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Fake silver, the Spanish 8 Reales

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Information Fake silver, the Spanish 8 Reales

Title :  Fake silver, the Spanish 8 Reales
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Frames Fake silver, the Spanish 8 Reales

Description Fake silver, the Spanish 8 Reales

Comments Fake silver, the Spanish 8 Reales

Mine is weighing in at 23-24 grams Is that a fake? 🤔
Comment from : AscendingTocuhes

i have coin at right one but clear edge no singes is real or fake ????
Comment from : abdalrahmantamimi

Edward Scissorhands
Comment from : Edward Scissorhands

Risingstar Mountain
I want to sell my coin like that 1pcs only,,and real 1786 made,,I found at islands where the Spaniship sink anddamage bsides the seashore ,,from 🇵🇭
Comment from : Risingstar Mountain

Okay, once you guys rocket launched at the end I thoughtIf Beavis and Butt-Head had intelligence 😂
Comment from : mycatisromeo

What's the estimated value of a 1776 8 reales? I have one in heavily circulated condition
Comment from : mycatisromeo

Amazon has some explaining to do Lol

Vann Junkin
Such a great video
Comment from : Vann Junkin

Javier Rodríguez García
Los ingleses falsificaron monedas con plomo y otros materiales porque ellos no tenían capacidad para competir con España Pero el mercado les obligaba a comercializar con la moneda española Por ejemplo, Singapur lo tuvieron que pagar en reales de a 8, no en librasbrbrLas Monedas acuñadas en España (México, Bolivia o la península) eran de plata pura Este vídeo manipula la realidad
Comment from : Javier Rodríguez García

Numismatica USA
Buen vídeo excelente saludos🔔🔔🔔🔔🤝👍🇺🇸
Comment from : Numismatica USA

jose antonio medina
COIN MACUQUINA LUDOVICUS - FIRS - DEI - GRA - OF THE YEAR 1727 wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=W1Pj4xEAoDA&t=28s
Comment from : jose antonio medina

Abdel la ilaha ila lah Lahrichi
tengo 2 reales 1779 de carolus lll
Comment from : Abdel la ilaha ila lah Lahrichi

Michael Philip
WoW good video, I thought the fake was the real one, had me fooled !!
Comment from : Michael Philip

Honesto Divina
I have dot coinhispan coin 1817
Comment from : Honesto Divina

wak puput
I have one 1785
Comment from : wak puput

Sadya Zyno
His we have many 1810
Comment from : Sadya Zyno

Ahmed Sar
عندي تاع1796
Comment from : Ahmed Sar

Boukhanfer Mohamed
I have one 1777 carlus
Comment from : Boukhanfer Mohamed

Eko Sukarji
i have 1pcs coin carolus 1806 for sell thank
Comment from : Eko Sukarji

Daniel Jones
I have to wonder if that "genuine" 1802 8 reales is actually genuine The intended weight for those coins is 270674 grams, but his example only weighs 2658 grams That is quite a large discrepancy Tolerances should be no more than 250 milligrams, or a quarter gram off, even for a moderately circulated example
Comment from : Daniel Jones

nash mhd
I have that coin 1801
Comment from : nash mhd

Dariel Chang
Amazing videos great content, can you please make a video about german states silver coins and how identify fakes Thanks
Comment from : Dariel Chang

richard asiong
I have an old coin
Comment from : richard asiong

Marco Castro
Tengo 1 moneda de carolus cuarto de 1799 cuanto bale el estado de la moneda esta legible a la bista
Comment from : Marco Castro

وليد شوقي
هاي انا عندي عام 1725
Comment from : وليد شوقي

เราเฟีย ขายังอ่อน
I hare
Comment from : เราเฟีย ขายังอ่อน

เราเฟีย ขายังอ่อน
I hand
Comment from : เราเฟีย ขายังอ่อน

I have one 1977 dei Carlous 4
Comment from : kooora

jennifer pacetes
ihave that coin 1783 but idnt if real or fake
Comment from : jennifer pacetes

Wan Perak
I have this coin dated 1810if anyone interest in buying it,comment below
Comment from : Wan Perak

Elida jimenez
Hola tengo una igual ,pero no tiene letras ni adelante ,ni al reverso ,y solo dice l538, l938 de bajo de los emblemas , es plata pura, podrían decirme el valor o ayudarmebrGracias
Comment from : Elida jimenez

Fa Fa
Comment from : Fa Fa

Nestor Obillo
I have that dei gratia 1807
Comment from : Nestor Obillo

Mohammed karmy
I have 1621
Comment from : Mohammed karmy

Ahmed Maher
How much?
Comment from : Ahmed Maher

Nor El
who knows? you just ruined 26 grams of silver and you do not knowoeps might be in place
Comment from : Nor El

amor quiambao
I have an original 1789 Carollus III which has a lot of chinese markings on it probably made during its circulation I can send you a picture of it It does not stick to magnet made of silver Got also some Queen Isabella
Comment from : amor quiambao

Mohamed Ouda Alrshande
I have this coin in 1796
Comment from : Mohamed Ouda Alrshande

jarah Alsalmy
عندي واحد عام 1807- هل يوجد لهو سعر
Comment from : jarah Alsalmy

Aqui estan mis videos abrelo youtube/n9vY4xCFaXQ

Boy a sir un video de las monedas para que la veas mi canal es Diosvanipupo

Tengo una moneda de plata de carlos tersero del 1787 cuanto puede valer ??

What brand and model scale are you using?
Comment from : JT

evi Suryani
Aku punya uang carolus 4 tahun1799
Comment from : evi Suryani

Deteción Metálica WW2 Alemania
Comment from : Deteción Metálica WW2 Alemania

Azzddine Elkhal
Because I'm not Spanish, I just translated and was interested in plotter I owe you a coin from 1825 which came from the goldsmith if she had a certain financial value and I would think of selling it Some images of this easy currency reach       No Wattab: +212643814862
Comment from : Azzddine Elkhal

Azzddine Elkhal
Ano, můžete se spojit s křížem a smyslem toku Tam je kus stříbra datovat se k roku 1825, a to bylo definováno limitem vědomí že král Španělska měl na matraci ne kontrolubrbr brbrbrwatssape +212643814862
Comment from : Azzddine Elkhal

Azzddine Elkhal
Tengo una moneda de plata del año 1825 escrito en ella FERDINDEIGRATIA1825 Me alcanza watssap +21264381486
Comment from : Azzddine Elkhal

Luz Loor
tengo 8 reales de 1818 que precio puede tener
Comment from : Luz Loor

Юрий Васильевич
For information → 1913 Liberty Head Nickel - extremely rough fake → see the topic: "1913 5C Liberty - a rough fake sold for 31 million dollars", under the link below: br kladoiskatelkievua/forum/viewtopicphp?f=6&t=7203
Comment from : Юрий Васильевич

Юрий Васильевич
For information → 1794 Flowing Hair Dollar, PCGS SP66 - an example of an extremely rough forgery in the original PCGS holder → see the topic under the link:br kladoiskatelkievua/forum/viewtopicphp?f=6&t=7855 brNote → this rough forgery was sold at the auction "Stack's Bowers" 1/2013 for $ 10,016,875brNote: According to irrefutable evidence, ALL 13 "coins" of Bruce Morelan's collection are EXTREMELY rough counterfeits Confirmation → see previous publication of topics and comments
Comment from : Юрий Васильевич

Raul Nieto
no la que tengo es de una peseta
Comment from : Raul Nieto

Raul Nieto
por favor me puedes dar informes de la peseta de 1966 como cuanto es su valor? tiene una estrella a cada lado del año b1966/b
Comment from : Raul Nieto

Raul Nieto
mas o menos cuanto vale? la peseta de 1966 si tiene las estrellitas alos lados del año 1966
Comment from : Raul Nieto

Raul Nieto
tambien tengo una peseta del año 1966 francisco franco, al igual me podrias informar si tiene algun valor? las dos me las encontre en mexico
Comment from : Raul Nieto

Raul Nieto
hola tengo una moneda ferdin del año 1820 es muy pequeña me podrias dar informe de su valor?
Comment from : Raul Nieto

Babyraheem Ashar
I have Spanish silver coin pillar dollar from Philippines
Comment from : Babyraheem Ashar

Samuel P
Comment from : Samuel P

Nesma Nasr
انا عندي نفس العمله الاسبانيه سنه 1797 عايز اعرف ثمنها كام ومين يحب يشتريها للتواصل علي رقم 0096502572535 جده السعوديه
Comment from : Nesma Nasr

I asked that there is any power that real coins have??? like rice pulling or magnetic etc???
Comment from : Redwan

Wow that fake coin looks very goodonce I also considered destroying fake coinswith my hammer
Comment from : Pomerodia

how much that cost?
Comment from : ZACK 77

High Tones Drifter
 Hi I just subbed your channel Take a look at mine and if you like metal detecting vids and if you like what you see please sub me back I am a Brit living and detecting in Austria I find a lot of Roman coins and silver Hammered Geoff
Comment from : High Tones Drifter

Marble Legends-Masters of Marble Arena Play
My luck, I will detect a fake one at the park!
Comment from : Marble Legends-Masters of Marble Arena Play

Angel Silver4Tseven
Hahaha!! Awesome video, nice rocket launch pad 👍😄
Comment from : Angel Silver4Tseven

Cull Silver
Another great vid!  That just happens to be a coin I am looking to purchase, yes another heavily counterfeited coin   I seem to be attracted by coins that are heavily faked  Good taste or stupidity, hum?
Comment from : Cull Silver

Steve Smith
WOW, more spanish please Hopefully the future videos will all be in spanish and no english :P, and hopefully they'll be shot in mexico city too :P, or maybe GuadalajarabrbrOn a serious note, they are making fake old coins in 90 silver But the thing that beats me is some of the fakes which are listed in aliexpress which are stuck in silver are priced higher than the original coin itself!!!! You can try doing a search on aliexpress for old big sized silver coins like the 5 francs of france/belgium, 5 pesetas of spain, 8 reales of mexico etc, and you'll see that the price listed for the fake which are struck in 90 silver, is actually higher than the price of the original coin itself!! Some kind of a conspiracy theory brewing i suppose :(
Comment from : Steve Smith

Storm NX
Hey @CyberCurtainTwitcher,  Great Video!
Comment from : Storm NX

great way to send another fake to it's demise
Comment from : ChrisWille

Mancunian Stacker
Ha ha! Brilliant
Comment from : Mancunian Stacker

Silver Siren
Very fun, you and Igor never disappoint!   
Comment from : Silver Siren

Harry Kraus
Why I don't buy Red Chinese PandasbrThanks for launching this video!brHarry
Comment from : Harry Kraus

The Spanish 8 reales is probably one of the most counterfeiters coins in history due to how it was traded all over the world, especially in China
Comment from : MrMonkeySwag96

Wow, that fake looked really good you had me until you gave it away
Comment from : silverflash

Ahh, What a fitting end for such an unReal Real! A first to have destruction via rocket launch pad!
Comment from : SalivateMetal

you would think if you were going to counterfeit something you would at least research it first?

silverhair stacker
If the people who make fake coinage were treated as the coins themselves in your videos then I believe there would be no more fake coinage!  Thanks for another great installment of the CYBERIGOR network!  Good Luck and God Bless!
Comment from : silverhair stacker

Muchas Gracias !!!
Comment from : Stokjockey

Silver Bear
Comment from : Silver Bear

Raymond Big Dog
Igor Spanish is great very impressive Thanks for the laughs CCT and Igor
Comment from : Raymond Big Dog

Now I have that Def Leopard song in my head  "Rocket!!!Yeahah!!!"
Comment from : halfdollar1

The Golden Rule
Nice job, seek and destroy  You two are the Real deal
Comment from : The Golden Rule

Haha Well deserved stupid faker Lol  Best wishes 
Comment from : Metal4Detecting

Silver Slacker
Great job!  You guys have way to much fun sometimes :)  Now that is one way to tone a coin lol
Comment from : Silver Slacker

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