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2021 Social Security Earnings Limit

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Information 2021 Social Security Earnings Limit

Title :  2021 Social Security Earnings Limit
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Comments 2021 Social Security Earnings Limit

julio rivera
I thought that when I retire at 62 I was going to be a FREE man , and enjoy the world, and work full-time to pay off my depts, but NOoooo, now I have the government dictating what I'm going to make a year or else they will take half of my money for them, now I'm a slave again😢
Comment from : julio rivera

Lee Sires
Someone said there is a penalty now for earning money over full retirement age?
Comment from : Lee Sires

Donald Washington
Why should politicans who only make less than one percent of those over 65 who have been paying into social security and are probably rich and don't need social security benefits have the controlling vote over the benefits we who have paid in social security and make up over 99 percent of those over 65 years old
Comment from : Donald Washington

Albert Vasquez
Such a scam it’s criminal
Comment from : Albert Vasquez

J Upton
EXCELLENT INFO Ok quick question: Because im a little slow to understand all this I want to continue to work I turn 66 in March 2022 so i would have to wait till July 2022 for full benefits But id like to start before July 2022 How much earned income or net income can i make? Monthly or annually before being penalized?
Comment from : J Upton

Kenneth Seeholzer
Devin good videobrHow does inheritance count as income
Comment from : Kenneth Seeholzer

James Swan
Is the money that is added to a 401k while you are working and drawing social security before full retirement age counted in the earnings amount limits? Example you earn $8,000 more than is allowed while drawing social security at age 62 but add $10,000 to a 401K during the same year
Comment from : James Swan

Bryan Brenner
Devin, great videolots to digest for us getting ready to "retire" Could you expand deeper into the mechanics of being proactive on a monthly basis with the SSA in regards to knowing that I would be over the monthly limitdo I call/meet at the end of the month and write a check for the amount or do they take it out of the following months?
Comment from : Bryan Brenner

Doug Moore
Once I reach 66 and 4 months my understanding is there is no penalty on earnings
Comment from : Doug Moore

Dora Pekar
sucks, the rules are for the democrats
Comment from : Dora Pekar

Alan Wilson
Let's make this clear The income limit Devin is talking about is all about BEFORE FRA!!! NOT the income you make AFTER FRA!!! You can still work up to and after FRA but you're gonna take a hit if you file BEFORE (like at 62) your FRA I'm 63 now and about 3 years out from FRA I have a good job now, full-time, with full benefits and plan on (God willing) working until around 70 Job is brain dead easy All good here, PRESS ON!!!
Comment from : Alan Wilson

Cliff Icenroad
I retired at the end of June and my first installment for SSN will be Sept 8th Does the income I've made up to the time I retired go against me? Second, during the first year, am I allowed to make more than $1580 a month, which is the limit and if so, how will I be penalized
Comment from : Cliff Icenroad

What's bad is that the average life span back in the begining of SS was 40-50 now it's in the 80-90 range
Comment from : Jackbruce

theodore roberts
Hi Devin! Where can I find the section that allows me to formally retire on SSI They owe me some money, I waited 6 years already passed my official retirement date of 65
Comment from : theodore roberts

Paul Brooks
One of the biggest problems with ssi is their office it a joke
Comment from : Paul Brooks

norm graham
Wow, I didnt realize our retirees were required to be this good at math
Comment from : norm graham

You should have started with the “what counts as income” part because there’s no need to listen to the rest of it if all income is from retirement accounts
Comment from : Dr TJ

Ellen WilkenStanley
I am turning 70 in August and I would like to do some kind of remote work Right now I make around 12,000 a year How much can I make without messing up my benefits? There are way too many rules and not enough money for people to live on
Comment from : Ellen WilkenStanley

jackie butler
What if 66 and 2 months in December Should I wait till January 2022 since worked full time and made 36,000 this year Plus spouse is younger and still employed Will filing jointly put my benefits into the spouses tax bracket, if so should we file married filing separate?
Comment from : jackie butler

bill ristau
Question?? Is there not a special circumstance that if in any given year if you have made over the a year allotment say $18,980 and you are past say the 7 month that allotment is set a side until the beginning of the year??? If anyone can answer it i would be very much appreciated of itbrThank you so much Bill R
Comment from : bill ristau

Justice Warrior
It's like an insurance company trying to figure a way not to pay you they make their own rule book to figure a way to beat you out of your money, they're all a bunch of crooks and should be put in jail
Comment from : Justice Warrior

Steve B
Devin - How is severance income treated? Does it count toward the earnings limit or not? I received 8 months of severance in the year I began drawing SS benefits they now want those SS benefits back from me Is that how it works? Thanks
Comment from : Steve B

Dylan S
Why not mess that up to, brBiden is ruining every good thing about America since he tricked his way into office
Comment from : Dylan S

Frances Vandeburgt
Why shoulld they limit your earnings when some of us dont get that much on social security in the first place
Comment from : Frances Vandeburgt

I enjoyed your video After working 50 years and I am 65, I find that I have no debt, but may lose my house due to property tax IT is so sad, Seniors have to struggle and I get pension and SS
Comment from : S G

Hank Hamern
They say what ever they want, MrTrump didn't steal from us! Political Privilege BS!!
Comment from : Hank Hamern

jake glenn
Is the 18,960 gross or net? Is this EARNED INCOME or all income? thanks
Comment from : jake glenn

The sheer mind numbing complexity of this shows that the system is not set up to benefit the people it is supposed to help brbrNo one in the earnings range where this sort of thing matters is buying Yachts or investment real estate They are trying to maintain housing and some decent standard of living and probably very little more than that
Comment from : traildoggy

Luci Feric
I could kill it working part time now that im retired Dont want to haha
Comment from : Luci Feric

Susan Tatum
They act like they've given us something when we paid it in
Comment from : Susan Tatum

Susan Tatum
This is very confusing to me
Comment from : Susan Tatum

Susan Tatum
I'm going to need help I need help
Comment from : Susan Tatum

Susan Tatum
They make everything so confusing
Comment from : Susan Tatum

Susan Tatum
I'm confused
Comment from : Susan Tatum

Fake Persona
Is for active income (job) does this also apply to passive income (dividend, interest)?
Comment from : Fake Persona

demie silva
My wife is retiring at the age of 63 and she wants to work part time I know her income is limited my question is if we withdraw money from her 401k plan is that part of an income that we can be penalized? I know for every 2 dollars that she is going to make they will take a dollar out of it Is 401k withdrawal part of that?
Comment from : demie silva

Wahiawaman G
I would gladly have this man as my retirement planner Great information!
Comment from : Wahiawaman G

David Harris
If I get a government grant to start my own business, is that considered as income as far as my retirement benefits, or just the income I make after I get my business started?
Comment from : David Harris

Ron Gendron
If a law was passed which made it illegal for any politician, including the President, to use Social Security monies for any purpose other than Soc Security, it would never go broke!
Comment from : Ron Gendron

Danny Mcmindes
ok, so retired jan 2 this year got payment for vacation not used does it count against my ss income limits?
Comment from : Danny Mcmindes

Well, that all pretty much made my head explode so that I have no clue what you said So, am I correct that no matter how much you draw per month in Social Security survivor's benefits (for people under their retirement age), your monthly benefit amount won't be affected until you earn over the annual base amount of $18,960 and that's when they start taking back a dollar for every $2 made over $18,960?
Comment from : RoseMarie

Kellie Roth
My husband passed away in dec 20 He was 57 I'm 62 should I apply for survivor benefits? I'm still working
Comment from : Kellie Roth

MA Franklin
my spouse retired from the Federal Government under the old CSRS Retirement system so he doesn't collect SSN as he never put into it I'm getting ready to retire and will have a Pension & im going to take my SSN at 62 is it true that if i were to pass he CAN'T collect my SSN benefit? Also do you speak about the Tax consequences with our SSN- how much tax do they withhold ?
Comment from : MA Franklin

Sheila Harris
Example im now 65 born may 56 when can i make more money?
Comment from : Sheila Harris

Arturo Mandanas
I am 55 years old collecting pension for calpers now $1900 a month My question is can I collect my SSS @ age 62 without any penalty?
Comment from : Arturo Mandanas

Annalisa Covington
Yes cause ss only goes back to 10 years you worked they don t use all the years you worked what happens to the years I put in at other jobs this is just dirty I get about $50000 a month and it,s just sad and I am disabled to who can live off of this ?
Comment from : Annalisa Covington

leonard essary
I was born September 1967 can I still get social security at 62 year of age but i will how a retirement from my county job
Comment from : leonard essary

Lonnie Porter
There should BE no limits That's MY FREAKING MONEY!
Comment from : Lonnie Porter

Mick Peabody
I'm looking to go 1099 only when I turn 62 You mentioned income amounts will be based on the net earnings but that will be after or before expenses? Being able to deduct 575 cents per mile would mean a net income of $42,000 would only be $17,850 after expenses based on the income being produced at $1/mi
Comment from : Mick Peabody

Juan Valdivia
I will be collecting unemployment till September 2021 I will applied for Social Security on September brSuppose in October I get a $ 48,000 a year job ( $4,000/month) by the end of the year i would have received ( $12,000 ) did not exceed the $ 18,960 limitbrDo I keep all my Social Security payments for that year?
Comment from : Juan Valdivia

TextSMS Master
I never find anyone who has retired early or at or after FRA that this simplified base line information applies what about those retirees on extra help with low income SSI benefits with their SS? or those that were receiving SSI and were forced to take early retirement at 62 with a 25 deduction from their calculated FRA? or what if they work and have very high drug cost copays until they reach the $6,550 catastrophic level for part D? earnings limits apply before FRA but if you also receive Medicaid all your narrative goes out the window you never cover these more real issues that apply to millions of poverty level low income seniors
Comment from : TextSMS Master

No Body
@Devin Carrol: I do not and WILL NEVER have a faceplantbook account But what I would like to see is you put up somewhere a list of suggested order of videos for watching It seems I am watching your videos in reverse lol Anyway just a thought
Comment from : No Body

Earl Knapp
Iam 63 can I connect SSI and invest it and still work
Comment from : Earl Knapp

Bill Mietelski
Devin, stupid question: is the Social Security benefit itself counted towards the earnings test? It wasn't listed in either column in the video as far as I can tell
Comment from : Bill Mietelski

Social security is a political albatross! The money belongs to the people who put it there They don’t seem to understand stand it They have created rules to benefit themselves They have held the provisional income tables to earnings in 1983!!! Social security is meant to keep you in poverty If you are proactive and get a job a couple days a week they can tax your social security using income earnings from 1983!!!! The people who make these rules will NEVER live by them! Notice Medicare takes all COLA increases Social security is a scam Pure and simple!
Comment from : HardluckHarry

Darrel S
Good afternoon taxes / capital gains count as earned income for people under Social Security disability and if it is how much are you allowed to make without going over
Comment from : Darrel S

fletch flips
My wife and I are drawing SS benefits before FRA My wife's are spousal benefits based on my benefits since she never worked outside the home :) Question is: We file married filing jointly We have an online reselling business we both do and get a 1099 I know the max income for an individual is $18,960 for 2021 Does this mean we can earn combined $37,920 jointly net income from our online business and have no benefits reduced? Thanks for the great videos and your response
Comment from : fletch flips

Debra Caldwell
What about widow support? I’m about to turn 60 and will apply for my deceased husband’s social security I was told I should apply 3 months before my birthday Should I apply on line or go to the social security facility? I know their are certain documents that need to be original Please advise thank you, Debra
Comment from : Debra Caldwell

JD Custom
So, if you have so much money that you really dont need socsec it's not taxable but if you actually need to work to subsidize your soc sec earnings well they are gonna take that from you Is a heck of a system that's been invented here The intentions are obvious
Comment from : JD Custom

JD Custom
You can tell these rules were written by the very politicians that stole from SocSec
Comment from : JD Custom

Daniel Clark
I like your whole presentation technique Your voice is calming, and your pace and volume are right on target You are clearly passionate about the topic, and that grabs and holds your audience's attention Well done, and Thank you
Comment from : Daniel Clark

Louis Brantmeyer
Devine! Questions? What is the motivation or thinking behind the Income Earnings limit? What is the purpose of limiting people's income when receiving Social Security Most people absolutely have to earn more than $18K+ just to survive It just seems really abusive to limit someone's income in one of the most stressful parts of ones life; that transition to retirement
Comment from : Louis Brantmeyer

Doe's the 18000 income limit include our monthly benefit or not? If i will receive a 1000 a month at early retirement can i make 6000 or 18000?
Comment from : Thomas

Pamela Lam
hi Devin Carroll am 61 years old got laid off 12/15/2020 am on UI right now plan to take early retirement at 62 do i need to report my SSA income to EDD r no need ? because when certify they ask do u earn any money ??
Comment from : Pamela Lam

This info is so depressing The SS system is keeping poor people poorer
Comment from : Immortal!

I was Retired!
For people trying to claim early before FRA, how does the earnings limit and taxation of benefits commingle? Assume $45,000 total AGI Some of the SS would be withheld Does that count toward the 1/2 SS that goes into the AGI formula?
Comment from : I was Retired!

Retired in 2016 Total earnings since then $000 so no worries
Comment from : Bernie

Patricia Countryman
Thank you
Comment from : Patricia Countryman

Too confusing🙄
Comment from : DelmarRey

Michael Whitehead
Someone made a comment below about her receiving minimum wage at 150/hour She has a point, the wages should be inflation adjusted Good presentation Sir! Thanks
Comment from : Michael Whitehead

Steve Fraley
I don't understand about how the limit is applied I'll get my first benefit payment on the 10th of this month (FEB) I am a salesman and I had a rare month in January, where I got a check each week, so I will exceed the limit by maybe 50000 Won't the SSA just deduct 25000 from my check for January, which is deposited Feb 10th?
Comment from : Steve Fraley

Mary kull Heath
Wow they spent our social security ?
Comment from : Mary kull Heath

Jerry Winiarski
Thanks Devin for more great basic infothanks for doing this for us 👍😎
Comment from : Jerry Winiarski

Delana Murrell
How would one go about petitioning the government for SSDI beneficiaries to receive a standard deduction for their disability on their taxes instead of being itemized I really don't think that they make we make enough money to be itemized There are standard deduction for dependents for everyone else The working disabled, are their own dependent Is there any way to communicate that would actually looked at or considered?
Comment from : Delana Murrell

This maybe a Dumb question: So do they want you to live off the social security (at age 62) and make no additional money from working or can you work while collecting Social Security and make up to that limit? More less is SS the income limit?
Comment from : 6sense

Joseph Mathieu
Hello l,am very appreciate your work is a so good help for a lot of people's in U S A thank you I'll come back I just look for somebody to help me in English God bless you
Comment from : Joseph Mathieu

Connie Wheeler
Social Security is the best benefit the government has ever made for the citizens of this country People who think they have paid in everything they will get out of it are just not accurate If you live longer than about 3 years while drawing social security, you've received back everything you've ever paid into it Another 3 years and you've received back the matching amount your employers have paid into it for you If you live longer you are just getting gravy You die early, well depends on if you have a spouse who can benefit from your earnings instead of theirs The way to prevent Social Security from going broke is to raise the income limit for Social Security contributions to be taken
Comment from : Connie Wheeler

Rebecca McNeely
What does the government do the 1 dollar they take out?
Comment from : Rebecca McNeely

robert ward
thank Reagan for this bullcrap
Comment from : robert ward

Sylvia Street
I’m so confused!
Comment from : Sylvia Street

Bo H
,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,With all the craziness today with the knuckleheads in DC Our Country is in more distress then ever before I will be flying my flag upside down which is a sign of distress I really do not think the sheep that follow the media instead of looking things up for themselves to fact check the media to see how bad you've have been lied to until you do so will ever see the truth My family will be praying for all that are lost in the lies and the veterans and their families who feel they sacrificed in many ways for this country and our freedoms to have it taken away by criminals paid by China //////// Combat Veterans are those who fought and or died to protect the peoples rights to remain a jackass //////// Dear God give the sheep the strength to open their eyes and see what we are losing because of the left power hungry fools This is America not Venezuela yet we are headed there fast now with the election stolen God bless Trump for exposing this to the masses so may the smarter ones have figured out what the hell is happening to our country I have been around the world for my country I have watched my brothers perish for this country and to see it being thrown away breaks my heart If you have never held a dying young man who gave all for you regardless if you agree politically then you would not understand the pain many families are facing with the loss of respect for the people by the self entitled so called leaders May God bless us all SSGBoRetired
Comment from : Bo H

Brian Stenseth
Does my military retirement count as earned income
Comment from : Brian Stenseth

Our politicians up there are spending blowing every dime can can get away with Sending it overseas On climate change which is a joke Politicians like Al Core made a fortune of it Makes me sick God will end ain't nothing man can do about it These scientists act like it such evolved here No it was God that built the heaven and earth EPAWasteing taxpayers dollars too Government gets to big these people have messed up cars with computers and everything else Making it harder for people to work on Redicious Nothing like the old cars you could work onCost a fortune to fix Do they care Hell no Making it harder on the poor and middle class of American
Comment from : feeling23again

Jim Sheldon
We have to pay for the politicians or law makers benefits, so they can be richer Get it
Comment from : Jim Sheldon

I am 63 and my social security benefit is 2050 a month and I make 52000 a year should I start collecting my social security and keep working would it be worth it
Comment from : cornpop

Michael Walker
Address those of us that got screwed , who were born December 1955 so I don’t qualify for the last year special earnings rule
Comment from : Michael Walker

You can thank Joe Biden for taxing SS
Comment from : R W

Jane Gonzales
Please let us know how much is medicare premium starting January, 2021 Much appreciated
Comment from : Jane Gonzales

Oliver Lehman
Welcome to Joe America folks becareful what you wish for
Comment from : Oliver Lehman

marianne prescott
What difference does it make to anyone? The SS money does not change, so why would this punitive measure be taken?
Comment from : marianne prescott

Ann M
This loss would be under President Trump but I think he increased the social security
Comment from : Ann M

Doesnt Matter
Moving abroad looks more and more enlightening!
Comment from : Doesnt Matter

Juan Montez
DeFund Social Security!!
Comment from : Juan Montez

Love your presentations Have clicked like and have subscribed thanks for all you do here big help
Comment from : grcooley

William Warren
Shit is going downhill fast, prove me wrong Biden has no clue about the economy He only knows how to take from the American people Trump didn't do that He gave us a little tax relief People must like higher taxes and less benefits
Comment from : William Warren

grungie s
I vote all government positions should be paid minimum wage
Comment from : grungie s

grungie s
They trying to give themselves raises again
Comment from : grungie s

God bless EVER one God bless
It's always a catch too somethingso why jive it too us
Comment from : God bless EVER one God bless

trip madden
Why do you think covid is a virus that effects the old disproportionately? Bill Gates and the people Biden is looking to put in say that we need to euthanize people when they reach about 75 This isn't a joke nor made up Bill Gates has said he supports Death Panels Says with the help vaccines we can get the population closer to zerobrEzekiel Emanuel says "Here is a simple truth that many of us seem to resist: living too long is also a loss It renders many of us, if not disabled, then faltering and declining, a state that may not be worse than death but is nonetheless deprived It robs us of our creativity and ability to contribute to work, society, the world It transforms how people experience us, relate to us, and, most important, remember us We are no longer remembered as vibrant and engaged but as feeble, ineffectual, even pathetic"br You can look all this up These people are literally doing what the Nazis were doing killing people who don't work and produce "Unless eaters" they are called The Great Reset is real It is going to kill millions Please look this up Please don't trust the mainstream media They lie
Comment from : trip madden

Dianne Estell
A social security office tells me your earnings only go back 10 years
Comment from : Dianne Estell

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