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Gold Krugerrands - Why you NEED to be Stacking Gold Krugerrand Coins!

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Information Gold Krugerrands - Why you NEED to be Stacking Gold Krugerrand Coins!

Title :  Gold Krugerrands - Why you NEED to be Stacking Gold Krugerrand Coins!
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Frames Gold Krugerrands - Why you NEED to be Stacking Gold Krugerrand Coins!

Description Gold Krugerrands - Why you NEED to be Stacking Gold Krugerrand Coins!

Comments Gold Krugerrands - Why you NEED to be Stacking Gold Krugerrand Coins!

Wolf Man
Love my Krugs but know that you will get less when cashing out
Comment from : Wolf Man

Don Mesut
Still prefer 1 Ounce Gold Britannia, which is 24 Karat Gold
Comment from : Don Mesut

New to this, when going to local stores, how do I test or what to look for to tell they are real?
Comment from : mistafivefivesix

Ricardo W
Love the Krugs Have a few Can't take them into NZ, Aust etc tax-free though the way I can Australian nuggets etc due to purity Something to consider if you want to travel
Comment from : Ricardo W

I have a gold PAWN from krugerrand
Comment from : wILLIAM bAKER

Thiago Santos
I don't like that it's 22 karat I also think the design is really ugly I mean the buck on the back is okay but the Amish looking guy in the front not so Keen to look at, I much rather pick up some britannias their premiums are also as low and the design is really cool and has enhanced security features
Comment from : Thiago Santos

It's a spring bock on the front of the coin
Comment from : Gareth

Someone can’t do math
Comment from : Andrew

But they're not 24k 9999I would only buy one of these as a collectible item but not to stack
Comment from : OG

Bud Scott
I invested in 1 ounce krugerrands back in 1976 I paid 300 dollars per coin and I still own them Now is not the time to purchase the price is to high
Comment from : Bud Scott

I really don't like the 22k as opposed to 24k You're getting 10 less gold
Comment from : Snaggy

Easily my favorite modern gold bullion coin I love the gold Krugerrand
Comment from : samy701

Bought a 1968 one, 10k minted only 1k frosted got one thembrAnother is 1967 reprint 50 years of the Kruger Rand only 1967 of them minted brCheck the dates makes some more valuable
Comment from : Neville

if I have $1800USD to spend on a 1oz coin, the Krugerrand is probably the last coin I'm buying because of its impurity
Comment from : OG

Richard Rubin
I own 10 1oz Krug's and I think they are great Just bought 2 Britan's and think it's a good move
Comment from : Richard Rubin

I remember when I was like 8 we were in a family reunion meeting and a old family relativi gave all children a Krug, I remember always flipping the coin in my room and it made a movie like sound when being flipped Coin was super heavy and actually hurt your finger if you didn’t catch it Long story short, age 23 my cousin who also got a similar Krug called me and asked if I still hade the coin, I said ofc and he replied: “ that’s worth like 2k, rn, I just sold mine and got 2k in cash” fast forward 1 day, I went to the same shop, sold mine, got 2k in cash, bought a new TV & new speakers and bough weed 😂😂
Comment from : DeadlyMasjiens

Love ❤krugerrand
Comment from : USA ALWAYS

Lamarr Avery
There are other gold coins I'd be acquiring before I'd get a Krug So many choices out there I like American buffs, eagles, Queens beasts, Pandas and Maples over krugs
Comment from : Lamarr Avery

Jeff Larson
I can get lots of gas and food with the money for one ounce of gold Wish I could get them less expensive
Comment from : Jeff Larson

Invisible Stacker
I like them as a memory I remember them being advertised during the evening news when I was a kid I have a 1/10 Oz so far
Comment from : Invisible Stacker

That Guy1200
Buffaloes ! 😁
Comment from : That Guy1200

I always wanted krugerrands
Comment from : lothean

My buying direction seems to keep changing First buying the name brands, Eagles, Maples Oh, this comment is for my gold buying mostly but still similar with my silver Then I started looking at cost over spot, bought a few, then why I have no idea, I started buying for design as long as it wasn't way over spot First design buy was a 2024 Gold Dragon from Scottsdale Then some from Cooks Island I like their ships Who knows what my strategy for next month will be I'm into this mostly for fun, not investment, although I can't see how I can go wrong in the long haul Maybe pre 1934
Comment from : 5ivestring

Fust FPV
"Gold has a low expected return of just inflation and one of the highest volatilities as measured by standard deviation That means that the optimum asset allocation to gold is always zero"
Comment from : Fust FPV

Fust FPV
A piece of bread could buy a bag of gold” In The End, I’d rather not have bought as much gold as possible
Comment from : Fust FPV

Fust FPV
Lets be real In a Economic Apocalypse, gold is going to be worthless brGolds price is not from its use but instead its value is caused by people "investing" and flipping it not because its worth something but because people are making m oney buying and selling it now for flippingbrIn a collapse, all these people wont be trying to make a extra buck but instead will be trying to survive so will pick a slice of bread over this worthless yellow metal thats to soft to do anything with In a collapse, who is really going to buy gold? jewlery makers? because the stock exchange will be gone, so will golds value brHow is it liquid if in a collapse, money becomes worthless and people will be after needs to survive instead of flashy luxury items
Comment from : Fust FPV

Ronnie Merchant
Bought my second one yesterday $1940$6800 over spot
Comment from : Ronnie Merchant

Joseph Kerns
The Krugerand unfortunately is not a coin A coin has a face value by a sovereign government The Krugerand is a gold round or bar
Comment from : Joseph Kerns

Joli Cast
A year later, now how do you feel about this video and the Kruggerands?
Comment from : Joli Cast

Drew Peacock
I love Buffalo’s, but a special place in my heart, exists for Krugerrands, the Krugerrand was my first Gold one ounce coinbrI think it’s a good idea,to buy a couple of each, of the popular coinsbrThe maples are beautiful, the Britannia’s are incrediblebrBut the Krugerrand, just has something about it!!brVery special!!brEveryone should own Gold !brThanks
Comment from : Drew Peacock

I bought Mandela half ounce coins a few years ago, but if I want to sell them I can't get what I paid Do Kruger rands have the same problem?
Comment from : PETER VISAGIE

Mike Oneil
I love Krugerrands, and so far I’ve managed to acquire five of them, as well as some other Gold Coins, but my 1st gold coin was a Krugerrand, so I’m always going to have a soft spot for Krugerrands!
Comment from : Mike Oneil

Christophe channel
Comment from : Christophe channel

Kyara Rivera Toledo
I love krugerrands Have some in gold some in silver Also have the one from the first year they were made
Comment from : Kyara Rivera Toledo

James Space
I cant be the only one who had a father who owned like 30 of em but he sold them when gold hit 1000 for this first time
Comment from : James Space

Brian Powers
I recently purchase 64x 25oz gold military Guinea in my Metals IRA Was that a good decision? I was told a 1099 is not required
Comment from : Brian Powers

Tri Nguyen
do you pay sales tax when buying bullion?
Comment from : Tri Nguyen

Yeah but aren’t you paying way over spot to buy coins?
Comment from : PzykoStyle

Martin Leblanc
I prefer the Britannia and Canadian mint myself; They're 24k and have nice anti-counterfeit features which, I think, will preserve their value better in the long term over the Krugerrands and American eagle
Comment from : Martin Leblanc

Diplomatic Immunity!
Comment from : Giarc

Lou Eckert
Just bought my 1st gold Krugerand today Great to see this video, THANKS for posting paid $2003 for it and spot was $1903 Gold coins are EXTREMELY difficult to find at my LCS's
Comment from : Lou Eckert

Jim Chaos
Love the Krugerrands!
Comment from : Jim Chaos

Mark Carey
I must be missing something because I do not understand your conclusion about which of the three coins you showed would be the best one to buy now You said your local coin shop would pay you three dollars over spot for the Krugerrand but they would pay you $35 over spot for the gold eagle I just don't understand why do you think buying the coin that is worth the least now when you're trying to sell it is the better deal What did the smart thing be to buy eagles since your coin shop is willing to pay more for them when they come back? Please explain to me how you came to a conclusion I am feeling very stupid right now
Comment from : Mark Carey

maskvp mGy
I would never sell below spot Or allow myself to be in that predicament You allow them to dictate the terms too much and you'll see they are fat Don't do business with these exploiters and they won't be in business after a while
Comment from : maskvp mGy

Samuel leahy
I want one just because of lethal weapon 2 😂😂
Comment from : Samuel leahy

Lobo Plateado Stacker
How easy is it to resale Krugerrands in the US?
Comment from : Lobo Plateado Stacker

The Preacher
Great video! Awesome job Loved it
Comment from : The Preacher

Craig Vaughn
Does the Krug still have 1 full Troy Oz of Gold in it? If so, then the coins weigh more than 1 Troy Oz? Or is the coin 1 Troy Oz and has less than 1 Troy Oz gold?
Comment from : Craig Vaughn

steve lauda
The Kruggarand still holds a full oz of gold, regardless of the copper
Comment from : steve lauda

I had 1 as my 1st purchase,wen I found out its not fully gold,traded it back to where I got it,,from now on I`m only buying from the RCM,,99,99 speaks for itself,,
Comment from : andrewmontreal

Mary Ricketts
I like like color of the Krugerrand
Comment from : Mary Ricketts

Jason Green
Sorry Maple leaf best deal
Comment from : Jason Green

Jason Green
I like the buffalo coins Best brbrBut I think the maple leaf is the best and worth $20 more than the krugerrand brbrNice video
Comment from : Jason Green

Richard Contini Jr
In my state you have to pay sales tax on Krugerrands because they're not legal tender All the other coins that are legal tender are sales tax free
Comment from : Richard Contini Jr

František LALUCH
Wiener Philharmoniker is even cheaper than KRand here in CZ, probybly because Austria is neighbour
Comment from : František LALUCH

Bombs Away LeMay
Well you (amongst others) were correct on the inflation going up! Nice Krugerrands!
Comment from : Bombs Away LeMay

Virgil Johnson
i want to get a Freddy Kruggerrand That would be awesome!
Comment from : Virgil Johnson

In Australia, Maples and Britannias are a much better deal Krugs and other 22karat coins attract GST (10) 24karat coins don’t
Comment from : M3au

I found a Krugerrand coin in a gold ring in dirt berried but it Really small
Comment from : gobble

The  Avocado
Comment from : The Avocado

scott satren
Sorry, Maple all the way as I don't flip gold
Comment from : scott satren

Paul C
I don't buy any coin that isn't 24k It's just me
Comment from : Paul C

Mike Lindbergh
Bought my first couple of Krugerrand yesterday Love them!
Comment from : Mike Lindbergh

Keanu leaves
These coins are ugly Too much copper makes it look like a penny There are better looking gold coins by far than this And the deign is old and dated
Comment from : Keanu leaves

Hugo Stiglitz
Is anyone buying Mexican gold Libertads? I just got my first half ounce 2018 regular not the proof, everybody seems to be buying the same stuff, not many people are opting for the gold Mexican libs I only paid just over $1,000 for a 29 mm half ounce gold beauty libertad I like Krugerrands but let's face it, gold is gold Good video!
Comment from : Hugo Stiglitz

I have a 1898 $20 gold piece any info on this??
Comment from : RandomRednekk

Got one today from 1975 In very decent condition
Comment from : MonsterHunterVideos

Maple is only $2 more right now If it brought better premium, that would be the buy Things always change
Comment from : Thorlin

Patrick Kelly
Dad had some Krugs back in the 80's, so SA gold is not "foreign" to me Wonderful yet often overlooked; recent years were cheaper than other more popular options but prices are up there now on par with Maples Cherry-picking key date gold Eagles and Pandas (date/variety collecting, NOT stacking) are popularjust starting to re build tubes of Krugs and a few Maples (damned fragile things) Great video!!!
Comment from : Patrick Kelly

Jorden Kaufman
could have scooped up 5 of these at 1900 a pop NO Monies in the chamber tho haha
Comment from : Jorden Kaufman

Personally I don't like them brI only stack 9999 Gold Coins, mainly Buffalos and Maples
Comment from : greycats99

Benny Duran
Only if you can find them under 1 oz
Comment from : Benny Duran

Eric Nicolaisen
Every time I hear about Krugs I can't help think of Lethal weapon 2lol
Comment from : Eric Nicolaisen

Jims Innovations
i think this is the only gold bar, i have LMAO, ya me2 haha
Comment from : Jims Innovations

carls galaz
where do you sell krugs?
Comment from : carls galaz

carls galaz
I have one that says 1972 but behind Krug it says copy whats that?
Comment from : carls galaz

Air Vice Marshal Sir George Mason OBE KBE ?
What is driving the community price of gold so high this month? May21
Comment from : Air Vice Marshal Sir George Mason OBE KBE ?

Robert Brandywine
I bought these back in the day for about $250 Shows how much inflation has taken place
Comment from : Robert Brandywine

never heard sovereign pronounced "saw-vern" before weird great vid!
Comment from : m4ttyp4nts

all these gold guys have small hands
Comment from : nebulousJames12345

In the UK no capital gains tax on Britannias but there is on Krugs Also higher CT gold in the Britannia
Comment from : 1984

Btw The Krugerrand was actually meant for circulation - just as the vintage copper alloyed coins Also it's the only legal tender (gold) bullion coin not to have a low and ridiculous fictional face value The value of the Krugerrand is whatever the gold value is - hence no denomination only gold weight
Comment from : HifiCentret

Name Witheld
Just got 5 Krug's Thinking about more
Comment from : Name Witheld

Gold is gold, but the K Rand just doesn't do it for most
Comment from : GeneSnider

Daryl Davis
I need some Krugs But I'm also eyeing some $20 Saints right now: they're just too beautiful Head or heart?
Comment from : Daryl Davis

John Carmelo
Picked up 1 each GAmE and GAmBuffalo and that's all I can do for now Happy I paid less that $1979 each
Comment from : John Carmelo

I'm confused on why the gold pandas are 22k yet have the same luster as a 24k coin where as the krugrand is very coppery looking?
Comment from : MartyMcFly88

Lethal Wolf
Yes! Found one in my local shop, a 1980 in great condition Fastest decision I ever made I’m $1,877 poorer and 1 Krug richer😎 Great video👍
Comment from : Lethal Wolf

Rick Rodrigues
I'm for 24 carat! American Buffalo (24ct) is artistically the best & even better than the American Eagle (22 ct) brAlso the British Queen's Beast (24 ct) & Pert Mint gold coins (24 ct)are remarkable in design & quality PF69/70 when graded! Krugerand color is "off" & besides this guy Paul Krugeruggly!
Comment from : Rick Rodrigues

You didn't mention it explicitly, but in most European countries (and elsewhere in the world I suppose), you have to pay Value-Added Tax on bars and rounds For France, Germany and the Scandinavian countries, that's like 15-25 VAT But legal tender like coins is exempt from VAT (since you're basically "buying money") That makes a huge differencebrbrThe Krugerrand (or in the local language: "KROO-yer-RANT") is a classic, the grandfather of modern bullion coins I would actually prefer 22 karat coins because I would not trust myself to handle a 9999 Au coin without stratching it Plus, the unique fiery-gold colour really sets it apart in a stack
Comment from : TurtleMarcus

sorryI'd rather buypure gold bullionjust sayin!
Comment from : JOHN CHEMO

Russ Corbett
The Krugerrand IS 1Troy ounce of PURE GOLD ,,,, PLUS ,,,, a certain weight in copper brIt's karger than the other 1 ounce counselor and weighs more !!!brIt has the added metal to make it wear resistant !!!
Comment from : Russ Corbett

I thought Krugerrands was a breakfast cereal
Comment from : theothertroll

Mivan Howard
There are also silver Kruger options available nowadays Diversification is the only real hedge against inflation
Comment from : Mivan Howard

Marco M
Okay, let me think about this Right now Krugerrand 1512, 90€ (916/1000) Maple Leaf 1503,30 ( 999,9) Hmm?
Comment from : Marco M

Scott Lewis
Love the Krugs as well
Comment from : Scott Lewis

Joseph Collins
But you pay much more for a gold coin per ounce than a gold bar
Comment from : Joseph Collins

Adam Bungart
Can't afford gold
Comment from : Adam Bungart

Mr T
Its an awesome investment especially because of the uncertainty these days Good for securing your children's future as an inheritance
Comment from : Mr T

RSA citizen
It's probably about 3300 dollars for an one once Kruger Rand the last time I checked
Comment from : RSA citizen

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