition): br amznto/3etPq1u br brI hope you enjoyed the video - if you did, please subscribe! brI post several videos weekly so please subscribe to my channel to see more: googl/7jX6g5 brThanks for watching! br brIf interested, please join me on my other social media sites: br brFacebook: fbme/RobFindsTreasure brInstagram: wwwinstagramcom/robfindstreasure/ brTwitter: twittercom/RobFindTreasure br robfindstreasurecom br wwwebaycom/usr/robfindstreasure
Comment from : RobFindsTreasure

You could probably tell by the shield some probably are 1916 type 1
Comment from : 80sman1986

Hi Rob your videos are so amazing I love seeing all the silver in your videos
Comment from : RIGHTSIDE2000

some rando
Congrats on 100K!
Comment from : some rando

Comment from : CoinCollector

Is There A Nickadate For Silver Coins ?
Comment from : steelersjourney11111

Paul Folden
Stick to buying coins, your hunts are almost unbearable to watch
Comment from : Paul Folden

TigernTasha Money Worth Mo
Oh my what a surprise Those seateds are almost as pretty as a Morgan
Comment from : TigernTasha Money Worth Mo

Gina R
Nice bag of silver!
Comment from : Gina R

Treasure Hog
OLD US silver Can't beat it
Comment from : Treasure Hog

Matthew Cataline
I love the sound of old silver I'd love to have some of those finds I've been wanting to do more half dimes, but they don't show up at my LCS very often
Comment from : Matthew Cataline

Jeff C
Great video Rob Thanks for sharing
Comment from : Jeff C

Jennifer Bond
Every time you slam the bag I cringe 😂😂
Comment from : Jennifer Bond

Nice buy Fun to see history
Comment from : Teacher1388

slick one
Nice ! !redeem goodies
Comment from : slick one

Tilted Edits
Have been watching your vids for over 3 years Always the first thing I watch after a long day of work Congrats on approaching 100k
Comment from : Tilted Edits

Mass Coins and Collectibles
Never get tired of seeing older junk silver! Some nice pickups there! 👍👍
Comment from : Mass Coins and Collectibles

Cruise Deshevy
I like watching these videos even though im not from the US , We buy our junk silver at melt value and not “Times face value” so I find that odd , looks like a good pickup though for what i assume is silver melt value
Comment from : Cruise Deshevy

Dragon Silver Keeper 🐉🐲
How can you tell the difference between something cleaned and restored? Great video love the silver lots!
Comment from : Dragon Silver Keeper 🐉🐲

J Parker Silver Stacker
Awesome hunt rob! I really like watching these old silver hunts! Enjoyed watching thanks for sharing!
Comment from : J Parker Silver Stacker

Lawrence Hubbard
That cleaned dime would look good in my collection
Comment from : Lawrence Hubbard

Steve Collects
Very nice I love the Barber coins myself!
Comment from : Steve Collects

James Smith
Love the old silver designs Nice video
Comment from : James Smith

I can only subscribe once!
Comment from : F1sherman52

That nail hole in the half dollar is probably the only reason the details were so nice
Comment from : Curt

Matthew Avery
Hang on, Rob…you’re saying that for that $1755 face value, you paid nearly $370 for those coins?!
Comment from : Matthew Avery

Doug Wagoner
I could be wrong but the holed coins might be metal detecting finds because I have found several holed metal detecting
Comment from : Doug Wagoner

Everett Anne
Just started my silver stack with a 1964 dime and a couple 40 halve dollars! Any tips for stacking on a budget would be appreciated love your vids great video
Comment from : Everett Anne

Dad’s Spare Change
Fun video Thanks for sharing Sending best wishes to your family for a great Thanksgiving holiday
Comment from : Dad’s Spare Change

Alfred R
SLQ design is so cool!
Comment from : Alfred R

Brad Mayer
I will refer to this video as TRIME TIME 🤔😁
Comment from : Brad Mayer

John Schroeder
Seeing all this silver is cool The condition is far from perfect but still cool and it's definitely a good deal
Comment from : John Schroeder

Katie Bailey
Comment from : Katie Bailey

I counted $1633 face value instead of $1755 I counted because I was curious if your silver dealer correctly tallied the value of the half dimes and the trime It appears they did not But even counting for that understandable error, you were still shorted an additional $079… unless you removed some coins prior to shooting the video Assuming you didn’t, you paid for $122 face ($2684) for silver that you didn’t receive
Comment from : mjanovec

Those SLQs look like heaven They're my favorite design
Comment from : cfishernb

Shane York
Comment from : Shane York

Justa Funguy Coins
If that 1856 half dollar coin didn't have that hole and those scratches, that would have been worth hundreds of dollars It''s a shame but a nice find as well
Comment from : Justa Funguy Coins

Andrew Rossi
Nice video, some cool pieces of history there Rob 👍
Comment from : Andrew Rossi

Davis Wall
Love the old silver Rob My absolute favorite
Comment from : Davis Wall

Tim Smith
Congratulations on the junk silver nice bag of silver and another awesome video thank you for sharing Rob
Comment from : Tim Smith

We need slo-mo!
Comment from : Yes

Mad Matt Digs
I love the old silver! It’s really unfortunate that seated half dollar had a hole in it I have a few seated coins like that… otherwise very nice details
Comment from : Mad Matt Digs

Green Go OG22
Love old silver! All of the holed coins in one lot is curious Did one person turn in all holed examples Interesting 🧐
Comment from : Green Go OG22

Babs Bylow
I swear sometimes I'm happier just to get to hear that beautiful silver tinkle than what you find Thanks for that audio! brA little peek at a seated dime is always cool toobrKeep 'em coming and I'll keep watching
Comment from : Babs Bylow

William findspennies
The 1856 half is a "payment coin" The hole is made with a square nail, then nailed to barn door post for payment People trusted you with a payment before the American Civil War, not like today It's actually a historical collection piece I would value it at $10
Comment from : William findspennies

mitchell rainer
nice variety of silver, but i would never buy coins with holes or no dates on them at any price
Comment from : mitchell rainer

APB Coins & Cards
Love seeing the old constitutional silver Too bad there were so many slick/dateless coins Would love to see a junk silver hunt and fill series to see all the different coins found Thanks for hunting!
Comment from : APB Coins & Cards

CAD Roll Hunter
@RobFinds Treasure I always enjoy seeing your junk silver purchases It makes getting some older and interesting coins seem at reach Thanks for sharing!
Comment from : CAD Roll Hunter

CWeed Coins
Nice bag of old silver fun to see some of those older coins still around
Comment from : CWeed Coins

Love me a junk silver purchase video!
Comment from : EnigmaCoinCollector

Sharad Patel
Comment from : Sharad Patel

Bryan ODonnell
yes been waiting for a junk silver and this might be weird but i have a 200 dollar budget and what would you reccomend to buy 8 bars of silver rounds or junk silver thanks keep the vid up
Comment from : Bryan ODonnell

Coin Fingers
Always fun to see old silver I just love the history behind the coins
Comment from : Coin Fingers

Thanks for sharing what you are paying, helps me tremendously, on judging my LCS'S PRICES
Comment from : Buchanans

Thomas Nigro
Something fun about that half dollar The hole is shaped like a rectangle which, given the date, means it was most likely made with a square nail, which means someone a very long time ago either intended to wear to hold their money up high to deter theft, or it was nailed to someone’s wall in the mid 1800s for whatever reason Either way, really cool history behind it!
Comment from : Thomas Nigro

Trump 2020
Nice pickup! I can't believe you got half dimes at 22x face value!!
Comment from : Trump 2020

Richard Sappington
It was a good thing I was sitting down when I saw all of the Seated coins!!!!
Comment from : Richard Sappington

What We Call Dollars Arent Money
Any time you can get a lot that's all pre1933, you got a good lot
Comment from : What We Call Dollars Arent Money

Smouse House Hobbies
I was eye balling that half from the start when it was in the bag There a lot of stuff in there that would love to have in my collection, holed,worn, whatever there cool
Comment from : Smouse House Hobbies

Nerd of Anarchy
Am I the only one that read AS* instead of 1755?
Comment from : Nerd of Anarchy

Buckies World
1K Subs coming soon
Comment from : Buckies World

HD Dyna lowrider
Are type 1 seated libertys worth more than type 2
Comment from : HD Dyna lowrider

Dayron Garcia
These seated liberty dimes and the way they look are making me want one now
Comment from : Dayron Garcia

Frank Janowski
That's a beautiful bag
Comment from : Frank Janowski

Rob Shields
I like worn coins They spent alot of time in peoples pockets
Comment from : Rob Shields

When you turn the bust dime at 10:41 it looks like you can just make out the date of 1820
Comment from : Zaph00dd

Mike Wright
Imagine the stories these coins could tell Always like seeing the old silver Thanks for showing them!
Comment from : Mike Wright

Sierra Charlie
Always fun going through old silvers mate
Comment from : Sierra Charlie

Love watching your video's i just watch your first video ever on the 7 rolls of Lincoin wheat pennys yesterday that you did 4 years ago
Comment from : GreyFoxx

Sam I Am
Good times!
Comment from : Sam I Am

Eddi Gs Discoveries
Hey brother,I know that for eye appeal and numismatic value you have seen a lot better but for those of us that don't have the killer collection like you do,it would be pretty exciting to open a bag with all of those cool dates and variations! I know I personally have never had the joy of opening a bag like that with even cull coins in it Would be like Christmas as a kid to me :) Great video Rob and I love when you get those type of coin bags
Comment from : Eddi Gs Discoveries

Stacking Investments
Those lots are fun to look at
Comment from : Stacking Investments

Love these junk silver purchases…thanks Rob!
Comment from : Caveman911

maelo transportation / monedas / coins
not bad at all they silver and they are a piece of history and that what it count
Comment from : maelo transportation / monedas / coins

VCcoins Nevada
Nice pickups Rob👍🏻
Comment from : VCcoins Nevada

The seated half with the hole in it hurts me
Comment from : temporalce

yo what up Rob ive been a fan for a while i was just wondering if you are able to help me with a coin I believe that its a 1984 DDO Lincoln Cent but i just dont got an idea what the grade is but anyways have a good day and good look on the rest of your hunts
Comment from : ryanbowling420

Linda Wallace
Junk silverCool !!😷👍
Comment from : Linda Wallace

Why does cleaning hurt the value?
Comment from : Blarg

Alfred Parsons
You can go blind looking for varieties in Seated Liberty coins
Comment from : Alfred Parsons

Alfred Parsons
Greatest sound in the world
Comment from : Alfred Parsons

In the words of the Line Ranger, well, almost, “Buy old silver!”
Comment from : markiangooley

Hey rob, another great video as always I was just wondering if you have any US trade dollars I’ve been wondering since I don’t think I’ve seen a video on them yet and it’s a pretty cool coin
Comment from : KD

Michael’s Money
I love heading to the coin shop to search through the silver bin!
Comment from : Michael’s Money

John Blair
Interesting lot I guess the old timers were nasty to their coins sometimes :-)
Comment from : John Blair

Buffalo Joe
These old silver buys are my favorite videos!!! Nice Rob!!
Comment from : Buffalo Joe

Jim Thompson
Nice silver haul Rob!👍👍
Comment from : Jim Thompson

adamthestonerful may
Almost 100k subs wow congrats RobFindsTreasure been here since 15k subs so much fun and awesome educational videos Much Love
Comment from : adamthestonerful may

paul hoskin
Robs excited and I'm excited for rob
Comment from : paul hoskin

Aiden’s coin collection and hobbies
Comment from : Aiden’s coin collection and hobbies

Timothy McNally
Nice pic
Comment from : Timothy McNally

Coin Collecting Time
There’s nothing like, being here two minutes after its been released
Comment from : Coin Collecting Time

Comment from : lordeagle100

Charlie Purdy
Hi rob I love the silver hunts
Comment from : Charlie Purdy

Philip Powers
Watching 👀
Comment from : Philip Powers

Orson Beeman
Comment from : Orson Beeman

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