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How valuable can a 2000 dollar be?

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Information How valuable can a 2000 dollar be?

Title :  How valuable can a 2000 dollar be?
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Comments How valuable can a 2000 dollar be?

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Comment from : JBCOINSINC

m ike h
Yes 👍
Comment from : m ike h

Henry Locklear
Yes I have
Comment from : Henry Locklear

Wanda McCorkle
Where can I sell my coins
Comment from : Wanda McCorkle

Wanda McCorkle
I own a 2000p dollar coinI want to sell it
Comment from : Wanda McCorkle

jesse gregory
Where do u buy a box of 1 dollar coins at
Comment from : jesse gregory

The laundromat down the street from me uses Sacagawea gold dollars in the machines I guess I will start collecting them I mean they have a lot!!!
Comment from : koolmoe1971

I found one of these coins in a recent bank roll and it has no stamped date and a different style than the eagle on the reverse side Is this coin valuable??
Comment from : E C

Azeizel K’iin ich
Damn so disappointing to see almost the entirety of your comments are made by bots or fake profiles, you didn’t even bother to at least change a bit the comments from each other and also the only ones with a like from the page, what an absolute fraud this channel turned out to be
Comment from : Azeizel K’iin ich

Roselyn Quimada
I have that coin in reverse sacagawae2000
Comment from : Roselyn Quimada

I just found one in my collection but it’s not shiny like in this video haha
Comment from : Canadiannavy922

Its not kidnapping if you own it
I have 3 of the P ones
Comment from : Its not kidnapping if you own it

Cool I just found on of thees coins Not the best condition but still alright
Comment from : 2013JOHN

Max John
I have 2 of those coins -P for sale
Comment from : Max John

danny tableman
I found one today!!!! D mint mark It also has an error with the head as though its being cut off Sending this out for grading!!!!!!!!!! WOOT WOOT!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS INFORMATION without it I would not have known!!!!!
Comment from : danny tableman

Max John
I have about 2 of those coins(Sacoweja) ,or whatever it's name Your appraisal soothsayer me,I have them in S/America-Guyana Ty!!
Comment from : Max John

Maybe tell us how to identify a cheerios dollar coin!
Comment from : prowannab

peps Escobal
2000 P
Comment from : peps Escobal

peps Escobal
Yes I have one the year of 2000 One Dollar cons
Comment from : peps Escobal

michael brinks
Back around 06 or 10 I got 4 coins in change back from a postage vending machine at Walmart when I bought some stamps I had them for a while & didn't think back then to check em for errors or actual value I just assumed there's no way they' could actually be worth more than $1 Knowing my luck I probably had 4 very valuable ones
Comment from : michael brinks

Angel Acevedo
I have one for sale
Comment from : Angel Acevedo

John Fought
I’ve never search dollar coins from rolls the bank only had a few of them I got those few but I did get the liberty dollar from 2000 just got a P on it and I didn’t know what the difference was on the feathers I think my feathers are it looks like six or seven and I can’t tell if it’s a wounded bird or not seems to be in pretty good condition except the edges are pretty warm you can’t see the date
Comment from : John Fought

Yes! Me from Philippines is one pcs coin
Comment from : RN COIN VLOG

Khagendra Adhikari
i have this coin 1 pis but i liveing Nepal ,,and other 1 sent abraahaam linkkon i havehow maney give me,,and very nepali old coin,,and british india companey coin 1906 to 1947 coin
Comment from : Khagendra Adhikari

Ajunte Burns
I have one Just wanted to know about it Great video
Comment from : Ajunte Burns

How much does the expensive coins wheigh
Comment from : David

Higher Holistic
I came across one of these today, I went to get my Tim's coffee I paid with cash and got change back I took notice tn that the dollar looked different so I took a closer look at it Sure enough it has the letter D on it What are my next steps? 🤔
Comment from : Higher Holistic

Manoj Sharma
Aisa Kaun mere pass bhi hai ise main Kahan bhejun
Comment from : Manoj Sharma

Pam Collins
No I have not
Comment from : Pam Collins

Roberto N
Are gold dollars with no year stamped on it worth anything?
Comment from : Roberto N

Jocelyn Balogo
mayron q coin na katulad Nyan tutuo na ang bilihan text back
Comment from : Jocelyn Balogo

Gilbert Gallardo
I have that one Sacagawea one dollar
Comment from : Gilbert Gallardo

Marie Hursey
I have 5 of the 2000 Sacagawia coins Where can I sell these coins?
Comment from : Marie Hursey

Christoper Speer
Yes very interesting
Comment from : Christoper Speer

James Gibson
What if you have a Sacagawea coin that is NOT minted with a date? I have one in my possession
Comment from : James Gibson

Henry Bob
I have some of this dollar But dont know where to sell them?
Comment from : Henry Bob

Chanel Coco
I have one of these coins brI’m not sure which one is valuable or not??
Comment from : Chanel Coco

don jugg
I have a lot of nice coins who do I link with to sell
Comment from : don jugg

Steve Weed
what does it mean if there is no date or mint mark on her?
Comment from : Steve Weed

Belinda Walker
I have 12 of these dollar coins
Comment from : Belinda Walker

Pastora Raela
Comment from : Pastora Raela

Fred Hendricks
im actually doing that right now earlier today i went to my local branch and was able to acquire 4 25 count shotgun rolls marked st8 from the mint ive opened 2 rolls so far and they are all yr 2000 p and from what im seeing and reading i think there all the cereal type and these are all in 67 to 70 in condition there mint how many tail feathers should be on the cherio vrs the standard u wernt very clear on that
Comment from : Fred Hendricks

Gym papy Gym privée
But i have 2000d is it à good one😇
Comment from : Gym papy Gym privée

Cathy Presas
Helloi watch your videosgreat help on knowing about coins and valueI do have a few dollar coinson 6 of the coinsthe back side its not an Engel There differentand they have no date or mint markhappen to know any thing about these coinsthanks
Comment from : Cathy Presas

Joseph Luberis
Yes I have two 200 p dollar
Comment from : Joseph Luberis

Darb Sanders
The corona with the date on the side Watt is it worth
Comment from : Darb Sanders

Lamar Craven
Yes, I go through Rolls of dollars to see if I can find these coins and others I’m like you I love a challenge and with a little bit of luck who knows what can happen Great video keep up the great work
Comment from : Lamar Craven

Always hear about the gold one from cheerios box like it's going to end up in a roll can dream tho
Comment from : James

Darb Sanders
I have One more corner like that one women gabby onfront on back Arrow EagelReafe on back it is different from the forests one Let menow a about it I like to sale to of them Thank You Robert Stevens
Comment from : Darb Sanders

Hey its me Pedro
my dad just gave me 16 of these
Comment from : Hey its me Pedro

Randall Noblitt II
I believe I have a "Cheerios" coin It's in great condition but was in some spare change I had I held onto it years ago thinking that it might be worth something one day Could it be of some worth or does it have to be stamped or something?
Comment from : Randall Noblitt II

Charles Wall
Would I Yes Have I Sadly no! Maybe one day hopefully!
Comment from : Charles Wall

Guest 1
I have 2 of these coins and have gotten em from my Mom gave them to me months ago
Comment from : Guest 1

Jose Vega
We have at hand two (2)pcs of Sacagawae coins for sale Get in touch if you're interested This is Joe Vega, Jr of Manila, Philippines
Comment from : Jose Vega

Adan Zelaya
Cual es el precio de venta de esta moneda poseo una
Comment from : Adan Zelaya

lil joes shop
I believe I have a Cheerios coin??
Comment from : lil joes shop

lil joes shop
Hello I have a Sacagawea coin the year 2000p I was wondering if I could get some more info on it??
Comment from : lil joes shop

David Rogers
I searched a $1- golden roll of Denver & got 3 Sacagewea's year 2000, 3 SBA's year 1979 far date & mint G Washington to include the first 7 Prez, all Denver The roll came from Arizona when my friend saw me here in Maine I'm so pleased
Comment from : David Rogers

Cherry Garcia
I was at a store and bought some stuff, woman gave me back my change and I went home and placed it on the table, took a shower and came back to put my change away I went to grab it and I saw a gold coin with one dollar on it and I was like "damn that's crazy"
Comment from : Cherry Garcia

Vladik Rose
If you go new York city, you will get changed in $100 only in coins
Comment from : Vladik Rose

Elizabeth Wiggins
I noticed that some of the 2000-P that I have are darker in color Some are brown, light brown and burnt orange gold type color Were they release knowing the various color exist
Comment from : Elizabeth Wiggins

Today I just found a similar coin on the street in Mexico
Comment from : NänoCC

Cesar Herrera
I have 1 coin where I can sale it
Comment from : Cesar Herrera

What about the gold dollar without any date stamp???
Comment from : MrKALE110

Tia Blue Burrell
I came upon this video when trying to find out what I had It’s a Liberty 2000 D Is there a video to tell about that coin? Also have a President John Adams $1 never seen these before totally cool
Comment from : Tia Blue Burrell

Philip Grabador
I have one dallar coin how to sale it ty
Comment from : Philip Grabador

Bonnie Call
I have one without a date, couldn't find it anywhere
Comment from : Bonnie Call

luke lodde
great coin
Comment from : luke lodde

Nyusha Cat
How often a bank can have an individual coin?
Comment from : Nyusha Cat

Denise Perkins
I have a 2000 p with a D dark to the left Have I got a married sakagwen
Comment from : Denise Perkins

Jennifer abrasado
good morning sir , I have 1 PC Coin 2000P
Comment from : Jennifer abrasado

Rapchure 5
Mine has a D on it and it’s not a wounded eagle is it worth anything ?
Comment from : Rapchure 5

charles dean
found a roll of 2500 coins in my dad's stuff how can I tell what I have?
Comment from : charles dean

Sharonda Briggs
You are pointing to the wing on the Cheerio dollar not the tail feather, so which one is correct to look for error?
Comment from : Sharonda Briggs

Michael Collins
I have 12 of them
Comment from : Michael Collins

Mike Kline
How do you tell the eagle is wounded on the 2000 dollar
Comment from : Mike Kline

Jay Parker
Yes, I found one without a date, I’ve even searched the rim
Comment from : Jay Parker

Elizabeth Flores
What's up with the sacagawea coin with the reverse not being an eagle but something else?
Comment from : Elizabeth Flores

Crystal Cortezoop0
I have 2 cheerios coins 2000 P
Comment from : Crystal Cortezoop0

Shrell Collins
Yes I searched through 2 rolls of dollar coins and got 29 Sacagawea dollars and 13 other including 1 Washington coin with the eagle on the other side and 8 silver dollar with a lady on 1 side and eagle on the other Most of the Sacagawea has a P mint mark and some has a D and 1 S mint mark
Comment from : Shrell Collins

Andres Perez
I got one I got one like that
Comment from : Andres Perez

Cowboy the f*** up!
Why would they put them on the space shuttle?
Comment from : Cowboy the f*** up!

Sra Rivas
I have Cheerios coins, Where do I take them? Where can I find more info? I have 3 versions of this coin
Comment from : Sra Rivas

Health Share
Have anyone know where to sell a worth coin ?
Comment from : Health Share

Hello guys I have this coin too 2000 P
Comment from : M4yongue

Alfonso Merino Herrera
Hi, I found a "2001" - D Dollar coin Wounded Eagle Is it worth something???
Comment from : Alfonso Merino Herrera

Tessie Morales
I have two pcs Sacagewa coin with mint P and D how can I sell them thanks
Comment from : Tessie Morales

Mary Jimenez
After seeing this great video, I purchased a few rolls of the dollars it was a very exciting time
Comment from : Mary Jimenez

Gregorio Ayupan
i have that one coin
Comment from : Gregorio Ayupan

Rayden Lal
I have the coin
Comment from : Rayden Lal

Martin Olivas
Yes I have serg 2000 one dollar coin
Comment from : Martin Olivas

Hector Gallegos
I have the 1963 Philadelphia penny in high grade sealed and fhe denver penny also plus other coins you mentioned for sale
Comment from : Hector Gallegos

I have one of this one dollar coin the one with the women and the child with the eagle on the back (the easier to find as you labeled) How much that coin is now in 2022? And where I can offer it to sell?
Comment from : Vicky

Real Espinosa
Hai sir I have 1 leberty 2000one dollar coin
Comment from : Real Espinosa

Jay S
omg just get to it LOL
Comment from : Jay S

I have one!
Comment from : Poprocks

Buggy Badger
I'm actually about to start doing this Bought a microscope and I'm going to be going live on TTK while unwrapping them
Comment from : Buggy Badger

Tina Woodell
I have 13 of these
Comment from : Tina Woodell

Christian Bay
Hi I have the coin you’re talking about I phoned a coin shop he said it wasn’t worth anything!!!!
Comment from : Christian Bay

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