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Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

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Information Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

Title :  Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
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Frames Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

Description Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

Comments Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology

Taqwa Mantaqaa
I really hope we had more teachers like him🥹
Comment from : Taqwa Mantaqaa

Jose Montalvo
Professor Dave, Thank you!!!
Comment from : Jose Montalvo

Tanner H
Hey Dave! Your videos on anatomy and physiology helped learn so much and explain what I needed to know for classes! Have you thought about pathology videos? I’m in the class now and it would be awesome if there was someone like you to explain it all
Comment from : Tanner H

Hell yeah!! I know what I'm going to be watching after work
Comment from : vaultboy101

Yuser Sabonchii
watching this with tears in my eyes trying so hard not to kms
Comment from : Yuser Sabonchii

Everytime I see your videos I'm always singing the jingle "He knows a lot about science stuff professor Dave explains" it's lit
Comment from : Sia

Christina Dombal
Have been WATCHING you for a while for my pre-nursing Just wonder… Do you believe in God professor Dave?
Comment from : Christina Dombal

Eva Doyle
3:32 what you came for
Comment from : Eva Doyle

Kaylar Veny
Thnx much
Comment from : Kaylar Veny

Socrate Cherilus
incredible how you can know all these things?
Comment from : Socrate Cherilus

Tonica Jimerson
Professor Dave is great!!
Comment from : Tonica Jimerson

Kaila Bryant
Couldn’t stop thinking of the community wrap when he was saying kingdom and phylum 🤣
Comment from : Kaila Bryant

Jessica Qian
You are a legend
Comment from : Jessica Qian

Pharaoh Virgo Compy
"Sapiens" is not the specie name it need the genus in front to be croccetbrH sapiens or Homo sapiens
Comment from : Pharaoh Virgo Compy

Marta Benthem
I had to take a break at minute 5 just to comment on how great this video is I look forward to the rest of the series!
Comment from : Marta Benthem

ApolloandWarrior _
I have anatomy this year, this will seriously help me!
Comment from : ApolloandWarrior _

Mazz Rad
Using this comment section for notes so I won't have to rewatch this video brKingdom-Animalia brPhylum- Chordata- Vertebrata brClass- mammaliabrOrder-primates brFamily-hominidaebrGenus-HomobrSpecies- Homo sapiensbrbrHoping to answer these questions after watching these videosbr1 How is the human body organized and how does it function?br2 What are its components and what are they made of?
Comment from : Mazz Rad

hanna rose
Namasteim very happy to learn with you sir
Comment from : hanna rose

Μέ Λένε Κωστάκη
It is evidently clear that some Professors don't deserve their title having listen to a Professor named Dave
Comment from : Μέ Λένε Κωστάκη

There is no Arabic translation☹️☹️
Comment from : IRIS_ J

Mapalo Ngandwe
Bless you I now understand my science better
Comment from : Mapalo Ngandwe

41 Ayeza Nawaz
Sir!your lectures are very comprehensive brYou are a great teacher!
Comment from : 41 Ayeza Nawaz

Amazing Thank you so much !
Comment from : MatMat

adimar alimuddin
i owe you a lot and im also learning italian from one of your playlist we owe you a lot sir thank you very very much!
Comment from : adimar alimuddin

adimar alimuddin
i just want to say thank you very much sir
Comment from : adimar alimuddin

Marissa Wilson
I could hug you Professor Dave! Thank you!!!
Comment from : Marissa Wilson

Lori C
You should add a balanced theory to your theory of evolution, that homo sapiens were created by God and did not evolve from animals but animals were created separately
Comment from : Lori C

Dave Bassaw
I just found you today and I'm so glad I did Your content is amazing, Professor Dave
Comment from : Dave Bassaw

Kai Natividad
i took up a liberal arts course but will be taking human physiology next semester as an elective so here i am now trying to know stuff because 3 years without science including senior high is i dont even want to tell am just scared for nxt sem
Comment from : Kai Natividad

Eshaan Naga Venkata
He deserves more subscribers!
Comment from : Eshaan Naga Venkata

I am Learning
A follower from sudan 🇸🇩 all love la profesör
Comment from : I am Learning

Am I allowed to be here? I'm 14 and I think i can get this understand I plan to be a doctor and my plan was to study the skeletal system, nervous, respiratory, circulatory, parts of different organs and much more Or maybe my confidence is getting out of hand lol
Comment from : imacat

Laduc Tuan
Thanks for your useful and wonderful videos
Comment from : Laduc Tuan

Yirehmiyah Magsayo
great video also sirprofessor dave you save a lot of struggling student, in the internet
Comment from : Yirehmiyah Magsayo

Smart Science
Hello I am twelve years and I always like to watch your vedios about chemistry and biomedical and biological, very thanks and I knew organic chemistry very much and i know how to draw in Lewis Diagram Thanks Professor DAVE
Comment from : Smart Science

Audrey Mae
this helps me understand our module to my online class Thank u 😊
Comment from : Audrey Mae

Milik Dorsey
WOW! I liked how you had all of the live animal videos , and I’m amazed of how the chart describes us in different names and groups ! Good Work !
Comment from : Milik Dorsey

Geoff Ament
I look forward to the day that YouTube is authorized to distribute academic awards to awesome teachers for awesome content
Comment from : Geoff Ament

amine ramdani
in arabic word we said to some who touch what i need with easiest way br"chikooooooooooooooor" means ur a king of
Comment from : amine ramdani

Петър Петров
I love the "understanding" approach instead of "Memorising" Really good content but it is still kind of boring brI suggest introducing some humor, drama maybe, or mystery, more emotions overall Some mind tricks that the movie industry exploits and essentially lie over them, although usually, they have not good content, they still make it interesting somehow brbrYou have amazingly good content and it may be presented somehow in a more interesting manner
Comment from : Петър Петров

Dian Afif
hi professor dave, I really like your videos it makes complexity simple
Comment from : Dian Afif

Madie Walter
This man has taught me physics, organic chemistry, a little biochem, and NOW ANATOMY?! I cannot thank this dude enough for his simple breakdowns of all my hardest subjects He deserves so many teaching awards
Comment from : Madie Walter

Abdelwahab Hamzah
Man you are awesome🔥💥brThank you so much it was really helpful :-)
Comment from : Abdelwahab Hamzah

Frank Chen
the human body is flat
Comment from : Frank Chen

kalp Agarwal
I wonder how he designs such a deep amazing contain!! Although I m not a biology student but love to learn the way Professor explains
Comment from : kalp Agarwal

bbig brain/b
Comment from : Mvjika

Nicholas Albeck
So does the school make you create a lesson plan and say you can't use your videos and then the kids just go home and watch your videos?
Comment from : Nicholas Albeck

Lisa Marie
I'm going to be taking AnP for Spring semester I want to prepare myself and I just took my last final for chemistry yesterday Thank you for your videos I will start watching these videos sometime soon
Comment from : Lisa Marie

maaz Samee
Weldone professor we need ur more videos please kindly upload more and more videos
Comment from : maaz Samee

You're saving my life in A&P! Our professor is all about self learning
Comment from : Zayla

Ivan Milanov
this channel is simply amazing!
Comment from : Ivan Milanov

Stationery and Other Things
Your content is one of the best, you have a natural talent! Simply explained, easily understood yet very informative I will keep on following your content, thank you so much for sharing all these with us
Comment from : Stationery and Other Things

Cari Baez
I would literally have studiedbrBiochemistry but is hard and I didn’t know About it yet :(
Comment from : Cari Baez

M Sea
WOW! I love❤️ your videos, please continue
Comment from : M Sea

musical element of life
why in this playlist there is private videos?
Comment from : musical element of life

Jennifer Sun
I think it is worth watching and weird and uniquebye and thanks again
Comment from : Jennifer Sun

You're the best!!!
Comment from : 사리아

Shankar k
Wavv nice looking best professor
Comment from : Shankar k

i named my 2nd son Professor Dave
Comment from : Michael

Shohom Chakraborty
Comment from : Shohom Chakraborty

Holy shit finally anatomy and physiology thank you professor dave
Comment from : SENA2100

Maryam Elsayed
thanks for your video
Comment from : Maryam Elsayed

Biofun with Sruthi
There's a shortcut to remember the taxonomical hierarchy we use to teach kids - br"Kids Prefer Cheese Over Fried Green Spinach"brKingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, species 😅
Comment from : Biofun with Sruthi

It's so strange! But so good! Looking forward to the A&P series too
Comment from : greeniegogo

Ryno Throwton
Absolutely can’t wait for this playlist! Big thx to you for your continued time & effort Professor Dave!
Comment from : Ryno Throwton

Sunithafranklin Peetala
Ohhhhh!!! why you have been cut your hair 😫😫😫😫😫 You are handsome in previous hairstyle😤
Comment from : Sunithafranklin Peetala

Ritten Brake
Omg I have waited A&P series from Professor Dave for so long !!!!!
Comment from : Ritten Brake

Chandan Kumar Aanand
hello proDave,,,more of videos of this series are ade private why???
Comment from : Chandan Kumar Aanand

harsh singhal
I can't thank you enough Keep going brKeep your hair long😁brbrbrOk, keep them as you want to
Comment from : harsh singhal

Priscilla Nasthalina
love that haircut!
Comment from : Priscilla Nasthalina

Smiley _69
more of these videos please!!!!
Comment from : Smiley _69

Robert Zanatta
This is going to be good Everyone should learn this in school
Comment from : Robert Zanatta

Ana Paula Sánchez Rodríguez
OMG Yes 😍brBtw, you look really handsome with short hair ❤️❤️❤️
Comment from : Ana Paula Sánchez Rodríguez

Raj Kumar
professor dave, why did you had a haircut?
Comment from : Raj Kumar

Ayden Cook
I'll love this course The idea of a zoology course sounds great too
Comment from : Ayden Cook

Mohamed Tarek Gooda
I like your vedios so much brI'm Egyptian
Comment from : Mohamed Tarek Gooda

Abdi Rahman Ahmad Ali Farah
Well provessor go a head 😍😍😍
Comment from : Abdi Rahman Ahmad Ali Farah

Tamara Rabah
There is something different 🤔 new shirt 👔 ?
Comment from : Tamara Rabah

Tamara Rabah
Just in time I am about to start A&P In uni 🙌🏼💜
Comment from : Tamara Rabah

Mosuputsa Suzanne
Yay Anatomy and physiology My favourite, this is exciting
Comment from : Mosuputsa Suzanne

Yes, so excited for this series :D
Comment from : MrFracardi

Lizica Dumitru
Dang professor! You're quite the schooled scholar Awesome!
Comment from : Lizica Dumitru

I'm excited for this series! ^^ Especially the physiological, biochemicals aspects of the human anatomy and going through the different systems such as nervous system, etc
Comment from : essennagerry

Vidya Music
Prof You look better with long hairs
Comment from : Vidya Music

Owen McKinley
Oh yeah, Professor Dave is about to CRUSH it with this series I've already taken A&P but I'll watch this entire series for sure Looking forward to the uploads!
Comment from : Owen McKinley

It’s Just Carmen
You cut your hair! Looks great!
Comment from : It’s Just Carmen

MerIam DZ
Comment from : MerIam DZ

Alaa mohamed
From Egypt😄brThanks
Comment from : Alaa mohamed

khaire payet
Comment from : khaire payet

Raj Dahal
Comment from : Raj Dahal

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