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Are Silver Eagles a Waste of Money?!

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Information Are Silver Eagles a Waste of Money?!

Title :  Are Silver Eagles a Waste of Money?!
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Comments Are Silver Eagles a Waste of Money?!

bob howard
ASE's are not a waste of money PREMIUMNS are!
Comment from : bob howard

Worth it to purchase 2021 20 silver eagle BU roll?
Comment from : dundeeecroc

it's just a silver disc
Comment from : johnn

Michael Carr
Eagles are over $42 each today
Comment from : Michael Carr

Not very convincing I can make figures work any way I want Never listen to you again Look at your subs
Comment from : ArtVanAuggie

Tristan Mac Lennan
Yes, Eagles are a complete waste of money Their designers have been sitting on their arse's since 1986
Comment from : Tristan Mac Lennan

People buy fractional for liquidity You can buy both
Comment from : Wec19k

My Stories Videos
Silver better than paper
Comment from : My Stories Videos

Figy Museum
Hi Want to subscribe to my Figy Museum channel?br wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=l2JtZZfv7l0brSilver, Platinum, Palladium collection!
Comment from : Figy Museum

Ken Kaufman
Yes At the end of the day you are buying an ounce of SILVER, not a rare coin The premiums on Eagles are far to high compared to a generic silver round or bar Why would you pay $5-6 over spot for sliver? Sorry, but that is just insane Would you pay $300 over spot for an ounce of gold?
Comment from : Ken Kaufman

Avoid any coins sold on tv
Comment from : paintballfuego

Steven Means
still going with the eagles
Comment from : Steven Means

Victor Frankenstein
Fast forward to 2020, and you’re still gonna get “melt value” for your Kilo bar, and the Eagles will net you $3 to $4 over spot I’ll take the Eagles any freaking day of the week Can sell them anywhere, anytime Dummy, who would expect Silver to stay level for decades? We all buy it knowing that the price will continue to rise in the future, along with inflation Isn’t that the reason we stack?
Comment from : Victor Frankenstein

kevii _
In conclusion, he was wrong
Comment from : kevii _

kevii _
Hold that eagle for a few years and you’ll get more than the bar
Comment from : kevii _

jose marcos
hello thank you for your videos I allow myself to send this message to you I am an Ambassador of the lodeone project if you have any questions do not hesitate, the goal is to make the silver / gold liquid via the blockchain with an ultra fast and very decentralized economic Here is my link in case membersagxpaycom/register/joinwith/2800539030/link
Comment from : jose marcos

Fred Valencia
Dont sell them right back hang on to them buying and stacking silver is a long term move
Comment from : Fred Valencia

Silver is a cursed metal because Judas sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver I keep away from anything that is silver
Comment from : Enrique

Comment from : onceANexile

silver fan21
2020 now you're ideas and thoughts didn't hold up so good because the people that was Stacking eagle's made out way way better on them premiums
Comment from : silver fan21

Joshua M Reyes
Nice video, but why sell back to the coin dealer? Sell the eagles to third party with high premium! Look at today high demand it’s no problem to sell high Have bars too!
Comment from : Joshua M Reyes

You can currently sell eagles back to reputable online dealers for 28/ oz 😮
Comment from : Caveman

Sergio Monserrat
Eagles have numismatic value
Comment from : Sergio Monserrat

Victoria Ajok
That was Am going to be expresing in you tube DF40957386 H
Comment from : Victoria Ajok

Rudi Gustin
Get your spacesuit on, we're about to go to the moon😎👍
Comment from : Rudi Gustin

Christopher Moreira
Your marker is too fat! Omg
Comment from : Christopher Moreira

This is why I don't invest in Metals! You never get what you paid for it so why even bother?
Comment from : Rud360

Here we are 3 years later, silver is ONLY $18/ounce and people are paying close to $10 premium for their eagles WOW
Comment from : snomobila

Michael Detheridge
Makes sense to me!
Comment from : Michael Detheridge

Aykun Gogdemir
why to get from apmex go to downtown and get the eagle from spot price lolll Is this APMEX advertisement
Comment from : Aykun Gogdemir

Dude they are charging a $1000 premium on eagles right nowwtf
Comment from : ED SMITH

Hi There
H8 is such a STRONG word, let’s just say I throw up in my mouth as you were speaking such nonsensical trash about the 🦅 lol ❤️ the video
Comment from : Hi There

Robert Delagarza
Yes and yes I like your thoughts but for me legal tender when catastrophe hits! Barter for bars and bullion but I wouldn't sell it for cash when it's not worth anything anymore I get what your saying though great info!!!
Comment from : Robert Delagarza

Ken Kaufman
Silver Eagles are overpriced You get 1 oz of silver for $8 over spot? A Silver round for $35 over spot Silver being EQUAL, you have to be nuts to buy the ASE Of course I think, both premiums are crazy right now 10 oz bars are probably the only thing to consider
Comment from : Ken Kaufman

Kanade Tachibana
This video has zero logic Buying Eagles makes sense in THIS WORLD brbrI'm guessing you've jumped back on that train you mentioned in the beginning
Comment from : Kanade Tachibana

Seymour Rivers
Fast forward to today You can get $400 over spot for your Eagle and only $50 over spot for your barbrWho would have known this in 2017? brThanks for the video Bud, I agree with your math at that time
Comment from : Seymour Rivers

When you buy any silver/gold in any form to sell it at a profit in fiat money, you're losing out Buying silver/gold is to protect your life and pay any debt you may have when the shit hits the fan What you will need is silver in the form of easily bartered JUNK SILVER would be King and Eagles/Any Silver Dollars next Worrying about saving a few bucks when you buy it, and it goes to $100 an OZ, is a waste of time
Comment from : JazzBuff23

Francesco De Rosa
Comment from : Francesco De Rosa

Tim Eastman
Troy Ounce: ozT
Comment from : Tim Eastman

Longbeard Silver
I like your video, I think all types of silver has there place Silver eagles are hi in liquidity, the bare is great when the silver spot price goes up, constitutional silver is great as fractional and hi premium silver is great for flipping during the good times Just another idea for a video, same with different types of gold, also keep in mind taxes and incentives😊🏴‍☠️
Comment from : Longbeard Silver

marsel sula
Can't barden with that bar as easy as the 1Oz coins, the $8 savings is not worth the downside thumbs up on the video end of the day silver is silver, but coins are more versatile
Comment from : marsel sula

Calvin Grace
Eagles are better
Comment from : Calvin Grace

Your "T's" Suck! They look like "P's"
Comment from : MrWuChung

First Last
The overpriced copper is going down
Comment from : First Last

Reagan Morgan
As of todayper oz silver eagles is 1680
Comment from : Reagan Morgan

Exclusive Shoes
Who can I sel my silver to for spot?
Comment from : Exclusive Shoes

Exclusive Shoes
Who buys silver for spot ?
Comment from : Exclusive Shoes

First Last
A complete waste of money
Comment from : First Last

you can always get spot ah no, you cant unless the bar had a huge premium for security and/or collectability or we are in a silver shortage crisis you are very very unlikely to get spot much less over spot this truth rains supreme so much so that any offer for silver no less than 30 cents under spot is acceptable here's a little tidbit to munch on, dealers cant sell silver at or over spot without losing money they will only buy at or over spot if their buyers are willing to pay a premium for security and/or collectabiltiy
Comment from : CarlS

$1842 currently for a oz of silver Maybe $20 is coming this year
Comment from : ChiefKene

blue diamond gem
Comment from : blue diamond gem

Silver BeachBum
My dealer only pays spot for eagles
Comment from : Silver BeachBum

Debbie Fix
Well bud it is 2020 and spot is $1700 haha
Comment from : Debbie Fix

Learnt TheHardWay
Nice video, but I think one should be diversified: Eagles/maples or equivalent, generic rounds and bars, Constitutional and gold and a small amount of the eye candy higher premium rounds or bars
Comment from : Learnt TheHardWay

alphabet661 Chris Sahar
I also find dealers will sometimes buy under spot --- if they feel the silver prices are reaching too high a price
Comment from : alphabet661 Chris Sahar

Having a large silver bar to buy houses, cars, etc doesn't make sense either when you can use smaller gold coins I don't get the point of large silver bars That $10 more you get back in your proposed selling scenario doesn't matter much as you'll spend at least that in gas hauling it around trying to find a place to sell it
Comment from : Dan

David Tigert
I Likes my eagles They are purty like a hot babe
Comment from : David Tigert

Lets not forget that back in 2011 when silver spiked, silver eagles were commanding as high as $8 premium over spot because of the high demand My advice is to stack eagles and constitutional silver Also large, industrial bars in odd weights can be difficult to sell
Comment from : Mark

george christofi
You dont know what you talling about because now you pay 3 dollars over spot for eagle but when price goes up to 50 dollars per eagle the eagle with have a 6 dollar charge over spot therefore they will pay you more the $120 over spot
Comment from : george christofi

Climbing Without Passion
Pay the lowest premium; avoid sales tax; don't buy it if you think you'll need to sell it ever
Comment from : Climbing Without Passion

Death by Fitness
The only thing I say with coins is that eagles have currency attached I personally don't buy eagles but when I buy coins I usually only buy coins with currency attached to it like eagles or maples if you want it for just silver go for bars for sure The second note I guess is that better-molded silver or whatever you call it is more liquid
Comment from : Death by Fitness

22Dec19 silver is $175
Comment from : Steve

William Write
The $10 difference is well worth having the smaller denominations in time of need This is not only an investment but a security that I will have a trade-able commodity should the dollar lose value If was looking to keep larger sums I would turn to gold
Comment from : William Write

Chris Wolfe
Metals have historically performed significantly weaker than investing in equities Why do people continue to invest in silver? Simply look at the spot price over the last 7 years Pipe dream that the economy will collapse and silver will skyrocket
Comment from : Chris Wolfe

Randell Darky
To avoid getting screwed, You have to sit on Your metals for a long time Metals are not a quick payoff
Comment from : Randell Darky

I think this also shows the importance of building relationships with your local coin shops I stopped purchasing through APMEX and JM, because I get way better value at a LCS I also don’t have to worry about tracking my packages If I buy a tube of ASE through JM With tax I’m looking at $400+, but if I just go buy a new BU tube at my coin shop $360 To me it’s a no brainer
Comment from : SilverDentist

My local shop sells eagles 5 over spot Generic is 2 You gotta be a sucker to buy eagles
Comment from : STIR FRY

khalil elara
big mouth you full of it
Comment from : khalil elara

Gary Van Camp
Great video, you are right about your math I really like buying 10 ounce silver bars with my extra money, I have never had a problem selling my bars Most dealers will not pay much of anything over spot for Silver Eagles, and if silver gets to high they may not even buy silver at all
Comment from : Gary Van Camp

First Last
I'll buy coins cheap I'll buy bar first though
Comment from : First Last

What is spot?
Comment from : DarkNight_13

Just Add Silver
My base is eagles but I love my bars and rounds Stack what you like Like what you stack😎
Comment from : Just Add Silver

Dary Kinnaman
I took all of my eagles and threw them in the trash, you are right
Comment from : Dary Kinnaman

sonal patel
🗣 Gold Finder ?
Comment from : sonal patel

Daniel Canna
Your operating under the assumption, that the fiat money system is NOT about to implode globally When it eventually does, people will have far more confidence in stamped coin US mint Tradable denominations even junk silver, will be of more use your gonna have a hard time buying food with that giant bar but your right It is cheaper
Comment from : Daniel Canna

Street Rider
u can stack the eagles , in smaller quantum some people can only afford say 5-10coins each month not a bar a bar normally comes in larger quantum
Comment from : Street Rider

You pay capital gains tax on the bar Based on your annual income Could be 22 could be 35
Comment from : Silvertarian

Del Squacho FPV
The premium for eagles is fixed at 2 or 3 bucks The higher the spot price, the better the value for the eagle when speaking of percentages Am i wrong?
Comment from : Del Squacho FPV

People forget that when selling, only eagles are TAX FREE!
Comment from : shagggadoo

I’m new to buying silver and appreciate your thoughts on it I have 3 eagles because my plant manager gave them to us for being safe I plan on having a variety of different weights of silver
Comment from : SuzyQ_LasVegas

Francisco Gonzalez
Good presentation I guess a good measure of wha's better is an individual net's worth Here is my math: for 1000 oz make them 90 one oz coins if you own 5000+ oz own 60 one oz 30 10oz bars 10 Kilo bars And don't pay over $2 premium on any coin NEGOTIATE!
Comment from : Francisco Gonzalez

Jeff Claterbaugh
I think you could’ve made a better argument by comparing silver bars to silver rounds… These are both non-government instruments
Comment from : Jeff Claterbaugh

Dan Casey
When the fiat currency breaks down and you use your silver to buy food, can the grocer make change for that bar? How about buying 1 ounce silver rounds instead?
Comment from : Dan Casey

Jay- Rus
Where can you always get spot? I havent found a place yet that will give me spot on generic silver Sold some misc generic this week for 45 under
Comment from : Jay- Rus

Oilbuster Cracker cook
Philharmonical ??? Lol
Comment from : Oilbuster Cracker cook

John Shields
You pay premium with the one ounce eagle versus a regular 1 ounce barbrWhen you sell the eagle weather is brilliant uncirculated, they will only buy it from the silver content of it brSame as any so called numismatic silver coins It's business for the middle man but loss to any suckersbrWho invested in the silver market If SHTF, I would not trade my medicine, bread, wine, water, guns, and ammo`s to all the silver in the world but I would let the middle man eat it and choke from it
Comment from : John Shields

José Manuel Gómez Díaz
I usually buy a couple of eagles each year as a collection building thing, but not more It is a bit too expensive When it comes to genuinelly stack, I settle for old bulk currency (1966 100 pesetas, 19th century 5 and 2 pesetas, italian 500 lire, 10 francs from the 60s) There's a dealer in Spain who sales this kind of stuff for the day's spot price + 2,5 premium and most of the pieces are in pretty good condition, so they also have a numismatic value Hope it helps 👍
Comment from : José Manuel Gómez Díaz

larry kendrick
If silver is worth so much as an investment let me ask, why are all the rich people always trying to sell it off ? I have always wondered about it
Comment from : larry kendrick

Eagle 47
Why are you comparing apple to orange? Why can't people have both? lol
Comment from : Eagle 47

Transporting Silver Eagles JM BULLION warns about playing the face value game: wwwjmbullioncom/investing-guide/james/transporting-bullion-internationally/
Comment from : Mith

Isaac Greenough
Bars over coins always
Comment from : Isaac Greenough

Tadas Luksys
Eagle way much better, because you can sell not all them,but 1 or 2 per day, when bar you will need to sell all 32 ounces it is much more difficult and risky when currency can continue to deeper inflation Bars are not good investment at all
Comment from : Tadas Luksys

PLUS Eagles are becoming increasingly faked!!! Some Bars come with the Micro-engraved security feature If you want to have smaller increments for bartering, you can purchase 1oz or 5 oz bars
Comment from : GP

Ben Donovan
Love it You’re 100 correct
Comment from : Ben Donovan

Nota Zip
Ten years ago i bought silver dollars 40¢ UNDER SPOT , today there's a 50 premium on them br ASE are coin of the relam In a word gone mad They will enjoy the SAME COIN OF REALM @ $200 an oz they will carry far more premium than the $250 today
Comment from : Nota Zip

Ben Whittington
I have a 1kg coin Ballaz gonna ball 😎
Comment from : Ben Whittington

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