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Title :  Royal Canadian Mint Tour
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Thunder Bug Creative
GE Krueger Gray is rolling over in his grave along with all other fine artists and hand engravers Digital revolution= Transhumanism= antihumanism= AI "utopia" free of pesky imperfect biological lifeforms
Comment from : Thunder Bug Creative

I love how we poked the 25 million doller roll of gold because it's 25 million dollars of gold 😂
Comment from : TravisBennett

HD Dyna lowrider
Do the employees get a discount?
Comment from : HD Dyna lowrider

Daniel W
I wish they didn't put the queens face on everything
Comment from : Daniel W

Employee Leston Lawrence walked out with gold "pucks" Rectum? Damned near killedum
Comment from : DriftinDoug

SAY "ABUT" ONE MORE TIME, I DARE YA!brfurnace melts less than a ton- "look at this HUGE furnance
Comment from : DarkTagMaster

Fuckin, canadian mint is WEAK as shit
Comment from : DarkTagMaster

Matt Johnson
Fred Savage doppelgänger You can't unsee it
Comment from : Matt Johnson

16:25 fully suited up then he has no glovesmakes perfect sense
Comment from : MrChuckles

SO MUCH loud nois er music!
Comment from : 1950Archangel

Michael T
There are some people that you see and hear, and the first thing you think is "oh yeah That guys canadian"brEdit: he's like ricky bobby He doesn't know what to do with his hands
Comment from : Michael T

Comment from : UniqueUsername

coins- one of the only things that can be boring and interesting at the same time
Comment from : Fizzy

Farhadul Shabbir
Total bullshit
Comment from : Farhadul Shabbir

eric martini
Love the doc hate his voice its fucking nails on a chalk board
Comment from : eric martini

peter feltham
The standard of workmanship at the RCM is top class
Comment from : peter feltham

Think Floyd
Oh, the host For the love of god, no more The data isn't worth enduring this
Comment from : Think Floyd

Ben C
This is the second video I've watched attempting to hear the sound of the blank coins falling into that bin, and again music
Comment from : Ben C

Awesome video but you couldn’t have found ANY other host to do this? Hahaha
Comment from : searchanddestroy69

Greg S
this dude's like a kid in a candy store
Comment from : Greg S

Serge St-Denis
Hey Ma! I'm on TV!!!
Comment from : Serge St-Denis

Сергей Масленников
Ну что же вы, сами монеты так и не показали, недоработка репортажа, минус программе!
Comment from : Сергей Масленников

Michigan Motorsports
The "Royal" fambly gets 10¢ from every coin produced
Comment from : Michigan Motorsports

Jack Cation
Who’s here for school
Comment from : Jack Cation

Sure she has to say that the computer job is just as good as the old sculpting way IMHO it's not Coins made to old way has more charater to it than they do today Even those which are basically the same design - take a good condition old coin an a new retouched one The old one has much more character to The new one is soul-less You could sort of compare it to vintage hand drawn cartoons vs modern day computer jobs Sure the computer jobs are more polished but really it's the old ones that has life and soul
Comment from : HifiCentret

Enahs Remiw
why is no one wearing any gloves?
Comment from : Enahs Remiw

Victoria Ajok
ten bars robin a little one point four million dollar sat y at some of that Gold still red the timebrit look deposit
Comment from : Victoria Ajok

Victoria Ajok
depending on what the engenear have seen can we see brthis can we see thatbrhave can define in to a pure gold we get get the deposit from the cahser
Comment from : Victoria Ajok

Victoria Ajok
some all ways coin used to be produced we will go to a puper, and then to a machine we will do the cooper mint size
Comment from : Victoria Ajok

Benjamin Lehman
I assume when you say ounces throughout the video you mean troy ounces?
Comment from : Benjamin Lehman

Chad Williams
I love that RCM gold baby
Comment from : Chad Williams

Donald L Trump
I love the Iridescent coins
Comment from : Donald L Trump

Silver Coinz
I worked at a mint I'm no millionaire, but I can truly say that millions of dollars went through my handsbrYou get used to it very quick 😄😄
Comment from : Silver Coinz

German people bringing in bars of gold to the Royal Canadian mint?brWhere did they get that gold from?br🤔
Comment from : 1joshjosh1

victoria ajang
For sale
Comment from : victoria ajang

victoria ajang
Because I do have some plated of,one gram Gold
Comment from : victoria ajang

victoria ajang
That is good
Comment from : victoria ajang

victoria ajang
Is that aGold right?
Comment from : victoria ajang

victoria ajang
Why are they still not to Collect ,Covington
Comment from : victoria ajang

victoria ajang
I don't have much paper but little
Comment from : victoria ajang

victoria ajang
Sorry about that
Comment from : victoria ajang

The Viewer Lure
This guy was really weird to watchI don't like him at all
Comment from : The Viewer Lure

muzakki fuad
old but gold
Comment from : muzakki fuad

Willi Vinter
They are handling Gold like it Would be Aluminium
Comment from : Willi Vinter

Some one
Is it correct that the "Royal Canadian Mint" is a Crown Corporation business, that is owned by the Government of Canada (which ever party is in power I guess)? Isn't it correct that this business generates Billions of dollars in profit each year in various ways? When this business creates physical representations of the common metal coins and now plastic notes representing dollars for people to use for common every day exchanges, does this business generate profit for this act? Does this business sell common Canadian coin and notes to anyone or any organization? Where do the Billions of dollars in profit each year go?
Comment from : Some one

It felt like a personal blog or tour for the reporter
Comment from : unclefroggyiscool

At 1637 I saw him pulling a fast one brI hope they weighed him going in
Comment from : wonbadood

Dary Kinnaman
I saw him put a gold bar in his pocket
Comment from : Dary Kinnaman

Chris Davis
Interesting to see he likes handling fresh bulion coins with his bare hands
Comment from : Chris Davis

Peter Wilson
And the Canadian central bank has sold off all of its gold, except for 78 ounces
Comment from : Peter Wilson

Sea Shell
Chiming music hurt my ears :(
Comment from : Sea Shell

I wonder how much if that had to be refined after he put his dirty prints on everything Now we know why visitors aren’t welcome at refineries
Comment from : Pandora

the year says 2012, but the video quality says 2002
Comment from : Maump

I'm making my own minting company based in ontario and I'll own you fuckers
Comment from : BlindOut

all the gold coins I own are filled with chocolate
Comment from : MegaJohnhammond

Oscar Lechuga
Good content, lousy music!
Comment from : Oscar Lechuga

He keeps touching everything and without gloves now milk spots makes sense
Comment from : 308bushmaster

Gentel Mens channel
Please give me the 400ounce bar please
Comment from : Gentel Mens channel

Did homeboy borrow that tie from Don Cherry??
Comment from : SloMoe

It's so hard to look at a bunch of gold when it's not yours
Comment from : SILVER WISKERS

Owen Videos
I saw him transfer some of that gold dust onto his hands XD
Comment from : Owen Videos

13:42 yyesss touch them coins with your bare hand yeess
Comment from : Simon

Martin Mowbray
Jen Luc ?! Make it so
Comment from : Martin Mowbray

Metal Bum
Liked buddy sub back silver stacking rockkkkkks
Comment from : Metal Bum

Ryan McKim
I would gladly pay $300 for a GML!!!
Comment from : Ryan McKim

I'll have that 400 ounce gold bar, thanks very much!
Comment from : jimmyboy131

How hard you think it would be to rob this place?
Comment from : DanTheMan2500

Madan Bhatta
Wonderful youtube/tM1jU5CikiI please watch this video too :)
Comment from : Madan Bhatta

Tom Bombadil
It looks so shabby there and not high tech at all
Comment from : Tom Bombadil

Hammad Naeem
Looks like episode of "The office" US version
Comment from : Hammad Naeem

Barry Dutton Sells Homes
A nice overview of things, thanks
Comment from : Barry Dutton Sells Homes

Sk Nazrul
00971547114391 call me
Comment from : Sk Nazrul

Wow they actually press the coins one by one like that? Or is that only for the proof coins

I dont mind taking one of those crappy rough dore bars

Jade Nephrite
Regarding 9:50, during 2015 at the Royal Canadian Mint, a dishonest thieving former employee named Leston Lawrence incrementally smuggled a total of 22 gold pucks hidden up his arsehole lubricated with Vaseline The total of 5 kilograms of stolen gold was worth $180,000 which he sold to Ottawa Gold Buyers at 1309 Carling Avenue at the Westgate Shopping Center He would then walk to the nearby branch of the Royal Bank of Canada located in the same shopping mall where he deposited the cheques of his ill-gotten gains A suspicious bank teller notified the Royal Canadian Mounted Police The Mounties arrested Leston Lawrence and he was fired from the Royal Canadian Mint He was convicted as a criminal See Leston Lawrence's notorious scandal @ wwwyoutubecom/watch?v=yHuJa_gnTgg
Comment from : Jade Nephrite

Emilio Basa
OMG 11:21 is incredible to see
Comment from : Emilio Basa

Vaccinium augustifolium
4:40 i would kill to to own this
Comment from : Vaccinium augustifolium

Thank You So Very Much
Very interesting!
Comment from : Thank You So Very Much

You should have had them show us the milkspotting PROcess
Comment from : jonny5384

Robby Rob
This video is Mint😄😄😄😄😄
Comment from : Robby Rob

Tomokos Enterprize
As a masters member I have soooo enjoyed this from start to finish Thank you !
Comment from : Tomokos Enterprize

Andy Eccentric
RIP penny :'(
Comment from : Andy Eccentric

Teenage Stacker
I like the way he says bars
Comment from : Teenage Stacker

Greatest Mint in The World
Comment from : TheSunnycal

Bitcoin Believer
the milk spot mint
Comment from : Bitcoin Believer

Please, Canadian mint, stop using detergents that bake it and cause our beautiful coins to have milk spots We want our coins to stay nice
Comment from : MISSING IN BC

dee silver
So, what was the mystery coin?
Comment from : dee silver

this bitch touching up all the coins
Comment from : StackingtoMars

Silver Falkon
Great job!
Comment from : Silver Falkon

Comment from : ElXtronic

thanks for the upload!
Comment from : Rauderce

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