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Shocking new study disproves 130-year-old theory about dinosaur origins

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Information Shocking new study disproves 130-year-old theory about dinosaur origins

Title :  Shocking new study disproves 130-year-old theory about dinosaur origins
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Frames Shocking new study disproves 130-year-old theory about dinosaur origins

Description Shocking new study disproves 130-year-old theory about dinosaur origins

Comments Shocking new study disproves 130-year-old theory about dinosaur origins

Total BS Dinosaurs never existed Not until that wacko that dreamed about them thought his dreams were real Complete utter BULLSHITE!! YOUR IN A RELIGION IF YOU DO "BELIEVE" THATS WHAT A RELIGION IS BELIEVING IN SOMETHING WITH ABSOLUTLEY NO PROOF EXCEPT MANS WORDS
Comment from : Tellitallnow

Vincent S
Dino's are fake
Comment from : Vincent S

Dezze Fame
This was mine blowing this what unwas talking about
Comment from : Dezze Fame

The Real OAF
Proof that science is all mostly theory and not fact like it tries claim
Comment from : The Real OAF

Bruce Sanders
Hahahha…clowns Like little children telling lies with variations in their story None of this is new, substantially different, nor verifiable Just people being paid to create fanciful stories
Comment from : Bruce Sanders

Jeff Christianson-Ziebell
The title of this video is more fact base than the entirety of all of paleontology which industry as it’s not a science it’s an industry, merely spews agendas and wild stories routed in the minimal evidence & much of that so-called evidence is fake… Again just speaking truth
Comment from : Jeff Christianson-Ziebell

John Robinson
Its like "why is something always in the last place I look" because you stop looking after you find itbrnow reverse that - you cant find bones until you get to a point when you find them The sphinx was eyeballs deep in sand at one point
Comment from : John Robinson

danosaurus wrecks
Dinosaurs are not real and the earth is not millions of years old According to the Bible
Comment from : danosaurus wrecks

*Freedom of speech * R have U 4gotten
Never existed and you didn't come from a monkey God made you the same week he made everything else
Comment from : *Freedom of speech * R have U 4gotten

True Neese
Cool! How do you get into the business of making up bullshit for a living 😂
Comment from : True Neese

Magenta-Rose Park
So dinosaurs are even older than originally thought? Wow! Amazing!
Comment from : Magenta-Rose Park

What do we call it?brArcheologists: I don't know, just put saurus at the end
Comment from : RetroHabit82

1;03 uhh No Wrong group, buddy
Comment from : EnEndEndendeudeuDeux

Alfredo Garnier
Didn't exist
Comment from : Alfredo Garnier

Sissy Ray Self
Made up shite is now being replaced with other made up shite Great
Comment from : Sissy Ray Self

Bill Hesford
People still believe this stuff?
Comment from : Bill Hesford

Cruz Perez
If dinosaurs existed how did they mate just think about that lol
Comment from : Cruz Perez

Dinosaurs are fake Never existed
Comment from : Øbi

West Fletcher
Scientist can’t Predict tomorrow’s weather but they claim 40 ft lizards roamed the earth
Comment from : West Fletcher

All these fossils were buried by a great flood
Comment from : Betis

Youtube not welfare tube Get a job Uploading a video and locking behind a ad doesn’t makes you worth anything Viewers not welfare donors
Comment from : 420Akillese

This is gonna piss off a lot of people lmao I'm glad someone had the balls to expose the truth
Comment from : kingalexander43

Chuck Barry
Dinosaurs are fake
Comment from : Chuck Barry

Bobby Smith
Our Father blessed!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : Bobby Smith

Bobby Smith
Comment from : Bobby Smith

Bobby Smith
There were no dinos
Comment from : Bobby Smith

Bobby Smith
How many ways will you change this?
Comment from : Bobby Smith

sugar simmons
Dinosaurs are birds
Comment from : sugar simmons

Zbyszek Kopeć
Dinosaurs is fake, they did not exist
Comment from : Zbyszek Kopeć

One of the dumbest things on YT
Comment from : valleysofneptune

Matt Anderson
"Shocking" ahahaha yeah right idiot
Comment from : Matt Anderson

Matt Anderson
So stupid
Comment from : Matt Anderson

Attn Jack
"Dionosurs" are one of the biggest hoaxes of our lifetime
Comment from : Attn Jack

patrick mheich
what an idiot
Comment from : patrick mheich

Thomas Farrow
Dinosaurs/evolution/big bang/black holes/aliens all go hand in hand There are no "space aliens"-they are from right here-they are DEMONS!!!!
Comment from : Thomas Farrow

they came from imagination!
Comment from : SHELLBACKS CLUB 🐢

Bryan from Buffalo
The earth is only 6 to 10k years oldstart there
Comment from : Bryan from Buffalo

brontosaurus is fake
Comment from : Benij_Beast1220

Shocking new study shows youtube is going to stop paying for clicks and only for subscribers this means youre fukt pal ahaha enjoy
Comment from : FunkiestOyster

Karl Siller
Comment from : Karl Siller

Sam Shambles
You say "disproves" in your clickbaity title and then go on to note that more research is needed Get fucked!
Comment from : Sam Shambles

Nathan 1234
Okay, saying Theropods are Ornithischians (bird-hips) isn’t quite true Ornithischians did have bird like hips, but this is merely convergent evolution: they happened to evolve having similar features to modern birds You can trace where the raptors and kin evolved from Saurischians (lizard-hips) Just take a look at the skeleton of an Oviraptorosaur such as Citipati, the saurischian hip is obvious And also, if you look at true Ornithischians Dino hips, they are still different than that of say, a Velociraptor While yes, a Velociraptor’s pubic bone points backwards, it is still shaped pretty differently than an Ornithischian In fact, Ornithischian pubic bones almost point in both directions, but the backward-pointing part is much longer Velociraptor however, its pubic bone points solely backwards
Comment from : Nathan 1234

Karl Siller
Dinosaurs never existed Why were dinosaurs never discovered before the evolutionist renaissance in the mid-19th century? Why do paleontologists think they can reconstruct an entire species of ancient animal from a few teeth? Why have so many dinosaur “discoveries” turned out to be hoaxes? Why are all “authentic dinosaur fossils” kept under tight lock and key away from any independent analysis? Why has erosion and weathering not destroyed all these supposed prints and fossils that are allegedly millions of years old? If dinosaurs were supposedly wiped out by a meteor impact or other such global catastrophe, why is it that all the other various animal species that exist today were not similarly wiped out? There are many more questions which need to be answered before anyone in their right-mind should consider the existence of dinosaurs anything but a convenient evolutionist myth
Comment from : Karl Siller

Dinosaurs are fake
Comment from : DGod

Gilberto Ramirez
All life is constantly evolving Just as your presentation is silly so is your desire to believe one study over a multitude of research across many disciplines of science I guess if Darth Vader said he was your father, you would just ditch your biological father because it’s new
Comment from : Gilberto Ramirez

Alex Black
I believe that dinosaurs are a myth please prove me wrong
Comment from : Alex Black

jacqueline schael
It's nice to know that old theories are being contested and replaced by new findings We've been holding onto old theories too long But of course, too many scientists have careers based on old and established premises and won't readily accept new concepts
Comment from : jacqueline schael

Ash Doe
Lmao people actually believe dinosaurs existed 😂😂😂😂 seek help!
Comment from : Ash Doe

hogarth heathan
They still don't know anything, but want to string together some story of events
Comment from : hogarth heathan

Orakel Gottes
you never see real bones of dinosaur because they are fake In all museums of the world those bones are nothing more but PLASTIC MADE IN CHINA No one has ever found dinosaur skeleton thousand years ago, those skeletons and fossils were suddenly found just after Darwin release his theory, and those who found those (fake) skeletons were archaeologists, it smells so strong like conspiracy Why no lay men found it thousand years ago? why only after Darwin?
Comment from : Orakel Gottes

Tony Rock
Why do people make claims without supporting evidence
Comment from : Tony Rock

Trautur Vandrar
Boi, do you even science?
Comment from : Trautur Vandrar

Very easy to say that barely 5 of dinosaur discovery has been done the fact of these changes seem to be coming it’s very healthy
Comment from : IRON60 BITCH

the problem is that birds are not dinosaurs because dinosuars is a name invented to catergorize all ancient remains of the past that does not fit into the mammal kingdom that are of fossils nowdays crocodile, turtle, and snake eggs classifies as dinosaur eggs as long as they found as fossils its really stupid because if our crocodiles had been extinct, they too would have ended up in the dinosaur collection and named dinosuar this is why i say that dinosaurs are bullshit becasue they are all animals that coexisted on earth all at the same time there may even be a few left of them in asia and congo jungle when you are dating a stone fossil, your dating the rock, not the animal as the sand in it is as old as the sand in the rock further away from the fossil and the sand got into it by turbid water
Comment from : Primodernious

Kaneson Kupp
"Modern" dinosaur like GODZILLA and Giant Beast like KING KONG evolved just about 100 years ago!
Comment from : Kaneson Kupp

GetOutoFHere Mate!
dinosaurs are like fake didos 😂
Comment from : GetOutoFHere Mate!

I'm sorry but I think there is a translation issue Bird-hipped dinosaurs have hip bones similar to lizards, and lizard-hipped dinosaurs have hip bones similar to birds, causing a misconception
Comment from : ๖ۣۜMᴇᴛᴇᴏ๛

Christof L
Keep moving that timeline to "prove" their evolution theory really happened Real science, math and common sense reveals that this whole theory is a lie
Comment from : Christof L

Batara Siagian
Good information, but your hyperbole degrades this video Pushing back the time of origin from 230 to 245 million years and changing the location of origin is not "shocking" and it will not "turn popular history on its head"
Comment from : Batara Siagian

Le Cheval
Hasn't this info been around since the 90s
Comment from : Le Cheval

Nobody fines it odd that a T-Rex evolved in to a chicken? Look it up that's the closest link
Comment from : inscrutable

Dinosaurs are fake
Comment from : Imalwaysrightson

Shawn J
In 1677, Robert Plot is credited with discovering the first dinosaur bone How dumb can you be peoplebe you must believe in the flare earth as wellRETARDS
Comment from : Shawn J

Paulo Gomes Tattoo Homestudio
Comment from : Paulo Gomes Tattoo Homestudio

Would 15 million years in evolutionary time really turn science on its head as you claim? I think not
Comment from : FreeOpenTruth

Pigura Asian Art
Where did dinosaur come from “i know Jurassic park” then theme song
Comment from : Pigura Asian Art

Vainglory Gameplay
First of all you show that the “reptile-like hipbone” has the example of T-Rex, then you change it to be “bird-like hipbone” so you can make an example of the theropods Second of all, the information provided isn’t new at all Third of all, 230 million years ago and 245 million years ago? Wow, isn’t that specific :vvvv
Comment from : Vainglory Gameplay

Alkinoos Michalopoulos
The thing about hipbones and both carnivores and herbivores has been known for ages! Insider, please don't fookin ever post something about dinosaurs!!!
Comment from : Alkinoos Michalopoulos

Alkinoos Michalopoulos
No! When the dinosaurs appeared, there weren't many continents Gondwana, Laurasia and the other continents formed millions of years later In the beginning, there was only one big landmass, called Pangaea
Comment from : Alkinoos Michalopoulos

Once Is life
Comment from : Once Is life

We Are Earth Guardians
How did dinosaurs evolve When they died out thousands of years ago not millions Want proof youtube/WdqYPjA9VxA I wonder how many dumb people will comment with out watching the proof 😀
Comment from : We Are Earth Guardians

The Shovster
Dinosaurs evolved 245 million years ago?, not 230 million?, man how time flies!, it really only feels like 230 million years!
Comment from : The Shovster

GreenVeil Gaming
Theoretically, the theory hasn’t gained much traction yet, I wouldn’t throw out your dinosaur books yet
Comment from : GreenVeil Gaming

Therapod dinosaurs have always been in the same lineage as birds lmao
Comment from : endercraftman

jonny pepperston
It's YouTube you can have someone there right this you know I mean if I wanted to read something I go to Wikipedia
Comment from : jonny pepperston

Audio Pervert
any evidence? any link? any academic ?
Comment from : Audio Pervert

Naveen Dahiya
Background music ?
Comment from : Naveen Dahiya

So What about Philosoraptor
Comment from : william

loki s
dinosaurs were an alien experiment to determine how bigger animals cope with environment it failed, so they miniaturised everything
Comment from : loki s

i wish i had a jawline as good as the donosaur
Comment from : Antech

Andrew Salim
i though chicken was a t-rex
Comment from : Andrew Salim

Harshit Jain
means they simply exists why u gave that it questioned dinasours br i first think they told that there is no dinaaours
Comment from : Harshit Jain

Jack Silverman
Why can't the science explain soft tissue found in T rex fossils? Look up Dr Mary Schweitzers work on this Please explain how blood cells in T rex bones survive 245 million years
Comment from : Jack Silverman

Lachlan Macarthur
We've known this stuff for ages! Birds being dinosaurs is not a new discovery
Comment from : Lachlan Macarthur

Chris L
as long as Chris Pratt is still in Jurassic world 2 I don't really care what scientists discovered
Comment from : Chris L

Many people in the comments always think that this is how every "religious" person acts It's actually the fundamentalist ones
Comment from : MrHuygens127

Bullshit Dinosaurs appeared only 10000 years ago and they co-existed with humans!
Comment from : Milhouse

the specter haunting europe
Oh bwow/b
Comment from : the specter haunting europe

Lawrence Arot
Creationist and Religions incoming!
Comment from : Lawrence Arot

Fritz Asuro
If the knowledge about dinosaurs would be changed, therefore producers will have another reason to remake Jurassic Park
Comment from : Fritz Asuro

Francis Guevara
I bet creationists almost got happy by the title! 😂
Comment from : Francis Guevara

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