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What to Do If You Don’t Want to Go to College | #AskGaryVee with Adam Braun

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Information What to Do If You Don’t Want to Go to College | #AskGaryVee with Adam Braun

Title :  What to Do If You Don’t Want to Go to College | #AskGaryVee with Adam Braun
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Frames What to Do If You Don’t Want to Go to College | #AskGaryVee with Adam Braun

Description What to Do If You Don’t Want to Go to College | #AskGaryVee with Adam Braun

Comments What to Do If You Don’t Want to Go to College | #AskGaryVee with Adam Braun

slurp it up little garyv promulgators, why not just ask yourself, its not a chip on the shoulder, its that you havnt given a good reason why its necessarily all based in doing, seems you haven't thought enough
Comment from : Isaac

mike z
It's a whole nother ballgame when you lived half your life with undiagnosed ADHD and can barely hold a "simple" job if your life depended on it College is almost a safety net in this case compared to the real world At least you can talk about those issues to counselors and instructors In a real job, like he just said up above, "No one gives a shit!"
Comment from : mike z

Najwa Al moh
I drope my college its big step
Comment from : Najwa Al moh

Where can I watch the interview with Gary and the kids?
Comment from : Scott

Alyssa Reyes
4 years out of school and I'm still figuring out wtf to do So many things I had planned went wrong
Comment from : Alyssa Reyes

Andrew Nguyen
Adam or the guy on right barely talked lol 😂
Comment from : Andrew Nguyen

try a trade school
Comment from : Xen

Victor Saenz
Teacher: Hey this is for my Highschoolersbrguy on the left: No one gives a fuck about you!
Comment from : Victor Saenz

Victor Saenz
Trade School! I got out the military and tried college, The GI Bill payed my rent and I could only work jobs that fit my schedule, I hated it so much! I went to a trade school for 6 weeks, I graduated on a friday and went to work on a monday I make over 6 figures and the year prior I only made 13k Fuck college, its a scam and a waste of time College also doesn't prepare you for the harsh realities of the world I'm from a college town and when I go home all I see is total clowns
Comment from : Victor Saenz

Full Send Films
It’s neither spots for me so I’m 17 in this weird position where my parents want the world for me and I’m grateful for it all, however it almost cripples me because I’ll have to give up my fake reality to drop to rock bottom and then turn around and not push them away but still work on my self Idk it gives me a migraine because I had a plan and got told not to get a job and focus on school witch through out the plan and now I get the comment I need a job but I don’t get the time back So it just irritates me and I would love some feedback before I graduate it’s this really silly situation that sucks Remember if you’re going through a rough spot God loves you even when no one else does Just go open up the Bible to a random page and just read it for yourself it helps me now and then👍
Comment from : Full Send Films

Well if your that type of person that don’t have no motivated to take the time to study and learn on your own then in my opinion, I highly suggest that u go to college so that u get help, u have network, and make connection
Comment from : YU

Cray Way
This generation is so obsessed with the cost of college It doesn't matter Your going to have debt regardless Just go to college, get a degree pay off your debt It's literally the most simple thing ever
Comment from : Cray Way

mans loves the word fuck but this is so brutally honest growing up a certain way you just learn how to be an adult much faster you adapt to your surroundings I all I know is that nobody gives a shit about me and asking for handouts isnt gonna work either and when you come to the ones that you think "love" you they just brush you off like uh oh well because in life all of us are just trying to survive so youll do whats nescesary you gotta be selfish
Comment from : OnlyE

Ekansh Thakur
Give me the session with those kids😅
Comment from : Ekansh Thakur

Community college is superior
Comment from : LavaCreeperPeople

Dodge Fielding
I want to learn, not study And that’s one of the main problems I have with school right now
Comment from : Dodge Fielding

Taina Fernandez
Basically starting college and so far I’m just not feeling it but I tried and I just started but after 2 years I will probably see afterwards I really like horses and if I new that I could have not done college All I want to live in a small rural area near a town and just relax my mind
Comment from : Taina Fernandez

Justin Moore
Says the trust fun baby!
Comment from : Justin Moore

I wanna live stable I don’t wanna live check to check I feel like college isn’t for me but I Feel like I have to go I don’t even know what to major in and school starts sooon I’m not too big on school but I feel like I can change I just don’t know what to do if I don’t go what jobs can I get what can I work what do I do
Comment from : Verenci

Egan McDermott
College isn’t necessary unless you actually want to do something that requires it you should do what to do college made my life way worse you should do what makes you happy
Comment from : Egan McDermott

Vladd Cantor
I'm here cuz I'm planning on becoming a self-taught programmer
Comment from : Vladd Cantor

Laurent Therrien JR
always keep on learning or trying to still learn
Comment from : Laurent Therrien JR

Laurent Therrien JR
i was horrible in school but manage to find my carrer welding and im happy so i guess im good
Comment from : Laurent Therrien JR

Emerald Solace
Went to college but couldnt find an internship or even a job so imma just watch this and pretend the last 4 years of effort didnt happen and start fresh >>”
Comment from : Emerald Solace

I don’t want to college bcoz I know in myself im not good in learning about school, inshort i’m not interested in school, my family thinks about knowledge and educationand i dont know how to tell my family about this they expect so much about me i hate that
Comment from : LOSt CAt

"You become your expectation"br👌
Comment from : Benjamin

Eième Fils
Comment from : Eième Fils

Vee Tee
everyone's perception of reality and how it should be lived is different we all are different, therefore no one should be pressured or coerced into doing a degree, simply because society said so fk them
Comment from : Vee Tee

Gev G
“The only way to get rich is by becoming a criminal”brbr-Me
Comment from : Gev G

The Artskee
Where’s the meeting with these 8-9 kids i wanna see it
Comment from : The Artskee

Ashley Ashley
What if you dont know who you are and what your good at?
Comment from : Ashley Ashley

Higher Purpose
It’s not that college isn’t for everyone These public High Schools are just pure trash
Comment from : Higher Purpose

dumb people and dumb teachers cost me alot of my time in a college and after 4 years of studying for my civil engineering diplomat (#2 uni in country) i got expelledfor a stupid fight that i had nothing to do withback to 0 and thr same dumb peple are now telling me to join another college and spend another 5 years trying to get another degree im here thinking im 21yo and by the end of the next 5 years i could either accomplish alot of what i want to accomplish or be someone who just got a degree and now looking for a job am i just straight up stupid ? or are these people clearly just retarded ? do you guys really think i should go back to the samr system i hated for another 5 years just to get a job that i know i will hate all my years in education my friends would complement my passions (how skilled and dedicated in kickboxing i was, how good in music production i was and how passionate about making my own business i was)
Comment from : HR4F

Dewa Degung Badrun
Daily Positivity Energy! Thanks Gary! 👏✔
Comment from : Dewa Degung Badrun

Hes right about no one cares and you need work hard but he’s missing that some people will shun you and shit on you if you don’t do what they think is right, like going to college I got shunned for dropping out of college even though I was making a decent amount of money Continually working and growing my income sources
Comment from : BUD

Okhy Channel
Thank you very inspiring videos God bless and accompany this video so that many people see and it is a blessing for everyone
Comment from : Okhy Channel

*whips up only fans account
Comment from : Opium

Man It’s weird but cathartic to be told no one gives a fuck about me Everyone says they do, but the actions don’t match The reality is I’m on my fucking own and I make or break myself
Comment from : とひこ

Honestly in my experience if you don’t know what to do with your life, and you’re in decent shape I would join the military as my last resort like I did Joined the army fresh out of high school only did 4 years as a Human Resources Specialist and got out (I never seen combat) I’m 23 now and have the Gi Bill (Free college up to 4 years), VA Home Loan (0 down payment on home), and my disability check I get every month for the rest of my life It basically gives you a head start in a way by disabling student loans so you have a more of a variety when it comes to what you want to study for school You can even do trade school/community college waaay cheaper
Comment from : bandman

i quitted college am trucking n happy 🤑

s v
4:15 One of the most debilitating aspects of society today that we don't hear enough of
Comment from : s v

s v
Comment from : s v

Danielle Wilkinson
Iam at college and I leave in June and have one day to decide if I want to stay or drop out, iam on a performing arts course and do more theory work than practical, iam unhappy at college and everyone is telling me to stay and finish the courseiam so confused 😕
Comment from : Danielle Wilkinson

Gonna have to edit this down for the class
Comment from : Nellzartworx

Dude in the grey sounds like a Karen
Comment from : Epik

Theresa Lives
My dream is to have a creative business where I can make music and inspire people Unfortunately I have a hard time believing in myself and I keep signing up for school for psychology because it is another thing I'm interested and could see myself doing, it just feels like I'm giving up on a dream that I never even really started, or maybe I'm just changing directions and that's okay? I don't know man, I don't have any debt so that makes it easierI just wish I could make money making music and for that to be enough
Comment from : Theresa Lives

steven 111
What about if you have anxiety though Reply for the people who struggle
Comment from : steven 111

This is very very confusing as someone who is interested in a lot of things and not being very good at any
Comment from : Daniel

Sophie Elku
what is the name of ending beat? the person who will tell me will get my number
Comment from : Sophie Elku

Summer Jxx
i don't really understand i do not want to be completely drained out & just work 24/7 & i do not want to go to college he talks about not being a burn out, especially starting at a young age i truly do not know what to do because i do not want to ware myself out because i have tried doing that & i just feel into a deeper depression
Comment from : Summer Jxx

Andy Theodorko
Where is the next video when Gary met those kids?
Comment from : Andy Theodorko

I love this is request from teacher to give answer for There student and Gary start saying bad word
Comment from : LE LE

MG Ultra
Homie on the left sounds like Charlie from it's always sunny 🤣🤣
Comment from : MG Ultra

Mariah Curtis
I feel like the people around me is pushing me to finish this degree just to have a peace of paper to make more money I don't know what I really want to do far as a major I hate school with a passion I love entrepreneurship though
Comment from : Mariah Curtis

Ivyyy -
I am in college now, and I feeling depressed and a lack of motivation
Comment from : Ivyyy -

The Real VaultyVaulty
My parents are forcing me into college I’m just trying to convince them it’s not worth the $100k debt just to learn exactly what I learned in high school plus 1 major
Comment from : The Real VaultyVaulty

If you wanna make good money working for someone else you gotta have some form of higher education or teach yourself to code
Comment from : callous21

I just graduated High School about 3 months ago and I felt like I kinda had it all planned out until the college I was going to attend became a little too expensive for me Now I’m at home trying to figure out what it is that I actually wanna do I’m stuck I’m depressed, but I’ll never give up hope I wish everyone the best
Comment from : Seb02

Johnny multi stan
I really don't have a career plan and I really don't want to go to college because that's a waste of money in my opinion
Comment from : Johnny multi stan

Isabel Powell
I don't want to go to college
Comment from : Isabel Powell

Learn a high income skill if you don’t want to go to college
Comment from : NBA SUPERSTAR

When he curse it doesn't suit him😂
Comment from : L O L

A Trujillo
Gman 💛
Comment from : A Trujillo

Ian Hopp
I hate how my mom is telling me to go to college and my grandparents tell me to go to college but the only one in my family that actually seems happy with where he is at the current moment is my dad who didn’t go to college I wish I could just leave with no responsibilities and just surf maybe work here and there at a golf course that I’m working at Life seems so pressured to go to college and fuck man why can’t I just cruise and see what happens My moms side is like go to college!!! I know I won’t be happy Life is fucked man
Comment from : Ian Hopp

The problem is you can’t do something’s without a degree and if you don’t want to go to college but want to be something like a doctor your basically fucked because u need a degree to do that and if you don’t want to go to college then you can’t be a doctor it’s fucked up bro
Comment from : BTD Cam

Vaibhav Anand
It was more of fuck in the advice LOL
Comment from : Vaibhav Anand

Rob G
I thought I had it all planned out till I realized everything I wanted to do required math which I’m fuckn terrible at😂😂😂
Comment from : Rob G

Austin Blake
6:12 the way he said "RENALDS" 😭
Comment from : Austin Blake

Akira the Archibald
The background is so interestingly distracting
Comment from : Akira the Archibald

Romeo Bocala
Now both parents and kids are thinking about this topic at this point because of the crisis
Comment from : Romeo Bocala

Abraham M
maybe u will change ur mind after watching this in a cool animated video check it out br wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=nr6yqsHkZ98
Comment from : Abraham M

The 15 year shit is so true, just think about it Grind the fuck out for 15 years and when you’re still a young 33 year old you’ll be successful as’f
Comment from : Cris

The Art Doctor
Damn so aggressive
Comment from : The Art Doctor

I need some help here I’m a fairly smart student in highschool taking all honors and AP classes, currently a sophomore (15 turning 16 years old this year) Schools about to end in a month and I have 2 AP exams going on All the stress is on me right now and it’s forcing me to take a look at everything around me Do I really want to go to college? I don’t have a goal and I have absolutely no clue what to do if I were to finish college I do however have other interests outside of academics and college I’m interested in streaming video games, cooking, trading etc My parents say it’s a waste if I don’t go to college because of how smart I am and to an extent I agree but wtf am I going to do other than stressing myself for another 6-8 years, accumulating college debt, and most importantly wasting time I’m so close to the real world and I’m worried about fucking myself over I just don’t want to be working a 9-5 job for the rest of my life but I might have to if I don’t come up with a choice soon I don’t have many interests too, what if they don’t work out? Will I just work in McDonald’s or something for the rest of my life? It’s 3 AM, I feel like I’m in a shitload of shit rn, just letting my thoughts out
Comment from : ryan

James Roscoe
I hated college for the same reason I hated high school I just don't like classroom learning, grades, homework etc I never really learned anything other than how to cram, pass tests and forget immediately after I was always better at teaching myself with the occasional assistance of a private tutor ( all though not always necessary)
Comment from : James Roscoe

Calvin D Thao
Lolol profanity for these 9th graders
Comment from : Calvin D Thao

Mar Mar Haze
What do if u don’t go to colleges lol brbrGet a fucking Job go to a trade school or well become a drug dealer and level up to drug lord🤔
Comment from : Mar Mar Haze

I think people should value doing their dream job, having a great time doing so and meeting great and happy / positive people who grow along with the one person, and that idea the one person has grows into a massive group of people with the same idea, and that idea then eventually grows into a mega / multi billion dollar business, which is what nearly all business should value (and I know some do), over the businesses employees only thinking about becoming wealthy and becoming wealthy only Also, some workers think daily about becoming wealthy, (which is not a problem), but can be if they are constantly thinking of it 24/7, and that can stress out workers a lot, and make them become extremely stressed, which is not good at allbrbrI think all business big and small should value having a great time working as a massive or small group, creating ideas that grow into something bigger, and having a great time doing so, over becoming wealthy and only becoming wealthy
Comment from : Pluto

Shane Cornell
“Eat shit for 15 years” please explain what this means
Comment from : Shane Cornell

dude the guy in the blue looks dead inside
Comment from : ThatWeirdOwlHatGirl

Just join the military You get great benefits, stay healthy, pride, etc rank up and reach the end of the enlisted ranks, and after 20 years, you’ll be chillin👌
Comment from : bigboi

Sarinna G
I don't want to go to college I want to do the stuff I love But I do want to go to art school somewhere in Southern California And I want to try and be a dancer for celebrities but that's a dream, I don't really think I could do it irl My parents really wanted me to go into law or nursing But I can't handle it I've had ideas of it but never really thought that if I'd actually enjoy my life while doing it Performing and all that stuff is what I love Iam doi community college thobrbr(If anyone has names of art schools in Southern California to share please do)
Comment from : Sarinna G

I can win the game of life without going to college
Comment from : Splintly

Dark GT
Some colleges cost a lot and you still don't learn enough to get a job, even if they didn't want previous experience Earn skills, not piece of paper that doesn't mean shit if can't guarantee you any job in the industry Bootcamps, certificates, internships do that
Comment from : Dark GT

This guys on crack
Comment from : Joe

Reynolds: I want you to talk with my kids directlybrGary: baight Bring the fukin bus over/b
Comment from : Frost

Jair Timaná - Clases Particulares
I watch this video since PERU, regards :v
Comment from : Jair Timaná - Clases Particulares

DEREK Dutton
Curse so much!! It irritated
Comment from : DEREK Dutton

Hi I am 20 years old I am preparing for govt Jobs by doing private ba but never went to the college but now I want to go to college because I want to live the life of a college ,the fest,friend circles,jokes etc And my all friends are going to collegeAm I doing right?
Comment from : Dreamgirl

Yea I’m just going to kill myself then
Comment from : Acquadi

The teacher
7:20 Gold
Comment from : The teacher

Comment from : Lashawn

Reptileguy 112
Cringe at the cussing
Comment from : Reptileguy 112

“Misery loves company” hit me like a train
Comment from : Corax_of_istria

Lmao Asian
Since i graduate in senior high, i decided not to go to college because of financial but this always fuck up my mind What will be i in the future if i do, thats sucks
Comment from : Lmao Asian

Seung Joo Kim
I am an elementary student doing this topic for my upcoming debate and I am watching a video where there are so many swear words I think Youtube should add a 15+ permission from a parent
Comment from : Seung Joo Kim

Somez Saltz
I'm skipping the PSAT rn
Comment from : Somez Saltz

Prettygirlskyy__ 20
I'm 20 years old and I been to my community college for almost 2 years and I really want to tell my mom I don't want to do college anymore because it just stresses me out and my anxiety goes with so much work being pilled up and up and it's worse that I have severe depression I been really thinking about dropping out of college so I could just work and make my own money i also want to move in with my gf she's in dallas and she already has a job and so I want to be with her while working together and just making money together I just don't know how to tell my mother about how I feel any thoughts and suggestions???
Comment from : Prettygirlskyy__ 20

ll l
I hate college so much but I’ve been here for 3 years already and I’m not even half way done I feel like I’ve been wasting my life away 😕 is it still worth it to drop out ?
Comment from : ll l

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