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How to Learn a Language More Quickly

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Title :  How to Learn a Language More Quickly
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Comments How to Learn a Language More Quickly

Adriana M
I learn languages bc I lkie to read books in their original language So far I speak german, croatian and english And I'm working on my french and soon also italian and turkish
Comment from : Adriana M

Vasil Stanev
This is a very roundaboutway to say "use a frequency dictionary in accordance with zipf's law" Of which law the 80-20 rule is an "offshoot"brThere is no "secret" in language learning, except maybe in the minds of people that are inclined to seek secrets and shortcuts Hard work, exposure, linking mnemonics+SRS, and whatever floats your boat By the way, did I mention hard work? Until your head spins from conjugations and your fingers bleed from doing the grammar drills? Not only that, but there is some hard work involved, no courses you can get cheaper for a limited time only And towards the end of the learning process, you will find, gues what? Some hard work There are no shortcuts in Olympic running Quitters can't win their medal
Comment from : Vasil Stanev

pretty fucking cool learning how to drive manual in a different language!
Comment from : Brewtank

Whar Nisbet
How do you know what the top words and sentences are when you can't speak it or understand it, or do I assume I know by taking common English phrases and words and translating them? Which direct translation isn't that great either I like the idea but practically I don't know how I could make this tangible
Comment from : Whar Nisbet

Sugar Jesus
Thats cool you posted this on my 21st birthday, thanks for the advice! :)
Comment from : Sugar Jesus

Cooper Beggs
I will admit More than most things, to see you speaking so confidently and learning something in another language really did inspire me brThanks for that
Comment from : Cooper Beggs

Gourav Kumar dora
It felt like an amazing movie lol
Comment from : Gourav Kumar dora

I can drive stick, seems like I can learn Spanish too I work at a very Spanish heavy job and always feel bad when I can't communicate because of a language barrier
Comment from : TheChessNeck

Bro using rocket science for language learning 🤓
Comment from : jaferu2

Zane Goebel - Everyday Indonesian
A nice point that learning a language is very much about LEARNING THE LANGUAGE OF A SITUATION/SETTING
Comment from : Zane Goebel - Everyday Indonesian

Ashray Mulki
He looks like carryminati doesn't he! 😃
Comment from : Ashray Mulki

Adam Miskulin
Try this as well: youtube/FXxmnfkzc6c
Comment from : Adam Miskulin

Atharv Parlikar
me who thought this was about programming languages: 🥲
Comment from : Atharv Parlikar

Christopher Aguilar
This is mind blowing!
Comment from : Christopher Aguilar

Wow… I was researching “Knowing the Policy and its Language” and while scrolling through you got my attentionbrbrIt’s like Woohooo I hit the jackpot! (Not what i was researching but very good to know) Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge 💋
Comment from : Alexhoney

Matt Lyre
Your editing is absolutely spectacular
Comment from : Matt Lyre

Пётр Ильич Чайковский
“Can you imagine having a conversation without using the?” brbrSlavic languages: 👀
Comment from : Пётр Ильич Чайковский

Augustine Chinnappan Muthriar
Super Sir brAmzming
Comment from : Augustine Chinnappan Muthriar

What languages are you learning right now? And what do you speak already?
Comment from : Alvin

Ok but the editing tho!!!!
Comment from : 민윤기♥

Bryan CG
I feel I can’t take it more and know to to write but I aaaaaaa
Comment from : Bryan CG

Sarah Eaton
Did you learn "cow" blocking the road in the moment or from your 10 😉😄!?
Comment from : Sarah Eaton

the thing is i for example need a spanish vocabulary for school and there i need words that are probably really really rare i still need them because it is the topic of my lessons right now
Comment from : Der_da

rami nakat
There’s no way one can learn to speak THAT french within 6 months only
Comment from : rami nakat

Lenaïc Djc
Comment from : Lenaïc Djc

Koe Coloquial
Información que vale le oro pero sobre todo divertido xd
Comment from : Koe Coloquial

Aisling Wolleswinkel
Comment from : Aisling Wolleswinkel

Culture Journey
I love your videos! Especially how you edit! It is truly amazing! You have inspired me to up my editing game Thanks so much! Also I'd like to see more videos in Spanish or French!
Comment from : Culture Journey

Mary sq
This wasssss coool
Comment from : Mary sq

Hanser J
It's great to see together two YouTubers that I follow for learning/practicing two different languages 😂 Keep up the work!
Comment from : Hanser J

Marcos Anselmo
Yessss but its not just words, is all the structure of the language Knowing the most used words is not going to help in reading a text or speaking, where they occur together with less known words Chinese has been taught by groups of words, through the HKS tests, and it doesn’t work so well I did appreciate all the beautiful images of Portugal☺️
Comment from : Marcos Anselmo

currently learning french, korean, spanish, japanese, and romanian, helpful video thank you!
Comment from : James

Dean Kelly Photography
Anyone try the course?
Comment from : Dean Kelly Photography

I always go from 3/4/5 back to one when I have to come to a stop, unless I expect a light to turn green before I fully stopped This is how I learned it from my certified driving instructors This is also how my parents do it (although my mom only switches back when she starts driving again, which seems inefficient, but she's a better driver than me anyway) I want to note that I only switch back when I have stopped or decellerated to the new target speed
Comment from : Maura

Paula Peterson-Warnock
This makes so much sense As I’m learning Spanish, I knew a lot of word So for starters, I learned how to put them together in conversation I also need to know a lot of medical Spanish, so that is in my 10
Comment from : Paula Peterson-Warnock

adina shaina
The Latter Day Saints (Mormon) missionaries learn language fluency in 6 weeks So it exists I want to know what they know I have languages to learn
Comment from : adina shaina

Extremely well edited, good job
Comment from : Kaska

I'm watching you for fist time And the first thing was in my brain was Johnny Harris And i know you guys are friend
Comment from : Sakin

jose g
If I already know Spanish what would be the natural progression to learn all languages in Europe? For example from Spanish should I learn Portuguese then French then the other languages such as dutch ? Is there a way you'd learn them ?
Comment from : jose g

Joe Cater
in Polish I can only talk about food because the kitchen staff at my previous company taught me Polish well, a small amount of Polish :)
Comment from : Joe Cater

Parniyan Karimi
i'm iranian and je parle 4 langues y pienso q este video es genial خیلی خیلی ممنون!
Comment from : Parniyan Karimi

Stalin Kryuff
I only know two words in spanish i once watched the cartel using them words puto madre
Comment from : Stalin Kryuff

Haseo Zenith  Maru
bTime Machine/bbrbrSeptember 10, 2017brbrWe are similar Nathaniel
Comment from : Haseo Zenith Maru

Royal Yeen
I know ekerish byes I’m from ekerstein/b
Comment from : Royal Yeen

Tha fastest way brstepsbr1 Don't use Duolingo
Comment from : BUTTERFLY

Bonnie Lam
"While learning a new language, start with the things that you were interested in"brbrMe: Yes, I'm interested in your YouTube video So much tips and advice ❤️brbrThank you so much for sharing it with the world🫂
Comment from : Bonnie Lam

jonathan wamble
I'm impressed! Learning to drive manual in a second language is next level (gear)! I relearned how to drive a manual on trip to berlin i was sweating
Comment from : jonathan wamble

Jazzy J
I’m trying to learn Italian & have been for many years, I’m at an intermediate level now, around a level B1, but they have so many verb conjugations for past, present future, different genders & how many people are in the room etc I’m obsessed with Italy & so my passion lives on
Comment from : Jazzy J

Talea Briggs
Ik i'm a little late but please can you reply some free language learning methods, apps, tutors, websites, anything really
Comment from : Talea Briggs

Yoga Bliss Dance
I don't see the links below that he mentions?
Comment from : Yoga Bliss Dance

Hyperpolyglot here This is practically what we do on a daily, but I love the way you explained it with the solar system metaphor
Comment from : Langaholic

English Study
Someone could help me? I'm trying to learn english by myself I've studied about 01 year, and need someone to practic, it can be in whatsapp Sorry if have any mistake on this writting I'm from Brasil Bye
Comment from : English Study

Zsanett Bárány
Greetings from Hungary, Nathanael! Respect for your driving skills I recently passed my driving exam too But for me at least, learning to use the clutch and the stick were very difficult I would much sooner learn a new language than learning to drive from zero again Maybe it's the way our brains function I love learning languages too and I want to be a polyglot too Right now I only speak Hungarian my mother language and German and English, but I recently started to learn Italian too I will use your method!
Comment from : Zsanett Bárány

cute teacher, very distracting
Comment from : shanethedane

Ben Dixon
This video brought back great memories for me I learned french while in the foreign legion and got to travel around France, a lot of southern France especially So, the latter half of this episode really brought back great memories, and with them, the joy of remembrance, and the sorrow of adventures and friends lost to time
Comment from : Ben Dixon

It’s worth mentioning the importance of reading, audio books preferably I would suggest reading the classics of any language Including children’s literature And to expand from there
Comment from : Inrivaallagofornow

At the centre are key grammar words and dynamics that make the language work It is at the centre that the Pareto Principle applies brCommon sense and curiosity does the restbrIt helps a LOT if you understand the learning process, too brI am about to publish a book on this! It’s in Italian and explains how to learn English 😉
Comment from : Inrivaallagofornow

I disagree with the way Greg told you to drive stick I used to downshift, 5-4-3-2-1 and now I believe that this causes excess clutch wear I now depress the clutch and put it in neutral or just brake until RPMs get too low I same a lot of fuel this way and have saved many clutches over the past 30 years My last two cars never needed an new clutch or any engine or transmission work For example, I put about 400,000 miles on my 99 VW beetle diesel (before I totaled it in an accident) and it had the original clutch, engine and transmission (those Germans can really build a car) So don't downshift!!!
Comment from : wmmseo

Zig Man
This is a horrible concept
Comment from : Zig Man

I like the idea Thank you
Comment from : Ruslan

Furious Fabe
Vsauce during his college years
Comment from : Furious Fabe

Tomas Tur
For me the key start is listening a lot of it, bathing in it for like 2 months, and starting wih common words, hearng them being used and going from there
Comment from : Tomas Tur

Sofaia K
This is really helpful Will apply thisbeen wanting to learn Hebrew Thankyou
Comment from : Sofaia K

Gerry Gerry
Traditional language learning is interesting to me I love the process
Comment from : Gerry Gerry

him giving Dolphins or Horses as a random word;brme: defenestration
Comment from : J C

erika cortes
I loved the production of your video ❤️😭 new subscriber
Comment from : erika cortes

Marie1998 0
I speak three languages fluently but I wanna grow my list , sadly I have short attention span
Comment from : Marie1998 0

Huskie Huskerson
The cinematic style and his clear af accent reels you in
Comment from : Huskie Huskerson

1:46 i'm kinda shooked cause the words are in portuguese
Comment from : Ana

Wicked Waiata
Specifics need specifics what are the common English words that sit at the centre
Comment from : Wicked Waiata

Drew : “Can you imagine having an entire conversation without the word ‘The’?“brMe a native Spanish speaker and a second English speaker trying to learn German and Turkish: hahaha you don’t say 😅
Comment from : Maria-Melek

I would also like an attractive Frenchman to teach me how to drive a stick shift
Comment from : Bigfartz69420

Troubled revelations
Seeing you learn how to drive a manual beetle reminds me of my 1st manual lessons 😆😆your expressions were literally me!!!ah memories😂
Comment from : Troubled revelations

Giorgi Modebadze
i will try it 👌
Comment from : Giorgi Modebadze

Larry Karina
"00:23" 😂 This is not 2017 man!! Now your best bet is bɪɴᴊᴀᴘᴘ/b
Comment from : Larry Karina

Claire Hawkins
This is such a cool video I learned French in school (and college) but I recently decided to start learning Spanish online and it's such a different experience! I just posted a video sharing my Spanish progress after two months I have a lot of work left to do with Spanish, but this Solar System Theory is a great idea!
Comment from : Claire Hawkins

Stuart Fink
'1:17' 😆 I would stick to bINJAPP/b ! ⏪ that's where we get ours
Comment from : Stuart Fink

Bair b
What about game theory from Johnny Harris?!!! You gotta fight him!
Comment from : Bair b

Anand Deep
Comment from : Anand Deep

Hadi Abbas
Im Spanish and I watch your vedios to learn english love from Colombia 🇨🇴☺️❤️
Comment from : Hadi Abbas

Mi Yeon
You don't know how much I appreciate your videos 💕
Comment from : Mi Yeon

Drea Discovers
I 100 felt that panic when the little distractions were getting in the way of your driving 😭
Comment from : Drea Discovers

Szarona Angel
You took my interest in that solar system in the title, don't waste it
Comment from : Szarona Angel

dancerfor adonai
One minute in & I love your cinematography!! Excellent! Parfais! Intriguing! Captivating! I’m learning already
Comment from : dancerfor adonai

danail iliev
nice "innocent " promo for you common sense i bet overpriced course
Comment from : danail iliev

Pedro Miranda
thanks a lot
Comment from : Pedro Miranda

Michel TRAN
Visa cards, PayPal, bitcoin, dollars, Euros are the center It's like a sun, you see You will use many words on my purpose and my passion for money (language) is about expressing myself I need money for traveling and buying more books and I need you, guys, to buy my astronomy course I am so passionate about your laziness move and you will pay me for that Shortcut it's my method and you are my product
Comment from : Michel TRAN

Info Chaser
Indeed so valuable share Thanks a lot
Comment from : Info Chaser

Me as a Portuguese here like, an adventure you could never had if you hadnt learn french, what is going on here
Comment from : Bernardo

10/10 for marketing and video production style Didn't quite get the message I was too distracted
Comment from : jagmarc

I just want to get to the level of about a 3/4 year old that speaks the language I want to learn fluently
Comment from : Eloise

Souka Amraoui
J'attendais le: "petit moulin, petite bagnole, petite coline, petit ami" mdrr
Comment from : Souka Amraoui

Maks Grabowicz
what’s the brand of your backpack? 3:05
Comment from : Maks Grabowicz

Izzy King
I know this isn't the point of the video at all but seeing a grown adult who knows how to drive struggling to learn to use the gears is really reassuring as someone who's learning to drive for the first time (going straight to manual I can't afford to do automatic)
Comment from : Izzy King

youtube/tbIX5Jjk4GobrHow to learn any language in just 3 months 💯🤍👏🏼
Comment from : S

Akhil Nandakumar
$89 for a course? your cinematography and video skills are top notch but language learning skillsehh maybe not so
Comment from : Akhil Nandakumar

The joy you and your friends radiate always makes me have smile fits
Comment from : solitude

Adam Novachrono
I love how you improve your languages
Comment from : Adam Novachrono

Learn most used words, THAT'S THE BEST YOU GOT?? FOK U ! bConnor McGregor Voice/b
Comment from : AKHIL VASHIST

John Eyon
are you acquainted with CK Ogden's Basic English - Intended for English language learners - and how he came to select the 850 words that make up its vocabulary?
Comment from : John Eyon

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