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R MsPhonics
Comment from : R MsPhonics

Garyam Li
I couldn’t agree more about your observations about Suze Orman I’d trust you any day over her I think that she had a bachelor’s degree—but in social work or something similar I alsobragree with you about Dave Ramsey Very honest and upstanding brbrExcellent content
Comment from : Garyam Li

NotYourMom YouSnowflake
Sluzzi, marketed a malicious product, benefited off it, was protected by Elizabeth Warren, and they both behave like the scam never happenedmadness!
Comment from : NotYourMom YouSnowflake

Angelica Colantonio
I never liked her always gave me a bad vibe!!! Glad I'm not alone
Comment from : Angelica Colantonio

You Have A Good Point
Wow I didn’t know that about her That’s not a nice person to put it nicely
Comment from : You Have A Good Point

Mary Fields
Suze's habit of speaking as if she is addressing a room full of not-too-bright people, using her condescending tone and the over-the-top big-eyes and over-enunciation just make my skin crawl
Comment from : Mary Fields

I too, love Dave Ramsey
Comment from : Sheri

Valerie Zushin
I’ve never been a fan of hers , she’s gave some awful advice and she always talks like everyone has tons of money
Comment from : Valerie Zushin

melissa frain
I really think you're great New sub here Love you're food segments too
Comment from : melissa frain

Mason Boggs
This just sounds like someone who is bitter Suzie is so successful
Comment from : Mason Boggs

Jessica Spencer
Same, I am not a fan of Suzi She only waits to sell and sell more product Rarely gives good advice
Comment from : Jessica Spencer

Roseann Willoughby, Realtor
You are wonderful, you are somebody!! URdaBEST!!!
Comment from : Roseann Willoughby, Realtor

Angelic Being
My inner alarm always went off when she was on She is an evil being so thanks for saying she sus to you too
Comment from : Angelic Being

Stacy Jaye
Her and wifey actually own their own Cayman Island With a golf course and yachts and a couple mansions, of course LOL
Comment from : Stacy Jaye

Helene Davis
Thanks for the word of warning It’s disappointing to see her almost everywhere
Comment from : Helene Davis

Hello world
She is one of the first financial person I have listened to in radio I grew interest personal finance from there But she looked and later sounded like empty can Just noise to make herself smart financially
Comment from : Hello world

Francis Barbour
So true, you give practical reasonable financial information She does not Your suggestion of polishing shoes, ironing clothes was something everybody can do for free Also washing, detailing your car, again freebie My suggestion is get professional hair cuts and coloring Pedicures and manicures, look for best prices , more of a ego boost than a new outfit or a new pair of shoes My Mom's favorite saying was "Use it up, wear it out, make it do!" She was a stay at home mom with 5 kids, and we always looked presentable
Comment from : Francis Barbour

David Carter
Don’t piss in my ear, and tell me it’s rain brAgree with you about Dave Ramsey I don’t have credit cards
Comment from : David Carter

I agree with you I used to watch Suzie with my spouse After a few weeks, they dropped out from disinterest I also stopped listening as well My financial plan now is a hybrid mix of Dave Ramsey, Tony Robbins and a few others I can relate to I found that Suzes advice seemed inconsistent at best
Comment from : mugentuner

Cande Carroll
I am a Suze Orman follower I was surprised how much I enjoyed your video, however I have no criticism of it I'm 73, retired, and a widow, have worked hard all my life and at least for the past 25-30 years have managed to manage our/my finances and investments It's now my job, having closed on the sale of my last investment property TODAY! (I've made lots of friends of my tenants over the years, but as of today I am "TI" --I've achieved Tenant Independence!)brMy job since retiring is to manage my finances and investments I try to utilize as much financial information as possible including Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey, Paula P(something, I can never understand her last name ehen she says it) who is part of rhe FI movement I xan forget the RE (Retire Early part)brThanks for your video It's the first of yours I've seenbrPlease forgive the typos
Comment from : Cande Carroll

Wonder Russ
Sounds like that Kardashian pre-paid debit card 💳
Comment from : Wonder Russ

JK Sumner
You are correctDave Ramsey does not correctly account for taxes expense some places like Philadelphia have outrages tax upon tax City County state federal and places like Missouri charge you a tax on top of your license fee annually for each one of your vehicles Net income is the important income to solve debt
Comment from : JK Sumner

Clarisa Calderon
are her books at least okay?
Comment from : Clarisa Calderon

Barbara Peschke
Comment from : Barbara Peschke

Susan A
Suzie Orman was proven to be a scam
Comment from : Susan A

Siwy Wabbit
Oh, my! brMy mom told me, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all" brPretty sound advice The time and effort it takes to speak negatively can be better utilized uplifting What good is learning something wrong about a third party?br Get over it and move onbrI like your screensaver
Comment from : Siwy Wabbit

Kathy Kaylor
I refuse to have a credit card At this time It's not necessary at this time You've never give bad advice
Comment from : Kathy Kaylor

Suze Orman is a total snake oil salesman I remember when her card came out and listening to the terms and conditions and feeling absolute disgust for her You nailed it, she takes advantage of the poor
Comment from : MrTBoneMalone

laurel jade
Hate Suze and her pointy finger and her stupid let-me-speak-to-the-manager hairdo She is the Doris Sanford of the Financial gurus
Comment from : laurel jade

G Kennedy
Suze Orman's financial documents are specific to California law They are not applicable to the other 49 states Her insistence that people have a Will and a Health Care Proxy is good advice, though Yeah, her story about working for Merrill Lynch in the 1980s while she sued Merrill Lynch seems bogus Financial institutions require employees to sign arbitration agreements; you can't sue your employer you arbitrate matters in front of an industry specific panel who will determine guilt or innocence Guess what they always decide when an employee sues the emplyer?
Comment from : G Kennedy

Nancy K
I loved her until I learned about how her purple card hurt people that was already struggling
Comment from : Nancy K

Gail Smith
I read the same thing about her, some expert said she was crooked and not to trust her They said she was a con artist
Comment from : Gail Smith

I was right there with you until you mentioned Dave Ramsey You should research him He is a pretty shitty person
Comment from : LovinLife2016

Carolyn Key
Hey Prepper Princess!! Is it profitable to use a gas card…specifically Gas Buddy???
Comment from : Carolyn Key

Amar Chhabra
I want a Rocky!
Comment from : Amar Chhabra

She's a dishonest person She will have to answer to God some day
Comment from : Tank

Wesley Tillman
In most cases anyone who makes money by giving financial advice for a living is very suspect People who really have amazing secrets about making money will do most anything to keep those secrets because the power of the technique exists due to it's secrecy People like Orman are just hype marketers selling knowledge that is available in almost every decent financial book ever written
Comment from : Wesley Tillman

Kathy franco
I have never heard of Suze Orman, because you are the only YouTube "financial advisor" that I listen to
Comment from : Kathy franco

Paul Rivera
I’ve never known a person like you in my entire life A woman 👩 who does not use people See her video on what she is unwilling to do
Comment from : Paul Rivera

If Someone Ever Says 'How Does That 'MAKE' You Feel?, Without the Word 'Allow' Somewhere in There? Those Words are Subconsciously Disempowering You! Own Your States' For Nothing External of You Has Anything To Do With You, Except That of Which You Allow! _ For Only Two Things Actually Matter ➡Intentionally Accountable Love and Actual Solving Logic, Because Those Personally Chosen Two Values, Nurture All and Solve All 'On Purpose!🖖🌈💜
Comment from : SpiritZweiSpirit1st

Love your channel, and oh BTW, your hair looks great
Comment from : artvelcro

999 of financial advisors can not be trusted they advise because its their job and livelihood to advise and that can't happen unless there is something in it for them in some way, shape, or form a very common tactic in advising is to put people in groups then recommend different things to each group, then when one grp happen to have it right the advisor will pat themself on the back and try to sell that grp to the next grp the other groups that did not do any good get thrown out your best bet is to get a good job, pay off your depts and loans early and never take out new loans unless you have a solid way of paying it back, even then I would not borrow money and never but stuff on credit and if you get a lump sum of money, above all else, pay your debts and credits and loans off first so you will have more money to pocket in the first place so your not giving it to your debtors
Comment from : AnyWho

She's full of shit She's a scammer Just look at her "Approved" pre paid debit card scam
Comment from : BRM VSO

Lucy Jake
Just like your health, you MUST be the stewards of your OWN finances Nobody cares about you like you do Beware the snake oil salesmen in business and in health Blessings all ☮️
Comment from : Lucy Jake

TTocs Elbag
Mizz Orman is a manipulative and opportunistic sleaze bag!! MHO 😁
Comment from : TTocs Elbag

I studied finance and the advice that Suze Orman gives is pretty standard financial advice for the most part Her primary slants are that she is not on the sale side anymore and she tells people to watch out for commissions and fees on investment products and then the whole emotions part, such as wait 6 months after a major life event before taking any major action with their money - and she's pretty plain spoken I think if it were a man doing what she did, he wouldn't have become so famous, but I think at the time she was making the rounds, there was a big desire to get female versions of male-dominated jobs in the public's face, and she got the right push and exposure, so congratulations to her
Comment from : R C

Wow, I really like you but I have to respectfully disagree
Comment from : MsTheBow

Tom Johnson
She was shilling for GMAC
Comment from : Tom Johnson

Joy E
You are absolutely correct! Just found your tube and because you know this is the reason I subscribed
Comment from : Joy E

Pat Schneider
Great show!
Comment from : Pat Schneider

Cathy Andresiak
I have no problem paying more taxes to ensure Americans have health care and affordable daycare, and I don't disagree that big corporations should be paying their fair share of taxes
Comment from : Cathy Andresiak

Alfred Malloy
She is one of many who only care about making the sale
Comment from : Alfred Malloy

Acrobizer 123
Dave Ramsey is great bringing people out of the financial desert using the Moses analogy, but he’s the PT Barnum in investing in high fee mutual funds, getting a legal kickback from his Smart Vestor Pro compodres This is where if he was truly moral, he would direct all to low cost index funds
Comment from : Acrobizer 123

Kay Colwell
I saw the documentary on her on YouTube, so sad how she fooled us(me included)
Comment from : Kay Colwell

Mon Pet
Pay off your card monthly! I’ve had many free flights! Free
Comment from : Mon Pet

Jeffrey Townsend
Robert Kiyosaki approves this message 😬
Comment from : Jeffrey Townsend

Irena BE
Comment from : Irena BE

Tim Johnson
I think you are a great financial advisor I am multi-millionaire and I have followed much of what you preach on your channel I use my credit card exactly as you have suggested I pay it off every single month and so it is very useful for paying bills and I have recouped money many times because of the things like emergencies to cancel a flight, buying something accidentally from scam sites, The cards are very useful if you just pay it off every month so they can not charge you interest
Comment from : Tim Johnson

Sidney Overland
I wasted money on her first bookHer advice never worked for us Later found out she was a scamOf course her “New Age Marketing” goes nowhere just like the New Age goes nowhere
Comment from : Sidney Overland

She's just a snake oil salesman , I love PBS documentaries and concerts and I know they need money but shame on them for whoring themselves out to these people
Comment from : M S

Anne M
Wow I am happy to see that there are still people in the world who will call someone out for preying on the poor
Comment from : Anne M

Michelle Schmitt
Thank you for this video I'd love to pick your brain on wise investing I was given really bad advice in 2008 At that time my husband was diagnosed with dementia, lost his job and 401K went bye bye When you listen to someone who you believe is helping you but doesn't have your best interest at all, all I can say is God help you
Comment from : Michelle Schmitt

Jessica Andrews
I haven't followed her investment advice or listened to her much in the last decade Both she and Dave Ramsey make a living selling products and a tough love approachbrbrI read one of her first books around 2002, and learned a lot about financial products and managing my budget/financial life in my early 20s It helped me tackle debt from collegebrbrLater, I followed Dave Ramsey to work on debt and budgeting I learned what I needed to and moved on from him; I simply don't like his fundamentalist approach either The best thing for me was learning to use YNAB and increasing income to be mostly debt free & increase savings and retirement
Comment from : Jessica Andrews

Joseph Santangelo
She uses scare tactics while pushing her materials
Comment from : Joseph Santangelo

Kimberly Heinz
I have always thought the same about Suze Orman, plus she is just annoying! Big Dave Ramsey fan also! Thanks for the great video! I use credit cards also but I am very responsible and have never paid a cent of interest
Comment from : Kimberly Heinz

Jim Meyer
No jail time for social media Experts everywhere I always have someone willing to give me advice because I live dept free How can you love the same women for 40 years Why do your sons phone just to say they love you We never seen you upset and out of controll Hundred of thousands of dollars investing when you could be leveraged with loans 80 percent of advice from 80 percent of people searching for their own answers
Comment from : Jim Meyer

Dennis Martinovich
Suzie should be in prison for her debit card scam
Comment from : Dennis Martinovich

Patrick Smith
Thanks for sharing I think your videos are getting even better the more I watch
Comment from : Patrick Smith

SpaEffects byAleida
Nor I she's just getting rich
Comment from : SpaEffects byAleida

Dipak Nadkarni
How do you really feel?😂😂
Comment from : Dipak Nadkarni

FactsOver Fiction
Why are conservatives suddenly angry at Suze Orman?
Comment from : FactsOver Fiction

I took her advice in the early 2000's And I'm glad I didI paid off my debt, saved for a house, and saved for a rainy day (8 months worth of monthly expenses) I ended up with cancer in 2005 and I lost my job the following year I didn't have to stress over paying, mortgage, Cobra insurance and utilities
Comment from : Azteca

Blue Sky
I think Ramsey and Orman are both good, but I disagree with both of them on a few things That said, not sure why you don't like Orman Even if she is hypocritical on the car commercial, the majority of things she teaches is pretty good That said, I never bit into her debit card
Comment from : Blue Sky

God Gal
Prepper Princess let it go The anger you have towards Suzie is hurting you On top of that your causing others to hate
Comment from : God Gal

I'm new to your channel What video do you suggest I start to watch so that I can turn my financial life around? Thank you
Comment from : Utube03

Marcela H
On point!
Comment from : Marcela H

Karen Bochinski
WOW my bubble is bursted I believe what you said
Comment from : Karen Bochinski

Tom Johnson
Clark Howard is much better than Ramsey Ramsey is a salesman and pushes his products Clark is not a huckster and never went broke
Comment from : Tom Johnson

Please do not say your not a nobody; everybody is somebody, your just not one of "them"
Comment from : D L

Phenomenal Female
Yes Orman is a joke No depth or competence She can enable you to LOSE money Prepper is perceptive Nice screen saver you have PP!
Comment from : Phenomenal Female

Journey 2 Freedom
I liked before I even saw the video She rubs me the wrong way
Comment from : Journey 2 Freedom

I used to listen to Bob Brinker and Bruce Williams on the radio for financial advice They were both very good Probably not around any longer Bruce gave advice about many different things including starting a business and buying property I like Dave Ramsey too and took his course
Comment from : janets9179

SC1234 SC
Comment from : SC1234 SC

SC1234 SC
I feel that people who brag about what they have, probably don’t have anything or are up to their ears in debt True rich people don’t talk about their money
Comment from : SC1234 SC

Oprah is also a charlatan
Comment from : Carla

renee emigree
Agree with you on Dave Ramsey, and the few things you disagree We agree with you, the same regarding D Ramsey Good research
Comment from : renee emigree

renee emigree
Remember those pre paid debit cards
Comment from : renee emigree

renee emigree
Costa Rica? Much more to state later
Comment from : renee emigree

renee emigree
She actually had a regular 1 hr show on was it, CNBC? Some main stream media channel with sent in questions It was recent history, about 8-10 yrs ago
Comment from : renee emigree

renee emigree
You’re sharp, on the ball, P Princess
Comment from : renee emigree

renee emigree
That’s true, supposedly, we heard about her Thanks for the white noise comment, we’ve always listened to white noise, background
Comment from : renee emigree

Of course, she is a shyster Anyone who advertises millions for a 2995 training course or other crap is a crook
Comment from : GEORGE 777

and know that CNBC/NBC hired her I hope anyone following this channel no longer watch that channel Connect the dots people
Comment from : tortoise62

Finance ABC’s
That’s why YouTube is so good!! It gives each one of us a voice!! 🙏
Comment from : Finance ABC’s

Its a Carol B thing
There's something about Suze Orman that just doesn't ring true
Comment from : Its a Carol B thing

Ralph B
this channel is great so truemy buddy and i have been saying this for years about her My favorite lineI just want to punch her in the face lol
Comment from : Ralph B

Andrew Minjiras
I follow your money saving tips with great interest Even as a retired person I save several hundred dollars a month because of your financial savvy
Comment from : Andrew Minjiras

walter frantz
i only listened to orman 5 minutes and i knew she was a fraud
Comment from : walter frantz

Mary Allen
You are somebody to me and you matter You are a smart, caring, giving, strong and a pet loving woman I look up to you and I appreciate everything you do Thank You brYou have many people that watch your channel and listen to the things you have to say Keep up the good work Best Wishes in all you do
Comment from : Mary Allen


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