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Wera Minute #7 Money in Mexico To exchange or not exchange and much more!

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Information Wera Minute #7 Money in Mexico To exchange or not exchange and much more!

Title :  Wera Minute #7 Money in Mexico To exchange or not exchange and much more!
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Frames Wera Minute #7 Money in Mexico To exchange or not exchange and much more!

Description Wera Minute #7 Money in Mexico To exchange or not exchange and much more!

Comments Wera Minute #7 Money in Mexico To exchange or not exchange and much more!

We go to Mexico to visit and vacation, Mexicans come to America to work and try to become citizens, big difference, they should speak some English in tourism towns The American dollar is better than pesos, I bet the Mexican vendors would prefer American currency
Comment from : cmcneill60

Anita Vaughn Adventures and Funnies!
I’m going to Mexico in June for a week I’m working on learning Spanish I will have pesos when I leave
Comment from : Anita Vaughn Adventures and Funnies!

Cora Urdialez
I agree 💯 with u
Comment from : Cora Urdialez

Sra CeCe Bushinsky
Thank You for your informative advice We order up to 2, 000 US dollars US/ 41,839 Pesos roughly , for Mexican Money prior to travel Your Financial Institution will order it for you For everything else, we use our Credit Card Of course we let the Creditor know our exact travel dates and when we are expected to return If we have any money left over we sell it back We try and exhaust all of our Mexican money first If need be, we can get money exchanges at the Hotel or at a local Bank You must have your Passport with you for these transactions
Comment from : Sra CeCe Bushinsky

rona batts
So is it okay to visit your bank and exchange currency before going to Mexico?
Comment from : rona batts

Pine Cone
The different sizes of the paper currency seem like they would be a bit awkward when carrying folded bills, but how great it must be for a blind person to be able to distinguish between the denominations without assistance
Comment from : Pine Cone

Sheila Naduriak
I am coming to Mexico early next year, and am staying in an all inclusive However, I know I will be going off resort at least every day for coffee ;-) I also plan on buying some souvenirs, how much should a person who is staying for 2 weeks, bring in pesos with them?
Comment from : Sheila Naduriak

Adonis Dizon
Comment from : Adonis Dizon

I think something that my fellow americans need to understand is just how we are not allowed to take foreign change, NEITHER CAN PEOPLE IN OTHER COUNTRIES(for the most part)
Comment from : AnarKitty

Dena Collins
Thank you always nice to have a review I go to the bank to exchange money Where is the money exchange you use ? P S just ignore the trolls they have reptilian brains
Comment from : Dena Collins

Robert Ouimet
Good video Trish! Too many people don’t know this information, you actually making them save a lot of money Example, if you pay in US dollars, say at a restaurant, Wow your exchange will be criminal and you’ll probably pay twice the tip because they think probina is a taxe 👍
Comment from : Robert Ouimet

italia gorino
Very nice learned a lot
Comment from : italia gorino

chich naq
Comment from : chich naq

Jonathan 2380
Thanks for the video
Comment from : Jonathan 2380

gracias por todo
Comment from : redadoni

Dexter Patagoc
wow nice content keep it up 👍👍👍
Comment from : Dexter Patagoc

Please Support a Singlemom of two
Comment from : Please Support a Singlemom of two

Comment from : CABSMILEALONE

Juan Dela Cruz
Comment from : Juan Dela Cruz

Jashly De Guzman
Thank you for the video now i know
Comment from : Jashly De Guzman

tanjil islam
nice voice
Comment from : tanjil islam

Meditation and healing Music
That's great info
Comment from : Meditation and healing Music

Ghilas Bouda
Comment from : Ghilas Bouda

Maks Men
Super money 😍
Comment from : Maks Men

Santiago Silva Mendoza
If you have the 1000 pesos bill you won't be able to spend it because nobody has change Unless you go to a higher end store like a mall
Comment from : Santiago Silva Mendoza

Constantino De la llave
I wish i could have the 1000 pesos bill , that the only one that i need for my collection:/
Comment from : Constantino De la llave

Brad Newton
I love history With that said, can you please go into more?
Comment from : Brad Newton

take my gun get some copper
You can you use usd
Comment from : take my gun get some copper

I go to Wells Fargo and get pesos there Saves me a lot of time instead of visiting casa de cambios
Comment from : CesarAndii

Pasos lol
Comment from : Jay WRLD

Joe Serrano
Hi Trish, never clicked on your channel until now, and did so because you're also a "Tangerini", lolremember seeing your comments in their cool livestreams, the only paper bill missing here that I miss is the 10 pesos with Tata Emiliano Zapata, but with the inflation, i guess it just wasn't feasible for the Central Bank to keep printing them out, so got substituted for the coin Thumbs up, thank you for sharing and greetings from Querétaro! :)
Comment from : Joe Serrano

Daphne Rodriguez
Comment from : Daphne Rodriguez

Jose luis Negerede
How did you get a 1000 peso note there so rare
Comment from : Jose luis Negerede

NRA 357
They want American money 💴💴🇺🇸🇺🇸brIt’s worth more to them plus most of the people speak English brPlus it’s a pain in the ass to exchange the money and you have to pay for to do sobr😎🌵💴
Comment from : NRA 357

Sweet Jaybaby
🌹 Great video! Very informative! 💴 💰 💵
Comment from : Sweet Jaybaby

Darrell & Vivian Peters
We are always trying to when in Mexico live according to what the Mexicans do,question for you about grocery shoppingwe are staying south of Playa Del Carmen and want to do our first large grocery shopping when we arrive in January and are looking at either Walmart or (I will spell this wrong I know!) Cheduriel grocery store?what of the two do you recommend and understanding that we will be needing to pick up a few things non grocery like a rack to dry clothes on etcis the second one a Mexican chain where as I know Walmart is American?Viv
Comment from : Darrell & Vivian Peters

D Warren
Pose to say Hispanic
Comment from : D Warren

So on average, how many pesos would you say you spend a month on expenses?
Comment from : DeepScubaDiver

Paul Smith
That’s because everybody speaks English and if they don’t they should America
Comment from : Paul Smith

Tour Guide
facts: Benito Juarez was the first Native President of MexicobrMorelos was the first Afro-Mexican president ( yes , Afro-Mexicans exist)brthe coins are each designed with one of the rings of the aztec calendar displayed at the Anthropology museum in CDMX
Comment from : Tour Guide

Sith Vazquez
thanks for making these videos It saves me from having to explain it to my friends lol i just share your link
Comment from : Sith Vazquez

Spider Kororo
Pretty girl 😍
Comment from : Spider Kororo

Bill Knows
One of the most useless time consuming videos in youtube
Comment from : Bill Knows

Fabian G
Comment from : Fabian G

Jim Alford
Very helpful and simple brThank you
Comment from : Jim Alford

Mayliah Martinez
She’s racist
Comment from : Mayliah Martinez

I hope you can reply but I’m going to Rosarito should I exchange my money? A lot of ppl have told me not too
Comment from : PopPrettyPrincess

Joe Miller
Can we talk
Comment from : Joe Miller

Adem Ali
You should respect every country you go Make friends And check out a new culture If you ain't into that sit your ass at home Treat ppl the way you want to be treated Great video
Comment from : Adem Ali

I have exchanged dollars for pesos at Azteca bank because they give a good rate and do not require you to have an account for the service But I am now considering exchanging at my bank in the US
Comment from : toneseeker2

joshua irwin
Lol only if they stay for 2 generations nice try Trish
Comment from : joshua irwin

Michael Ray
Capital 1 360 accounts charge no FTF or ATM charges
Comment from : Michael Ray

Hi Trish! I also found you on Tangerine Travels! They did a video about money, as well, and I posted what follows in their comments I hope it helps!brbrHaving lived in Mexico for many years, I totally agree with your statement that using ATM's are the BEST way to get to your money! However, one of the MOST important tips for using ATM's in Mexico, is to only use ATM's that are physically attached to a bank! Many independent machines charge a huge fee, which is not mentioned during the transaction There is also a potential security risk, as far as having your bank information stolen Whenever I see tourists using one of these, I attempt to stop them, and give them directions to the nearest bank, or "safe" ATM There are exceptions to the "bank ATM's only" rule For example, there is a casino, in Cabo San Lucas, that has a couple of machines near their teller windows They are known to be safe, as far as security is concerned, and they charge a very minimal, flat fee, no matter the size of the withdrawal Therefore, if you withdraw your daily maximum (set by your bank), it is a very small percentage of the transaction Find a place where American ex-pats hang out, and ask if they have any local tips for the best places to get to your money (like the casino) It's a major topic of conversation among us, and we are happy to share! Also, I like to keep a few hundred dollars stashed, just in case something unforeseen arises If you are a tourist, just leave your dollars in the hotel safe, and use the ATM's, as straight up cash, in the local currency, is the best way to go Using plastic for purchases exposes your risk of being hacked! One last thing, actually, this should probably be the FIRST thing, be sure to let your bank know that you are traveling to Mexico (or any other foreign country, for that matter), and will be using your card If you don't do this, there is a very good chance that your bank will shut down your card on the very first transaction on foreign soil! This can usually be fixed with a phone call, but just avoid the hassle, and let them know ahead of time!
Comment from : cigman2000

Fred Paul
Us dollars and English is used worldwide in 3rd world countries, SE Asia for example Seems like a valid question
Comment from : Fred Paul

Retired Tony 1970
Gracias beautiful for another great video
Comment from : Retired Tony 1970

I was in CDMX // Mexico City few months ago and I'm really sad to say that one of the money exchange places at the airport ripped me off so bad 😔 If you want to see that video it's on my channel Watch out guys 😥 - be safe & happy travels

Pat B
Thank you
Comment from : Pat B

SteelAR Lang
Fat American
Comment from : SteelAR Lang

Kenya B
besides the history of the money how much can a person buy in $20 pesos? and if i bring $50 in USA dollars how much will i get back in Mexican pesos?
Comment from : Kenya B

Thank you for making this video!
Comment from : MIKE THE CREATOR

Phillip Bone
QuestionIf you were visiting Cancun for 6 days how many pesos would you need to be comfortable
Comment from : Phillip Bone

Levi 501
I would say that when I went to Playa I exchanged US money for pesos and went to book a trip and the guy preferred US money I think in tourist areas they'll take your US dollars but they won't do the right exchange So as far as expecting Mexicans to take US dollars I think they prefer it that way because they make more $$
Comment from : Levi 501

Timeless Travel Club
Hi there! Another new subscriber from the Tangerinie group This is a great topic idea and you nailed it!
Comment from : Timeless Travel Club

kathryn La bruja de la playa
Hola , from boone iowa!brWhat's up!brAlso heard of your channel from tangerine travel
Comment from : kathryn La bruja de la playa

Most things are cheaper in pesos as well Vendors mark up the exchange rate in stores and restaurants If you have any friends, they can change at a bank and get a slightly better ratebr(Here from Tangerine video)
Comment from : HarshColby

Thanks for this video :) new sub seen you on tangerine travels :) going to travel to cancun next year with wife and kid my very first vacation in 25 plus years thinking Hyatt Ziva so studying hard untill the big day and am enjoying your videos :)
Comment from : MichaelSwan66

ila stark
You are so right about the expectations people from the states have when visiting other countries 🙈
Comment from : ila stark

Can u make for videos for me please 🙏🏻
Comment from : cPc CPC

Doug Berg
Get a Schwab bank account No exchange cost and Free ATM
Comment from : Doug Berg

Michelle P
and then you add in my love of money!
Comment from : Michelle P

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