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The BEST Gold Coins to Buy in 2021?

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Information The BEST Gold Coins to Buy in 2021?

Title :  The BEST Gold Coins to Buy in 2021?
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Description The BEST Gold Coins to Buy in 2021?

Comments The BEST Gold Coins to Buy in 2021?

Almost Literally
The US mint should make fractional silver bullion in the same sizes as the gold ones
Comment from : Almost Literally

Chris D
Can someone explain to me why you would want 1/4 oz American Gold Eagle coins? The face value doesn’t add up when owning all 4 compared to the other 3 I mean if you aren’t interested in the face value then why buy American Gold Eagles and not rounds or barsbrbr1 - 1oz = $50 face valuebr2 - 1/2oz = $50 face valuebr4 - 1/4oz = $40 face valuebr10 - 1/10oz = $50 face value
Comment from : Chris D

I’m a total newbie to this I was wondering why you tubers use gloves to touch their gold coins? I kinda wanna feel the gold with my skin Connect with it You know? Then give it a little polish after Would this devalue it in any way and if I handle it gently will gloves still be better?
Comment from : Brinstar

2 cents worth
1/10 oz golden eagles are extremely overpriced The smaller the coin the more of a mark-up Wish I could afford a few
Comment from : 2 cents worth

Gold is too expensive I've been told this over and over I was told this when I made my first gold purchases at around $500 an oz Didn't hear a peep when I sold in 2012 I didn't buy as a path to get rich quick, just something I wanted Sold all my silver and gold at a profit to apply to various debt Now back in the game and hearing the same " it's too expensive " This time it's more about insurance against current world events I favor silver these days due to the upside potential, gold for long term holding
Comment from : D S

Once a leo turned lion now judah
Love your channel, and I agree with the fractional route at the moment Gold is highly undervalued now and in 1-5 years people will stomp their feet when 1/10 is selling for 1,00000 lol I’ve been doing research this entire year about currency vs money and I’d tell and have been telling friends silver and gold are still deals now buy whatever you can now and don’t stop period I just started stacking 2020 100 oz rcm silver and now stacking gold fractional and copper But I’m solid on 24k only period and believe when the world realizes the dollar is dog food the distain for anything American will be high so I buy Canadian lol
Comment from : Once a leo turned lion now judah

Philippe BERT
Nice thanks 😍
Comment from : Philippe BERT

Aren't bullion coins considered 999 pure or higher? I thought I heard you referring to the Eagle coins as bullion coins Am I mistaken?
Comment from : veritasfiles

I can grab a 2021 early release AGE type 2 in MS70 condition as a promo with Westminster for $1799 Debating on grabbing 1 oz graded
Comment from : AppleZtoOranges

Kevin W
I just buy the best deal I can in gold I NEVER, "fall in love" with a certain coin or mint I have head friends say who buy gold, "Oh it is so beautiful, I will never sell this" You don't buy silver or gold to NOT to sell
Comment from : Kevin W

Jade Nephrite
Regarding 1:01, There are no longer 50 stars for each of the states of the union on the Type 2 Obverse of the American Gold Eagle Coin for 2021; instead there are now only 46 stars Those 4 omitted stars were previously located at the 5 o'clock position on the Type 1 Obverse since 1986 They represented the 47th state for New Mexico admitted to the Union on January 6, 1912, the 48th state for Arizona admitted to the Union on February 14, 1912, the 49th state for Alaska admitted to the Union on January 3, 1959, and the 50th state for Hawaii admitted to the Union on August 21, 1959 Nevertheless those 4 states still remain represented among the 50 stars on the flag of the United States of America
Comment from : Jade Nephrite

Nick Tsonis
The 2021 Gold Britannia is a better coin all round
Comment from : Nick Tsonis

West Texas Prepper
I have been purchasing foreign gold, 1 Oz coins when "on sale" Less expensive premiums To me, 1 oz gold is 1 oz gold Better to save and by the 1 Oz, than pay the high premiums on fractional IMO
Comment from : West Texas Prepper

mike b
It always makes me shake my head when these guys say "don't worry about the premium" One can look at the premium as an instant form of inflation itself It's wise to look at it as though you will never get that premium back, regardless of whether you may or may not, don't count on it There is also sales tax to consider There is also the price relative to inflation to consider If currency is inflated 50 percent and you sell gold for 40 percent more than what you paid you lost 10 percent of the value Unless one is extremely selective and patient it is almost a certainty that one will take some degree of loss, just probably not as much as you would if you saved the currency itself
Comment from : mike b

king  treasure hunter
Thanks for sharing 👌
Comment from : king treasure hunter

Outlaw Metal
I have nothing but contempt for type 2 AGE & ASE Will stick with much better designed (and cheaper) foreign coin and bars
Comment from : Outlaw Metal

Victor Frankenstein
I absolutely hated them when they announced the new design, but many others, the design is beginning to grow on me I have since added four 1/4 oz Type 2 AGE’s, with (hopefully) many more to come in the following years Pile up the Gold, and don’t let the spot price prevent you from stacking Long-term cost-averaging will make it all worth while
Comment from : Victor Frankenstein

Cash and Coins
That is awesome that you have all 4!!! Impressive!
Comment from : Cash and Coins

Just Add Silver
Comment from : Just Add Silver

Buffalos been around since I started so Every year I try to get 1 buffalo and 1 each of the fractional gold eagles I pass on the 1oz gold eagle 2021 I'm trying to double my savings to have 2 buffalos and fractionals for the 2021 type 1 and 2 gold eagles We'll see Just missing the 1/4 and 1/2 oz type 2
Comment from : Banned-Talk

Jacob Parker
I’ll pick up a type 2 soon Just to have one I’m stacking a 1/10 oz every month so, maybe a 1/10 oz type 2 will be my next!
Comment from : Jacob Parker

John Mills
Was"nt too keen on AGEs but yours look really good
Comment from : John Mills

Aside from fractional coins , I’d prefer 2oz , 5oz and 10oz size gold coin for the eagle series
Comment from : 失去理智

The Silver Referee
Really nice looking coins I like the gold version better than the Silver Eagle As always great video
Comment from : The Silver Referee

МАРАТ Познавательный канал
Beautiful and pretty coens👍👍👍
Comment from : МАРАТ Познавательный канал

МАРАТ Познавательный канал
Comment from : МАРАТ Познавательный канал

Benny Duran
Do you invest also in BTC Florida?
Comment from : Benny Duran

An eagle is composed of 22kt gold but CONTAINS 1 oz of gold, thus, they weigh MORE than a troy ounce, about 1091 oz tr Because they are 3 silver and 533 copper So 833 of an eagle is non-gold 1091 tr oz * 9167 (22kt) = exactly 1 tr oz
Comment from : pneumatic00

Just in Check your T2's Do they ONLY have 46 Stars??????? Easy way to check is to see if 4 stars are in the foliage at the rock IF no stars there, then it's 46 I checked my 1/10th Proof and it only has 46 So what is up with the mint only using 46 stars on the type 2's ????
Comment from : Stacking PERPETRATOR

Cloudier Monk
So if gold represented the "ledger" of stored commodities value allowing for the ability to exchange your "potatoes" for anything at a future date wouldn't a CBDC allow for an instantaneous global ledger and store of real-time value making gold or any market pricing settlement obsolete? what would benefit from a world where everything was valued instantaneously on a digital ledger token system???
Comment from : Cloudier Monk

A good looking set! Another vote for a 10 oz US Mint Bar here!
Comment from : 72cmcinc

Those are some great looking coins I will have to put it on the back burner for the time I want to get a kilo bar and 1 gold buffalo coin, 1oz coin Thanks
Comment from : lilrockfromga

Buny Mustard
Man, I wish the RAM would make a 10 oz triangle coin🤐👌🏾💰
Comment from : Buny Mustard

Michael Howse
nice video
Comment from : Michael Howse

Robert Adams
Would you recommend buying proof American eagles with the premiums so high?
Comment from : Robert Adams

Bearded Bullion
+1 on the 10 oz us mint bar 👍
Comment from : Bearded Bullion

NICE group of Gold coinsCONGRATS
Comment from : Stacking PERPETRATOR

Eric Kisel
The AGE Type II looks much nicer than the ASE Type II…brbrNice set you have there! Keep on stacking !!!
Comment from : Eric Kisel

eduardo aqui tem tudo
opa mas um vídeo show parabéns estamos juntos sempre youtube/Y6a9iSHDyg8
Comment from : eduardo aqui tem tudo

Clean Money
Gold is just the better asset right now I hope it drops more
Comment from : Clean Money

C Killa
Awesome 🦅!!!
Comment from : C Killa

I went with the least popular option for my first AGE It shipped today
Comment from : Bloosee

Hollywood Hand
Im definitely done with ASEs and i gotta tell you im on the fence with the new AGEs imo the beak looks shorter than it should be🤷🏻‍♂️ maybe im tripping but without anything to gauge the eagles head position( which would explain the apperance of a short beak) like a tree , mountain or something else my mind fixates on it being more likely a falcon or butch parakeet🤷🏻‍♂️ yeah i guess im definitely on the spectrum but it damn sure doesn’t look like the kinda bird that is dropping off loads of kick ass on the moon! With that said Gold Britannias baby thats where my moneys going on this dip and the foreseeable future
Comment from : Hollywood Hand

I always liked the American gold eagle coins but in Canada they tax less than 995 fine gold and then the high premium to add to the pain make them pretty much out of reach for me
Comment from : 81mrsmitty

Game Day Productions
Gorgeous coins but not the most affordable Premiums are sky high I prefer the European 20 Gold Francs and 1/4 oz Gold Austrian Philharmonics Keep Stacking' Friends!
Comment from : Game Day Productions

Richard Metcalf
The type 2 is starting to be more attractive to me I didn't care for them at first
Comment from : Richard Metcalf

Comment from : oldmanjenkins771

MidAmerica Compost Co
It always seemed odd to me that 1/4 oz is $10 and 1/2 oz is $25 brHow does this math work again??? Must be common core…
Comment from : MidAmerica Compost Co

Rick B
Beautiful details on the eagle
Comment from : Rick B

Bullion Addict
Nice! All four sizes, you can't beat that
Comment from : Bullion Addict

Gunnar Gundersen
Nice collection there buddy The Gold type 2 is one I like (unlike the silver one) What was the premium over the cheapest?
Comment from : Gunnar Gundersen

I can't buy those type 2,they're just ugly on the reverse
Comment from : Crusader1683

JamesNDelilah Pinckney
Sometimes you were closer sometimes you don’t and more often with gold Is there a reason?
Comment from : JamesNDelilah Pinckney

stackin 9999
Love those eagles Can’t wait to get some!
Comment from : stackin 9999

Aloha Stacker
That is a great looking set! Now let’s get the 2021 BU Libertads in gold! Except we have to add a 1/20th to the mix!
Comment from : Aloha Stacker

Those are pretty coins for sure
Comment from : RoLinStacks

I want a proof one oz eagle Will go good with my 1986 proof eagle
Comment from : Zzygyy

Calvin Cooper
I'm a 1/10ozer🇺🇲💪🇺🇸😊🤑👍
Comment from : Calvin Cooper

Anna T
Congratulations on accumulating all sizes They all look so beautiful together ❤ 😍 🦅🇺🇸
Comment from : Anna T

Pistol Packing Pilot
Great video FS I definitely love the type 2’s better Just hate that ridiculous security feature
Comment from : Pistol Packing Pilot

I think that type 2 looks a little better each time
Comment from : Braden

Crazy cid
Whoa all 4! Sweet! Thanks for sharing Flo Stacker
Comment from : Crazy cid

Algorithm food
Comment from : ************

The Silver Sliver
Some beautiful gold
Comment from : The Silver Sliver

Jaxon Sutton
Beautiful Coins 🪙
Comment from : Jaxon Sutton

Bronx 718NYC
Amazing 🤩 thumbs up 👍
Comment from : Bronx 718NYC

The Silver Sergeant
Nice videoGREAT looking coins!!!! I have a 1/4 oz arriving soon
Comment from : The Silver Sergeant

Mr Stacker
What are your thoughts on bars vs coins? It seems we can stack massive weight buying bars vs coins I can't find any coins anywhere near the price of bars
Comment from : Mr Stacker

Mr Stacker
Love me some gold!
Comment from : Mr Stacker

Shashank Golikeri
Thank you, FS I had asked and you have delivered A full set of the type 2 AGE from the first year of issue should in the long term be worth more than just the gold content brAnd this design does look greatin your hands 👍
Comment from : Shashank Golikeri

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