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Who Discovered The First Dinosaur?

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Title :  Who Discovered The First Dinosaur?
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Comments Who Discovered The First Dinosaur?

Comment from : Neatbullet

Comment from : Yourfreindlyneighbourhoodyoutuber

Maria Hervert
I love the ceratosaurus
Comment from : Maria Hervert

pkr pdl
So, can't that first femur be of a giant human? yes it can be
Comment from : pkr pdl

"Those are real!?"
Comment from : 1MINDLESSWRITER

Spencer Parente Work
this honestly makes me belive dinasaurs are fake
Comment from : Spencer Parente Work

Im pretty basic and my fave dinosaurs are T-Rex and Velociraptors, as well as Brachiosaurus
Comment from : Nadila

Leela Hood
Comment from : Leela Hood

Sounds like a load of shite to me!
Comment from : Gerald

Feroz Khan
good info, and an advice, please put the pictures and videos in between to give a flow to our imagination while watching a video it feels boring to just listen
Comment from : Feroz Khan

Leeonardo di Enfield
They absolutely were paleontologists Your dislike of their personalities doesn't allow you to scratch that from history friend
Comment from : Leeonardo di Enfield

I dont believe there ever have existed dinosaurs I indeed believe there were very big humans
Comment from : PrizrenaliZH

Say sieng heng
Comment from : Say sieng heng

الرجل الأكثر وسامة
too much talkingand am skip
Comment from : الرجل الأكثر وسامة

favorite is carnotaurus
Comment from : Lotionman69

Remnant 144
Plot twist: It WAS A giant man The Smithsonian has that bone Cover story: Dinosaurs
Comment from : Remnant 144

Anything In Mind
Yes I've laughed
Comment from : Anything In Mind

Lul j
Comment from : Lul j

Amina Anderdon
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Looooooooooooooooooooong
Comment from : Amina Anderdon

I’m so privileged to live in the country where the first dinosaur was discovered
Comment from : TheoTheSeaEagle

Ginger VS Ginger
”Carl Linnaeus”brbrMe a Swede: Don’t you mean “Carl Von Linné”
Comment from : Ginger VS Ginger

Did you know that dinosaurs had feathers
Comment from : Maximus

Metro Lima
Do you really believed that dinosaur existed? Come on mate you believe too much in science
Comment from : Metro Lima

kala iona
I wonder what came first dinosaurs or Darwinism -BOB
Comment from : kala iona

Imagine how much stuff has been lost throughout history just because we didn't know what it was
Comment from : Adrian

Prakrith Keshav
"the plot thickens" was probably also how he described his erections
Comment from : Prakrith Keshav

Michelle Sazon
No image just your face
Comment from : Michelle Sazon

What if I assemble pieces of fossil bones of all living things that lived and died quit some time ago including humans bones and put it together forming a shape and assume it to be something lived on earth ( no offense though just a 💭)
Comment from : Milkshakes775

Andrew Mettler
Lol I always pronounce it like Mr DNA too I'm southern though, so I'm pretty much already there Lol
Comment from : Andrew Mettler

All Things
My two boys (4)&(5) love everything about dinosaurs and we discovered your channel and they love it thank you for answering all of the questions I can’t lol
Comment from : All Things

SPINOSAURUS!! yea i said it, f the Trex
Comment from : Salvador

Zero The Hero
My favorite dinosaur is a tie between utahraptor and carnotauruscarno is so unique cause it has these bull horns and has arms smaller and more useless than the t-rex so it’s my favoritefor utahraptor i just like raptors and he is (correct me if im wrong) the biggest raptor so he is also my favorite
Comment from : Zero The Hero

Whatzyo Excuse
Who here in 2020🤔🤔🤔
Comment from : Whatzyo Excuse

Did plot discover a fossil or a bone?
Comment from : scaryTV

Jonathan Harm
How does a foot print exist after a fossil? Wouldn’t they both be buried, I thought fossils are buried and who has uncovered a foot print after digging? Please help!
Comment from : Jonathan Harm

jin shark
My favorite dinosaur is Vaginatorous
Comment from : jin shark

102 dis lyk creat by the most alcoholicsbrhahaha
Comment from : Pubg BABA

AA Batteries
First dinosaurs discovered where birds We just didn't know they where dinosaurs
Comment from : AA Batteries

Comment from : Luiso1X

GG 3377
my favorite dinosaur was the one they always talk about in the bible what was it's name again ????? grrrrrrr O'ya i remember it now, it's name was br"manufacturertor-concentous" but sadly some magical carpenter changed it into wine, because it was snooping 4 answers with that carpenters buddy "The old burning Bush's " a? poor dinosaur just wanted to know why ever painting ever made old and new of Adam and Eve why they have belly buttons ?????? and he was looking for his twin sister behemoths , supposedly she was out blockin that sun spitting some heat and fund out she passed right as she she caught that fish/ and that still be seen google maps earth and the top of Africa its etched in but whatta i know???????????????? lmao
Comment from : GG 3377

I still cant get over barney is a t rex
Comment from : EDY BEE

Joshua Traffanstedt
To be fair, dinosaurs look more like lizards than birds
Comment from : Joshua Traffanstedt

Joshua Traffanstedt
I wish I could find an old ass dead neanderthal
Comment from : Joshua Traffanstedt

My fav dinasour is halirous-ours
Comment from : katappa

Megalosaurus was the first, discovered in the UK
Comment from : WegDhass

Dino jelly :)
Comment from : Puro

Darth Vader
Something smells like bullshit with the whole dinosaur scene I'm not sure what I just don't get how we only discovered one just over a 100 years ago and it was mistaken for a giant by a scientist yet since the dawn of man in every culture they talk of huge dragons that existed alongside man and battled us but dinosaurs are not dragons and man never saw one alive we existed in separate ages ?wtf
Comment from : Darth Vader

Detoxing Reality
The bone found by Plot ‘was‘ from a giant human being! It was discredited , covered up and the ‘Dinosaur’ was invented There’s plenty of info on how the fakery continued if you just look!
Comment from : Detoxing Reality

Jac Conte
The first dinosaur 🦖 to be named Scientifically was Megalosaurus
Comment from : Jac Conte

gosh i fucking love all of this shit
Comment from : Justra

I wanna know if when they saw the Anomalocaris what did they think it was? Or the haikouitchysbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrAnd yes i know how to spell these
Comment from : Silent

Subash Sahu
He is Wikipedia or reading wikipedia and we are listening to himwhy don't we read this on wikipediawe are all lazy personsthat is why we are here and that is why you are reading thislol😂😂😂
Comment from : Subash Sahu

The Gamimg Hero
my favourite dinosaur is albertosaurus
Comment from : The Gamimg Hero

Nz Life
My favourite dinosaur is a iguanadon or a parasaurolophus
Comment from : Nz Life

Mike Geisen
Dinosaurses are fake nonsense
Comment from : Mike Geisen

The 17 th centurie ? That s the same time that the tempeliers start the freemasonry Flat earth Dinosaurs never existed All skeleton s in museums are replicas Evolution is fake No big bang , globe earth Earth is flat Made by creator Nasa is fake Why the lie? 19 billion of tax money a year for a fake space program Nasa in hebrew means to decive Check a movie cald A funny thing happend on the way to the moon Ps Noa s ark is fond in Turkey never to hit main stream news Because you are not alloud to know the truth
Comment from : STAATSLID # 1

I am so angry so angr
They're terrible at being lizards
Comment from : I am so angry so angr

My favorites are 1 Spinosaurus (Largest meat eating land dinosaur)2 Giganotosaurus (smaller than a Spino but larger than a T Rex)3 Carnotorus (medium sized dinosaur but was very fast) Triceratops(herbivore dinosaur with three large horns)5 Tyrannosaurus Rex in short T Rex (had a strong bite force up to 4 tons)6 Barosaur( the largest dinosaur on land yet and is a herbivore) that's all for now folks
Comment from : PainOverHeaven

The Blue Dragon On the Skyscraper
Favorite Dinosaur: The Deinonychus Why? Well, if you didn't know, the velociraptors in Jurassic park are completely fictional In fact, the makers of Jurassic park modeled their "velociraptors" after the Deinonychus The real velociraptor was only about 3 feet tall, covered in feathers, and was, for what we know, a solitary predator The Deinonychus, however, most likely did hunt in packs, and had a higher brain to mass/body ratio, hinting that it was slightly intelligent There has also been no hard evidence that it had feathers Scientists just assume that because it is in the raptor family
Comment from : The Blue Dragon On the Skyscraper

My top 5 dinosaurs/flying/ocean reptiles:brbr1: Spinosaurus, because that was the first dinosaur I knew about that a: did not eat plants and b: was bigger than T-Rexbrbr2: Dilophosaurus Although it was portrayed incorrectly in Jurassic Park, it stayed in my brain too this daybrbr3: Parasorolophus becausewell I dunno I just really like itbrbr4: Hatzegopteryx because the thought of a pterosaur being as tall as a giraffe is both funny and terrifyingbrbr5: Deinonychus because it looks like an angry chicken
Comment from : ToompaTroopa

Diego Vera
I have 5 favorites, not one more than otherbrAllosaurus, Velociraptor, Spinosaurus, Ankylosaurus and the Utahraptor
Comment from : Diego Vera

A Dude
man can you just imagine all the delicious dinosaur meat we are missing out on a Brontosaurus burger could be amazing or a t-rex t-bone steak
Comment from : A Dude

My favourite dinosaur is me and allosaurus
Comment from : currymuncher

WHich one discovered first, Dinosaur's fossil or oil?
Comment from : Greyat

TheProdigal Son
Bayek of siwa discovers a skellington while on the train of a side quest in the sinai
Comment from : TheProdigal Son

chelsea hulmston
Jumping on the bandwagon of everyone saying their favourite dinos Mine would be a mosasaur or triceratops
Comment from : chelsea hulmston

Lily Ankrah
I hered that there are 4 big dinousores on earth and 6 baby dinousores on eartwhat
Comment from : Lily Ankrah

Beesha G
and the ded 1s
Comment from : Beesha G

Beesha G
spinosaurus parasaurolophus and carnotaurus
Comment from : Beesha G

Doctor Sex
Utahraptor is my favorite dinosaur
Comment from : Doctor Sex

The walking Dad
In the Bible it said there were “big big man” Idiots!
Comment from : The walking Dad

The walking Dad
Sorry not buying it Dinosaurs were never mentioned by ancient people? brYet every other year they add thousands of year to man?! Sorry ain’t gonna fool me again Which is it Man is only 6000 years old or way more then that? If so why no bones then?
Comment from : The walking Dad

My favorite dinosaurs are t rex and vosrepter alasurs I think I miss spell some names

Josh McDonald
My Favorite Dinosaurs:brbr1 Tyrannosaurus Rex (Also one of my 3 Spirit Animals)br2 Velociraptorsbr3 Triceratopsbr4 Allosaurusbr5 Brachiosaurusbr6 Parasaurolophusbr7 Albertosaurusbr8 Stegosaurusbr9 Carnotaurusbr10 Iguanodon
Comment from : Josh McDonald

Ŧ ꗞ ꤡ ꤤ ₳ 𐊙 ị ị
Dinosaurs are not real All the fossils are fake Do your own research
Comment from : Ŧ ꗞ ꤡ ꤤ ₳ 𐊙 ị ị

Odee Dillon
My favorites in order Allosaurus, Velociraptor, and the Hadrosaur
Comment from : Odee Dillon

Comment from : Bruh

Tomorrow is NOT Promised
This is BS! As if humans were stupid and could not keep records before the mid 1700s There is so much hidden history it’s ridiculous One proof of intentional destruction of history is the burning of the Library of Alexandria about 20 centuries ago A huge library, proving people have been capable of book keeping all this time! I’ve been to several museums in California, Utah and Arizona and still have not seen a complete dinosaur skeleton ALL Dinosaur fossil/exhibits consist of REPLICAS Ask the museum curator if you don’t believe me
Comment from : Tomorrow is NOT Promised

Classified-NSA BrainProject
The dinasour and most of all the animals died from the SUN EXPLOSION FLAIR & viruses & finally natural disasters!!! Thats the absolute truth🌎🌎🌏the real truth about the theory!! So easy 2 figure out lol 😎 want to talk comment on my page for info🤗
Comment from : Classified-NSA BrainProject

kevin sheild
i own a chicken and a duck i have 2 dinosaurs
Comment from : kevin sheild

thanks this helped me for a school essay
Comment from : BigSpooky47

Ernest Engineering
not mean to be rude, but i didn't click on this video to see your face i wanted to see pictures or at least media about dinos why would u wanna make ur self the point of attention ? the topic its not about you it about dinos GIVE UR SOME DINOOOS!
Comment from : Ernest Engineering

Cordy the cat
i like all dinosaurs but my most favourite has to be either the pacirinosarous or the tyseratops plz say i spelled that right lol
Comment from : Cordy the cat

Ha Americans think god is real
Comment from : Wonkaworker

Joy Lindog
the very first ever discovered was the megalasaurs
Comment from : Joy Lindog

Comment from : Erebus

Kalisha Abdul
fuck off only your words brbut not impressing fuck off
Comment from : Kalisha Abdul

Dinosaurs are fake and dreamt up from the scientist!! All the dinosaurs on display at museums are made of plaster and not one contains a real dinosaur bone!! I've been to the Natural History Museum in London thinking that the one on display was real, but found out that it was not and made out of plaster!! This guy is just regurgitating what he has been told in school!!
Comment from : eightgeorge

Allosaurus men
Comment from : Joshua

c b
my favorite dinosaur is braciasuras (I think I spelled that wrong) it's so big! 😏😏😏
Comment from : c b

King of flames
my favorit dinosaur is Irritator but im shure it will change in a few years when New dinosaurs are discovered In maybe 10 years my favorit dinosaur could be the 30 Meter long Interficerosaurus (It's a Carnivore) (dont try to look it up he isn't discovered yet or maybe Didn't even exist but Im shure he did and you can't Prove me wrong because you dont have a Time machine)
Comment from : King of flames

Random Guy
Hahaha so you mean to say that no one discovered dinosaur fossils until after Darwin's "theory of evolution" how convenient
Comment from : Random Guy

The Zohan
Come on son they discovered bones all around the world and put together the same Dinosaur?
Comment from : The Zohan

"today i am Trace" wtf? tomorow you're not Trace? are you John tomorrow?
Comment from : Magnitude

Michael Bastas
lol fake giant chickens how did the gaint humans eat them didn't have any before that
Comment from : Michael Bastas

If you think the name "dinosaur/terrible lizard" is outdated (because dinosaurs aren't really lizards) then how about "Basilosaurus" Basilosaurus means "King Lizard" which sounds awesome! Except that Basilosaurus is actually a whale At least non-avian dinosaurs are reptiles (although I'm not sure about that one anymore thanks to therapoda) but that one is a real swing-and-a-miss!
Comment from : BlueDragonGalaxy

Justin Williams
I'm surprised no one has talked about Spinosaurus, my favorite Dinosaur of all time!
Comment from : Justin Williams

today i am trace tomorrow I am Miguel
Comment from : Oblio1942

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