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Smashed it!!! £500 £2 Coin Hunt #26 [Book 2]

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Information Smashed it!!! £500 £2 Coin Hunt #26 [Book 2]

Title :  Smashed it!!! £500 £2 Coin Hunt #26 [Book 2]
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Frames Smashed it!!! £500 £2 Coin Hunt #26 [Book 2]

Description Smashed it!!! £500 £2 Coin Hunt #26 [Book 2]

Comments Smashed it!!! £500 £2 Coin Hunt #26 [Book 2]

Where did you get these from?
Comment from : ToiletWiper

Peter Macleod
Hi do you value mint error coins?
Comment from : Peter Macleod

How does he get the coin bags
Comment from : MAHERR TAHA

wow nice coinshow did you get 👍
Comment from : BERAGAM

Michelle Mitchell
Ty Christopher I always enjoy your videoswd for finishing the bookcan anyone tell me w where I can get one of those books to put my coins into please 😀👍
Comment from : Michelle Mitchell

John Lee
Where do you get your coins from, when I go to bank they never have more than £100 a time?
Comment from : John Lee

Ervisis Face to Face
Hello I have one of this now how much can I sell and where 🙏🏻 ???
Comment from : Ervisis Face to Face

Jonathan Jackson
So is the 1807 £2 coin (with chain on the back) worth anything more than its £2?
Comment from : Jonathan Jackson

Mohzreen Mahmoud
I collect these still it’s my hobby
Comment from : Mohzreen Mahmoud

I will watch these all day
Comment from : Jamiesauce12

Owston Lad
Where do we trade these in to claim what you quote????
Comment from : Owston Lad

Sissy Maid Rose Petal
Where is the best web site to get my coins valued
Comment from : Sissy Maid Rose Petal

Ocean Spray
0:38 the first coin "the rugby coin" what year is it and how much is it worth ? If you dont mind me asking
Comment from : Ocean Spray

Jack Byrn
Where do you get your coins because I’m obsessed with coins
Comment from : Jack Byrn

Leslie Manrique
I have 1807 2007
Comment from : Leslie Manrique

Mr Big m
What about fake coins would you add them to you're collections, I know their not worth anything?
Comment from : Mr Big m

Daniel Edwards-Jones
Where do you get your bags of coins from?
Comment from : Daniel Edwards-Jones

Paul Wilson
How much Ian the DNA double helix two pound coin worth
Comment from : Paul Wilson

Comment from : MyPuppysJourney

carl fordham
Does anyone know where i can print out the £2 coin and 50p coin collecters sheet so i see what coins i need?
Comment from : carl fordham

tyler prescott
Can I have the common £2 plz I’m poor
Comment from : tyler prescott

Hello there, do you know how much the HMS Belfast 2015 £2 coin is worth??
Comment from : Safiyah_xoxo

Reigina Condag
I have 4 two pounds coin
Comment from : Reigina Condag

I have one £2 coin like you want , i need sale this for £300 ,who wanted?
Comment from : SHAHO MAREWANI

mister stan
I have th 1807 slavery coim with a the writing upsidedown Could you tell me its value please Thanks 🙃
Comment from : mister stan

gultasab hussain
Hi mat like video i got some 2 pound coins
Comment from : gultasab hussain

I like to skip to end and see whats on the table
Comment from : FamilyOfTwo

Talha Munir
I've got that 1807 coin with the minting error (£500 WOOOHOOO)
Comment from : Talha Munir

Amateur Spotter
Where do you get the coins from? Great video Regards
Comment from : Amateur Spotter

Jennys Hobbies
I've been watching your £2 coin hunts over the past week - I had no idea that UK coins had that kind of diversity - and it's fascinating to watch you go through them Here in the USA we have our state quarters from 1999-present and some 2009 pennies with different reverses
Comment from : Jennys Hobbies

Biggy Marley
Where did you get these coins from mate
Comment from : Biggy Marley

Ynyr Jones
Where does he get the £20
Comment from : Ynyr Jones

its me boo
5:38 Have that
Comment from : its me boo

Not sure who's the saddest personyou for checking them or me for watching
Comment from : troikagirl

GameMaster DK
Do you just go to the bank and ask for 250 worth of £2 coins?
Comment from : GameMaster DK

I have 1
Comment from : YCD CERTIRHUMZY

Nick Duffy
I have a rugby 99 coin
Comment from : Nick Duffy

How much is that 1807 £2 coin you had on the second page of the collection book?
Comment from : kingsmasher96og

Frank Cassidy
Don't they need to be in un-circulated condition to be worth more than face value ?
Comment from : Frank Cassidy

Ronald Garcia
i have one where can i sell it
Comment from : Ronald Garcia

Ali X Legend
Oh my god I have one of these? Where do I sell it!
Comment from : Ali X Legend

aziz ahmad
If you need two pounds rare coins let me know
Comment from : aziz ahmad

Zac W
I have a new pence 2p coin minted in 1971 Would it be worth anything?
Comment from : Zac W

Devilish Potato
I HAVE ONE I FOUND OUT TODAY! I was going to a bake sale and saw a sign on my coin saying 1807 so I typed it up and here I am
Comment from : Devilish Potato

I have the 1807 2 pound coin, the text on the side is apparently upside down How much is it worth?
Comment from : BIG JUICY BITS

Simon Rodgers
Has anyone found thd Jane Austen coin in their change?
Comment from : Simon Rodgers

Simon Rodgers
Great Fire of London is always a good find!
Comment from : Simon Rodgers

Simon Rodgers
The 1997 one is worth keeping as is the only year a two pound coin was issued with the queen's older portrait
Comment from : Simon Rodgers

princess Andrea
Hey sweetie can you please tell me what is the value of the 2 Paddington Bear 50p coins I have both as I been offered £100 but I refused it now I'm thinking I should of taken it tbh can you help
Comment from : princess Andrea

H Kaur
How much is the Charles Dickens coin worth?
Comment from : H Kaur

Marta Kielce
How do u value the coins ?
Comment from : Marta Kielce

They still only go for £2 on ebay
Comment from : JOSH

C Laff
So are there 38 'rare' £2 coins in circulation? I am just new to your channelbrbrGreat videos 👏
Comment from : C Laff

This is proof google listens to us, there is no one this wud of been on my recommended if i wasn't talking about coins yesterday
Comment from : OutGrown

Sasha F
Face reveal?!?!?!?!!!!!?!
Comment from : Sasha F

Well I ended up watching till the end, hope your happy YouTube
Comment from : Lazang

Alien on board
ive got that same slave trade coin, how much do you think its worth?
Comment from : Alien on board

Some of your”common” ones I’ve never seen
Comment from : Callum

I used to collect these, i had filled up half a money box of "rare" coins brThen my family found out and decided that they should have it and they spent it all :/
Comment from : RandomMemes

Harry Wales
Shit I legit just got rid of a few
Comment from : Harry Wales

Kieran Lehane
Couldn't this be a way of making a living? Just asking the bank for 500 quids worth of 2 pound coins then selling the expensive ones and returning the cheaper ones?
Comment from : Kieran Lehane

For fuck sake I’ve had so many of these
Comment from : Manuel

William Lavagna
I have the commonwealth games one as well Thing is, people sell these coins dirt cheap on eBay They're actually everywhere
Comment from : William Lavagna

I’ve got the ‘your country wants you’ army Is that one more than face value or a common one?
Comment from : xMissBlueStarx

m Mack
Where do you live? So I can come round and steal them,lol and put up a video of me buying lots of sweetieslol
Comment from : m Mack

stewie w
Wonder how many people misinterpret the video titles thinking they have a £2 worth £500 😂😂😂🤣🤣😚😚
Comment from : stewie w

Sam Chapman
Misleading thumbnail, and description :(
Comment from : Sam Chapman

I used to collect them cause I thought they were cool As well as 50ps then I saw listings at high prices but loads of people had the same ones but no body was buying them - are they even actually worth it ? Because I just spent mine on something I needed in the end lol
Comment from : zxidy

Je Pil
Where did u buy the book
Comment from : Je Pil

l Music
Weirdly interesting
Comment from : l Music

iShood Gameplay
Some people really buy money for money
Comment from : iShood Gameplay

I can't believe that I had to use £30 of saved £2's & £15 in 50p's😔I've started collecting again now 👍I think My pictures are on Google👈 cool channel 💜x
Comment from : KrashBandyKay

Whats the value on a 'completed' book compared to actual coin value ? seems an expensive hobby
Comment from : Ma7hiu5

olivia brennan
No joke I but this in the bank like 1 week ago and I didn’t realize it was special?!??
Comment from : olivia brennan

steve vicarage
They sell for about £30 Not £500
Comment from : steve vicarage

Cole Yt
Only got a few £2 coins in my collection
Comment from : Cole Yt

I swear I have one of these coins and I don't know where you'd go to sell one of them The coin I have is the £2 1807 with the printing error Where you're facing the queen head and look upwards to only find the text upside down If anyone has an interest or an idea where I could sell it please let me know Thank you
Comment from : Dwevy

Steve F
What are the top 5 rarest/most expensive £2 coins in circulation?
Comment from : Steve F

Solomon Childs
Found a Ten Pence coin with just a ‘Z’ on the other day brNever seen one before
Comment from : Solomon Childs

I have all the £2 coins you want, £800 each
Comment from : Erostar

OMFG I had that £2 coin once and spent it on the bus
Comment from : Bluemeannie

This might sound silly, but isn’t this basically free money? Because you get back everything you take out?
Comment from : Henry

Oliver Fryer
think about how badly his hands will smell of metal
Comment from : Oliver Fryer

Sam uel
Set me a couple quid please mate
Comment from : Sam uel

Interesting but expensive hobby!
Comment from : C7TV

Cow z
Why would you tear the plastic bags though? No other way of opening them?
Comment from : Cow z

Nice find, I might have yelled slightly in excitement! :p
Comment from : Alrik

Steve O 71
Not had a £2 find in a while! I keep getting £1's in my change instead😡brCounter on Brunel's?
Comment from : Steve O 71

Steve O 71
Comment from : Steve O 71

Irish 2000
I have had few NI ones before didnt know they were rare😣😧
Comment from : Irish 2000

Elliot Bigland
Comment from : Elliot Bigland

mark LFC
Great vid Chris I would like to see the DNA counter As you seem to get one or two of them 😁
Comment from : mark LFC

Phillip Johnstone
Well done on finishing your book brCan't wait for your next video I've just started collecting 50p and 10p coins but hope to start on the £2 soon as there is some great designs
Comment from : Phillip Johnstone

Nickhueper 2
Count all the Technologies lol
Comment from : Nickhueper 2

Andrew Braithwaite
Depends on who has the most already haha I only currently have 1 kew
Comment from : Andrew Braithwaite

John Topping
Hi I have just started collecting coins myself Do you have a list or something I can use as reference for the order that I put 50p and £2 coins into my book so they are in the same order as yours brbrAny help will be greatly appreciatedbrbrCheers
Comment from : John Topping

Al Sims
Great find, awesome video as usual :-)
Comment from : Al Sims

Pizzy P
Smashing the finds mate👍😊brOut of the commenwealth's NI is the only one's i have found so farbrHappy Hunting😎
Comment from : Pizzy P

dave jones
Well done mr Christopher 👍🏻nice start to my morning on my week off
Comment from : dave jones

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