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Straight Talk: Getting Cash Back from the Ex

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Title :  Straight Talk: Getting Cash Back from the Ex
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Description Straight Talk: Getting Cash Back from the Ex

Comments Straight Talk: Getting Cash Back from the Ex

Mia Kallouch
I lended him 35k and never gotten it back
Comment from : Mia Kallouch

James H
I gave my ex so much money in a ldr and I want it all back I spent $700 in Ubereats alone I cashapped her, amazon gifts, DoorDash, streaming apps, and even sent her little siblings food for her tooshe used me for so much money and I want it all back she never bought me anything she used me for money and when I stopped spending money on her she switched up Never send money in a long distance relationship
Comment from : James H

edward lewis
when you date somebody and you find them asking for money, tell yourself this is going to be the price of this relationshipbrmaybe things work out and the money comes back; or, the relationship ends and that's the price you pay for the lesson; education is expensive
Comment from : edward lewis

Angela ruky
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Comment from : Angela ruky

Similar situation, lent my ex boyfriend money and because we broke up(because I was always loaning him money) he felt as if he didn't owe it Ha ha ha, jokes on him!! I had his Debit Card information and took it since he wasn't giving it!!!!
Comment from : bagsadmin1

DéBorah Smith
I lost $15,000 to an ex, I would have loved to loose $800 any day!
Comment from : DéBorah Smith

Noah 0126
Why can't she just take him to court
Comment from : Noah 0126

Cynthia Price
Sometimes it's ok to help your man out ladies A man being down on his luck doesn't make him a scrub Women need to stop that I feel like men and women should care for one another A bum No but I will always be there for a real man
Comment from : Cynthia Price

Cynthia Price
I share Steve's philosophy but I also believe in getting my money back I had an ex try to pull this on me but what he didn't know was that I'd written the word "loan" very small in the corner of the money order I dont play about my money He settled the debt out of court Boyfriend or not always cover your bum😜
Comment from : Cynthia Price

Michael Naisbitt
Write it off you will not get it back but he will use it as an excuse to keep seeing you Cut ur losses
Comment from : Michael Naisbitt

Kimberly Brabson
Wow, that was a life lesson for me and I was very hardheaded woman, and mommy was right! That was a life experience, and so WRONG!!!!!
Comment from : Kimberly Brabson

Tryphena Eady
Preach don't date potential! Well said!
Comment from : Tryphena Eady

Stells Dee
Americans are so petty when relationships are done $800?! Girl you’re bigger than the money Forget him
Comment from : Stells Dee

ethel yolande
These ladies saying she should let her money go, cuz they all rich Why will u just let ur money go like that
Comment from : ethel yolande

♡Repent & Believe♡
Expensive lesson Learn this quickly
Comment from : ♡Repent & Believe♡

Erik Hopkins
Don't loan money
Comment from : Erik Hopkins

Katelynn Murphy
If I "loan" money, it's a gift I don't expect to see it, and I don't "loan" more than I would just give to you for your birthday or Christmas I don't tell people that though If you ask me to borrow I'll say sure just give it to me when you can, but I don't ever expect to see it If you say hey here's what I owed you, that's amazing, and you've showed me you're worth it just with that, most of the time I won't take it And if you don't, I'm not going out of my way for you again until I feel I have a reason to
Comment from : Katelynn Murphy

Waheedahs Recipes
Let him keep that money 💵 take the LOST and move on sister
Comment from : Waheedahs Recipes

Jojo Cluddy
what if the cash isn't from lending but that the ex decided to get rid of a brand new couch that you custom ordered before the breakup and unfortunately got delivered later at his home? Let's say that the couch delivery took 9 weeks per LaZboy and is worth almost $4,000 The unit got delivered at the ex's home and we both were present at his house for the delivery We still talked then (respectful adult conversations) but while planning to pick it up and move this to my place he started acting up, ignoring my texts and emails out of the realization that the breakup was indeed official He instead decided ,without your consent, to give the couch to one of his friends? Let's mention that the guy isn't broke at all; he's very financially stable and intentionally got rid of the couch out of anger Do you let him pay for that? Or consider this a "bought himself out of my life"?
Comment from : Jojo Cluddy

Chris Per
They only love your money
Comment from : Chris Per

Skylife Tv
Don't believe in potentialI don't believe in these guys give me results
Comment from : Skylife Tv

Carol Kalonji
Why should the man be the provider ? Why can’t women do the same ? I mean the guy was a bum , but I don’t like the idea of putting it all on men I know women that have push their men for better and now , they make enough to provide Nothing wrong with that
Comment from : Carol Kalonji

wes c
I have had times I've done work for people/companies that didn't pay and as long as they owe you they usually don't come around anymore
Comment from : wes c

wes c
"That man had better be a provider!"br"We want equality!"
Comment from : wes c

😔😔 will that's my pass lesson learn move on
Comment from : Maricalo87

rehoboth ceus
Amen "loan money to buy people out of your life"
Comment from : rehoboth ceus

No Name
Women always rip men off The tables have finally turned 💁🏽‍♂️brbrAs for the panel, “why date a scrub”brGold digger alert 🚨
Comment from : No Name

If you can't give it, don't loan it
Comment from : kgoldmon

Stacy Camacho
$800????? That is nothing Try $6-10k And still never see anything My mistake and glad to have learned: keep trash away!!!
Comment from : Stacy Camacho

Jane G
That’s dumb it’s no male or female nothing You can lend/ give money to whoever u want to Men are not supposed to do everything for us females Very shallow feminist standardu just need to know that there will be a chance you might not get what you put in back (whether it be money, support, potential, etc) But stop being pettywoulda coulda shouldait is what it is geez
Comment from : Jane G

Reahlene Roberts
Take him small claim court
Comment from : Reahlene Roberts

Abena Goddess
Yes, so true
Comment from : Abena Goddess

Sally Evans
All these women are single I have no doubt br I am a women and am lmao at them Blah blah blah blah Is all I heard
Comment from : Sally Evans

SuperModel Atlanta
Whats up w/ the girl on R? She looks a plastic surgery mess over cooked fried egg"
Comment from : SuperModel Atlanta

Justin Chad
This is the most idiotic bias show full of ignorant fools, a couch full of fools is what that is and a audience full of fools at that for even clapping and encouraging ignorance!
Comment from : Justin Chad

Regina J
Your not getting that money back! You shouldn't have givin it to him in the first place Write it off!
Comment from : Regina J

Phumie Buthelezi
Im going through the same thing right now loaned the guy I was recently dating money and he said he'll pay it back in 2 days its been a whole month now and we have been fighting ever since its over between us I just want my money back I really thought he would pay me back as he works with our local government for some of his work projects and also has his own company which is still in its early days but its doing welltoday though Im going to open a case against him since he aint set on paying me back I understand what Steve said that its a ticket to buy him out of my life BUT HEYI work hard for this money it doesnt come easy I trusted him way too early and that was my mistake I admit
Comment from : Phumie Buthelezi

A True Love Official
She was so kind enough to stay true to the man that she’d been dating for a year now It was also better not to ask him to pay again, and just consider it as a helping hand to get through hard times
Comment from : A True Love Official

Owura Yeboah
This is gold digger behavior
Comment from : Owura Yeboah

Dee Dee Moore
She mightiest well count that $ 80000 as a loss and learn a valuable lesson from this situation and to never put herself in the predicament again
Comment from : Dee Dee Moore

Charles Gunter
Good point in the end of this video but you can't buy everyone out or you'll go broke!
Comment from : Charles Gunter

I don't like the tone of this segment at all Nasty, materialistic, and arrogant
Comment from : StrongnBeautiful

Bri Bacchus
What you do when the friend you love dearly, MARRY one such idiots? 🤷‍♀️
Comment from : Bri Bacchus

Sunshine Daisy
I completely agree with Steve! I was in the same situation with an ex a couple of years ago He bought his way out of my life after saying he would pay me back but never did! Just consider it a lesson learned and then move on
Comment from : Sunshine Daisy

sherry tee
Sounds like me over less time🙄dumbobut I've let it go now (ish)
Comment from : sherry tee

Lady Renae Thomas-James
I love Lynn Whitfield
Comment from : Lady Renae Thomas-James

"I loan money to buy people out of my life" brbrWow!! Mind blown Change in perspective
Comment from : J Q

KevAda 1
Some women like a "project"
Comment from : KevAda 1

Mike V
$800? Girl you struggling toocmon bruh
Comment from : Mike V

Vibe & Co Candles
I have personally been in that exact situation but my little voice that I heard told me not to trust him so I made him sign a legally binding contract that made it very clear that It was a loan and gave him repayment terms plus Interest and I reserved the right to sue He ain't want that lawsuit so he managed to somehow give me money back And since he paid me back haven't seen him since
Comment from : Vibe & Co Candles

Alexis G
Lyn is so gorgeous
Comment from : Alexis G

sf49er sjshark
I loaned this girl rent money and was never paid back!!! It's been 16years since and she still hasn't paid me talking bout I had your kids I run your house!!! wifey Please hahahahaha
Comment from : sf49er sjshark

Ivaylo Iontchev
The gold digger goes "why are you dating a scrub?" Typical
Comment from : Ivaylo Iontchev

Ashley Braxton
I lent my ex half that amount who was childish Im getting it back cuz I got his dad involved
Comment from : Ashley Braxton

gbin centpourcent
so true !!! I've been doing that too, buying people out of my life and it's wonderful
Comment from : gbin centpourcent

DEMETRIUS  Ironman darkknight
One another thing yes a man should provide for future Wife, and provide to keep $ in his pocket so he try to At least pay necessary bills he's responsible for
Comment from : DEMETRIUS Ironman darkknight

DEMETRIUS  Ironman darkknight
Don't loan $ man or woman especially large amounts dating a year no one who loves someone will ask for that or $800 I mean $800 she did it gave it anything in hundreds you say nay, nay hey hey Goodbye,
Comment from : DEMETRIUS Ironman darkknight

Library Card Holder
800 dollars! What dream did 800 dollars support?
Comment from : Library Card Holder

"Why you dating a scrub?"errm maybe because she liked him but yea hypergamy is the real deal you fkn b****brGosh I hate women
Comment from : Indemion0815

Steffy Lois
She should forget the money cuz she ain't getting it back brLove from Nigeria
Comment from : Steffy Lois

ِAmeena Alamiri
Comment from : ِAmeena Alamiri

Rosalind Wright
I know $ 800 is a lot of money to lose, but I do agree with Steve
Comment from : Rosalind Wright

Just 800 dollars
Comment from : d

Adia • luckyarchery
This lady just came on the show to drag her ex She knew the answers to her own questions
Comment from : Adia • luckyarchery

Gia Brooks
Omg, I Loooovveeeee Lynn Whitfield wish you guys can keep her forever She's a wise woman I would love to sit down, and listen to her talk for hours, just to learn things from her 💕💕💕💯
Comment from : Gia Brooks

$ 800 Dollars com-on man she wants ways to talk to him
Comment from : Zach

Genesis Tisaby
Black the beard Steve
Comment from : Genesis Tisaby

Gloria Mutoni
I can testify that the gut tells the truth but we just choose to ignore it
Comment from : Gloria Mutoni

Tameka Hill
I agree Steve
Comment from : Tameka Hill

jay rod
I guess these women never saw the movie "ACRIMONY"
Comment from : jay rod

So basically you ask Steve a question, for that question to be answered by his special guests Interesting concept
Comment from : Joo2oob

Guh just take that lost and charge it to the game
Comment from : Lydia

Equal rights but we don’t want equal responsibilities - women
Comment from : Heihei

No I was the first
Comment from : Ilias

Belinda Joy
b"Don't Date Potential"/b Absolutely! Never date any guy that is constantly talking about his dreams for his future, what he will do, etc If he isn't actively working on those dreams and plans, walk away I'll go a step further and say I would never date a man that has no drive but is instead waiting to be bdriven/b by me I'm not a woman that wants a man to take care of me, I can take care of myself Trust meBut when I look at him, I want to respect him And men that coast through life on b"One day I'll"/b aren't to be respected Life is about taking chances and having the work ethic to make those ambitions real
Comment from : Belinda Joy

macy -
I swear these women don't even love their husband just their money
Comment from : macy -

Olga1st John 4:18
He said, "press it"brBut I already did!
Comment from : Olga1st John 4:18

Princess Lana
Agreed with the panel and Steve you just bought yourself out of a potential disasterLet it go, if he couldn't find himself in that year while you were dating and supporting him then he's just a depender
Comment from : Princess Lana

Bad choice Dumb Bleep Choice
Comment from : Magnificloud

Nice content keep it up
Comment from : Ilias

Jordan Neelon
Comment from : Jordan Neelon

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