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Diggin Dave
Sorry for everyone wondering why the Video Cut off it was because of Copyrighted Music so YouTube removed part of Video I Ended this Box with around 60 Silver Mostly 90ers Thanks for watching
Comment from : Diggin Dave

Richard Elliott
Hey David be nice to see what the value of some of these are too the price after thank you
Comment from : Richard Elliott

Bill Bammerlin
I saw a few Bicentennials go by, are they not collectible?
Comment from : Bill Bammerlin

Everett White
The ‘68 is 40 Ag! 😳 C’mon ManbrbrGreat find for sure Congrats
Comment from : Everett White

Rick Reynolds
Dave do you re-roll the no goods for return or just take them back loose????by the way great find buddy!!!
Comment from : Rick Reynolds

Ronald Hall
Nice score
Comment from : Ronald Hall

Misha Gray
You are so lucky! Nice haul!
Comment from : Misha Gray

Patti Mize
Love the camera set ups
Comment from : Patti Mize

Ryan Evans
Are you just going to the bank and asking for hundreds in half dollars?
Comment from : Ryan Evans

༺ 𝕱𝓪𝓷𝓬𝔂⋆ 𝔰Ť𝓪𝓻⋆ ༻
so so so so boring
Comment from : ༺ 𝕱𝓪𝓷𝓬𝔂⋆ 𝔰Ť𝓪𝓻⋆ ༻

Makes me think about a collection that got lost Guy's dad had collected silver coins his whole life The guy's sister got ahold of it, probably all in 5 gallon buckets, all to pay for her drug habit She probably dumped them in a coinstar Probably made a few lucky boxes like this
Comment from : mountaindew267

Kevin Wilson
How do you order coins and where from and where from
Comment from : Kevin Wilson

well armed wife
so, been working on my nanas coin collectionthose three books of 64 Kennedy halfs are actually valuablehow about the 67 walking liberety
Comment from : well armed wife

They call me Dino
Him doing the sound test me imagining me having a pile of coins to go through
Comment from : They call me Dino

kresimir bazijanec
Hey Dave, I've been holding on to a Mercury Winged dime "D", I was recently told by a dealer that it's value was about $ 300 which I don't believe for a minute, what are your thoughts?
Comment from : kresimir bazijanec

Riley Manderscheid
Ok Like your vids But When you tell us "I've never had a box like this before" right after telling us your last box had 64 silver in it-HELLO? I Know I'll catch hell for this but don't really need to see YOU in the vids X-nay your " camera up there" Hey, you said let you know right? Great boxes, great voice, good music , just no reverse camera shot please Keep on keeping on
Comment from : Riley Manderscheid

Jean Morissette
HI! First time I see this kind of search ! Your silver coins, I imagine it's for sale after, so where can you sale them please ?
Comment from : Jean Morissette

Jim Ferron
Is that some wow-pedal Jerry playing on this vid? Sure sounds like his picking
Comment from : Jim Ferron

Linda Pinto
Someone!, help please
Comment from : Linda Pinto

Linda Pinto
Where you buy this boxes, I want it to start a new hobby with pay of money
Comment from : Linda Pinto

Do you know anything about that gold colored one? Was it common for people to plate it with gold (or something else that looks like gold?) I have one from 1964 and was just wondering about it since I haven't found any info about it online before
Comment from : Masinary

Brian Foster
I've heard the franklin's are referred to as Benjie's
Comment from : Brian Foster

Chris Clark
What determines where a coin goes? Is it regional I mean would a person that lives in Mississippi find more that have a P mark than say Denver or SF?
Comment from : Chris Clark

I want to buy $500 in half dollars just so I can get like 3 1964, I’ll be happy lol
Comment from : Klitz

Jerry Gullett
Look great
Comment from : Jerry Gullett

Billy Ray Valentine
Fun fact A silver quarter in 1970 bought a gallon of gasoline That same quarter still can buy a gallon of gasoline which now costs over 4 dollars a gallon
Comment from : Billy Ray Valentine

tortuga lisa
Now I want to take some tax refund money and buy some rolls for the first time in my lifebut what denomination do I choose?😯🤷
Comment from : tortuga lisa

Rick Scott
where do you get your rolls ? Bank ?
Comment from : Rick Scott

John Croteau
Benjamin Franklin half dollar
Comment from : John Croteau

Donna Millermcnutt
And what do I do now, with my silver?
Comment from : Donna Millermcnutt

Edmond Scott
Almost impossible to hear you even without awful stupid music
Comment from : Edmond Scott

Everyone_Knows_Its ButtersThatsMe!
No wonder we have a coin shortage 😂brI did see you have bicentennial half dollars
Comment from : Everyone_Knows_Its ButtersThatsMe!

bagged Q45
Love how the vid ends, great 🥴
Comment from : bagged Q45

Scott Lucidi
@20:42 missed one on the sound test can see it face up asthe coins fall on it
Comment from : Scott Lucidi

no summary? don't get to see the end of the rolls?
Comment from : Jeff

Scott Fortune
Why did the video cut short?? I watched this whole dammed thing obit to get cut short without knowing the ending? What was the tally???!!!
Comment from : Scott Fortune

Kenneth Gottfried
Where do you get boxes and start looking? How much are the silver 1/2 dollars worth?
Comment from : Kenneth Gottfried

Are those fed rolls?
Comment from : Rlorenzo

Phill Good
First time watching the Channel Overall decent video bit of time wasted talking about stuff that was non video related And video randomly stopped at the end like the viewers missed some stuff witch is kinda sad But have a great day diggin dave
Comment from : Phill Good

Dave what exactly do you do with the remaining non silver halves??? Hundredth and hundredths of them?? Nice layout
Comment from : Awoken33

Gerri H
Please re-edit!!!!!! What happened your video stops before the last 4 rolls @28:59 1st time viewer, not subscribing/liking
Comment from : Gerri H

Shadow of Neo
why is the gold one so shiny? mostly tin?
Comment from : Shadow of Neo

Capitan CaCaO
Если кто не понял, то парень выискивает серебряные монеты
Comment from : Capitan CaCaO

Frank Henry
Been doing this about 8 years ; found around 30 proofs, a roll of Franklins (we call 'em Franklins) some Liberties and numerous rolls - of silver altogether over that time Of the Kennedys ,the silver is mostly 40 Included in my searching was a neat BU two headed '64's both sides - ; a nice Kennedy head, tails British Penny coin ; clipped plantchet and one '74 doubled die This all I can think of now With Covid the banks are slim pickin's Don't like to order the boxes though, never much luck like you Went through many #500 boxes with no results But like lighting, you just never know About returns- this can be a problem I pick one bank where I have an account and drop them off Don't ask for any, other wise you'll be looking at your own stash again Bummer! Around here (Detroit area) you have to have an account, sometimes even to take them off their hands which most banks are only too happy to get rid of
Comment from : Frank Henry

Cathy Rodriguez
I got a two headed quarter 83 one side 87 on the other
Comment from : Cathy Rodriguez

Doesn’t troom troom still use half dollars?
Comment from : Toast

Anyone else gonna talk about the gold one
Comment from : LIGHTNINGWIRE

J Christopher Hickman
Can you help a man out and say where do you get these boxes of coins , what is the worth of say 90 percenters? Does it cost to get coins ?
Comment from : J Christopher Hickman

tom duane
Thanks for telling everyone I was doing that
Comment from : tom duane

Scrub Lord
Isn't it rumored that JFK was taken out because he wanted to put America on the silver standard and then out of spite they put his head on the '64 silver half-dollar
Comment from : Scrub Lord

my goal is to find just one bicentennial half dollar again there a personal reason behind why I want one that my goal one theses days it get another one
Comment from : Kiddly3000

Chris Rees
Sorry about your bad luck! Maybe you should find another hobby?
Comment from : Chris Rees

Jo Ann Schiller
Do you sell them and how much are each one worth
Comment from : Jo Ann Schiller

This is the coolest thing ever :D
Comment from : losbanosmonkey

Michael Richards
For us newbies how about explaining the process from soup to nuts
Comment from : Michael Richards

Alan Mitchell
Do you take the coins back to your bank?
Comment from : Alan Mitchell

What happened??? I stayed till you cut the ending short???
Comment from : Randy

jonathan whistler
Just came across this your channel and your sound test isn’t working for you There were a couple of 64’s that I saw that you didn’t set aside after your sound test That’s why I don’t do it anymore
Comment from : jonathan whistler

Michael Branch
I got to disagree Dave,to get that many silver half dollars is phenominal,you probably have a shitload of silvers,but you complain about having to take the clad ones back with no profitBut to be honest you are probably way ahead of what you paid for the rollsAnd like they say "Never look a gifthorse in the mouth",I would be thrilled to get that many silvers in one haul
Comment from : Michael Branch

Donald Nicholson
Dude use plastic to open please I hate scratches
Comment from : Donald Nicholson

Donald Nicholson
Just Franklin
Comment from : Donald Nicholson

Donald Nicholson
Comment from : Donald Nicholson

Nothing wrong with making your own rolls
Comment from : matthewheathcock

what happened to the last few rolls?
Comment from : S PA

What do you do with the none silver coins?
Comment from : KiefferPlant

Gary Baxter
The gold hue is called patina It happens to silver
Comment from : Gary Baxter

Frank Castle
Each pair of these $20+ rn
Comment from : Frank Castle

Comment from : Y2O

Why though?
Comment from : J3GJ

Hi live your videos, what do you use to use to see the coins upclose
Comment from : BRIAN KELLEY

Jessie Oh
No better sandwich then a silver sandwich Awesome
Comment from : Jessie Oh

Griffin Chance B
9:01 its Ben Franklin or Benjamin Franklin
Comment from : Griffin Chance B

Linda Wallace
Maybe Grandpa died & his relatives just cashed in & dumped his coins
Comment from : Linda Wallace

Can anyone tell me how to get rolls of halves from the bank?
Comment from : Mikey

Jack Karg
Andyou Passed on half dozen Proofs!!!
Comment from : Jack Karg

Emilia Vieira
How do I go about getting 2 boxes with 1 dollar coin?
Comment from : Emilia Vieira

Keith Merritt
Where do you get the boxes ?
Comment from : Keith Merritt

Went to bank once they had 2 rolls of halves ,got them and when I opened one of them it was all 65 s Crazy find
Comment from : FEARNOEVIL

Ed Finds Treasure
When you find so much silver of course you want it to keep going After so many skunk boxes you look forward to a box like this I am still looking for a silver dump
Comment from : Ed Finds Treasure

Jeremy Griffin
Wow, nice!! Learned alot I would look into that 1979 "gold" Could be an experimental planchet However spelt!
Comment from : Jeremy Griffin

Dee March
Where do u sell the silver ones? Make some kind profit going Thru my husband coin collection after he passed and learning a lot Txs in advance
Comment from : Dee March

Greg Lilly
Just curious, silver at about 2500 an once what is the take on 48 halves as far profit?
Comment from : Greg Lilly

Christopher Carlson
48 silver coins nice haul my brother!!!
Comment from : Christopher Carlson

Rashodd Van
Great video! I hope I can find some silver coins like those! :-)
Comment from : Rashodd Van

total bs and fake on the silver finds
Comment from : TaiCia

Dan Smith
Thanks for this, I believe I've seen this video before, but I didn't ask this question: What do you do with all of your silver coins? Do you take them in to a dealer who will then pay you for the value of the silver, or do you put them into your private collection? I'm in Canada, but interested in obtaining some US half dollars Of course, if I was to go to a US bank to pick up a box it would cost me an arm and a leg with the exchange, so looking at alternate ways of getting some of these Thanks!
Comment from : Dan Smith

Tena Edmonson
very cool
Comment from : Tena Edmonson

Taylor Horton
When you say collection dump I’ve heard the te But what would possess someone to dump that much silver to the bank?
Comment from : Taylor Horton

David Wier
2 Questions - if you'll kindly answer thembr1 What is the 'sound' of the half dollars you're looking for Forgive me, but this is the first video of yours I've seenbr2 How do you return to the bank the ones you're not interested in?
Comment from : David Wier

Kevin Anderson
The Franklin half dollar is just that, Labeled as the Franklin half dollar
Comment from : Kevin Anderson

What are better?, sealed or customer return half dollar boxes from the bank?
Comment from : J J

Andrew Costel
I’ve gotten a bunch of Ben franklins and walkers out of half dollar boxes Probably about 30 total, as well as a 1996 Olympic commemorative
Comment from : Andrew Costel

El guero aaron
Mr Dkrack
Comment from : El guero aaron

Hagop Ket
Accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, because we can't save ourselves! We all have sin, and Jesus put all of our sin on the cross, and then put it in the grave Then if you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior, and choose to be with Jesus, you will forever be saved
Comment from : Hagop Ket

where can i get rolls like that ?
Comment from : McNallica

David Jones
drj Westfield Wisconsin im new what is the sound test why are we doing this?
Comment from : David Jones


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