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How To Make Money As A 12 Year Old

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Title :  How To Make Money As A 12 Year Old
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Carson Svee
How To Make Money As A 12 Year OldbrbrHope this video helped!brDon't forget that I am running a V-Buck giveawaybrAll you have to do to enter is: br1) Subscribe & Turn on Notifications br2) Drop a LIKE br3) Leave a COMMENT Good luck :)brbrWinner will be picked at the end of the month
Comment from : Carson Svee

1mbs upload is good i get about 023 on average and 12mbps download
Comment from : Aspectur

Andrea Grace
I’m 7 so can I watch this
Comment from : Andrea Grace

Cant help neighbors, they dont talk to anyone I cant afford supreme and I can forget mowing lawns since everyone has a lawn mower
Comment from : Frodo

Man’s cussing and it’s for 12 year olds
Comment from : Logan2elite

Brandon fariss fan lol
Bruh isn’t that like illegal
Comment from : Brandon fariss fan lol

Mow the lawn brbrMe having hayfever 😑😑😑
Comment from : caulds

Natalie Kole Style
I got a 100 and
Comment from : Natalie Kole Style

Im saving up for a VR Oculus Quest 2 and this helped thx man!!!
Comment from : Ken

bro this 20mbps is bad i got 2mbps
Comment from : Zurnr

Leo Estes
Idk where you live but I dog walked every day for 10 dollars every 3 walks, did yard work for like 3 hours for 20 dollars, and cat sitter for a week for 10 dollars
Comment from : Leo Estes

Oden Anderson
not gonna take up scalping at an early age
Comment from : Oden Anderson

I just wanna save and buy a oculus
Comment from : CheesyKero

Wobble waffle 15
Fortnite sucks
Comment from : Wobble waffle 15

I am trying to save for a gaming setup but it is taking a very Long time😓
Comment from : ThatFnafGuy

Ash Nikko $
as 12 nexst year 13 it helps
Comment from : Ash Nikko $

thx bro
Comment from : Todaki

Celestial infinity
I'm saving up for a PS5
Comment from : Celestial infinity

bruh my man said to get off white
Comment from : REVI

Bosstank Productions
I feel bad I wanna make money just to build a computer but so many people trying to help there parents Now my parents aren’t rich but we can get our bills paid and stuff like that I don’t know if I should really feel guilty now lol
Comment from : Bosstank Productions

Helping my mom with money…we can’t afford groceries right now
Comment from : Haileybabe___

masterkiller come on
You look like you need sleep
Comment from : masterkiller come on

Techer Man
I’m trying to buy a gaming stuff I need 129 I have 0
Comment from : Techer Man

Trying to buy weed
Comment from : Ha_YouWishXD

Freddy Motion
I’m saving up for 500 dollars
Comment from : Freddy Motion

Scott Liebowitz
I just need money because gaming pc I currently has has viruses because my younger cousins like giving passwords
Comment from : Scott Liebowitz

im pretty sure we only clicked on this because were broke how can i buy supreme
Comment from : Nester

Johnny Mitzner
I thought I had 💩WiFi
Comment from : Johnny Mitzner

The Girls
I need about 500 or 999 dollars to buy a new phone
Comment from : The Girls

I’m trying get money Because things been going around my life I have to leave At 16
Comment from : TOeffects

Fading Gaming
Ik it isn't important but we have the same name and spelled besides u have a o I have a y lol
Comment from : Fading Gaming

L Ol
My guy has wimpy kid diary youre a king
Comment from : L Ol

I remember my mom gave me money for lunch at school but I would make my food and save the money lol
Comment from : lilo

Bro u looks at least 14
Comment from : sus

I need a new pc for coding gaming and etc so this would help a teen
Comment from : ap3titn

Kool guy films
Saving up for MacBook for school
Comment from : Kool guy films

Lincoln Walker
Lol he said it takes 40-45 min for a lawnbrbrIt takes me about 2 hours 😐
Comment from : Lincoln Walker

Before I used to make 65 cents everyday except Friday but now I can't because of this pandemic
Comment from : Nxrvy

Saving up for AirPods
Comment from : Luke

Saving up for maybe a new phone or maybe a new switch
Comment from : PlayboiCartiLover999

Try to find something u can do every day cause mowing it’s like every 3-2 weeks u mow again and u get like 10 20 which is pretty good but u could triple or double that
Comment from : SlipperySoap

I gave my parents $1000+ so they could (keep it safe) (big mistake btw) now they refuse to say I gave it to them I wanted the money back so I can invest it but they don't care and they are accusing me of lying So I'm trying to make the money myself
Comment from : Alec

Just here so my bedroom can be aEsThTiC
Comment from : justdreaming

Did man just say but and re sell supreme WERE KIDS WE DONT HAVE THAT MONEY IDIOT
Comment from : Brixen

Toy story boy
I'm 12 and I have 332 dollars!!!
Comment from : Toy story boy

ఌ Evie_marie0
Saving up for my anime room My goal is 2,500
Comment from : ఌ Evie_marie0

Mrgamer1000 Watson
Why is there causing in the video
Comment from : Mrgamer1000 Watson

I'm saving because its my moms birthday and I'm gonna surprise her with a car so far I collected 40438$
Comment from : WitherEditz310

Kanye East
I am trying to buy a house because my fucking mom is broke
Comment from : Kanye East

I’m trying to get 2,500$ sounds impossible for a kid like me but I already got 500$ working lol
Comment from : Roxy

Is that Diary Of A Wimpy Kid books in the background?
Comment from : Ellistube

elon musk
im trying to buy a crashed car and fix it at 11 and im saving up money so ty
Comment from : elon musk

The elite
All of people in our village would be like duck you And second I don't have money for the reselling thing
Comment from : The elite

Ralphz T
I need to make money for my needs
Comment from : Ralphz T

Scorpiog 946
Hi god bless have a good one
Comment from : Scorpiog 946

Lemar king
POV*ur parents don't let u buy Gucci so u watching this
Comment from : Lemar king

i just want money to buy my mom some expensive bags
Comment from : notjun

Definetly teacher
I just wanted to watch this to see if I could get enough money for snacks for my snack shelf
Comment from : Definetly teacher

My mom laughs at me for saving for a g wagon at 12 so I can have one by 16
Comment from : Bri

12 U look 14 And I look 10 and I'm 12 How does that work
Comment from : elp_oza

I have an idea ;) go to a store with plain shirts, then buy some acrylic paint Then make custom shirts I recommend tracing first so you don’t mess up
Comment from : LoveeeJordan #STANDWITHUKRAINE

I'm trying to save up for an electric skatebaord
Comment from : mikethehikecolin

I really wanna get a dog so I wanna make money so I can get a dog sooner
Comment from : DeliciouMaxiPad

9 here
Comment from : kolbymartin3underscore

Comment from : E

Legendary 346
im 14 but k
Comment from : Legendary 346

🄲🅽’s ʛᾄʀᾄʛἔ
I’m 10 I’m just gonna ignore the title
Comment from : 🄲🅽’s ʛᾄʀᾄʛἔ

DeeJa’s Art
Answer: Don’t spend it
Comment from : DeeJa’s Art

I'm planning on saving 70 percent for my college 20 percent for games and entrepreneurs and 10 percent for charity
Comment from : Rico

Lets get straight to the point!brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbmerch plug/b
Comment from : Monkeyless

Mercy Jameson
Nice💞brSlurrypaypiggybrFound him on KikbrHe's legit SD and have been funding me
Comment from : Mercy Jameson

Yep I can really afford supreme
Comment from : Savhatesyoah

My neighbours drill and hammer on my bed room wall from 1am to 6am and then during the day the paint 1 part of the fence it's the same every day I ain't gonna be talking to them any time soon they don't sleep its like hunz how u not tired😂😂
Comment from : M1lz

Dakiddo Bianca
"3:54"brYea i've been getting paid with 𝗣𝗣𝗢𝗡𝗟𝗖𝗔𝗦𝗛𝗖 𝗢 𝗠bri'm making over $2596 a week with them!brbrbrਹਰ ਜੰਤਰ ਤੇ ਉਪਲਬਧ ਹੈ
Comment from : Dakiddo Bianca

bbuys supreme with no money/b
Comment from : Konstellate

Carson: mow if your in a state that doesnt snowbrbrMe: UMM I LIVE IN MICHIGAN it always snows here lol
Comment from : SpiritTheWolfYT

Hasan Elmaz
I love how we’re here tryna make some money and then u got this guy telling us to donate Lmaooo 😭😭😭
Comment from : Hasan Elmaz

Fewest Plays
Man im so late that it already got patched
Comment from : Fewest Plays

Ima save for a big mac
Comment from : StageBeKillin

Alex Sanchez
Comment from : Alex Sanchez

Rainbow Bea
1:01 great so apparently using slurs now is fine! I’m raging rn!
Comment from : Rainbow Bea

Lmao just looking to make money for my future
Comment from : ducky

Simp Weeb
Buy and resell supreme idek how a 12 year old is supposed to by supreme pretty sure that’s why they are on this video
Comment from : Simp Weeb

Kiana Nourmohamadi
Im 12 and im trying to make money for rent
Comment from : Kiana Nourmohamadi

saving up for glasses and for ballet classes
Comment from : worm

Hornyhere 1
Title: How to make money as a 12 year oldbrThe video: BuY SupRemebrAll the 12 year olds: But, where do we get this money - brTHE VIDEO: SHOWS US AN ADDRESS 👁️👄👁️brMe: wowie
Comment from : Hornyhere 1

Peyton mccosco
We’re I live the average lawn take 5 to 7 hours to mow on a 56 inch ride mower
Comment from : Peyton mccosco

imagine taking 2 hours to cleanup dog poop
Comment from : hoodie

A N N I E🌊
Why did you put your adress 8n the vid? Or was it not your adress
Comment from : A N N I E🌊

Brent McCarty
How are we going to buy supreme at 12?
Comment from : Brent McCarty

dude- I’m trying to make money to pay for my brother’s hospital bills- this uh not gonna work🧍🏽‍♀️
Comment from : bri

Sophia Sophia
Before covid I used to get like 20 dollars each week without chores and stuff but like how did I not save it now I regret that 😭
Comment from : Sophia Sophia

Tre Baby
nigga u leaked ya address
Comment from : Tre Baby

I'm a multi billionaire brbrJk
Comment from : Human

Im 8 but I'm the size of a 12 year old
Comment from : SE NFL

🄲🅽’s ʛᾄʀᾄʛἔ
Lol this is for 12 and I turned 10😂 brbrbrbrbrbrbrWow I guys are older than me u big
Comment from : 🄲🅽’s ʛᾄʀᾄʛἔ

I need to get money to pay my friend 80 dollars 💵
Comment from : Sofiakb2008

i’m saving for a 2070 super and a desk
Comment from : JimmyDetroit

is this a meme
Comment from : PotatoWifi_55

Doggo Tzar The ll
Yes now I can buy a AK-47
Comment from : Doggo Tzar The ll

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