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Patti Roji
Saya punya coin ratu victory 1887 brSaya mau jual apakah anda berminat hubungi saya indonesia Jkt
Comment from : Patti Roji

Christianity is Unstoppable
The 1887 proof is breathtaking
Comment from : Christianity is Unstoppable

Karan Dhami
Hi good coin i like to biy
Comment from : Karan Dhami

Jamesd Reynolds
Mines got 13 pearls on it
Comment from : Jamesd Reynolds

Darren Welling
I'd be very wary of buying of eBay or Etsy
Comment from : Darren Welling

harryzero 156
My latest is a 2002 proof double sovereign, right at the top of my bucket list, a great month, that included a 2005 1/2oz proof seated Britannia (getting a 1oz version would be amazing) and a 100gm Britannia bar
Comment from : harryzero 156

Chandrakant Kamble
1885 ka chyadika coin price sir?
Comment from : Chandrakant Kamble

12 Hornets
I wonder what the oldest, "Highest grade" coin/s there are
Comment from : 12 Hornets

Sanjay Kumar Biswal
You want more like Victoria coin 1887 ?
Comment from : Sanjay Kumar Biswal

Imran Shaikh
Brother I have 1887 victoria dei gratia gold coinI want to sell it
Comment from : Imran Shaikh

Mayabai Hatkar
Sir 2 coin ahe 1881good
Comment from : Mayabai Hatkar

divya mona
Hello Could you help me figure out if this coin is real or fake (1911) One side it has queen Victoria And the other side it has king George on a horse It's very small in size
Comment from : divya mona

Purna Thurpati
Ma dhaggara 1911 viktoriya coins vunnai memu ammuthamu
Comment from : Purna Thurpati

Rajesh Lohare
1897 ki victoria d: g: britt; f: d : 1897 ki gold coin 1 hai kitne kimat ki hai
Comment from : Rajesh Lohare

Is there any point buying a victorian sovereign directly from the royalmint or is it just better to buy from the coin cabinet
Comment from : Summer

Warlito Jaleco
i have 1 in my souvener book
Comment from : Warlito Jaleco

Rudra Rajyaguru
I am having this coin
Comment from : Rudra Rajyaguru

Hema Dani
Hi 1887 gold coin victoria I have it's very big size 398 gram weight any one interested contact me
Comment from : Hema Dani

Naresh Sandanshiv
1930 savoring gold coin south Africa mint georgivs v d g britt O M N REX F D IND IMP 1 gold coin velu And Indian price
Comment from : Naresh Sandanshiv

Hey I just got the same coin ( 1887 British sovereign ) What it cost in INDIA ?
Comment from : KARTHIK

Bharti Ben Ambaliya
Mere pass coin he
Comment from : Bharti Ben Ambaliya

Just bought an 1887 double sovereign today MS61
Comment from : GodGoldGunsnGolf

Gil Balfas
The 1887 is outstanding
Comment from : Gil Balfas

Rajesh Halder
Brother I have Victoria Ring it's value able
Comment from : Rajesh Halder

I have victoria DG britt reg FD 1909 silver what is value this sir tell me i am from nepal my whatapp number is this +96658231497 tell me sir
Comment from : DAWA PUBGLOVER

Jatubha Jadeja
Comment from : Jatubha Jadeja

Marc Koplin
How Did You Find the "Amazing 1887 Proof Set? Live!
Comment from : Marc Koplin

Philip Payne
Numistacker have a look at the end 8, I think you may have a stroke on the circle of the 8 pointing to an over date, look under with your loopIt may be 8 over 7
Comment from : Philip Payne

The one I just bought is a 1887 shield back, still trying to research

son Chan bx
What is the price of victoria dg 1882 coin
Comment from : son Chan bx

MrSeattlelight Hood
Nice proof ! Actually over 130 years old super cool ! Love proof sets also
Comment from : MrSeattlelight Hood

saroj shah
I have 1889gold Mouhar of queen Victoria I want to sell if any buyers r there
Comment from : saroj shah

Marc Koplin
Woah Awesome Queen 👑Victoria Jubilee Head PROOF Coins Makes Us Look Handle Our Raw Ungraded 1887some in flips, some in 2x2s *WE ARE Reluctant to PCGS Grading MS 61 - MS 63 *Toned Silver 1887
Comment from : Marc Koplin

Marc Koplin
How Can you really be certain a 1887 Gold/Silver 140 year old Sovereign?brWE have been reluctant to send NGC - As NICE as THEY Are They May Have Been Cleaned?br*Any Guidance/ Opinions on Avoiding Cleaned Gold 140 years not in our possession Thanks Again!
Comment from : Marc Koplin

Marc Koplin
Comment from : Marc Koplin

Marc Koplin
anti-virus gets wording WRONG!brSending coins in for grading at PCGS/NGC: 1887 Queen Victoria SILVER Crown Set (MS61-MS63)br*COOL Coins with Stunning Toning OVER 140 years Has Passed! *Authentic Grading = peace of mindbrWhat do you think about grading gold Sovereigns? *Good Video! 😉 Fort Lauderdale 🌴BEACH 🌴
Comment from : Marc Koplin

Marc Koplin
We Went Our 1887 VICTORIA Jubillee Head Silver Crown in NYC grade MS 61 *Stunning Toning!brThen, the 4s came in a MS 62 (Arabic 1 in Date) 3rd Coin 1/2 Crown Jubilee Head MS 63 ($225)br1887 2S MS 61 and the 1S traded by NYC MS 62 ($160) These Queen Victoria SILVER Coins are 140+brYEARS OLD Graded and Slabbed Now Question - Does it PAY to trade gold Sovereigns? Why?
Comment from : Marc Koplin

Oleg Petelevitch
I just inherited 10,000 from my granny im going to buy bullion soverigns for that price !
Comment from : Oleg Petelevitch

My latest buy are some old Swiss Francs
Comment from : NumismaticMaster

Dr Who
I love all £5 Sovereigns but have only been able to afford 4 Did get first Platinum ever Sovereign
Comment from : Dr Who

Peter Holman
Bow wow One ugly woman
Comment from : Peter Holman

Gorgeous proof gold Me likey very much
Comment from : medgasguy

Rikard Bodforss
Get yourself a pair of scissors that are designed for left hand use I get frustrated every time you struggle with the scissors on an unboxing video It makes a world of difference Love your stuff on sovereigns btw even though I only have a few in my collection
Comment from : Rikard Bodforss

Do you get the pgcs holders converted to ngc to have all the same
Comment from : Robertw

What do you feel the value of non proof version of 1887?
Comment from : Robertw

love the 1887 proof sovereign wow
Comment from : Sovereign_uk

Great coins, congrats i just bought a 1858 love the shield backs, bthe 1887 is super on my short wish list
Comment from : Robertw

Eric Woody
gorgeous coins especially the eighteen eighty seven
Comment from : Eric Woody

Mancunian Stacker
Lovely coins the 1887 is a real gem! Congrats!!!
Comment from : Mancunian Stacker

Hi Numi Any suggestions on how to value 19th and late 18th century British coinage Here in the states I would use the Red Book and the auction info that PCGS publishes, and PCGS also has the Photograde App which has grade examples for all USA coins Helps a bit to get an idea of the grades of raw coins ANA also publishes a good guide for this I can’t seem to find comparable tools for non-US coins Yes there are books devoted to the sovereign, but are there one-stop solutions for all of the other coinage? Rarity, photo grade examples, recent auction sales data, etc? Preferably internet based
Comment from : Joe

Marco Cialdella
My latest buy today, 1872 Gold Sovereign - Victoria Young Head Shield Back- LondonbrI love it!
Comment from : Marco Cialdella

always lookin
Beautiful coins as usual Mate ! I don't go much on small silver but that 6 pence is a ripper, I would have grabbed it as well I saw a 1887 5 pound sovereign at a coin show the other day, very nice Also looking at US Double Eagles I need to hit the gold fields and find some more coin money, too many to choose from lol
Comment from : always lookin

Mike Dennington
Very nice 😍 love it I have a red case from the 1950’s which l paid 500pounds for very rare case now l have a specimen set in it
Comment from : Mike Dennington

Vaccinium augustifolium
Love the cameo on that 1816 6 pence ❤
Comment from : Vaccinium augustifolium

Yes i will sell the SA 1953 half sov if anyone has interest email me [email protected] with offer can send pictures if interested i think i will keep the full sov
Comment from : Robertw

G Lewis
I must be stressed either that, or you do actually need some new scissors! ;)
Comment from : G Lewis

Steven Knopf
Beautiful coins, outstanding sovereign, just purchased ms65 1921morgan dollar
Comment from : Steven Knopf

Paul Harlock
George III coin is amazing
Comment from : Paul Harlock

scot mac
Excellent coins I like the 1887 Jubilee Head, I have the half 1887 Jubilee I will be making my first venture into the coin auction world in a couple of days, heres hoping I have some beginners luck
Comment from : scot mac

Platinum Skies
Comment from : Platinum Skies

Mustaq Ahmed
Very good collection Great pleasure to see those coins I bought recently couple of six pence coins One is 1758 & another is 1834 Thanks for the video & information
Comment from : Mustaq Ahmed

Andre G
Great pickups, some really beautiful pieces
Comment from : Andre G

B Garza
Beautiful proof
Comment from : B Garza

Beautiful 1887 proof coin! 👌
Comment from : Akeman

I really like the 1816 6Pence,surprising almost 11 million mintage,but prob not many in that conditionI hope your 1858 doesnt get details,thats a bad scratch on her cheek😦You are right the fact an 1887 coin can stay in that conditionEven though I can't afford a higher grade,I'm looking at a 1776 2 Reale(F12)Did you happen to check out my 1849 Godless Florin vid?I wondered what you thought of my drawing of Queen Vic
Comment from : JRW3

Onus Cronus
What is aTyrant Kind Collection?
Comment from : Onus Cronus

Alexander R De Voogt
Beautiful coins my friend, the last one is really stunning! Thanks for the show Numi
Comment from : Alexander R De Voogt

Larry Stendebach
I found myself clapping when you pulled out the last coin Bravo Numi! StunningI will be on the hunt for one too!
Comment from : Larry Stendebach

Javier Meade
And yes, the 1887 Sovereign is incredible Good find!
Comment from : Javier Meade

Javier Meade
The 1858 should get a details grading with the scratch on the face Too bad
Comment from : Javier Meade

Silver Bean Counter
110 year old coin and in great shape A definite beauty
Comment from : Silver Bean Counter

The 1887 set just amazing i thought i bought the 5 sov but it fell through just amazing set thanks
Comment from : Robertw

John A
Love that 1887
Comment from : John A

Heavy T
Awesome, absolutely love the 1887 Proof! Now you’re just showing off 😀 If you did eventually decide to get it crossed over to NGC, do you think conservation might help bump up the grade?
Comment from : Heavy T

I love this period march and numi has educated me i have the 1858 and 1861 only scarce or rare for me i think just the 1953 sf i have a proof i have the half sov1953 i wil sell thanks numi
Comment from : Robertw

Sherab Namdhak
I was watching the very sovereign you have just purchased and you are right the mark on Vick’s face might bring the grade down Andreas has kindly kept one I am purchasing until my return from Paris Getting that on Monday Cracking proof you’ve got your hands on there
Comment from : Sherab Namdhak

Comment from : Monetka

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