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Buying American Silver Eagles? | Silver Dealer Price Comparison.

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Information Buying American Silver Eagles? | Silver Dealer Price Comparison.

Title :  Buying American Silver Eagles? | Silver Dealer Price Comparison.
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Frames Buying American Silver Eagles? | Silver Dealer Price Comparison.

Description Buying American Silver Eagles? | Silver Dealer Price Comparison.

Comments Buying American Silver Eagles? | Silver Dealer Price Comparison.

Jeremiah Thompson
I'm about ready to start stacking again!
Comment from : Jeremiah Thompson

Scott Thacker
You didn’t include MCM 😂
Comment from : Scott Thacker

Paul Cool
You guys are lucky, even if you buy for 10000 usd here, you still have to pay shipping cost Belgium sucks
Comment from : Paul Cool

guy azbell
JMBullyon pays you 30 bucks for silver eagles then they sell them fur 42 or so
Comment from : guy azbell

guy azbell
I'm sorry but 1500 silver eagles does make my groin cramp but I need a new kidney and liber so that 60k is going towards me transplants
Comment from : guy azbell

Bullion Exchanges does not charge Californians sales tax- what a nice surprise! Had to mail them a check for no sales tax
Comment from : matchalatte

Mack Stack
I’ll pay a $10-$12 premium on a one oz bullion coin only if it has a mintage of 25,000 or less
Comment from : Mack Stack

Madd Stacker
Great stuff
Comment from : Madd Stacker

Disagree about APMEX Purchased from them and waited for nearly a month before getting my order There was no mention of a wait or a delay when I placed my order Had I known, would have just bought somewhere else But having to repeatedly contact them to find out where my stuff was is frustrating brVT247
Comment from : Vacationtime247

Peter Pete
I would never buy single roll of 20 or 25 If I want 20 oz,I’ll get 20oz bar from Scottsdale mint for about $620 now Get roll of 20 for close to $760 I don’t do coins
Comment from : Peter Pete

José Benito Martínez Jr
First time viewing your channel Very informative I just subscribed! Great comparison! Keep them coming!
Comment from : José Benito Martínez Jr

Eric Ride
Dam, the premiums are outrageous!
Comment from : Eric Ride

William R
Are these worth the extra premium over other silver rounds?
Comment from : William R

Puddin Tame
i never buy on Apmex overpriced
Comment from : Puddin Tame

I live in Central Florida I don't know of any local coin shops, but there may be one in the Winter Park area
Comment from : DudeDave

David German
What is Type 1 and 2 in silver?
Comment from : David German

David German
If You are selling , who is the best ( reliable) dealer?
Comment from : David German

Ron Kerber
Type 2 eagle, Clipped wing, no arrows, and no olive branch it looks like its wearing chaps, A little cowboy hat on its head would improve the look Whats up with its tail, no stiff feathers, looks like a silky chicken Please someone show me a picture of an eagle that looks anything like that, and not one that has been run over Otherwise keep stacking :)
Comment from : Ron Kerber

JM Bullion is the cheapest at the moment for Type 1
Comment from : tg1234ize

Wanted to get some ASE's but I got on board late, so I'll stay with generics for now Haven't picked up any silver for 2021 Switched to fractional gold with buying on the dips for now Silver to me has greater upside potential that won't be realized if we have to eat high premiums before seeing profits in our pockets
Comment from : D S

Nick Mrt
Traveling through the northern state of Florida next week and wondering if any of you guys recommend a good lcd?brThanks
Comment from : Nick Mrt

I was one of the 70 Just subscribed
Comment from : Rob

Anything above a $3-4 premium on 1toz silver is too high for my taste And silver spot above $28-29 is IMHO too high a price if you want to get some profit when you (eventually) sell This is not a "buy/stack at all costs" season for me Even when silver spot hit $26-and-change the online dealers are still keeping the premiums too high ($528 premium for a Sunshine Mint round? Plus shipping? NO THANX) Informative video tho
Comment from : kingneutron1

Dan Mckeever
Thanks, checked them out and ordered a backdate which was somewhat reasonably priced
Comment from : Dan Mckeever

Rick B
Thanks for breaking this all down for us, FS! Another informative video
Comment from : Rick B

Anthony Frisone
Thank you
Comment from : Anthony Frisone

Freedom Stacker
Might just have to get 10 of those type 2 ASEs next week from SD Bullion I don't know why the dip has to come on my off week I hope it lasts so I can take advantage of it *FS 🌴🔥 😮💨
Comment from : Freedom Stacker

Teddy D
Great video!
Comment from : Teddy D

I hope you got my message 2 days ago about the best single price on ASE’s type 2 at 3856 for 1 This was from SDBullion Monument metals had the best price 2 weeks ago on the type 2’s I post pm sales weekly on my fb group and try to report the best prices on Gov coins, rounds and bars SDBullion is the best over all for type 2br(As the mints halt the minting of ASE type 1, the prices will continue to rise, as the ASE 2 are a better buy)
Comment from : Eli

Scott Gough
Is your calculation of premium based on total cost or based on Spot price? Your JM Bullion example for instance - you're showing a $1599 premium as 358 With a Spot price around $28, a $16 premium is more like 57, not 358 You seem to be using the same formula for all the examples, so its all relative, just making sure i understand where your #s are coming from Keep up the good work!
Comment from : Scott Gough

Tom Stone
Well done big man , lots of info ,
Comment from : Tom Stone

Carl Sitler
SD Bullion and Monument Metals have been my top two suppliers Price, price, price
Comment from : Carl Sitler

Carl Sitler
Cold day in hell I have 5 Eagles as they are obviously a total rip off The average premium on my stack is $35 and total average is $15 Sunshine Mint and junk are my staples
Comment from : Carl Sitler

I ordered my first two 2021 1 oz silver libertads this weeks based on your enthusiasm Talk about premiums! I paid $4770 But Ive been shopping for the past 6 months, haven’t found anything under $72
Comment from : matchalatte

Question, does Florida Stalker have an entire monster box of American eagle himself?
Comment from : rphb

Cash and Coins
So so expensive lately Thank you for the update I know that’s some work
Comment from : Cash and Coins

Crystal Kim
Loved this! Thanks for the break down
Comment from : Crystal Kim

Robert Casanova
I currently have 2 2021 Silver EAGLESand I've ORDERED 2 type two EAGLES on a Reputable company's website I just wanted two of each For my collection Nothing more
Comment from : Robert Casanova

It's unbelievable I remember getting ASE coins around $2 - $3 over spot It's even more outrageous with junk silver Used to be able to get junk for like $29 - $49 over spot Now it's like $4 per ounce over spot I saw an add for '64 Kennedy's going for $19 per coin Talk about crazy I even remember buying 1 ounce AGE & 1 ounce Kruggerand for spot that was a flash sale from Provident brbrAlso Nationwide Coin & Bullion Reserve had a deal where you could buy 1ounce of gold or 10 1/10 ozs @ the same price at the spot price of a 1 oz gold coin Found out about that deal from Sal & Int'l Stacker I'll admit that Nationwide was a little bit of a pain in the butt and they will push you to buy other stuff from them but it was worth it to listen to their sales pitch to get the 1 oz of gold at spot price Miss those days
Comment from : John57945

Not interested in those type 2 Type 1 will still be the most popular silver eagles in my opinion
Comment from : ACE *

Thanks for all of your efforts to help us get the deals I still cannot wrap my head around the premiums on Silver and Gold Eagles Just a year ago I grabbed a sealed mint tube for 530 bucks out the door I am glad in a way, as I've discovered Britannia, Krugerands, Kangaroos, etc and I wouldn't have without the high premiums on Eagles I think I'll sit this one out until the official FOMO campaign ends, and see if I can pick up a few much cheaper in a few months But maybe if I order anything from SD- I'll grab a single for the collection No more tubes in my future, though, and that's unfortunate Cheers!
Comment from : Ready-Adhesiveness40

Mark Huber
Thanks for the video I started a 2021 type 1 box and paid 3500 for 100 Oz I thought that was crazy high and sorry now I didn’t buy more I switched to gold b/c silver is too damn expensive with the premiums And it’s too heavy Lol
Comment from : Mark Huber

Anxious Stacker
I like dealing with Bullion Xchange and Monument Metals for most stuff, and Silver Gold Bull sometimes when they have deals I did order the 2021 Libertads from the Bullion Xchange
Comment from : Anxious Stacker

Silver Wolves
Apmex used to have a$99 minimum Maybe they come back down Good thing I One gold
Comment from : Silver Wolves

Awesome research and comparison sir!! Well done
Comment from : SalivateMetal

The Silver Sliver
The math just doesn't make sense to me to pull the trigger on any ASE's at the online bullion dealers at this point in the game So for now I remain on the sideline for these wonderful coins Thanks for sharing and Keep on Keep'n On !
Comment from : The Silver Sliver

Tree Climber
Only 7 ?brCheck Bullion Exchange LLC, Monument Metals or Money Metals Exchange
Comment from : Tree Climber

Chris Clanton
I wouldn't buy Silver Eagles, the premiums are outrageous And I have more Eagles than anything Recently I've only been buying from Scottsdale Mint's eBay store Right now you can get a 20 oz kitkat bar for $633($3165 per oz) Or a kilo bar for $1,015($3158 per oz) All of my orders were delivered in less than a week
Comment from : Chris Clanton

Aloha Stacker
Those premiums are nuts! I will wait until they flood the market and hopefully watch them come down I just bought 10 eagles for only $4 over spot so deals are out there!
Comment from : Aloha Stacker

Concerned Citizen
Great video I'd love to see a similar vid for other items such as generics, Maple Leaf's, Krugerrands, etc I realize it's a lot of work, so maybe just keep it in mind for those times when you don't have any unboxing or other ideas for videos
Comment from : Concerned Citizen

B² constitutional aka exponent
My lcs is cheapest
Comment from : B² constitutional aka exponent

Victor Frankenstein
Remember that Bold May charge a bit more, but they also do not collect sales tax Where I live, that adds over $3 per coin (approx $315 to $320) Bold has been my go-to dealer for almost all my purchases, at least for Silver
Comment from : Victor Frankenstein

Liked and Subscribed! Hope silver stays the same price or a tad higher because I preordered ASE T2 tubes from Monument Metals & BE
Comment from : ItsElvis

dustin hatch
LOL Too rich for me
Comment from : dustin hatch

Silver Bean Counter
I've had bad luck with APMEX I've cut them off The exclusives are nice but they cherry pick the inventory I've had great service from Monument, SD, Bullion Exchange and Golden Eagle So so with some of the others How APMEX stays in business with their premiums, we'll never know
Comment from : Silver Bean Counter

Hey Florida stacker have you looked into silvergoldbull? I just ordered a roll of type 1 eagles and paid a little under 37 per coin You just have to go to wallstreetsilver special pricing
Comment from : vmsilva77

Andrew Macomber
😂”hero or zero depending where the price of silver goes”🚀🌕 to the moon!✌️
Comment from : Andrew Macomber

Thanks for the hard work, great info!
Comment from : 72cmcinc

Robert R
If you are not particularly stuck on 2021 ( don't know why you would be ) ASEs PacificPreciousMetals currently have random years as low as $8 over spot
Comment from : Robert R

Do people put in their DL#s for echeck at bold and hero?
Comment from : SilverArc

Robert M
Florida Stacker awesome video didn't know about all the online dealers I have more options now to buy from more dealers thanks
Comment from : Robert M

Kevin Walker
Thanks for doing the work and saving us money
Comment from : Kevin Walker

the English Professor
Informative overview! I hope the online bullion dealers are watching these videos I’m a fan of Bold and Bullion Exchanges👌brbrTrying to be sober-minded about the premiums I pay when purchasing ASEs, keeping in mind that my silver and gold will go to my kids or grandchildren someday If spot is still under $30/$35 forty or so years from now, they can mock me then & dance on my grave 🪦 💃🏻🕺
Comment from : the English Professor

Bullion Addict
Ordered 3 through my Gold One account it wasn't a bad price considering I'm getting their best tier pricing and I'll most likely get it sooner brBut I'm hoping to pick more up later in the year if the world of stacking ever returns to some semblance of normalcy
Comment from : Bullion Addict

I can't believe Any 1 is paying these outrageous promos TG I did my stacking from 2015 -2020 But good luck finding deals , All
Comment from : Shanghi18

Military discount with JM Bullion 🤤
Comment from : BamaBoy251

rAgtAg Stacking
I haven't pre ordered yet but I do plan on eating the premiums and grabbing a few type 2 great video
Comment from : rAgtAg Stacking

Thats some good information, I have never heard of Boldbullion Have you use Littleton coins before cause I have never heard anybody talk about them expect 1 channel, was wonder if they are any good
Comment from : lilrockfromga

2 is 1
Silver is ‘spensive!
Comment from : 2 is 1

bob jo
Idk about the math Example : $1350 premium on $28/oz silver = 48 premium no?
Comment from : bob jo

Hey great video and very informative and extremely helpful 👍 I order from Bullion Exchange all the time Great company to order from Hell I order from almost all of them I've never used Bold though, do you recommend them ?
Comment from : SLAYER STACKER

looks like I will be adding Bullion Exchanges and bold to my list of websites $99 is better than $199 when you buy a few ounces a week
Comment from : Dave

Trident Stacking
Good information
Comment from : Trident Stacking

Here in The People's Republic of Maryland I always lose out on taxes Florida is looking more and more like a better place to live!
Comment from : Sharkbark

Kevin nugent
I've had good luck with Apmex and Bullion Ex Bullion Ex is my go to now due to the $99 free ship
Comment from : Kevin nugent

Silver Lunatic
Monex has ASE for $ 3570 Each when you purchase in lots of 100
Comment from : Silver Lunatic

david moody
Thanks for the information , Best regards from Daytona Beach
Comment from : david moody

My LCS has got them for me for $3800 I like them They cool and buys them back $300 over When Libs hit APMEX I ordered that cool type 2 in APMEXs slab with my 2021! brFS?! You accepting mail still? I’d like to send you something cool! 😎
Comment from : oldmanjenkins771

Bronx 718NYC
Thumbs up 👍 cool 😎
Comment from : Bronx 718NYC

Comment from : SilverSponge

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