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Coin Rings-Finding Dead Center Of Any Size Coin Using Any Size Punch

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Information Coin Rings-Finding Dead Center Of Any Size Coin Using Any Size Punch

Title :  Coin Rings-Finding Dead Center Of Any Size Coin Using Any Size Punch
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Frames Coin Rings-Finding Dead Center Of Any Size Coin Using Any Size Punch

Description Coin Rings-Finding Dead Center Of Any Size Coin Using Any Size Punch

Comments Coin Rings-Finding Dead Center Of Any Size Coin Using Any Size Punch

Aquakey 98
I guess defacing currency isn't illegal in some countries, in my country a more than dozen ppl had been locked up for posting a youtube videos documenting how they make these harmless rings
Comment from : Aquakey 98

Vista Mombacho Apartments
If you use blue tape, as in painting tape, over the coin, it makes it easier to mark Especially if the coin has any finger or other oil on it When you get to the annealing stage, the tape will go away, just burn it off I find it easier to anneal the total coin first Then the blue tape, mark the center, punch it and it will make the punching easier and more accurate
Comment from : Vista Mombacho Apartments

Johnny Nava
Comment from : Johnny Nava

John Coonradt jr5
Can you do the same thing to quarter rings
Comment from : John Coonradt jr5

XLava Hott
Please tell me you don't work for Boeing Making a circle from a dozen lines the size of the punch is NOT finding the center, then "eyeballing it" is still NOT finding the center
Comment from : XLava Hott

There are much easier ways of getting center, without doing all that math lol perfect everytime
Comment from : Rollack

sigh glad its just a 2014
Comment from : PROJECT X

T0rb1 NAalborg
OK! :-)
Comment from : T0rb1 NAalborg

Arthur Parramoure
Good information
Comment from : Arthur Parramoure

kihei rc
I probably would’ve found the center of the circle by now if I hadn’t been watching this video
Comment from : kihei rc

That was the best method i have seen yet Thanks for sharing that trick and experience
Comment from : Hitech

Nice demo on that ! Wondering about some easy way to center That will will work
Comment from : tjmellonslap

ken dalton
Hi man Long time subscriber from Ireland here Is that 2014 Kennedy a clad circulated coin or is it a silver minted coin like a silver round? 🤔 thank u in advance fencekid Your vids are always super helpful my man ✌
Comment from : ken dalton

Brad Moberly
Funny videos man
Comment from : Brad Moberly

Brad Moberly
Freeze !!!! Wait a minute! 🤣🤣🤣
Comment from : Brad Moberly

Kevin Mahanna
Helpful tip to save some math Measure the punch with the caliper While still in place, zero the caliper Then measure the coin and wallah the difference will appear on the caliper ( Once you half that number, don't forget to re-zero the caliper before marking the coin)
Comment from : Kevin Mahanna

Ruske Eblue
What side of the punch do you hammer into? Looks like your hitting the tapered side and the flat side is what cuts the coin, am I correct?
Comment from : Ruske Eblue

Larry Johnson
Drill a hole an beat that coin w a plastic pipe down a mandrel then go to a bigger pipe finish it,then take A condom an put it on,,,,,u jus f yrself outa 50 cent lmyassoff
Comment from : Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson
Lol,,,,fuk Kennedy,an makin these rings r easy n fast ,,,,,,u wasted more time bullshitting with caliber
Comment from : Larry Johnson

man fencekid I gotta tell you, this is by far the best method I have ever tried nothing is worse than trying to work a ring with an off centered hole thanks alot bud keep it up man, love the videos
Comment from : matman8736

Learning how to do this so i can make me and my future wife our wedding rings Was about to drop $60 bucks on a 1/2" dedicated punch and die set thank you for making this video!
Comment from : Steven

was that an american using SI units?
Comment from : bruno_sjc_2015

Paul De Jesus
im not able to slide the flat end of the punch into the HF plastic guide any ideas
Comment from : Paul De Jesus

Scott Homler
when u use the punch is the beveled edge of the punch the side you strike?
Comment from : Scott Homler

All you need is a centering square, found on a combination square listed herebr wwwamazoncom/Oshlun-MTM-CS-12-Inch-Combination-Square/dp/B001KW00XY/ref=sr_1_4?s=hi&ie=UTF8&qid=1455476253&sr=1-4&keywords=combination+squarebrbrWorks like a charm and doesn't require dozens of lines, but just two in the center Use those two lines like crosshairs in your punch, and you're donebrAs a machinist and fabricator, I've used this technique thousands of times and the accuracy is far better than you achieve with the method you're currently using, plus it's quickerbrbrCool hobbyhave fun
Comment from : GrizzlyMtn

Mark Jackson
Use a washer same size as coin the round hole will be the center
Comment from : Mark Jackson

Ahh, dude Bad choice of a coin to use You just blew out Kennedy's head!
Comment from : Au60schild

Hey FK I REALLY appreciate the skills that you are sharing You have saved me a lot of aggravation I just hope you know how valuable your videos are two guys that are starting up in this hobby And again thanks 1 million!!!👍👌😊
Comment from : qhiggie

Jose perez gonzalez
Comment from : Jose perez gonzalez

Stones River
Thanks for all your videos, has greatly helped me After watching your video I used a cad program and made a series of circles inside each other Had to play with it a bit so it would print out correctly I used 7/16 for the center hole punch, then quarter, kennedy half, liberty dollar After printing it out I can center punch any of the above mentioned easily Take a pair of sissors cut out the size circle of your coin Use a spot from glue stick and place perfectly on your coin Line up in punch block and punch After the first punch take the paper template off coin apply to another and this time center and drop punch in and wiggle coin slightly and it falls into place Use as many times as paper holds up Can punch several coins in a matter of minutes Works well br sitesgooglecom/site/stonesriveramateurradioki4ndn/news/easilycenterpunchcoinforringmaking
Comment from : Stones River

Teener Meener
can you demo a nickel coin (5 cent)
Comment from : Teener Meener

Linee Hardy
Umm, I came across something more easy A washer,Same coin size,Hole size, Fencekid,Feedback? Pros,Cons?
Comment from : Linee Hardy

F5 Studio
Very cool, this well done video solved my worst problem making coin rings
Comment from : F5 Studio

The Gertie Birdie Chronicles
WOW That's the easiest I've seen to get dead center I just ordered my caliper! Thanks again fencekid
Comment from : The Gertie Birdie Chronicles

You could screw around doing this or go to any woodworking store that sells turning supplies and buy yourself a center finder Costs about 5 bucks Just lay it on the coin and draw center lines No math, no adjusting
Comment from : ardvarkkkkk1

David Griggs
Where did you find your punch set?
Comment from : David Griggs

6:28   "thats what she said"
Comment from : MANBEARPIG 7734

Barry Smith
I nailed my finger doing that method so I now use a pair of pliers to hold the punch
Comment from : Barry Smith

Thank You I knew it would be easy!
Comment from : Bill45a1

DudeAre you sure??
fencekid, thanks for all the awesome DIY coin ring tutorials i've a question that is sort of related to the centering of a coin ring  I found a early 1900 Chinese coin with a dragon design that i wanted to use for the outside of the band i was wondering if i punch a small hole in an effort to save the rest of the dragon design, can i use a step drill and pvc pipe method if i'd be able to save the dragon design?  not sure if i explained it for you to understand what i'm trying to do anyway, let me know your thoughts  thanks!
Comment from : DudeAre you sure??

Where to buy punch and die set?
Comment from : Rafael

janice randolph
I purchased a 4000 punch set and I am having a hellava time punching through What am I doing wrong ? I heated coin first then hit and hit  and hit by the time I finished I had screwed up measurement and ended up with a off center coin !! this is my first attempt at this and you make it look so daggone easy! lol
Comment from : janice randolph

John Arizona
Hey man I have an 1889 Morgan, any suggestions?
Comment from : John Arizona

John Arizona
Another really interesting post Thanks for teaching God bless brother!
Comment from : John Arizona

please subscribe to me i subcribe to u 
Comment from : Coins_123

John wheeler
I'm using a block of wood as an anvil and a regular hammer to punch through and it takes a really long time lots of hammering Do i need a bigger hammer to punch through quicker any advice is appreciated
Comment from : John wheeler

Craig Pennington
Hey fencekid, my boy and I just wanted to say thanks for your videos He made a state quarter ring start to finish using what he's learned from your instructions (and Harbor Freight has a few more dollars of mine) Here's a link to the finished product -- thank you!  miloorg/images/PennsylvaniaRingjpg
Comment from : Craig Pennington

Just a thought here but couldn't you find the centre of a coin by simply laying the coin on a bit of paper drawing round it cutting that bit of paper out then folding the paper in half twice, then simply put that bit of paper on to the coin which will give you centre, then take a protractor and draw the middle hole on the paperbrbrOr place that bit of paper on a piece of card and do the hole thing on the card, then simply draw your hole directly to the coin using the card as your templatebrbrIt's just a thought to make it easier so you can make up many templates that could be reused
Comment from : flitsies

Ok, I just realized I've been using my punch set wrong I was punching with the tapered end  Maybe that's why my coins seem to move while I punch the hole  brDo you ever re-harden your rings once they are done?
Comment from : djturnz

Mikołaj Gajda
My dad was studying on thechnical university of salt lake
Comment from : Mikołaj Gajda

Adam McSkinney
Hey Fence Kid! I put out a series showing people how to do, what we do best! a one stop shop of, if I got thiswhat could I expect! Check out the first tool I show on the tools video you might like to add it into your own video of tool tricks Dont forget to give me a shout out though :) See ya around kid! Adambrps tell me what you think of my video trailer!!!
Comment from : Adam McSkinney

Thank you for the sharing  Finding the exact center has been a stumbling block for me and you solved that Furthermore, I am amazed how easy a ring is made Very cool!
Comment from : MrTim3990

Stephanie Penglase
Actually have a couple questions regarding your rings and ordering I apologize, I don't know how to email you on Etsy brbrI was wondering if I could actually send you a specific coin that I would like made into a ringand if it's possible to get a man's size 13? I have a few more questions, but I don't want to waste your time Your work is beautiful, an amazing gift idea!
Comment from : Stephanie Penglase

nick hoban
hi fencekid im from canada and was wondering if you could try to make a ring out of a canadian loonie just a $1 coin brthe new ones are very shiny and would look almost gold 
Comment from : nick hoban

Justin Rhine
will the marker come off when you polish it?
Comment from : Justin Rhine

First off, awesome videos Fencekid; you are a true craftsman and are a great source of knowledge I just wanted to reach out to those here to let them know that I have a coin center punch tool kit available right now for sale that allows anyone to find the perfect dead-center every time in any US Quarter, Half-Dollar, or US DollarbrbrThey can go to my YouTube channel at "CoinRingUSA" and they can e-mail me from there for more info, or to place their order, thanks!  
Comment from : CoinRingUSA

man glad to see ur back love watching ur vids bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : 304Bubba

Great videos!! You are a very good teacher!!
Comment from : schill13

Bob Banks
Hi there fencekid Love your videos seen them all and i'm making some very nice rings because of them but i have decided to comment on this one because of all that free info that your givingwell i just needed to give something back :-) So you know how you ask us to use a fine tip??? I guess that's so it'll come off easier?? Well my friend i have one better After messing up a few coins because my digital caliper was crap I came up with an ideaif you put a piece of clear scotch tape on the coin you can use the ticker tip (i like that because i can see it better) then after you make the hole you can remove the tape and the marks from the marker too and if your off by a few mm you can add another piece of tape and go one size bigger on the punch to try to salvage the coin you ROCK man and thanks for all your videos      
Comment from : Bob Banks

Michael Del Buono
Hey fencekid Love your videos Can you make one doing a silver dollar? Can't find one person to make a video on how to do this with a silver dollar! By the way do you know anyone selling those center whole punches? Thanks man You are the Lord of the coin rings!!!
Comment from : Michael Del Buono

Pedro Botello
Sell me one
Comment from : Pedro Botello

John Galler
Great videos  Does the sharpie marker come off the coin easily?  I plan on using silver proof coins brThanks!
Comment from : John Galler

Speak Life Garden Homestead & Permaculture
I was surprised how affordable your rings are, I still am to poor, but others should buy them, they are so awesome! ty for the demo!
Comment from : Speak Life Garden Homestead & Permaculture

That calculation was direct from an archimedes aproximation to circle calculation ( the closest he came to calculus!
Comment from : socotroquito2007

Paul Trufanov
Красивая работа 
Comment from : Paul Trufanov

Lawrence Playa
Hey fencekid where did you buy you white nylon hammer?brI cant find one like that one a MENARDS or HOME DEPOT
Comment from : Lawrence Playa

ben t
I started making some rings, I got all the tools and I can make quarters fine but I'm having problems with larger coins like half dollars, should I use a larger pvc pipe size like 1" or larger? Any tips?
Comment from : ben t

Comment from : 马威威

Keavin Clark
Comment from : Keavin Clark

Lawrence Playa
Hey fence kid  I'm getting pretty good at regular coins like quarter, pennies, and half dollar using 7/16 punch I'm having a problem with Kennedy dollars They get too big and not even in complete ring form yet More like a flower any advice?
Comment from : Lawrence Playa

Ian Hunt
Is the one thumbs down your competitor?
Comment from : Ian Hunt

Brandon Ballman
When I make mine to find the center I spent 2$ on a washer set they come the same size as the coins penny's dimes quarters half dollar and morgan try it just put the washer on the coin that fits it get a marker and fill in the circle dead center
Comment from : Brandon Ballman

Tip: Do this once for each size coin then get a 3d printed blank the same size with a perfect sized hole in the middle Works perfectly every time
Comment from : James

Cant you just slide the caliper around whilst putting slight force with the pen to just make a circle?brbrIt wont be perfect, but it will work right? hehe
Comment from : CruelFish

Big Ron
there was a long time between your last videos,i was really hoping you had not decided to stop making videos for your channel,i really enjoy your channel,all the best,from florida  
Comment from : Big Ron

James Holsinger
Comment from : James Holsinger

Epic gamin On da double
Hi fence kid
Comment from : Epic gamin On da double

Jon C
This is Don again I noticed since my last post, that when I get center using a digital caliper, I placed punch on to cicle drawed on coin, and circle is larger than punch! Could I have a bad caliper? I zero everytime I measure coin, punch, and circle diameter
Comment from : Jon C

Jon C
Hello fencekid,brHelp!!! I've done everything like your video says about finding  dead center but it never comes out right! Maybe two out of ten I've bought everthing like you use and I really enjoy making these rings but finding center is killing me I don't know what else to do The circle looks dead center but when I knock the hole, its off just a little Most people don't notice but I do!!!! I'm real careful when I put punch in and I hit it solid I even went and bought an anvil and mounted it on a car wheel Real sturdy Love your vids
Comment from : Jon C

Or take a sheet of paper trace shape of coin, cut out, fold in half twice, and lay over coin you have the center
Comment from : sewagekat

Chris Peterson
Fear not!brDigital caliper can be had for just 10 bucks from Harbor Freightbr wwwharborfreightcom/6-inch-composite-digital-caliper-93293html
Comment from : Chris Peterson

Charlotte Hawkins
I love your show! Wow! I'm impressed! Keep up the awesomeness!
Comment from : Charlotte Hawkins

Anary Landeros
what size would you recommend i punch the quarter with to get a ring that is a size 4 and a half?
Comment from : Anary Landeros

spikemotorcity1 White
Hi, Great Job , Very Kool   !!! I Would Like Make Some Old Casino One Dollar Coins Rings They Are 34mm OD Have You Done Any? Can It Be Done? Thanks   Greg
Comment from : spikemotorcity1 White

project sponge
Just an after thought What, if anything, do you do or make with the center cut?
Comment from : project sponge

Bryn Bushey
Hey fencekid I found a new way to find my center I use a digital caliper to find the center of the coin, and use it to scratch an X in the middle I check it from multiple sides to make sure it's dead center, then I take a scratch awl and carefully make a  nice, even divot where the X is Then, I put it between the die plates and eyeball the divot in to the middle Then I take a transfer punch the same size as the hole punch (I add a little teflon tape to make it fit tightly), and i put it through the guide plate and the point on the transfer punch will hopefully drop in to the divot in the coin (sometimes you have to wiggle the coin or punch a little) You can then spin the coin around if you can touch the edge, and determine if it is indeed dead center Then all you have to do is take out the transfer punch and put in the hole punch and giver her a whack (don't break that guide plate though! i have multiple times the last one shattered on me, luckily i was wearing eye protection) It sounds complicated but it's actually quite fast and so far I haven't punched a hole off more than 3/10ths of 1mm easy to fix with a round file
Comment from : Bryn Bushey

Bryn Bushey
I have broken 3 Harbor Freight punch & die kits I'm thinking about getting one with a metal guide plate instead of clear plastic!
Comment from : Bryn Bushey

Michael Ellestad
Been doing any hot stuff with the Fresnel lenses lately?
Comment from : Michael Ellestad

Mark Waller
Great video!  I went out and spent way too much money on a punch set for quarters, half dollars and dollars  However, I get people I know handing me foreign coins all the time wanting rings made  Ordered the one off Amazon today  Your Etsy store looks great!  I love the way you finish off the fat end on your state quarter rings  Great craftsmanship
Comment from : Mark Waller

Heywood Jablowme
Just curious what do you do with the slugs you've punched out of the center of the coins?
Comment from : Heywood Jablowme

Michael Ridlon
Great video
Comment from : Michael Ridlon

hey kid! glad to see your back got the idea to make these from your first videos and have used yours as a text book this answers my biggest question so far keep making ALL of your videos
Comment from : 669fathead

Great to have you back! Wish you would make more videos! Love em all!
Comment from : JEB *

You know I watch all your vids You even got me making coin rings Maybe you could do a vid watching you make a coin ring with one of the bigger coins I have tried but my middle hole gets to big to fast Before the the coin is folded over I would love to watch that vid You making the whole ring top to bottom
Comment from : slawrence7474

Great video When did you film this? Was that snow at the end? 
Comment from : cwuzii

Any way you can make a video on making a half dollar ring into a small size, say a 7 or 8? Can't quite nail it, always ends poorly for me lol
Comment from : Maverick

Clan Snipars
Where do you get the new coins?
Comment from : Clan Snipars

Most Auto parts stores "loan" tools ( with a deposit ) so you can use a Digital Caliper from one then return it and get your deposit back
Comment from : NoobPrepper

you did nail it :) cool video :)
Comment from : MichaelSwan66

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