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What was the Lincoln Conspiracy?

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Title :  What was the Lincoln Conspiracy?
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Comments What was the Lincoln Conspiracy?

Charles Keefer
Killed and physical damage was a ghastly treat for glass got handy
Comment from : Charles Keefer

Bill Johnson
As for mr lincoln what went around came around
Comment from : Bill Johnson

helping me in school cuh
Comment from : Milly187

Moreh Yeshiah Torah Lessons
Mary knew
Comment from : Moreh Yeshiah Torah Lessons

Kavkaz Balkan Mafija
Comment from : Kavkaz Balkan Mafija

If you say so History is a colossal conspiracy
Comment from : 1776 SAR SUSAN CONSTANT

2021? Anyone?? Just me, OK
Comment from : TramMusix

lmontader0rder lmontadar0rder
ليس الان تحقيق من طرف المهدي المنتظر المنتقم العام والقائد الاعلى للعالم اخر الرسل و سر القران في من قتل ابرهام حاكم امريكا سابقا غير لي سخرية هل تم قتله لان اسمه ابراهيم ومن المؤكد اما يهودي الاصل من كنعان او عربي
Comment from : lmontader0rder lmontadar0rder

lmontader0rder lmontadar0rder
Sahrawi histoire 1976 Le Sahara occidental capital de le monde car le dernier gouvernement du mahdi el montader c'est logique pour information
Comment from : lmontader0rder lmontadar0rder

Amy layer
pov: ur watching this cuz of a protect that is due tmrw
Comment from : Amy layer

Dolly HulaDoll Reynolds-Dolce
It's very possible that Booth wasn't the one killed in that barn
Comment from : Dolly HulaDoll Reynolds-Dolce

Psychedelic Monkey
Narrator sounds like Regie from free birds
Comment from : Psychedelic Monkey

noah c
2:49brlmao my man got airpods br(dude bottom right)
Comment from : noah c

Mevine Ven
Wish all pigs would die together for a better world today
Comment from : Mevine Ven

Lynn Chelo
I disagree! Lincoln kept dodging the Confederate Surrender Party Lincoln felt that if the war was over he would never get the votes to pass the 15 Amendment That delay cost 55,000 soldiers their lives with 3 more battles How great is that!
Comment from : Lynn Chelo

Comment from : Ryan

GoofyMan and Golden
Andrew Johnson himself opposed Lincolns policies concerning slaves, and immediately made efforts ro turn back Lincolns policies I don't believe there really was plot to kill Johnson, but get him powers of the President
Comment from : GoofyMan and Golden

Now is it true that Abraham and his wife saw another him behind his reflection in the mirror and it was a sign he was gonna die I heard that from snarled “doppelgänger “
Comment from : Nyardju

2020 boy
Comment from : RedRumGG

Nick Frangipane
If Lincoln accepted Henry's request, He wouldn't die
Comment from : Nick Frangipane

Harper Stewart
Anyone from 2020 :)
Comment from : Harper Stewart

Fedelyn Cuevas
Vampire kill him
Comment from : Fedelyn Cuevas

Smith 360
vmtiktokcom/baqw6q/?utm_source=copy_link&utm_campaign=client_share&utm_medium=android&share_app_name=musically&share_iid=6795619727143159557 via paypal
Comment from : Smith 360

There is always a conspiracy theory
Comment from : TheHaratashi

Didn’t grant died of throat cancer and his last words were “Water”
Comment from : Morrisbelico

Cliff Seaman
Nothing but a rehash of the same old ideas The conspiracy was much more than just a handful of men led by Booth
Comment from : Cliff Seaman

Jerry Collins
Southern Man didn't need him anyway tyrant Lincoln
Comment from : Jerry Collins

Alan MacLaren
LoL he escape very easy not like nowadays
Comment from : Alan MacLaren

What is this bs??
Comment from : H1

Zaid Zarani
The zionist killed Lincoln because he don't want the federal bank and its true
Comment from : Zaid Zarani

How did he know so little No study of history
Comment from : Karen

popular culture
illuminati come on now insane that ANYONE could think it was a lone gunman (sound fucking familiar, las vegas) One day it'll all be exposed and all us truthers will go HA! just look at what happened with the CLintons everything truthers have been saying about them finally came out not the pedo shit yet but thats all coming
Comment from : popular culture

MikeJ 2023
They should turn the Lincoln conspiracy into a TV show
Comment from : MikeJ 2023

Kenneth Royer
It is so simple Lincoln FAKED HIS DEATH!
Comment from : Kenneth Royer

Pinnacle Productions
90 of history is BS! There were lots of book burnings through multiple different generations We are even missing a few hundred years and that’s thanks to the Vatican! The Catholic EMPIRE DESTROYED HISTORY & created a new onebrbrVatican runs the world governments to which all governments are run by thanks to traitors & scum bag sell outs!brbrEven most of what they tell us that happens today is BS! It’s all a show!brbrLife is a stage!
Comment from : Pinnacle Productions

Karl Burkhalter
Johnson and Grant were never targets as Otto Esienshmil proved in 1920s Stanton was up to his eyeballs in the plot to give Radical Republicans an Oligarchy he used Johnson to arrange murder
Comment from : Karl Burkhalter

Cs Lewis
The Lincoln conspiracy was a staged shootingbrLincoln was captured and hung by pinkertons brLincoln tryed to save you ALL from slavery brThis planet costs you wealth to live here _ brRuled by liars
Comment from : Cs Lewis

lincoln should never have issued the greenback
Comment from : antigen4

I studied how Lincoln was assassinated in my 5th Grade
Comment from : DarkSpyro

Chad Quick
If that guy didn't know about the roundup and Mary Surratt then he didn't know much about the assassination of president Lincoln I'm glad he did some research before he made that movie I've always found this a fascinating subject and have read several books about it
Comment from : Chad Quick

he was killed in action, as commander in chief the war wasnt over yet
Comment from : pollyfrazer

@bofors7715 The simplest explanation is usually the right one
Comment from : Discovery

Nelson Mandela
@DiscoveryNetworks you just owned that nigga
Comment from : Nelson Mandela

John Wilkes Booth was a well-known actor His whole family was in the business I find it really intriguing that he wasn't just a random, unknown guy
Comment from : OobooChoo

Sabin Smith
@HaoWenXiang Bullets and Blood are the paint of the masses dumb @ss didn't you watch the video?
Comment from : Sabin Smith

Kane Perini
@SabibabyS touche
Comment from : Kane Perini

Sabin Smith
@KillaM701 Actually if you take the time to understand why Lincoln was assassinated, much like Kennedy you might realize that we're all OwNeD!!!
Comment from : Sabin Smith

Kane Perini
@SabibabyS get owned
Comment from : Kane Perini

@DiscoveryNetworks Your right, a lot of people agree with you Don't listen to people like him
Comment from : Pigeonification

Sabin Smith
@DiscoveryNetworks, Thanks for replying JR Please do more research because this story goes deeper As a producer of the video I am giving you more information to further your research in the connections between the assassination of Lincoln and JFK Start here -> Many patriots have been murdered at the hands of greedy bankers Your video does Lincoln little justice, as well as the entire American economy
Comment from : Sabin Smith

@SabibabyS As the producer of this video, I can honestly say I have no idea what you are talking about? What part of this piece discusses either the Fed or the Gold Standard? - JR
Comment from : Discovery

Sabin Smith
pathetic attempt at accepting the Federal Reserve and going away from the Gold Standard Discovery Networks should be ashamed
Comment from : Sabin Smith

i cant lie, this guy looks like an older version of Jake Gyllenhaal
Comment from : superwoofer21

interessting but such an 'american'subject :P to be treu i usually dont care about these subjects :)
Comment from : OMGitsJelle

1080 ftw!
Comment from : GOD

1:24 Tommy Lee Jones
Comment from : /C

@GooGobbler113 We've seen to many paranoid tin foil hat freaks, Its like the boy who cried wolf
Comment from : Obasiliasfilosofos

wow sorry to say this, but this video felt a lot longer than it actually was interesting information, though!
Comment from : AdderallApocalypse

@GooGobbler113 Most conspiracy theorists are batshit crazy
Comment from : Obasiliasfilosofos

@Azianxss well, the Assassins did assassinated John Wilkes Booth :)
Comment from : Phonixrmf

@dsdougharty good one
Comment from : forrealee

D Bling
@forrealee homophobe
Comment from : D Bling

Dragon Butt
I bet John Wilkes Booth never did it I bet someone time traveled from the future and did it :D
Comment from : Dragon Butt

Nelson Mandela
You're all deluded slaves of the media Lincoln was assassinated by a jesuit puppet
Comment from : Nelson Mandela

Conquer Thyself
@OcanalBP Hope not lol
Comment from : Conquer Thyself

@epok12345 sorry im not to strong in my American history, that is the only kind of history I do not wish to learn
Comment from : tanthour

Javier Najera
@tanthour um you need to study ur history the emancipation proclamation is like the only good act he did he would jail people and give them no reason why he couldnt accomplish anything else
Comment from : Javier Najera

Lincoln wasn't as much as history made him out to be
Comment from : TONY HAWK

He should have assassinated OBama's family line If only he knew!
Comment from : EmergencyGear911

It a shame Lincoln got assassinated, he would have accomplished so much! (not like he didnt already)
Comment from : tanthour

Johnnie Lin
@forrealee bahahahaha
Comment from : Johnnie Lin

@TomFuIp damn dude you troll these for the "first" post dont you i hope you realize, you're gay
Comment from : forrealee

The Zapper
Comment from : The Zapper

Nelson Mandela
Comment from : Nelson Mandela

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