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How to Save Money on Grocery Shopping

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Information How to Save Money on Grocery Shopping

Title :  How to Save Money on Grocery Shopping
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Description How to Save Money on Grocery Shopping

Comments How to Save Money on Grocery Shopping

Do you want to save money going grocery shopping pick up my mom she’ll show you how to do it she goes and gets about $300 with the groceries for like 50 bucks
Comment from : arod

Maddie puccia
That looks like Allie Fauske from the bachelor
Comment from : Maddie puccia

Don't go to the store hungry
Comment from : ramenwithaliens

I never have this problem we just buy what we need and get tf out
Comment from : BreadBear19

Who already knew this
Comment from : Jala

Isiah Duran
"Pick up a basket!" Yeah I think they heard her, all the grocery stores in my town don't have baskets probably for that very reason lol
Comment from : Isiah Duran

600 grocery stores have gone out of business in the making of the video due to not making money
Comment from : NOT ELIXER

tyhe clayton
I spent $80 foodbrI avoid cupcakes brI buy Monday through Friday meatbrBuy vegetables brWaterbr no soda Orange shoes no Gatorade
Comment from : tyhe clayton

Tenille Ndeyah
she's right don't go shopping hungry, you will start to open up food packages whilst drinking a cola, haha
Comment from : Tenille Ndeyah

Lindalee Law
True story:br The current Gens claim they have no money I'm watching a couple looking at Tuna Kroeger- $79 Bumble bee - $150 brWhen I pointed out tgemat Kroeger was good the girl says " but we don't have a !and proceeds to mimic a can opener"br So they'd rather pay more because of convenience
Comment from : Lindalee Law

i like how they find experts for everything
Comment from : Adrielle

Jane Doe
I went grocery shopping with my Grandkids and spent $18737 worth of snacks! 👵🏻♥️🧑🏻🧑🏻🧒🏻🧒🏻👦🏻👦🏻👦🏻👧🏻
Comment from : Jane Doe

Kokichi Kinnie?
I thank my mom for me being able to hold back the temptation of buying pastries
Comment from : Kokichi Kinnie?

ii ii
Buy what you NEED not what you want
Comment from : ii ii

Dr D4nk memes
Costco: allow me to introduce myself
Comment from : Dr D4nk memes

Rebecca Shuman
I go grocery shopping crazy!!!!! 🤩🤪
Comment from : Rebecca Shuman

Rainer Cristobal
Im a kid and i know all of this before i even watched the video because its obvious
Comment from : Rainer Cristobal

Silver Commando
Me watching while i shoppping for chips and going to the food court to eat my lunch:
Comment from : Silver Commando

Daniel Wang
Bro imagine try harding on grocery shopping
Comment from : Daniel Wang

Inside Edition: “So what’s your best defense when tackling grocery shopping?”brbrMe: “go to the dollar store”
Comment from : 𝕃𝕠𝕘𝕒𝕟ℂ𝟚𝟚𝟛シ

AlexReviews 125
My mom always goes to the store looking for 1 thing but ends up buying 20 other things
Comment from : AlexReviews 125

Mac Magallon
Hey grocery stories yo secrets got out
Comment from : Mac Magallon

The Dark Rider
My mom has been doing this for the past 33 years
Comment from : The Dark Rider

Comment from : Kevin

Athena Playz ♡
My dad goes to the store with a list of like three things and comes back with 50 items haha
Comment from : Athena Playz ♡

This is for 2019 people brNot 2020 people only online brbrStay safe 👁👄👁
Comment from : •SMILE •

bshopping expert/bbrbrbrbrbrbrbri-
Comment from : ilynayeon

MY2 Cent
BE POOR that will control your spending
Comment from : MY2 Cent

Chick fil A
How does one become a shopping expert tho
Comment from : Chick fil A

How to be cheap stake
Comment from : Bx1_Curry

Love Dva
Me goes into costco for milk brbrSpends 400 dollars without buying milk
Comment from : Love Dva

I was going to get some extra peaches but I found a homeless man living in an eighth Peach stand in the grocery store
Comment from : JM JM JM JM JM JM

derek Nguyen
I saw a man with makeup in the Produce isle, and when the Light shined on him, I was tempted to tell him to go to the Fruit isle
Comment from : derek Nguyen

Anja Statijev
Comment from : Anja Statijev

Kathy Rockino
1:19 very appealing lol
Comment from : Kathy Rockino

Alexander Sweeney
Why is there thing called a shopping expert?
Comment from : Alexander Sweeney

Terry Terry
This stuff is common sense
Comment from : Terry Terry

Erick Martinez
Man experts, experts, experts say, experts, all the time on Inside Edition must be an enjoyable job
Comment from : Erick Martinez

2020 Chevrolet Corvette
I know a great way! Don’t buy anything! :D
Comment from : 2020 Chevrolet Corvette

Uh Oh Stinkey
Comment from : Uh Oh Stinkey

Me: My mom works at nasa Where does your mom workbrbrFriend: She’s a a grocery shopping ExPeRtbr brMe:😐
Comment from : Thanos

Kimberlee Mckeon
When I go grocery shopping I get four thing 😂 pay Fortune 😂
Comment from : Kimberlee Mckeon

Dawn Fizzle
90 of americans dont get a cart to fill it up its so we have something to lean on or help us walk lmao
Comment from : Dawn Fizzle

Lol my mom will just tell me to get another cart if the basket is heavey
Comment from : Anonymous

Must have Alzheimers ‘cause I don’t remember asking
Comment from : MaaZi

Ha grocery store expert hahahahahaha
Comment from : Electricscooby

Tarek Anthony
0:10 What the hell is a shopping expert
Comment from : Tarek Anthony

There is no such thing as saving money unless you get stuff for free
Comment from : HELLOTHISIS4U

They spray the plants with water to hydrate them something called Osmosis
Comment from : Oxy_

Blue Punch
Yeah thay happened to my mom we were buying a samll chocolate milk that my mom brought for me and my brother and it costed 300 my mom thought it was 50 cents but that much so when i drank it because it said energy but when i drank it It tasted like normal milk so i think she got ripped off
Comment from : Blue Punch

Spartan Locke
0:49 glitch
Comment from : Spartan Locke

Jackson Peterson
“ it’s going to start feeling heavier and you won’t have room for stuff you actually need” brbrSo why am I going to the store again?
Comment from : Jackson Peterson

Derek McAdams
I know most of this stuff without watching the video but actually putting it to use is another story
Comment from : Derek McAdams

** target has left the chat **
Comment from : angelina

Here’s another idea: brDon’t have children nor roommates
Comment from : diegocruz199659

Why is everyone an expert?brbrTissue expertbrShopping expert brbrAND MORE OMG xD
Comment from : •mcflürry•

maddy !!
Comment from : maddy !!

Calgraher Entertainment
My stragety is just go to no frills ( you can find that in canada)
Comment from : Calgraher Entertainment

Me:momy if we spend not enough can I get a toy:mom maeby:2 hours later mom: oh we spent 3000 dollers sry son me: :(
Comment from : Ok

papi francisco
How to save money avoid going to Walmart
Comment from : papi francisco

Aaron Toll_House
My Mom and Dads Languagebrbr: Sales
Comment from : Aaron Toll_House

Dylan Power
Where I live the baked items r at the very back
Comment from : Dylan Power

Dipplo FTW
White people tips
Comment from : Dipplo FTW

10 for $10!! So mind blown 🤯 br100 each!
Comment from : mimiotss

Tyler Larson
This is just common sense
Comment from : Tyler Larson

Sparten Locke
0:49 glitch
Comment from : Sparten Locke

Emma McCandless
0:01 because my mum brings me and I am always hungry
Comment from : Emma McCandless

Jorge Tovar
You can do what the video tells you to do or go to daller tree
Comment from : Jorge Tovar

Doesn't matter, just go shop at Walmart Best deal ever and I am sure one of the 2 cashiers on duty will get you out in 30 minutes or less Lol
Comment from : lothean

sss k
Here's a best tip on how to save money on groceries just dont eat
Comment from : sss k

Jeff The Ref
“Hey does anyone haveeee a chargeeeer? We’re dyinnnnnng” - annoying Asian girl on YouTube ads brbrLike if that girl is annoying af
Comment from : Jeff The Ref

Their is an expert for everything
Comment from : A D A M

Retro HotDog
Comment from : Retro HotDog

Never shop hungry!! My mistake almost every time
Comment from : Jay

When I saw this video I said: coupons
Comment from : raid6n

Charlotte Burgess
0:00 bnope/b
Comment from : Charlotte Burgess

Shopping expert what has the world come too
Comment from : KARI

What the hell even is a shopping expert?
Comment from : soulless

Daisy Davalos
I went shopping hungry and I ended up buying $200 worth of junk food🙄
Comment from : Daisy Davalos

bgrabs basket/bbrbrbrbrbr2 minutes laterbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrOk I should have got 2 shopping carts
Comment from : mimiotss

Brah is this what pays her bills brBeing a shopping epert??? Cause if so SIGN ME UP!!!
Comment from : Randomfan_editz2

Gavin M
oh my
Comment from : Gavin M

Marwa Elmi
I’m saving so much omg
Comment from : Marwa Elmi

Matt W
Just raid the dumpster
Comment from : Matt W

Hackerboi441 Papi
Nope the first thing I see is a McDonald's like if you see that too
Comment from : Hackerboi441 Papi

bHow to save money on your funeral/b
Comment from : Fammy

Kenna K
They spray the produce so it doesn’t rot out and die
Comment from : Kenna K

Nick Jiffson
They literally need an expert for everything
Comment from : Nick Jiffson

Emily Self
Some grocery stores have smaller carts so you don’t have to drag a basket around
Comment from : Emily Self

Brxken Hexrt
How to not waste money, get the app and pick up ur groceries, then you don’t have to go in
Comment from : Brxken Hexrt

Gabby S
Comment from : Gabby S

Destiny Arpy
They don't spray them with water to keep them looking freshthey do that so they STAY fresh and good 😂
Comment from : Destiny Arpy

“honey i have to go to the store and get some milk” brbrok mom brbrmom gets home with a car full of groceries
Comment from : M B UPLOADS

LA WhispersASMR
We know all this seriously
Comment from : LA WhispersASMR

Johnny Joestar
Tricks to make expensive price turned to cheap pricebrbrbrbrHold My Gun
Comment from : Johnny Joestar

Corinne Young
A shopping expertwhat a job
Comment from : Corinne Young

Sarah the great
* Someone asks my job*brMe: bshopping expert/bbrbrbrDon't hate me! Just a joke
Comment from : Sarah the great

Cooocoo Loloil
Dang there’s a EXPERT for everything I need an expert for how to draw a perfect circle
Comment from : Cooocoo Loloil

Maud Meijer
She looks like the Dutch Chantal Jansen
Comment from : Maud Meijer

I always wonder this
Comment from : SiGHT SMaSH

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