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Your 401k – How do you use it? What are the 401k withdrawal rules?

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Information Your 401k – How do you use it? What are the 401k withdrawal rules?

Title :  Your 401k – How do you use it? What are the 401k withdrawal rules?
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Frames Your 401k – How do you use it? What are the 401k withdrawal rules?

Description Your 401k – How do you use it? What are the 401k withdrawal rules?

Comments Your 401k – How do you use it? What are the 401k withdrawal rules?

Sam Nguyen
This was brilliantly put together I’ve been following your videos for months now and with professional help, I’m making outstanding progress with my investments
Comment from : Sam Nguyen

pillbert did it
Dang I'm Way behind, I'm 38 with zero credit and never had a credit cardI'd say I have a fresh start 👀, Others say I'm ?
Comment from : pillbert did it

My plan is to take a lump sum and close out my 401k one year before I retire, pay the taxes on it and stash it away then draw my social securitybrDoes this sound like a good plan?
Comment from : katanatac

omik andre
I withdrew a lot and paid my loan on 401k that’s because I am earning more this year I have been investing while working at the same time I invested through TERESA JENSEN WHITE, same woman that an anchor ‘jim cramer’ kept mentioning on CNBC, and made multiple of my start up capital within three months She lives here in the USA and she is licensed
Comment from : omik andre

Fer du Port
Comment from : Fer du Port

Karl West
Brandon changed the RMD rules for retirement accounts that goes into effect in 2028 Now retirement accounts are capped and one has to take an RMD no matter what your age if your account is "too big" This is in the Biden Build back better plan part 1 written by Senator Wyden (Oregon) and Congressman Neal Taxachuusettes I flippin live in Texas and did not vote for any of these people or for their changes Thanks Oregon and Mass and Brandon They need the cash for all of Congress wasted spending
Comment from : Karl West

joseph carioggia
So I'm 59 and a half just barely, but lawyer friend said I need to wait another month for some reason Please let me know if this is true
Comment from : joseph carioggia

Silver Honda
What is the maximum amount of money I can contribute to my 401k every year ?
Comment from : Silver Honda

Mark Seifried
I wish you would go right to what 90* of withdrawers need to know What is my minimum amount and I never heard this
Comment from : Mark Seifried

Sara Parkins
Can i get my money back if i quit?
Comment from : Sara Parkins

Pretty Natural
Comment from : Pretty Natural

Thomas Allen
Thank you so much for helping me to recover my money back from all this fraud and scam you're the Best out here #Splinthack
Comment from : Thomas Allen

🔹 INBOX SPLINTHACK on Instagram 🔹
⬆️You deserve all the recommendation you're having on here, thank you for recóvering my money back
Comment from : 🔹 INBOX SPLINTHACK on Instagram 🔹

steven bergeron
you dont touch it
Comment from : steven bergeron

steven bergeron
they take it out of your check
Comment from : steven bergeron

bYou have influenced 👆👆my life in such a positive way word cannot express my appreciation thanks so much sir for retrieving my lost funds/b 💯

Roberto Arnold
All thanks to #Splinthack who helped me to recover my money back he’s the best out here
Comment from : Roberto Arnold

Anand Kumar Singh
All thanks to #Splinthack helping to withdraw my money back he’s the best recovery agent out here
Comment from : Anand Kumar Singh

Inbox 📥 DQHACK on Instagram
bThank you so 👆🔝for Helping me to get my money back you're a pro I'll keep on recommending you, for You have helped many people/b 🙏
Comment from : Inbox 📥 DQHACK on Instagram

Joesep Spindel
Wall street is getting all my 401k and there will be nothing left when I go to try and get it I hate 401k and it's just a way businesses pay less to employees There will be nothing left I am giving my money away and I have no control over it People who dump all their money into 401k are just going to loose it Look up the word depression because it's happening and it's going to last quite a long time
Comment from : Joesep Spindel

mark swanson
Excellent— everything I wanted to know, BUT wasn’t told by my 401(k) servicer!
Comment from : mark swanson

Sherri D
I took money out of mine to pay bills ! I payed taxes! Will I also have to pay Ohio State Taxes? I had her take some anyways just incase! I am 64 ! Any help please ? Ty for the video !
Comment from : Sherri D

IRS Rule of 55 worked great for me with no penalty
Comment from : Teams33

Maria Hernandez
Thank you great vídeo Can you please go into how much a person should take out a year to keep them from paying a lot of taxes
Comment from : Maria Hernandez

Joginder Dalal
If any PPT is getting 55 this year on 11/22/2022 as DOB of PPT is 11/22/1967 however terminated or retired on 02/10/2022 (this year) and wants to take distribution before November 2022 then what code will be applicable for distribution??
Comment from : Joginder Dalal

Michelle C
I haven't paid into my 401k since covid 2021 I'm still employed Didnt pay into it during 2020-2022I did receive unemployment for a full year 2020-2021, but didn't invest in 401k Where do b I go from here??
Comment from : Michelle C

Michelle C
Well I'm wanting to withdraw from my 401k shitI need my $$$ now!!
Comment from : Michelle C

Garrett Pogue
Comment from : Garrett Pogue

Kortney Rawhouser
Fact remains, though the 401k is one of the safest retirement plans, it is not a particularly a good option Better strategy; Live below your means, Invest 20-30 of your income into the stock market but of course, be well informed about where you want to put your money I made my first million earlier this year from stocks alone with about 550k after I dissolved my 401k and added little cash (through the help of a pro though) Greatest decision I ever made
Comment from : Kortney Rawhouser

Stephen SaintSauveur
Damn 401k sounds so terrible smfh
Comment from : Stephen SaintSauveur

Hector Rivera
Comment from : Hector Rivera

All these rules on ur money plus you might not even live that long… invest ppl
Comment from : O G T0PSH0TTA

Notnelc8 Quil
So how much will they deduct from your 401 at the age of 595 is it 20 ?brWhen I called they told me I would pay 20 up front as tax with out penalty and my tax bracket or income bracket of course will go higher so I will get taxed again Whew !
Comment from : Notnelc8 Quil

My dad left my mom shortly after turning 59 already had number 2 waiting apparently and bought a new home all in the same year and now I know why damnnn
Comment from : Geminithugbaby

Proud to be
with alot of us getting hit with financial problems , waiting for 55 or even 59 is sometimes very hard its crazy right now for some of us! this cov 19 is a financial disaster designed by the market
Comment from : Proud to be

anybody under 30 years of age should stay the hell away from this 401K thing
Comment from : CallMeMiklo

Pittsburgh Pap
How do you think about personal spending? Being 70 and having lived through mowing grass, painting houses, pumping gas, paying for college, 4 kids, a divorce, layoffs, downsized, Obamacare
Comment from : Pittsburgh Pap

Julio Caz
Comment from : Julio Caz

Rhonda Cabrera
What do you know about 403b?
Comment from : Rhonda Cabrera

Will W
The retirement age is always going up Save save save they tell you The fact is you can’t take money to the grave Live for today and tomorrow Save a little vacation a little
Comment from : Will W

Rain 70
Comment from : Rain 70

Cecil Jasso
Why take my 401K (no charge or fees) and roll it over into a IRA where brokers charge ($2300 a year) or more to manage Wouldn’t I be money ahead by managing my 401K properly
Comment from : Cecil Jasso

rey o
What is roth 401k?
Comment from : rey o

Scroticus Maximus
Judging from the title of this clip I had hoped of gleaming some information I wanted answers to Did I miss something, I'm not catching the part about the process of removing money from your 401k for use What taxes to expect, are taxes withheld and what is the process? Thanks, I guess
Comment from : Scroticus Maximus

Jade Stone
I am 74 yrs old, I want to withdraw all of my 401k and purchase a tiny house Do I still have to pay 25 percent in taxes?
Comment from : Jade Stone

Jumbo jambo No clear message
Comment from : davephamus

Emelia Sarpong
Am trying to get my 401k from my old job i worked there for about 4 years since then am trying to get my 401k back and they still haven't get it yeti email them call them and still to no avail I just need my money back
Comment from : Emelia Sarpong

Maricela Moreno
Hello , have a question for u how can I get my share of my ex husbands 401k we are divorced he retired from ups after 38 years there and as for me I out 30 years of marriage and I wasn't awarded his 401k I think it's not fare I helped him to accomplish his goals in this retirement so need help to get it , thank you Asp
Comment from : Maricela Moreno

Got a 401k and a 457 Using my 457 for home purchase no penalty paying myself back with 4interest
Comment from : Bear

What about to withdraw all of it while I am working in the company?
Comment from : አውድማ

shelly white
Great stuff I watch several youtube videos on how to trade in the stock market but haven't made any headstart because they are either talking some gibberish or sharing their story of how they made it and I do not want to make mistakes by taking risks in my own hands
Comment from : shelly white

How does one obtain quality, affordable health insurance when you're not old enough to sign on for Medicare?
Comment from : HummerLove199

madd matt
I'm 57 and wore out from working at Costco I've got over 1 million in stock Should I quit my job, pay off my home and live cheap till 62? I've got no debt other than 70k in mortgage And have the VA for medical Smart guys please help w advice
Comment from : madd matt

Neil Lee
401k vs IRA = "employer affilited" in addition to making contributions?
Comment from : Neil Lee

Jose Duarte
I am 60 years old, my wife became disabled and is in a hospital in Brazil, i need to withdraw my savings of my 401k at Fidelity, but i need the wife signature, she is not able to do it, i need help , asap! Please!!
Comment from : Jose Duarte

Abraham Zekios
Thanks so much for your information
Comment from : Abraham Zekios

Nose Bleed
401k feels like a scam
Comment from : Nose Bleed

Aaron Morales
What about withdrawing from your 401k in order to control your own investing opportunities Isn't there a way to file through court for this?
Comment from : Aaron Morales

Antonio Anchondo
401 k no sirve
Comment from : Antonio Anchondo

Johnny Mao
Can I withdraw from my 401k for down payment for a house?
Comment from : Johnny Mao

Henry Jones
Through proper financial planning, there are more people achieving financial freedom faster today than ever before and the stock market is the best place
Comment from : Henry Jones

One more reason to roll over from a 401(k) to an IRA: Roth 401(k)s are subject to RMD’s while Roth IRA’s are not
Comment from : cato

Juliana Rodriguez
How can you tax me on my own money
Comment from : Juliana Rodriguez

Juliana Rodriguez
What a rip off
Comment from : Juliana Rodriguez

Daren Mcgovern
What if you transfer one 401k to another 401k at your new employer, can you then use the 55 rule?
Comment from : Daren Mcgovern

Robert Lewis
The 55 years of age IRS exception is a huge one and has been kept fairly hidden You can leave your current employer and start withdrawing from your 401K without the Early Withdrawal Penalty if you are 55 years of age
Comment from : Robert Lewis

Sonia Naidu
My friend lost her job and removed the 401K How does she avoid paying high taxes
Comment from : Sonia Naidu

Tom will
Also, if you turn 72 before July, you must take the minimum required withdrawal by April 15 of that year If your birthday is after July, you can take in in the following year
Comment from : Tom will

Liam McLaughlin
taking a 401K that is worth more than $399K and converting to a Roth is S T U P I D,brYou are exposing yourself to a 35 tax rate Why put it into a tax free Roth that you need to hold for 5 years to withdraw any interest - DUMBbrTake money out as you need it and pay tax on that amount Not worth any conversion
Comment from : Liam McLaughlin

Oscars Mama
I'm having a hell of a time finding out how much I can take out of my retirement fund without effecting my SSI Totally confusing I'm currently 61 years old
Comment from : Oscars Mama

Mark Jauregui
What is the best approach to protect a work 401k for the coming recession? This will be the biggest one ever, I dont think I have enough time to wait it out, and rebound
Comment from : Mark Jauregui

Wayne Chernick
Great News, I just turned 55, there still gonna get over on me
Comment from : Wayne Chernick

Silvia Rojas
Can i avoid to pay the IRS for a withdrawal on a TSP? I had to withdraw some funds from my TSP during COVID 19
Comment from : Silvia Rojas

George GBO
Just get a Roth 401k
Comment from : George GBO

Peter Viyuk
Excellent explanation Thank you very much
Comment from : Peter Viyuk

Chip Kimber
How is the rule of 55 plan specific?brbrIncorrect
Comment from : Chip Kimber

Les Jean
Here is the bottom line: 401k is your money you have put away , the little crumbs that the company contributed, plus return on investments if you’re lucky Take the darn money out anytime you need it Use it for anything you want, use it for lap dances at strip clubs Why not, it’s your money Pay the 20 federal tax, the 10 early withdrawal if it applies to you Then enjoy your money, at any age, anytime One thing for sure, the 10 early withdrawal penalty should be illegal Some people act like it’s the end of the word if you tell them you pull money out of your 401k It’s like if you tell them, ‘my wife and kids died in a car accident’ the would reply ‘At least you don’t withdraw money form your 401k’
Comment from : Les Jean

Gloria Villegas
If you have a loan on your 401K can you pay it off with the money you have in your 401K
Comment from : Gloria Villegas

Sandy Lunden
Just to clarify, If I roll over my 401K into a Roth IRA, will I get penalized?
Comment from : Sandy Lunden

Gearl Strickland
Is there a penalty if you're disabled to work if you draw your money out
Comment from : Gearl Strickland

Kevin Sanders
Rolling over a 401(k) into an IRA forfeits the Rule of 55 exception, correct?
Comment from : Kevin Sanders

Who's money are we discussing here????brOh that's right our moneybrGovernment to much control already
Comment from : person

Zakariya Mohamed
I just noticed 401 is a shitty system it is like gambling, you are getting fooled when you retire and shit what if I just die tomorrow Apparently there will no retire I just wanna get it out and invest it in business or maybe use it
Comment from : Zakariya Mohamed

Love yourself Others
Can I borrow from my 401k to buy a house at any age?
Comment from : Love yourself Others

Keyser The Red Beard
neat upload Retirement 360 Blueprint - Sierens Financial Group I broke that thumbs up on your video Continue to keep up the exceptional work
Comment from : Keyser The Red Beard

Susana Kortemeyer
Comment from : Susana Kortemeyer

Susana Kortemeyer
Can you save 401k having SSS incime
Comment from : Susana Kortemeyer

Vertical Balanced Golf Approach
Rules for fools
Comment from : Vertical Balanced Golf Approach

Guisselle Montero
Como yo puedo saber si tengo 401K y como hago para averiguarlo
Comment from : Guisselle Montero

Giang Luu
Can you make a clip like this regarding 457 account ? Thanks
Comment from : Giang Luu

Will there be penalties for rollover 401 to IRA? If so, what’s ballpark percentage government will tackle on the amount you transfer over?
Comment from : John

Dean Giusti
I didn't hear anything about whether you should wait till after retirement to start withdrawls from the 401K since your gross earned income bracket will be much less if you wait till retirement to take withdrawls
Comment from : Dean Giusti

Another One
Sorry folks, but I've been reading how all monies will be Pooled The "reset" is about to educate folks Weird how that's deliberately ignored by "educated, professional advisors"
Comment from : Another One

Itener Pinto
Can I borrow some money from my 401k
Comment from : Itener Pinto

MrMike Lewis
Life Insurance >>>>>>401k
Comment from : MrMike Lewis

Le Van Nguyen
401 k is great I am retiring at age 70 and having SSA with 401 k income help me to a comfortable retirement lifestyle
Comment from : Le Van Nguyen

Mike Riedel
What if you have Roth 401
Comment from : Mike Riedel

Brad Chaisson
how come no one talks about 72(t) you can get it at any age without the penalties
Comment from : Brad Chaisson

T18skyguy T18skyguy
If you have a $500,000 401K, on retirement can you roll that into several IRA's from different banks? I read that it might be a taxable event if you roll it into more than one Am thinking I don't want too many eggs in one basket so to spread out FDIC protection Thanks
Comment from : T18skyguy T18skyguy

John Ramos
Very informative Thank you for sharing
Comment from : John Ramos

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