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Horace Brown - One for the money (original video)

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Information Horace Brown - One for the money (original video)

Title :  Horace Brown - One for the money (original video)
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Frames Horace Brown - One for the money (original video)

Description Horace Brown - One for the money (original video)

Comments Horace Brown - One for the money (original video)

Ridgeback 19 80
2022 ist hier und das lied ist immer noch geil
Comment from : Ridgeback 19 80

You have to be a seventies baby to truly appreciate this
Comment from : BERTONI L SMITH

Rodrick Thompson
I got him confused with Alphonso hunter Thought phonso sang this joint But this is what I was looking for Had to Google the chorus lol!!!
Comment from : Rodrick Thompson

I mean, we were the last generation to know what REAL good music sounded like After the 90s things started to slowly go downhill until it got to where it is now 🥺 In the 90s you could leave the radio on all day and enjoy good music or you could watch Rap City or MTV Raps and be thrilled by the best rappers Nowadays if you want good music, you need to create your own playlist of ol'school jams because this generation has very little quality to offer
Comment from : thebeatnumber

Gennairo Rhino
Legend 🙌🏾 greetings from the Netherlands
Comment from : Gennairo Rhino

Chris B
This beat been sampled so many times,and every song is solid!
Comment from : Chris B

David Maddox
Comment from : David Maddox

Mark Gonzales
Miss these times
Comment from : Mark Gonzales

Legend 95
This was my college days at FAMU thanks 4 the memories Actually had this on a DJ Clue mixtape
Comment from : Legend 95

Daniell Liddell
🔥🔥🔥🔥Issa jam🔥🔥🔥🔥
Comment from : Daniell Liddell

Aaron J
I'm gonna press like on all the comments You all spoke my mind
Comment from : Aaron J

By Dani Simone
I felt a real sense of loss when I didn’t see any more music from him as a preteen I’m happy YouTube exists
Comment from : By Dani Simone

Marlon Campbell
In that Alfonso Hunter bracket 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥👊✊🤣💯
Comment from : Marlon Campbell

Bizmark Alexander
If life’s good was a person 90’s can’t be touched Here comes millennials with lil oozy vert , drake ,lil Wayne , Meg de stallion or lil yatchy 🤷🏻‍♂️😂🤷🏻‍♂️😂😂😂
Comment from : Bizmark Alexander

Isabel Cristina Airoldi
Que musica SHOW
Comment from : Isabel Cristina Airoldi

Comment from : ALL BROWN

G Feeezy
Comment from : G Feeezy

Betsy Blue
Malik 😍 Mekia b*/b 2010
Comment from : Betsy Blue

Anq Duncan
Missed the old school music 🎶 music ain’t the same no more
Comment from : Anq Duncan

B Jones
Didn’t need no voice machines and you could understand what was being said
Comment from : B Jones

hailem hailem
eyyyyq 89 baby
Comment from : hailem hailem

I love the men in the background gettin down They have mad choreography Plus I have always loved this song Good ole days
Comment from : Adeina

3 to get the Honeys😉😉
Comment from : OzzieM

Chey Barnfather
1 for the digit 2 for the second digit
Comment from : Chey Barnfather

Matthew Bell
The whole time I thought it was montell Jordan lol
Comment from : Matthew Bell

Garito Cledanor
I love this song Best time in R&B moments That's the year 90 z
Comment from : Garito Cledanor

The Original Carl Thomas
Comment from : FYM USA

The Madouma Family
true music was before (90s area) without social medianot now
Comment from : The Madouma Family

Vision TM
Thank You, a classic track, thanks for sharing, respect
Comment from : Vision TM

Calvester Marks
I sho miss the 90's love this joint that's a classic
Comment from : Calvester Marks

Adis Radoncic
Comment from : Adis Radoncic

Darnell Edward Imes
Comment from : Darnell Edward Imes

Matthew Bryant
Aww man the 90s were the best
Comment from : Matthew Bryant

vincent kibet
Old is gold
Comment from : vincent kibet

Aaye y’all pull up Christopher Williams slow jam “All I See”, and listen closely to the background vocals It’s Horace:) Also that song has such a familiar sound because DeVante did the music:) Was just listening so it’s fresh on my mind and I came to share:)
Comment from : RAMNUPE

Jenn Michelle
He deserves an UnSung
Comment from : Jenn Michelle

I was 7 when this song came out Still a banger in 2020 for me #90sRnBForLife
Comment from : J M K

Ms Monroe
Damn I miss this music
Comment from : Ms Monroe

Chance StThomas
Da Choreography in Suits was KICKIN!!!!
Comment from : Chance StThomas

big up yaself horace pure vibes
Comment from : Mango

Back when background dancers,made the video
Comment from : DEREK Owens

2019 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment from : hbgangsta20

Freddie Fred
I love this song especially the choreography! 032 033
Comment from : Freddie Fred

OT Santos
You make me feel brand new 50 cent
Comment from : OT Santos

A drew
Theres multiple videos of this??
Comment from : A drew

lifting big
2019 and I'm vibing with this!
Comment from : lifting big

Tekashi Jindujun
Comment from : Tekashi Jindujun

Got to meet this dude back in 96 as a kid I remember taking a pic of my pops with him If I was smarter, I would've got a pic too lol
Comment from : peace_of_mind

Franck Affolaby
pleaaaaase i am looking for the choregraphy in video live where can i find it
Comment from : Franck Affolaby

samuel muiruri
i have a comment that all the browns can dance, what about this one?
Comment from : samuel muiruri

Several Piece
Ink my whole body
Comment from : Several Piece

Looks like us smooth cats are a dying breed
Comment from : EXQD2

Music like this will never die
Comment from : MrBlactye

Lucille Omaro
2018 anyone?
Comment from : Lucille Omaro

DeeTheMusiqFiend718 Jr
Where is son at now???
Comment from : DeeTheMusiqFiend718 Jr

Marcus Smith
This song will never gets old!!!
Comment from : Marcus Smith

Ricardo Moyah
Damol' english n pinner j's back in the 90's aint no joke! Listening to this in PHX back wen this was what you could hear on any good cruz with the gurlys! Nothing but good times keep hope alive people, memories last forever
Comment from : Ricardo Moyah

them beats the vibe is so smooth
Comment from : INSITE INSITE

Kevin Freeman
The 90s was absolutely 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 smooth with a Lil class!
Comment from : Kevin Freeman

Brother Mind
ink my whole body i don't give a muthafuck
Comment from : Brother Mind

Kenendid Rhubesh
Please GOD, take me back to the 90's
Comment from : Kenendid Rhubesh

Blanchard 👑J-r aka pounou💫
♥️🙏🏾🎶🎵🎧 Mercii j’ai u le temps de connaître
Comment from : Blanchard 👑J-r aka pounou💫

koolpop jones
Good timesgreat memories
Comment from : koolpop jones

Gods Watching
2018 Born in 83Never gonna be an era like the 90s period!
Comment from : Gods Watching

Derek Chapman
I miss the 90$😢
Comment from : Derek Chapman

whoo else
Wtf happened to this guy?
Comment from : whoo else

Vernon Jenkins
This was a cut
Comment from : Vernon Jenkins

Jon G
Like the 90ste
Comment from : Jon G

Sabrina ♑
I need a time machine I miss those day's
Comment from : Sabrina ♑

Deckstar Deluxe
Dear music industrymore of this please Thanks x
Comment from : Deckstar Deluxe

Monica Gitonga
Dawn cool rb
Comment from : Monica Gitonga

Thiago Laranjeira
Classico horace brownbrDancei muito esse som
Comment from : Thiago Laranjeira

J Horn
90s the best years
Comment from : J Horn

Jesus Christ with a Jheri Curl
Comment from : Jesus Christ with a Jheri Curl

Jamel W
How come I can't watch the video? This is my jam from way back
Comment from : Jamel W

Fila Nike
My black people should go back to making good RnB music like this!!
Comment from : Fila Nike

DJ Ben Frank
50 Cent remixed this track It was so dope!
Comment from : DJ Ben Frank

The Scatman
Steve Harvey suits and Kenyatta parties in NYC!
Comment from : The Scatman

Jean Pierre Mzulwini
the disrespect less than 200 000 views
Comment from : Jean Pierre Mzulwini

Car Connoisseur
An Era when everything was quality from the cars to the music and everybody had a job
Comment from : Car Connoisseur

HAnnes FABian SChiller
wooooooooouuuuuw i miss that horace brown album, the gud gud fresh music and the good ol dayyyz weeeeell lez bring it back to the blast in the past, who let dem dogz out woof woof =P lets all live like we did back in them playa dayz G'Z UP ERYTHING ELSE ALL DA WAY DOOOOWN #80'sbabyyy #str8OG #1playa
Comment from : HAnnes FABian SChiller

Restart it, bring it back Many people love thoses vibes
Comment from : Tedzee

He got some of this joint (the sample) from The Blackbyrds' "Mysterious Vibes" song, which is a very nice song
Comment from : coolassclay

Freedom Seeker
<3 <3 <3
Comment from : Freedom Seeker

Deborah Hennessy
still feeling it
Comment from : Deborah Hennessy

ZealousFlyer The GREAT
this use to be my jam!!
Comment from : ZealousFlyer The GREAT

Quanesha Glaspie
i love this joint brings back memories ❤❤
Comment from : Quanesha Glaspie

Talmadge Eley
get off my page with your fuckup comment and stay off it
Comment from : Talmadge Eley

ice veins
man I wish today R N B was still as good as it was back thenI miss those days
Comment from : ice veins

Unbought Unbossed
love this joint!he performed this cut at our homecoming in 96xavier utoo bad he didnt blow upvery talented
Comment from : Unbought Unbossed

Lucchi Supremeson
the game done changeda bit to much for my liking :(
Comment from : Lucchi Supremeson

manny gecko
Dame he fine!
Comment from : manny gecko

Damn man we will NEVER get this music back
Comment from : A AS

Trent Rama
now we in an 8 bedroom mansion on the hill and we sipping on champagne when we chill
Comment from : Trent Rama

Pim van Gompel
One 4 da money
Comment from : Pim van Gompel

Jonez Tha Billy
glad I was able to see the 90's music not the same
Comment from : Jonez Tha Billy

Samuel Dudley
I had to listen to the meaning of this song then i could sing it I remember in the days mama had to work so hard just to pay the rent all the money spent had to get a j o b great music
Comment from : Samuel Dudley

Alicia Bethea
damn this was my shit real music!!!
Comment from : Alicia Bethea

Wowthe 90's sound , smooth with a touch of class , this was one of many smile and enjoy songs!!! ;-)
Comment from : 46knowledge

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