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Generic Fractional Silver - THE WORST SILVER TO BUY!

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Information Generic Fractional Silver - THE WORST SILVER TO BUY!

Title :  Generic Fractional Silver - THE WORST SILVER TO BUY!
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Frames Generic Fractional Silver - THE WORST SILVER TO BUY!

Description Generic Fractional Silver - THE WORST SILVER TO BUY!

Comments Generic Fractional Silver - THE WORST SILVER TO BUY!

Richard Cranium
I have always had trouble saving money (my wife is a little worse about that than I am) I had to find a way to get her onboard with my silver stacking journey (get her to help budget silver purchases into our monthly budget) One way I found to do that, was to use it to appeal to her personal interest I found a way and will get to that in a minute Being on a budget though, yeah, economically, it may be better to avoid fractional silver and just go with FULL ounces, but for every budget and every situation, how practical is that? We have found some cool looking 3 and 4 nines coins and rounds, and not all of them are one ounce Why does it matter if they look COOL you ask? Well, this is kinda a personal security feature See, the wife and I developed an emotional attachment to the coins, based on their beauty and that goes for the generic rounds too See, she LOVES cats (house pets, felines, Lions, cheetahs etc) It just so happens there are coins like that and we have some There are also a few rounds like that, and not all of the coins and rounds are one ounce But for the sake of stacking and making consistent purchases every month to grow our collection, I have at times convinced her to buy a half ounce coin or round with some kinda cat on it The emotional attachment to our silver (and what gold we have) prevents her from wanting to sell them at the wrong times Saving fiat currency just dont work, cuz someone always wants this and that (usually her but even I cant throw any stones there) When you stack silver coins though (constitutional, 3 and 4 nines coins and generic rounds) if like me, you are fascinated with coins, then selling will be a really hard thing to do, even when spot price gets to $80, $100 or maybe $120 Not sure how realistic that is anytime in the next few years, but I can hope It'll be a bitter sweet day when we do sell our silver and gold I am fascinated with coins and always have been and I even like the designs on many of the generic silver rounds My wife is fascinated with them too now and I enjoy doing this with her Finally, we agree on something lol
Comment from : Richard Cranium

David Satzman
Looking at what fractional silver is selling for now, those premiums seem like a bargain!
Comment from : David Satzman

John Mizak
If you want to buy fractional silver, then rather than just getting expensive generic coins, the smarter thing to do is to buy the proof US silver state quarters or ATB quarters Sure, they are only 90 silver compared to 999, but they have much more going for them because they are actual money, and have some numismatic value in addition to the silver value Generally, you can get the proof silver state quarters MUCH cheaper than a comparable size fractional silver coin Right now, you can get many of the proof silver state quarters and proof silver ATB quarters up to 2018 for less than $8 including shipping on Ebay You can get an even better deal sometimes if you buy the whole year set that came from the Mint, rather than individual coins Then you can get your cost per coin down to about $7 or lower
Comment from : John Mizak

Pyro Sapien
At least it's not sterling silver
Comment from : Pyro Sapien

‘Em Jay
Fractional rounds only have a place in a collapsed financial system and silver is $200-300 price Only if those 2 things happen
Comment from : ‘Em Jay

Eric Drisgula
Apmex is a reliable dealer but they are also just about one of the most expensive dealers online , you need to update videos like this quarterly to update prices and spots and premiums etc Btw where the heck did you even find a 1 gram generic silver round lmfao thats hilarious , I know about the Valcombi Combibars of 25x 50x and 100x 1 gram silver bars but never seen a 1 gram silver round only seen 1 gram gold rounds , well actually 1 gram gold coins , specifically the 1 gram golden maple leafs which from what I've seen only come in at the least 25 coin sheets and never have seen them sold individually
Comment from : Eric Drisgula

Canal do Carffonso
I gave my father a 1/2 oz Fiji Taku Turtle coin and a 5 gram Geiger bar to my mother
Comment from : Canal do Carffonso

American tar macker
I no this is a old video but I have to be truthful I like the small stuff better then the big stuff but I do believe you should have a little of everything
Comment from : American tar macker

shabu shabu
"$144 premium is pretty bad for generic bullion"brOh how a single year changes things
Comment from : shabu shabu

"Raising a host of a hundred thousand men and marching them great distances entails heavy loss on the people and a drain on the resources of the State The daily expenditure will amount to a thousand ounces of silver" - Sun Tzu 1/10 oz coins available today?
Comment from : Guy308

If only they knew how bad it is
Comment from : Enochwithcats

Daniel Verma
Might not be saying that now
Comment from : Daniel Verma

Rodney Parker
Common sense If you're stacking generic fractional silver, you should slap you elementary school math teacher
Comment from : Rodney Parker

Caiden Cooper
Comment from : Caiden Cooper

Joseph Brown
Be interested to see what this is now with how crazy silver prices are
Comment from : Joseph Brown

Anthony Tamilio
I think it's good to have some small ingots coins ectt its always good to have a diverse selection in your stackI have a few hundred mercury dimes I've been holding on to incase the economy collapses They will be a good form of currency then
Comment from : Anthony Tamilio

Mich ael
Hmmm I've been buying and selling for awhile and Incuse Indians (in all fractional sizes) by Golden State Mint have been a product I can't seem to have enough of because I'm able to resell them so quickly at a solid rate of return on my initial investment but maybe it's just a fluke I agree with the majority of your points and I don't understand why they've been so easy to resell Possibly because some people just want silver and may not have the money or know how to buy brand name premium products at a decent price and speaking of fractional I'm really diggin the 2020 1/10th Brittannias The monster box was a trip to break into😂so many coins to only be 32 ounces of silver Great vid!
Comment from : Mich ael

time to update this video
Comment from : Zack

Give it a few years, buying a 1g bar will be the new 1oz bar
Comment from : ngantnier

Mark Hadley
I have bought a few 1/2 ounce generic rounds Anything less then that junk silver is best
Comment from : Mark Hadley

Cyrus the Acceptable
The reason for the premiums should be obvious: Manufacturing CostsbrbrConstitutional Silver is good but why not bullion that people can easily melt down without having to separate metals like Silver/Copper?brIt's nowhere near a lot, but I like having pure 999 fractionals
Comment from : Cyrus the Acceptable

Silver is Silver!!!! Be happy to have it!!!!
Comment from : Akili

James M
i have an oz of each type of sub oz fractional in my stack, just in case ya know Obviously the only reasonable "fractional" silver to buy is junk of course
Comment from : James M

sun myra
Comment from : sun myra

sun myra
Spent half day watching your videosthis world crazy!!!
Comment from : sun myra

wish i watched this video before i brought a couple from SD
Comment from : Zack

I King
Man these prices are great, lol
Comment from : I King

I King
If you buy it at higher premium, just sell it at higher premium ;)
Comment from : I King

clippy lady
Quick question, what about 1 oz generic silver coins? Thanks!
Comment from : clippy lady

clippy lady
Great vid with visual impact! Think this will be helpful for newer members of stacking community I hadn’t thought of buying generic rounds, my first purchase recently, 3 100 FV junk silver, dimes and/or quarters, saved 100 per bag letting them choose I’ve also taken around 1/3 of IRA, out, working on getting it all out Afraid to go all in PM, so maybe, shelf it, till I’m sure
Comment from : clippy lady

It’s easier for me to buy one small piece a week
Comment from : memelandfarms

Another point is that if you had to sell it at the coin shop it kind of a waste of time for the shop people to verify all this little stuff to see if it's really silver and not copper or steel fakes I want my silver to be easily identifiable
Comment from : murp61

Uriel Galvan
I love your videos a lot I watch you from Mexico, and enjoyed to stack Libertad silver coins Greetings
Comment from : Uriel Galvan

Nc de Libra
I have bought 2 n 3 onces pices i got really good deal i dont think this pices are to bad just get the one ounces n over
Comment from : Nc de Libra

Coin Collecting 2001
I put 1/10 ounce silvers in birthday cards since it's a cheap gift
Comment from : Coin Collecting 2001

I love little one gram bars like it seems so cool to just have thousands of them If it were cheap enough id buy them by the hundreds Unfortunately i cant own these because it ridiculous what people charge for these
Comment from : Dakota

Spot On
Comment from : 351L

Ken Kaufman
I buy fractional silver at SPOT I will not pay more for it But I see no more wrong with it than silver rounds, or bars of any size Just don't pay over spot
Comment from : Ken Kaufman

The only fractional silver I buy are to support channels like Silver Shield Silver Bullet I got 40 of 1/10 oz silver denarius
Comment from : Ninja

Robert Williams
I disagree anyone ever I mean ever seen a fake in fractional 999?
Comment from : Robert Williams

Donald Meadows
So I'm gonna say it, what about fractional Libertads? From a prepping perspective not everyone grew up speaking/reading English and for long term in a non shtf low mintage
Comment from : Donald Meadows

Kahlil  X
I AGREE!!! 👍🏾👍🏽👍🏿
Comment from : Kahlil X

What about generic 1oz silver? Rather than these fractionals I bought that 10- 1oz silver towne "starter pack" from Jmbullion at spot price and a 10oz bar off silvergoldbull at spot And recently bought some more generic 1oz coins that were less than $1 above spot Are those any better? I figured buying anything as close to spot was a good deal, silver is silver best price should win? Enjoy the videos man Gunna have to digging through your playlists, I'm just getting into precious metals
Comment from : S K

See they got the all seeing eye inside the pyramid 1 gram bars Very Illuminati esque
Comment from : R D

Personally, I will not buy generic fractional rounds or bars, but I will buy fractional coins, both modern bullion coins (such as fractional Silver Libertads) and junk Silver The buy the fractional Libertads for two reasons One: for my collection Two: I get good deals
Comment from : Vann

Mike T
I absolutely agree The only fractional silver (1/2oz) I stack are Perth mint's Chinese zodiac collection 'cos they are great, as gifts for birthdays of friends and family This is of course in addition to value appreciation with time My generic silver are at least 1oz and above The premiums for fractional silver are really not worth it as you have so clearly shown in your video
Comment from : Mike T

GD Saving The Past
Good advice for anyone that is just starting with staking silver or gold Constitutional silver would be the way to go and at least with that you can have fun looking for errors or filling in a date series One area of generic silver that I use to collect many years ago were art bars which now have become collectible and on some can have a very high premium for a 1 oz bar
Comment from : GD Saving The Past

SunCoast RHIO
If the idea is to sell it when you want Fiat knowing the buyer will somehow find a way to simply melt it and value as pure silver, then it makes sense as a hedge even though it is a lazy way to buy My time has a value and searching for good buys knowing it is only going to be melted, is a better use of my time for me
Comment from : SunCoast RHIO

Silver Wheels PATRIOT
Ooh saw video on the buffalo generics being minted Was on Quest channel It's pronounced"swiss" I think
Comment from : Silver Wheels PATRIOT

Silver Wheels PATRIOT
None unless fake
Comment from : Silver Wheels PATRIOT

Silver Wheels PATRIOT
#freebaggins dragons
Comment from : Silver Wheels PATRIOT

I would LOVE for you to do the same type of video using Constitutional Silver and show a comparison! Great Video Brother!!
Comment from : nerotikzombie

Douglas Eugene Morris
You say these small quantities of silver are the worst silver to stack,but how do you think you're going to split your silver up when you need to barter for what you need you going to take a pair of snips and cut it into pieces or perhaps a saw use your brain and some common sense these rounds are made for that reason You're not going to give an ounce of for something that cost less then the value of that silver
Comment from : Douglas Eugene Morris

Yea I seen people at an auction the other nite paying 350 for 1/10 ounce So if your in it to sell and make money buy them low sell them high
Comment from : GDapps

Cash is King trucking
Overpriced or under 10oz bullion pieces in my opinion is the worst
Comment from : Cash is King trucking

Paranoid Philosopher
Good informative video, mate👍 brSome great points! :)brI do have a soft spot for the 1 gram pieces😃
Comment from : Paranoid Philosopher

Brawl Devil
Devil’s advocate: If Silver becomes over $1000 an ounce, how are you going to be able to purchase a quick meal when it only costs $15 and you can’t purchase it with dollars?
Comment from : Brawl Devil

Personally, except for 80 ounce of Stage Coach divisible in 4 ( 1 ounce rounds ), I have no fraction silver But the worst silver to have, is no silver at all
Comment from : BOB theMONK

I got some 1/10 from a LCS only because it was a deal and a bit less from online prices but other than that junk silver is my fractional As I see it if I ever need to sell or use for goods and services the fractional silver will be the first to go
Comment from : Oscar

silver watcher
I buy it to round up on apmex for a 100 dollars Does that somehow make me a moron Or a genius for free shipping 😶
Comment from : silver watcher

g bat
What about fractional gold? You also pay a massive premium than a 1 ounce coin
Comment from : g bat

I got 30 gram rounds from ebay for 25 bucks, mainly got them cause pandas changed to 30 gram coins and i use them to even my troy ounce average out i suck at metric math so this makes it nice and simple for me love the content man keep it up thanks
Comment from : troutslayer01

salvador sanchez
sorry about the call out I didn’t really think about it ahead of time I was just trying to win something
Comment from : salvador sanchez

Lee You
Great info! I know a lot of people just starting out get caught by this!
Comment from : Lee You

andy anderson
Of course it’s more expensive it’s for convenience if you buy low it’s good let me know where you can buy anything for less than 100 over spot
Comment from : andy anderson

Mike Miller
I believe most of the 1g pieces are so small they have to be made by handive gotten a couple of good deals at my LCS when I purchased full tubes of fractional that were second hand
Comment from : Mike Miller

Keith High
Not silvertowne😎😎😎😎😎
Comment from : Keith High

Mr D
I like 1oz Canadian maples, they are government issued currency and are 9999 pure silver
Comment from : Mr D

V Yes its me
Thanks very good information! Thanks🙏🏾 Silver Dragons 🐉 I would like to have one 1gram just because it’s tiny! Hahaha they are kinda cute! Great Video 🎈🎈👍👍👍
Comment from : V Yes its me

Thoughts on US 90 commemorative silver dollar ? Is it worth it
Comment from : Ivan999

Fiat Destroyer
Crazy to buy generic fractional, when you can buy fractional constitutional all you want on ebay under spot during the ebucks promotions
Comment from : Fiat Destroyer

I agree man, good to buy in order to get the free shipping but thats about it ive gotten quite a bit by doing it that way great video for the new stackers, seen alot of poeple make this mistake becuase they look at it as cheap and not the look at the big picture have a good weekend bro!
Comment from : GRAM STACKER

Anyone that is buying or selling during this swing is nuts People need to wait for the dust to settle before making any moves Good luck timing the peak of silver
Comment from : venictos

Silver Wolverine
I agree premiums too high for fractional bullion
Comment from : Silver Wolverine

Cutie Cat
Wow, I have so much to learn Thank you, Silver Dragons, for doing understandable calculations and clear reasoning to support your conclusion Your video was very helpful😊👍💛
Comment from : Cutie Cat

Master Jedi
Always buy generic silver at an ounce or larger
Comment from : Master Jedi

Jack Daniels
only reason i would wanna buy it is to see its size and compare it to other coinsbut obviously like only 1-2 pieces per size so a novelty
Comment from : Jack Daniels

Big Bomber Stacker
I agree 100, I only buy it to fill in to get free shipping like you said
Comment from : Big Bomber Stacker

Brian Taylor
Generic bullion: indistinguishable from Chuck E Cheese money Good luck selling this stuff 🔥
Comment from : Brian Taylor

John M
$30 over spot is completely ridiculous and no one should ever pay that high of a premium but couldn't you potentially recoup most if not all of that premium when you sell?
Comment from : John M

So the real question is should I buy a Monster box right now at $1751? Answered my own question, just bought at $190 over spot
Comment from : GOFASTER

I'll take all of it if ya don't want it
Comment from : JR13

Sterling Cannabis
The only one gram bar i have I got in a gift from you
Comment from : Sterling Cannabis

World Stalker
Here is a legit question Why does a guy that sells huge premium silver pours, tell everyone not to buy huge premium rounds? Seems counterintuitive for your business But what do I know Good points though
Comment from : World Stalker

Randolph Relic Recovery
I drill the 1grammers and make earrings out of them for gifts!
Comment from : Randolph Relic Recovery

Jonathon Bales
Where do you get your silver eagle tubes from? Coin shops?
Comment from : Jonathon Bales

Looks like fluff for the furnace to me
Comment from : proslice56

For Me Even If It’s Not Considered A Coin If It Has A Nice Design On It I Would Probably Would Keep It And Not Melt It Down !
Comment from : steelersjourney11111

Park Rat Metal Detecting
What is that mint mark thing I've never seen that before
Comment from : Park Rat Metal Detecting

Raindogs House of Oddities
Good video I've never understood buying fractional silver (or gold)
Comment from : Raindogs House of Oddities

Rik’s stuff
Surely your point falls down if you look at oz coins being a fractional of 25kg bars? Why is your comfortable fraction betters than someone elses?
Comment from : Rik’s stuff

Jorge Luna
good information and well explainedbrI suppose the argument is not valid if someone can buy this factional silver at spot price
Comment from : Jorge Luna

mike scot
My lcs sells me generic silver for 25 cents over spot per oz I prefer ase but never pass up a good deal with silver on the rise
Comment from : mike scot

Left handed too
Comment from : thelastname2k

Thank you for the great video filled with lots of useful information I was going to buy some fractional silver for some giveaways I'm just starting to get into stacking silver All of the information I can get is helpful Keep doing what you are doing and have a great and blessed day
Comment from : AuFamilyProspecting&SilverStacking

Tony Murphy THE LUCKY 1
Very informative video Thanks!!
Comment from : Tony Murphy THE LUCKY 1

Ody Slim
I think the APMEX 1 oz rounds are quite attractive with the eagle
Comment from : Ody Slim

Ody Slim
So, what you should do Mr Dragons is pour your own fractionals and sell for less thanbrthe big sellers like APMEX Everyone would buy from you Dude :)) Good show Bro-
Comment from : Ody Slim

Tom McStacker
Nice Very simple Well putbr🗽🇺🇸
Comment from : Tom McStacker

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