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The Australian Silver Crisis

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Title :  The Australian Silver Crisis
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youtube/MJqV1OOrj_Q More confirmation of John’s information on the Perth Mint
Comment from : Lightwidbee

Benjamin Nicholson
It's not some illuminati conspiracy gold and silver have been manipulated since the dawn of time It's about profits and if you follow it and read it you can make a lot of money
Comment from : Benjamin Nicholson

PM in your possession is wealth iEverything else/i is a promise written over a mass of small printbr We will stick to this bargain or not " at our sole discretion" - JEEZ!
Comment from : 1978ajax

Black Swan System
I recently enquired about selling sone physical silver to one of the bullion houses mentioned Dodgy AF Fools and their money are quickly parted and these guys have it red hot go
Comment from : Black Swan System

Just a scam / racket to charge you storage and insurance fees brthey probably got the volume somewhere but I think this is more of a fraud around charging fees for a service that isn't actually being provided and when you order delivery they then go source and process your order
Comment from : RobboNSW

Mark W
When it comes to gold and silver, you two are the only other conspiracy theorists I listen too besides Mike MalonebrI once ordered Canadian Silver Maples but received South African silver coin, hmmmm, that was unexpected
Comment from : Mark W

I've seen shows on the internet that claim Gold and money from Red Cross has been seized from The Vatican
Comment from : lisamarie3772

Gold Digger Dave
Comment from : Gold Digger Dave

Nunya Bidnez
ALL gov's are private for profit corporations Look it up in Dun and Bradstreet
Comment from : Nunya Bidnez

Keep it Real
John has such a speech impediment he is difficult to listen to
Comment from : Keep it Real

Central banks are criminals who decide who does the robbing and who gets the benefit Its a small club and the world isn't in it The bankers control everything and they play by and if they want to all they have to do is instruct the government to ban Gold and Silver purchases
Comment from : georgemav7

the government owns the mint ,,they are known thieves and liars ,,kiss your investments goodbye
Comment from : doktardiagnosis

Diamond Black
The "value" of everything is artificially floated, just to keep the Xombies comfortably numb in the control systembrIt's dead and on life support
Comment from : Diamond Black

I am A smurf
There are silver suppliers who are stockpiling silver they buy off Perth mint in large quantity’s ; gold etc hoarding it you guys all want some one to blame look at those selfish grubs bulk buying ;
Comment from : I am A smurf

David Carroll
Why would they give out silver for spot price when they can get 8-1500 more for a premium on other products
Comment from : David Carroll

Fredrich Muller
Why is it that every time I buy a stock that's supposed to be a big hit it ends up dropping and just never moving again??? I invested in FX also but I lost huge money there
Comment from : Fredrich Muller

David Prince
John Adams is rapidly becoming the "Honey Badger" of contrarian views and alternative financial theory
Comment from : David Prince

Yasin Ankit
Cowboy i wait for more videos a bout silver
Comment from : Yasin Ankit

Grimlance Deathknell
Ordered 2 x Silver Bitcoins (for fun) from CoinIvest Jermany 2 months ago now - UK customs have them and thats that Ordered 5x 1Kilo bars form Atkinsons in Belsen Britain, 2 weeks later still waiting, what annoys me is if you can't fucking deliver it just say - i will still order and then expect the wait - but pretending its readily available when it clearly isn't boils my piss ooh it was covid line doesn't work either - fuck off and get real No flu cases at all means we've renamed it clown-vid 19
Comment from : Grimlance Deathknell

Chow Chow
Perhaps, the Perth Mint has given all their 1000oz bars to Comex Kg bars are not important because they can't be used for delivery
Comment from : Chow Chow

I purchased physical silver more than a couple of years ago and didn’t go near synthetic after some advice I’m getting more this week while the price is kept low for them to cover their ar$es, showing EVERYONE in the meantime how they manipulate the markets I’m sure this is only the beginning of a HUGE can of worms and the utter corruption going on If they are not investigated fully after this, surely this shines a true light on “rules for some”? Thank you guys for bringing this to peoples attention not all heroes wear capes 🦸🏼‍♂️
Comment from : TheOrganicCollective

Our Folders
Were any precious metals “lost” on 9/11?
Comment from : Our Folders

Our Folders
I wonder which, if any refineries / wholesalers / retailers are partners with the World Economic Forum
Comment from : Our Folders

Our Folders
Maybe the Great Reset IS going to happen Great Depression revisited
Comment from : Our Folders

Our Folders
What is the redemption price? Day 1 or Day 10?brSurely they’d deliver at the lowest price possible
Comment from : Our Folders

Our Folders
Who is Goldcorp, John?
Comment from : Our Folders

Our Folders
I see a bad moon rising
Comment from : Our Folders

Bilbo Baggins
Conspiracy theories make stupid people feel intelligent
Comment from : Bilbo Baggins

The Alley
Great work John Keep it up Eventually the public will catch on
Comment from : The Alley

For a bunch of 'black hat conspiratorial' nonsense you guys are certainly causing a reaction I saw that article in the West and knew it was going to rile John up lol Glad I sent through
Comment from : BuR70N

Bitcoin has be out there for 12 years
Comment from : Multiman40

Ipkiss Stone
John, I bought x3 one kg bars from the Perth mint in September 2019, I also purchased 5 ounces of gold The gold was available for pick up in three days but I had to wait one month for the silver They were very clear about the silver wait before I signed the contract I wouldn't look too much into silver waiting periods It has been happening for a long time
Comment from : Ipkiss Stone

In the recent years people will start regretting for not investing on bitcoin The fact is, BTC is the future of crypto and the questions traders ask themselves now is if this is right time to invest? before jumping into conclusion i think you should take a look at things first for the past few days the price of BTC has been fluctuating which means the market is currently unstable and you cant tell if it is going bearish or bullish while others still continue to trade without the fear of making lose, others are being patient it all depends on the pattern with which you trade and also the source of your signals i would say trading has been going smoothly for me, i started with 15 BTC and i have accumulated over 65 BTC in just three weeks, with the trading strategy given to me by expert trader Paul Charlton His methods are top notch and profitable and he can be contacted easily on Telegram {@ Paulcharlton or mail [email protected] com} cheers
Comment from : nmckie18

Paul Scott
This means Perth Mint is likely selling silver which it doesn't have Criminal Perth Mint is a criminal organisation
Comment from : Paul Scott

Dario Dias
Excellent work gentlemen!
Comment from : Dario Dias

My understanding is it only matters when we get deliveries of 1000 Oz bars, not coins not any other smaller products Let me know if I am wrong/worth converting into physical silver
Comment from : Raju

Vince Harraghy
JPMorgan has been fined multiple times for manipulation of precious metal markets Max Keiser almost broke them with a campaign to “ short silver break JPMorgan a few years ago, today would be much more likely to succeed, watch out paper holders
Comment from : Vince Harraghy

It would be good to hear your views on the rehypothication of silver Isn't there about 200 claims to every ounce of silver out there?
Comment from : NitroCharged

Seekin Findin
The Perth Mint is running a "fractional" mint WTH If you take peoples money, then fail to deliver on your promise of product, you haven't defaulted, to the contrary, you have committed a crime It is called FRAUD!!
Comment from : Seekin Findin

Cole Brisvegas
Under contract law if terms are uncertain then there is no contract
Comment from : Cole Brisvegas

Fin Arfin
'Alot of people have been lured into safe investment options, that are rnot safe' - Yeah housing is one of them I think housing bubble is FAR more serious than silver or gold 'crisis'
Comment from : Fin Arfin

Donna Koscica
So glad I did my homework and bought physical silver in 2017thank you for exposing this scam to those that will listenwe live in a world of corruption theft and deceit on a grand scaleit's a very dangerous minefield if you are not paying attention!
Comment from : Donna Koscica

Ab4n1S G
Comment from : Ab4n1S G

Violet Adams
Looks like there will be a shortage in hard cold silver! God Bless
Comment from : Violet Adams

Chris Mo
They are stockpiling for their crypto silver token, they already have PMGT the gold token, and are developing PMST, Perth Mint Silver Token - blockchained custodial silver
Comment from : Chris Mo

We like silver🦍🦍🦍
Comment from : SkeeLowzWorld

Dennis Fetrow
Very well done!!! Keep up the great work!!!
Comment from : Dennis Fetrow

Until My Balls Compress
ABC gold has tones of silver
Comment from : Until My Balls Compress

Billy Bob
A new crisis every week!!
Comment from : Billy Bob

Can’t a Reddit like group pool some money and stand for delivery of 1000oz bars?
Comment from : simplelifelost

Ryan z
Need everyone who holds unallocated to take delivery and this whole thing is blown open in days
Comment from : Ryan z

Ryan z
Bring the gold home from these London scammers
Comment from : Ryan z

Ryan z
Buy physical silver guys we will change the systems by making it honest
Comment from : Ryan z

Paul G
Could be a Big Short coming for silver in the very near FUTURE 🤔😁😁psPerth mint said they can't supply my silver 1oz coinsdue to the Virus 😡😡
Comment from : Paul G

You guys need to be careful The people you are exposing and waking up Jo Public These people hate you and will target you These guys are making billions of £/$/€ by stealing and lying to us brKeep safe and secure Keep up the good work
Comment from : Rebilionistheanswer

Ch N
BoE with our 80t of gold not a problem sue the Crown of Britain
Comment from : Ch N

If only the companies, mints and politicians could be as honest as you guys brDo you think the jump from $235 per Oz to $25 per Oz due to your work or or the paper silver?brI am also predicting another drop next week back to $235 per Oz before spiking again
Comment from : Rebilionistheanswer

Alex Connors
John A is becoming my Aussie God!brTake no prisoners John AbrJohn has my vote for Aussie of the yearbrHero is becoming a legend!!brbrWatch "War For The Planet of Apes ll A Hero Becomes a LEGEND ll TV Spot HD" on YouTube
Comment from : Alex Connors

In regards to the ABC Bullion bit, one single person has made an allegation against them How true is this If wide spread theft was happening at ABC why haven't many more people come out of the woodwork to back her story with one of their own Why didn't John contact ABC for clarification?
Comment from : TheRoswellCrash

Leviathans Nemesis
Hi fellas, can you get into the nitty gritty of PMGT?
Comment from : Leviathans Nemesis

Alex Connors
What's next brCheck the silver we buy is not Tungsten in disguisebrAllocated Silver is one free spin of the Chocolate WheelbrUnallocated Silver is two free spins of the Chocolate Wheel
Comment from : Alex Connors

Alex Connors
Five Star Content ☆☆☆☆☆
Comment from : Alex Connors

Alex Connors
John A for Aussie of the year in my bookbr#STACKREALSILVER br#SILVERSQUEEZE br#HOLDTHELINE
Comment from : Alex Connors

Paul Pettitt
X22 report financial has been all over Perth mint deception for a while check it out on Rumble brRoad to Roota is also brilliant, get on it
Comment from : Paul Pettitt

Paul Pettitt
Why would you buy silver / gold & let someone else hold it for you ? Defeats the purpose does it not ?brSeems really stupid IMO 🇦🇺
Comment from : Paul Pettitt

THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES brbrThere seems to be one major thing that most do not understand when it comes to 'honest money' br(when it comes to silver and gold) And why they must be seen to ultimately win out in the end brbrAnd that one major thing is related to the fundamental difference between honesty and dishonesty brbrYou see, all forms of dishonesty are actually 'circular' in nature brbrWhilst honesty is of course 'straight' brbrHence exactly why when a criminal decides to change his criminal/dishonest ways (as he is brsick and tired of constantly having to look over his shoulder) he is described to be 'going straight'brbrbrSo, what does this mean in the sense of rigged/dishonest markets? brbrWell, it means that all forms of dishonesty (whether it be rigged markets, or anything else for that matter) due to their circular nature, actually have built into them the very set of cir-cumstances that will eventually bring about their inevitable destruction brbrbrSo straightening them out (making them honest) once more br brSo my friends Have faith! As in this war even 'mother nature' is on our side br brA bit on the deep side I know, but non the less truebrbrBest wishes from England br brAndrew
Comment from : NowisEvollovetion

Jan Ski
Martin Spineless North
Comment from : Jan Ski

Biggus Doggus
If they lied about the 10 days and they don't produce it? They will get a pimple on their tongues and that will hurt and be uncomfortable for them That should give people confidence LOL
Comment from : Biggus Doggus

Mark Hogan
John will not retire as he is not motivated by money but truth If he earns money he will reinvest it in society as we are his priority brThank you for honouring us with the truth and we will all be rewarded with a more efficient and informed system in, with and for our community We can improve on systems by communal creative contribution and achieved only through honour Thanks guys
Comment from : Mark Hogan

Ian McCauley
Well done Lads You both have big Cajones reporting on this sleazy part of the financial world Take care!
Comment from : Ian McCauley

Richard Yonan
Yup you have gangsters and bankstersyet no one will goe to jail , just watch and see
Comment from : Richard Yonan

Matthew Colbey
Well done keep the pressure on for the Truth to come outPerth Mint the world is watching
Comment from : Matthew Colbey

Geoffrey Curtis
I recently purchased from ABC they said 2 weeks to deliver after purchace,brthat was a scary wait but they delivered at 2 weeks ! So I wasnt let down, that was my recent experience
Comment from : Geoffrey Curtis

Adam Thompson
The Gold and Silver markets are heavily rigged Think very carefully before investing in a rigged asset class
Comment from : Adam Thompson

Richard Love
Hey Perth mintI’ve been stacking very large amounts of physical silver for the last 12 years It’s available for buy back if it will help your liquidity$2500 per Troy ounce + delivery + 6 months lead time You are welcome
Comment from : Richard Love

Jason Foster
Where's all the WhatsApp bots?
Comment from : Jason Foster

Ian Cassie
Do we know if the paper silver exceeds the 60 tonnes?
Comment from : Ian Cassie

I like Sundays
ABC hasn't been able to do proper journalism for some time now
Comment from : I like Sundays

Mike Oz
The entire precious metals market is rigged by JP Morgan Chase & other untouchable, criminal banks
Comment from : Mike Oz

Michael Bradshaw
Go buy some silver
Comment from : Michael Bradshaw

Paul Keys
I was a Queensland Police Constable for twenty years, and these actions fall directly under Section 391(1) of the Qld Criminal Code The bastards have stolen your property
Comment from : Paul Keys

Alain suys
Comment from : Alain suys

Wak Cackle
At least Perth Mint's new language additions start showing a more honest picture of who they are brHow many countries has the Bank of England defaulted on?brHow many counties have had an "revolution" initiated by outside interests whereby the county's gold has disappeared?
Comment from : Wak Cackle

where is 32:50 from?
Comment from : 0stmackaa

Dan W
excellent video guys!
Comment from : Dan W

Edgardo Torres
Excellent video Thanks
Comment from : Edgardo Torres

Jay A
Keep trying to blow up the system and watch what happens
Comment from : Jay A

Wha happened
18 months ago I rang the Perth Mint to sell my silver and I was told that because my account was a SMSF, I had to provide proper cause as to why I wanted to sell To which I replied " it's none of your business why I want to sell my silver " The rep then became very defensive and in an ardent fashion declared, " we get audited and have to provide a reason why you sold your silver " Whilst I'm the polar opposite of being an investment expert, I sensed I had just smelled a RaT I'm interested to know if anyone else has experienced something similar
Comment from : Wha happened

Niels Vrijlandt
Thank you! Very good content
Comment from : Niels Vrijlandt

Dave T
chubb pacific 410
Comment from : Dave T

Banjer Ism
London is - one of - the centres of the world gold market That is why RBA gold is in LondonbrThe RBA makes no secret that it leases gold, but it doesn't advertise it eitherbrBut what bank does advertise its business?
Comment from : Banjer Ism

Doyle Harris
The CEO of perthmint and the 10 on the perthmint board have just give your interview have given you the thumbs down! Yes 11 dislikes You hit a nerve Drain the swamp lads!!
Comment from : Doyle Harris

Luke S
Simple , if you don't hold it you don't own it Thanks Martin and John 👍
Comment from : Luke S

PM got squeezed by apes#SILVERSQUEEZE r/wallstreetsilver
Comment from : Aasn9

jeff hunter
must be time for the silver thong or the silver ball hammock !
Comment from : jeff hunter

Stephen Paul
Look the number one rule with PM is to always hold them yourself- why is it so hard for people to understand this?
Comment from : Stephen Paul

Philip Devenish
If all this was true we would see the physical price riseAs a holder of physical I am fed up with all this hype supposed to push silver to infinity it just will not happen!
Comment from : Philip Devenish

Dane Scerri
I had pool allocation at ABC last year Around August I paid the difference and it was changed to physical I organised for storage at a third party vault and had to wait for several weeks for delivery They admitted that my bars (1kg x15) were being freshly minted That was seven months ago and physical supply was already tight
Comment from : Dane Scerri

Belinda Lilac
Are you aiming for this to look like the old 60 Minutes interviews with the John Howard impersonator? I'm at the beginning and have been waiting for the joke, LoL
Comment from : Belinda Lilac

Fiat Death
The name of the game has always been REHYPOTHECATION Every commercial bank and mint have been doing it for decades
Comment from : Fiat Death

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